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Why Won’t My Printer Print Black

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Epson Printer Common Problems While Printing

Hp photosmart 5510 won’t print black ink

The following are common problems faced by users of the Epson printer while printing. In this section, these problems will be highlighted, and solutions to these problems will be provided.

01. Clogged nozzle

This problem is very common with Epson printers. It is easy to know if your printer is faced with this type of problem.

Once the nozzle is clogged, your prints start coming out unclear, unfinished or imperfect and affected by streaked lines.

When any of these identified signs are perceived, it is important to get your printer checked for a clogged nozzle.

This problem cant be avoided, you can only manage it. Once the ink residue dries off and is retained in the nozzle, then clogging is bound to occur.


Whenever you perceive a drop in the link level, it is important to get the cartridges replaced. A replacement is known to be a perfect solution to preventing the ink residue from drying off in this area .

Dont be surprised if you still experience clogging even after the replacement of the cartridges. Other reasons may lead to the clogging of the nozzles.

If you dont operate your printer regularly and if you hardly switch off your printer, clogging is inevitable. Once you dont make use of your printer from time to time, the ink dries up.

To put this under check, you can just turn on the printer occasionally. This helps to initiate a small cleaning round which allows the ink to flow.

02. Paper Jam


03. Paper gap


04. Ink low


Solution 3 Update The Printer Driver

Update the printer driver may solve this problem. When you use this printer, you must check that the printer driver is up to date or not. If your printer driver is not updated then you may face this problem. So, as soon as possible, you must update your Canon printer driver and solve this problem. For this, you need to go to the Canon official website page and then, search your printers driver name. Once you see the update is available, then click on the Update option. After completing the update process, restart your printer and check the problem will be solved.

Why Won’t My Hp Officejet Pro 6978 Print Black

If your HP OfficeJet pro 6978 printers is not printing black, there can be various reasons associated with it. Check out the below reasons to understand more about the problem:

  • Remove the cartridges and perform a hard reset of the printer
  • Remove the USB cable that is present and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. Press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds.
  • Wait till the warm-up period of the printer is over and it becomes idle.
  • See to it that the ink cartridges are snapped into the right slots.
  • See whether the colour cartridges are working properly
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    What Do I Do If My Hp Printer Won’t Print

    If your printer is not printing, you need to troubleshoot to understand the cause of it. Initially, see whether there is any loose connection of the wires. The loose connections can be of the power cord or the USB cable connected to the printer. If these are not the cases, make sure that the cartridges are inserted properly into the slots. You can remove the cartridges and re-insert them carefully. Even if the problem doesnt get resolved with these techniques, then check the ink level in the cartridges. If the ink level is low, insert a new cartridge.

    Wh Questions About Epson Printer Problems

    How To Change Black White Print Color In Hp Printer ...

    My printer is not coming on. What should I do?

    If your printer fails to come on after several attempts, then there is a need to carry out some basic checks. Check if the power cord is connected the right way.

    Make sure the printer is off before this attempt. Also, ensure the outlet where the power cord is plugged is not faulty. Lastly, confirm the voltage supplied to the printer. Make sure the supplied voltage is in line with the required voltage that is indicated on the printer.

    My printer doesnt print anything. What should I do?

    This may arise if the printer is not well connected to your computer. To solve this problem, ensure the interface cable of your printer is rightly connected to your computers terminal. Also, ensure you make use of specified interface cable for both the printer and the computer.

    My printer is not the default printer. What should I do?

    If you have a challenge selecting your Epson printer as the default printer for your printing job, check if the printers driver has been successfully installed.

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    Basic Troubleshooting For Printer Wont Print Black

    Step 1: Check your ink levels

    The first step in fixing your printer not printing in black problem is to check your ink levels. You can do this step in two different ways.

    Go in front of your printer screen and . Most printers available today have this icon on top or at the bottom of their printer display screen.

    Check Ink Levels Icon or the Teardrop Icon

    Another way is on your desktop screen, it usually has your printer icon and name. Once that programs open, select the option that says Check ink levels.

    The ink levels that youre going to see here might not be that accurate to the actual ink levels inside your ink cartridges, but it still provides you with a good estimate of how much ink you have.

    If its more than a quarter full, then you should be fine.

    If its less than a quarter full, then you should change your ink cartridge to see if it can help fix your printer issue.

    Step 2: Change your ink cartridges

    Once youve identified the amount of ink on each of your cartridges, its now time to change those with low ink levels.

    For those who havent change their printer inks before, follow these instructions.

    Open your cartridge access door. Printers have different types of cartridge access doors. Have your printer manual ready so youll know where it is located. Some printers have it in front of the printer so you just have to pull the door to open it or lift the handle up.

    HP Printer Manual

    Epson Printer Manual

    Click here or the image to download Epson Printer Manual

    Issues In The Ink Cartridge

    First, we need to check the volume of the ink available in different ink cartridges. There might be a chance that your ink cartridges are not working properly. For checking this follow the following steps:

  • Open up the printer and remove ink cartridges
  • Check if there are any ink cartridges that are empty or about to end, then fill them up or replace them with new ink cartridges.
  • Be careful while placing ink cartridges into their positions and make sure that each cartridge is properly installed in its allocated slot.
  • While installing a new cartridge make sure that the tape over the ventis removed properly.
  • Do not forget to check clogging in between cartridge vents as they are more likely to get cogged by the ink. It can simply be removed by using a pin or another sharp object.
  • If your printer is still unable to perceive ink cartridges than there might be a possibility that your printer used to work with an old cartridge, so use an alternate ink cartridge and check again.
  • Note: if the old ink cartridge is able to deliver any type of output than there is some sort of issues in your new ink cartridge if not then your printhead must be at a fault.

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    What Can Cause A Brother Printer To Not Print Black

    1. Check that the “Breather Tape”;on the top of the cartridge is fully removed.The breather tape or sometimes referred to as the shipping tape MUST be removed before installing the cartridge. If this is not removed then the ink remains vacuum sealed in the cartridge and it will not come out under any circumstances.

    2. Make sure that you install;a new;cartridge well before it runs dryWhen your printer starts warning you that the Black cartridge is getting Low and needs to be replaced it’s OK to keep printing for a while but not for too long. I know that we all want the most from our cartridges but if you print too long and the ink runs very low then you will start introducing air into the print nozzle.

    When air starts to get into to the nozzle or the lines going to the nozzle then the printer will stop printing in black. It may not fully stop and you may simply get lines through the printing. This indicates that some of the nozzles are blocked but not all of them.

    Also when you print with a near empty black cartridge then the air going into the print nozzle will start to dry the ink that is already in the nozzle.;If you continue to print like this for a long period of time then you may even permanently damage the printhead. It’s kind of like running a car for too long without coolant in the radiator.

    Printer Not Printing Black

    How to fix a HP Printer, not printing black ink and missing colours.

    You can fix that. Heres how.

  • Turn the printer on and open up the door so you can get to the ink cartridges.
  • 2. You found the ink cartridges. Good.

    3. REMOVE THE BLACK INK CARTRIDGE. Now you can print black.; Honestly!

    As long as your printer also has a colour cartridge, all the colours from the colour cartridge will print together to make BLACK.

    I figured this little trick out when I was preparing for a screen printing course that I was taking at my local art school.

    I was supposed to bring a half tone screen printing image to the class. But an hour before the class when I printed my image a sad kind of faded blue image printed out. I needed BLACK for the screen printing process to work properly.;

    Probably something just got screwed up. So I tried printing it again and again until eventually nothing printed out onto the page. Not even the sad, faded blue.

    Not to be deterred I kept trying.;

    I tried the thing where you fill up your old ink with even older ink you bought at Costco 10 years ago but it didnt work.;

    So there I was. ;An important almost-graduate from a highly esteemed small town night course about to walk into class without her assignment done. ;In high school I could have talked my way out of it, but at night school?? ;No, no night school is serious stuff; Id never get away with it.

    So I did what any desperate girl looking for a way out would. ;I ate a cookie. And then I got to work figuring it out.

    Follow me on where I often make a fool of myself

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    The Print Head Having An Issue

    If there are no issues in the ink cartridge and still the Epson printer wonât print black, then there are more chances that the print head is clogged and needs cleaning. In order to clean your print head, first, you will need to identify whether the print head in your printer has an automatic cleaning feature or not. After identifying you can follow one of the listed steps:

  • If the printer does not have an automatic cleaning feature then remove the print head from the printer and clean it thoroughly.
  • Run the automatic cleaning feature if the printer head is unable to remove and clean manually. Note: you might need to run this feature two to three times as one-time running does not ensure proper cleaning of the print head.
  • Did You Install The Black Ink Cartridge Properly

    For all their modern perks, printers still use a fairly rudimentary way of feeding the ink to the printer. That suits the manufacturers just fine, as you need to constantly replace the cartridges.

    It might not suit you, though, as you might have done something wrong while installing the black ink cartridge properly and now your HP printer is not printing black ink. This often happens to users who burn through an entire cartridge in less than a week: they often tend to forget that cartridge installation is a delicate process and needs to be handled carefully every time. While not a rule, it also more commonly happens with remanufactured HP ink cartridges than official ones, as not all remanufacturers adhere to the same standards.

    So, lets have you first check out the black HP ink cartridge. Remove it from the printer, ensure that the plastic cover is removed and then re-insert the cartridge in the position that your manual tells you to. Make sure everything is nice and tight and that the cartridge feels connected to the printer.

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    Canon Printer Is Printing Blank Pages

    You can solve this problem by following these solutions:

  • Make sure that you have installed the ink cartridges correctly as instructed in your manual
  • Perform a deep cleaning process for your Canon printer to unclog nozzles
  • Update your Canon printers driver or you can just reinstall it
  • Use the right size of paper that your Canon printer supports
  • Make sure that you have removed the sealing tape from the ink cartridges
  • Check if the ink cartridges are not running out of ink
  • Replace old ink cartridges including empty ones
  • Do not use low-quality cartridges
  • Check if you are not printing blank documents
  • Manually clean clogged printheads
  • What To Do If The Printer Is Not Printing

    HP Printer won

    Printers may not give out printouts for various problems. You need to troubleshoot to identify the problem. One of the first things that you need to do is, make sure that the cartridges have not dried up. Suppose you havent been using the printer for a long time, maybe for more than six months. Your cartridges may have dried up. Check whether there is sufficient ink in the ink cartridge. If the cartridges have dried up or the level of the ink is low, then replacement is the answer. You need to replace the existing cartridges with new cartridges.;

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    Did You Calibrate Your Hp Printer After Installing The Ink Cartridge

    If you did the above and the black ink will not print, then we have some good news and bad news for you. The good news is that we know you didnt do a bad job of installing the black ink cartridge. The bad news is that we still cant figure out the reason behind your HP printer not printing black ink.

    Theres a good chance you arent familiar with the calibration process at all. If you are, you probably dont know that cartridges should be re-calibrated every single time a new one is installed. Its far from a HP printer setup thing: its something you have to do regularly as the printer sees use.

    The calibration process is entirely software-sided and much easier than the cartridge installation itself. After youve connected the HP printer to the computer, navigate your way to the HP Photosmart Toolbox software through the search option in your Start menu. Alternatively, if you dont have that program, you can find your printer under the Printers and Faxes section, click on it and then go for Service this device. This option, however, requires you to have the printers drivers installed on the computer.

    Either software should have some combination of Calibrate the device, Clean the print cartridges and Align the printer, depending on the model you have. Even if you have a new cartridge, theres no harm in going through each of the three steps to ensure full calibration, and lets hope you wont run into anything from the HP printer error code list.

    Why Is My Epson Printer Not Printing Black

    Epson printers are considered to be one of the best printers in the market. It is probably due to the reason that these printers are relatively easy to operate and very efficient for normal use. Usually, it works great but sometimes it faces several issues, specifically that the Epson printer is not printing black. So, we are going to find some of the reasons that are more likely to cause this issue and some easy steps to solving this problem.

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    Check The Hp Printer Ink Cartridge

    • In the first step, Remove and replace any ink cartridge if the ink is less or empty.
    • Now refer to the HP manual to check if the ink cartridges are properly installed or not.
    • Carefully take out the tape over the vent of the recently installed cartridge
    • Ensure the vents of the cartridges are not clogged.
    • If there is a clog use a pin to clean up the vents
    • If this does not work you can use different ink cartridge to see your HP Printer is able to recognize it.

    My Canon Printer Won’t Print Wirelessly

    Fixing A Compatible Black Ink Cartridge That Won’t Print
    • The solution is to restart the Canon PIXMA printer, system, and the wireless router.
    • Turn the Canon PIXMA printer On and do not continue for ten seconds.
    • Remove the power cable from the printer’s rear to solve the Canon printer won’t print wirelessly issue.
    • Switch the Mac or Windows computer Off and reinsert the power cable to your Canon PIXMA printer, and then power it up.
    • Take the power cable from the back of your wireless access point.
    • After ten to twenty seconds, replug the cord to your network router.
    • Power On the Mac or Windows device and then carry out a print job to confirm that the issue is fixed.
    • Try clearing the print queue from your Mac or Windows PC to resolve the canon pixma troubleshooting problem.
    • Ensure that the latest Canon PIXMA printer driver is launched on the system. If the driver is corrupted, deinstall and reinstall the same from our page.

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