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Why Won’t My Hp Printer Print In Color

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How Do I Fix An Hp Printer That Is Printing Blank

How to Fix HP printer not printing color after windows 10 update

HP Printer That Is Printing Blank is a very common problem usually been found during printing. The fixing steps are mentioned in the below. So, give a brief look on them:

  • Check for the ink cartridge.
  • Update your printer driver.
  • Run the Windows Printer Troubleshooter to indentify its actual reason and effective solution.
  • If nothing works, contact us immediately. We are highly expert tech geeks will definitely solve your problem just for a possible period of time.

    How Do I Get My Hp Envy To Print In Color

    Go to Control panel Devices and printers. Right-click on envy 5660 and select Printing preferences. Go to the layout / paper quality tab and look for the Print in grayscale / Grayscale or Black & White printing option. Make sure that option is unchecked, save the setting and then try printing again.

    Solution : Update Hp Printer Driver

    If above two methods dont work for you or if you dont have the patience, time, or computer skills, to update/fix manually it is possible to do it automatically with Driver Support.

    Automatically update HP Print Drivers

    Driver Support will scan your computer to detect any problem drivers on your computer. You dont need to know what operating system your computer is running. It is possible to update the HP Drivers automatically with the Premium version of Driver Support. If you want to do this manually see our guide here How To: HP Printer Driver Solutions for Windows

    1. and Install Driver Support FREE TRIAL

    2. Let the software run the free scan for you to detect all your driver problems and any other optimization opportunities

    3. Click the FIX IT button and register Driver Support to get started updating your drivers for printing devices on your computer

    4. Once Registered and in Premium mode the software will walk you through the entire process, plus with your registration, you will receive unlimited tech support with our Driver Support Signature Service! Just call us toll-free after registration.

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    Still The Hp Printer Not Printing Correctly Get Technical Assistance

    These four steps should fix the root cause of the HP printer not printing color. In case you dont get any relief, contact the technical support team of . We have been dealing with problems like printer not printing color for our customers for a long time, and we hold a good experience in it. Drop us a call and get instant technical assistance from us.

    Why Is My Hp Printer Not Printing Colour

    Printer won

    Clogged Printhead:- If you are using your HP printer for a long time and you havent cleaned the printhead then the HP printer will not print in color. Its recommended to clean the printhead manually with the help of tissue paper or you can use the HP utility on the printer itself. That will fix the problem in one go.

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    Solution : Hp Printer Troubleshooting

    So, ummmm. Are the lights on and is it plugged in?

    It doesnt hurt to ask. There are some really easy troubleshooting items you can do to make sure you can print to your HP printer if it stops working or has never worked.

    First, check the connection cables from the wall power to the HP printer power connector. Then, check the cabling from your printer to the Windows PC it might be connected too, is the USB cable firmly in place on both ends?

    If there is a network cable running to the HP printer for HP network printing make sure that Ethernet cable is snug and check your manual to see if there should be lights blinking to indicate a network connection.

    Are there lights on at the front of your HP printer? If they are not and the printer doesnt look to be powered on, try unplugging it and plugging it back in. Then make sure you press the power on button on the printer itself. If the light still dont come on maybe try another power plug in your home just in case that outlet is out.

    If nothing works and your printer just wont power on, then you may need to take it to a service center or contact HP support directly for hardware assistance.

    Replace Any Low Or Empty Cartridges

  • Press the Power button to turn on the printer, if it is not already turned on. Wait until the printer is idle and silent before you continue.
  • Load plain white paper into the input tray.
  • Open the cartridge access door. The carriage moves to the center of the printer. Wait until the carriage is idle and silent before you continue.Figure : Open the cartridge access door

    note:The outside of the printer might not look exactly the same as your printer, but the steps are the same.

  • Lightly press down on the cartridge to release it, and then pull the cartridge out to remove it from its slot. Figure : Remove the cartridge

    caution:Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or the ink nozzles. Touching these parts can result in clogs, ink failure, and bad electrical connections.

    Figure : Do not touch the contacts or nozzles

  • Remove the new cartridge from its packaging, and then pull the pull tab to remove the plastic tape.Figure : Remove the plastic tape
  • Hold the cartridge by its sides with the nozzles toward the printer, and then insert the cartridge into its slot. Make sure that the cartridge is inserted in the proper slot.Figure : Insert the correct cartridge into the slot
  • Push the cartridge forward into its slot until it snaps into place. Figure : Snap the cartridge into place
  • Repeat these steps to replace the other cartridge, if necessary.
  • Close the cartridge access door.Figure : Close the cartridge access door
  • Follow any prompts on the screen.
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    Print Settings In Mac

  • Open a document, click File, and then click Print.The Print window opens.
  • Select the Paper Type/Quality or Media & Quality menu.
  • Depending on your print job, you might consider modifying the following settings:
  • Paper type: If one of the options matches your paper type exactly, select that option.
  • Quality: If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your printouts, increase the print quality. To print more quickly, decrease the print quality.
  • Why Is My Hp Printer Not Printing Color

    Printer Not Printing in Color on Windows 10 FIX [Tutorial]

    The actual reason behind HP Printer Not Printing Color is color ink cartridge goes out of stock. In order to quickly and effort-freely get rid of this problem, you need to refill the color ink into the carriage. Furthermore, you are also suggested to purchase the authentic color ink and install it into the cartridge appropriately. This can solve your printer not printing color problem. But if the problem is unsolved, connect with us through helpline number. We are expert tech-geeks working day to night constantly to support you in your budget and also in less time.

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    Why Won’t My Printer Print Color

    04-03-201702:16 AM

    I send WORD doc to printer and it won’t print the color that is on the document: Highlight Color, and Text Color

    I get either a clean black print or a black print with a greyish line instead of highlighter.

    No, I did not change my printer preferences to ‘grayscale’… I don’t even have those preferences available to me.

    No, I am not low on ink. Cartridges are all over 70%

    I do not have a “Print as draft” feature so that’s not it either.

    Any ideas?

    The TEST page always prints the big blue check so it KNOWS how to print color, it’s just not doing it.

    Thank you for replying with this overwhelming and detailed response

    I appreciate your time and efforts, the sarcasm – not so much, but it’s fun to read

    That said, I don’t wish to take your credit, which is why i wanted you to mark your post as accepted solution,

    So that it stands up tall like the beacon of light, dragging the souls towards your post, therefore giving YOU, the credit

    And that’s about it from my end,

    You have a good day.


    Thank you for posting on HP Forums,

    Riddle_Decipher is at your service.

    As I Understand the printer isn’t printing in color,

    Don’t worry as I’ll be glad to help, however, to provide an accurate resolution, I need a few more details:

    Is the grayscale option selected in the printer driver?

    Have you looked up any related HP Forums post that has resolved the issue for others? If you haven’t, try this:




    Clean The Ink Cartridges

    note:To avoid issues that require cleaning, always turn the printer off with the Power button.

  • Load the printer with plain white paper.
  • On the printer control panel, swipe left on the display, and then touch Setup .
  • Touch Tools, and then touch Clean Cartridges.The printer prints a Print Quality Diagnostic report.
  • Examine the print quality on the Print Quality Diagnostic report.
  • If the print quality is acceptable, touch No. You can stop troubleshooting.
  • If the print quality is unacceptable, touch Yes when prompted to perform the next level of cleaning.
  • note:If the printhead is badly clogged, it might require another cleaning cycle. If so, wait 30 minutes before you perform both levels of cleaning again.

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    S For Cleaning Printheads

    Printhead cleaning work wonders to resolve the HP printer not printing color issue. Printhead plays an essential role in printing functions in injecting ink on the paper in a programmed way. Here is what you need to do to clean the printheads.

    a. Automatic cleaning via built-in cleaning tool

    • Go to Devices and Printers.
    • A new window opens, click Print Server Properties.
    • Select your HP printer on the list, right-click on the icon and click Printer Properties.
    • Choose Hardware on the new window and select the Clean Ink button.

    b. Manually cleaning the printhead

    • Take a paper towel folded in quarters and wet it with hot water.
    • Remove ink cartridges from the printer and place them separately on a paper towel.
    • Locate the grey-colored latch that holds printheads in place.
    • Lift the latch up and remove printheads from their position.
    • Now wipe out the excess ink from the printhead nozzle.
    • Keep the printheads in the warm water container for some time.
    • After 10 minutes, remove the printheads from water and place them on a dry paper towel for the next 15 minutes. Let it dry now.
    • Now reinstall the printhead back into the printer, press the latch down and reinstall the cartridges as well.
    • Start printing now, verify if the HP printer not printing color problem is resolved or not.

    Get In Touch With Us For Resolving Hp Printer Errors

    HP Officejet 4650 Won

    You can come in contact with our experts at UAE Technician by calling at our helpline number +971523252808 and seek assistance from our trained professionals. They are experienced in handling these errors and will offer you HP printer repair at a pocket-friendly price. You can even avail our email facility and can drop us an email regarding the error. Feel free to chat with our executives through online live chat support and get assistance for your HP printers.

    Originally published at on September 12, 2018.

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    Manually Clean The Area Around The Ink Nozzles

    Do not perform these steps unless the Print Quality Diagnostic report or printout specifically displays smeared text or track marksreplace the problem ink cartridge

  • Gather the following materials:
  • A clean, lint-free cloth or a clean, dry cotton swab
  • Distilled or bottled water

    caution:Do not use tap water because it might contain contaminants that can damage the printhead.

  • Gently grasp the handles on either side of the printer, and then raise the ink cartridge access door until it locks into place.The carriage moves to the center of the printer.
  • Wait until the printer is idle and silent before you continue.
  • Lift up the lid on the ink cartridge slot, and then pull up on the ink cartridge to remove it from the slot.
  • Hold the ink cartridge by its sides.
  • Lightly dampen a clean, lint-free cloth or swab with bottled or distilled water.
  • Clean the face and edges around the ink nozzle with the cloth or swab.

    caution:Do not clean the ink nozzle plate.

  • Nozzle plate – Do not clean
  • Area surrounding ink nozzle – Do clean
  • Ink cartridge contacts – Do not clean
  • Wait for the cleaned area to dry before you continue .
  • With the nozzles toward the printer, insert the ink cartridge into its slot until it snaps into place.


  • How To Fix Hp Envy 5660 Not Printing In Color

    Question:- I am using an HP Envy 5660 Printer which is only printing in black and white. If I try to print any PDF file, Document, or Email from a chrome browser it wont print in color. I can make color copies from the HP Printer but not able to print in color from my Windows 10 device. Can anyone help me because my HP Envy 5660 wont print in color?

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    Hp Printer Won’t Print Color On Mac Computer

    • Open HP Utility
    • For more information, see HP Utility
    • In the Information and Support section
    • Click Clean Printheads
    • Click Clean , and than follow the onscreen instruction

    If your printer still will not print in color than…

    Turn Color Options On:

    • Click the “Start” button on your computer’s desktop.
    • Select Settings.
    • Click ” Printers” from the setting menu
    • Right-click on your printer and select “Properties
    • click on “Printing Preferences” from the Properties page.
    • Select the “Paper/Quality” tab and click on “Color. Hit “OK” and exit.

    Try printing your color document. If your HP printer still will not print color, you will have to take your printer into a specialist to be fixed.

    Check The Expiry Date On The Cartridge

    How to Fix HP Printer Not Printing Color After Windows 10 Update

    When the ink level of your cartridge is high but still getting faded printouts then check the expiry date. The ink cartridges also have an expiry date. After the provided date, the ink starts thickening. Due to the thick ink, the printhead can fetch it properly and the printouts look faded. The ink inside the cartridge also gets dry when you havent used the printer for a while. Open the cartridge and check the ink correctly. If the ink seems thick then add a few drops of solvent and reinsert it. When the printhead gets enough ink, it will start printing in good quality.

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    Check Whether The Print

  • Tap the power button and hold it for few seconds.
  • Keep the power button pressed and simultaneously tap on the resume button for at least six times
  • Shift your finger from the power button
  • Allow your HP printer to auto clean the print heads through a mild washing method
  • Print out your color document again
  • If it still wont work, press and hold the Power button again
  • This time, press the Resume button five times for a more moderate cleaning process
  • Try printing the document again
  • If your printer is still will not printing color prints, you should immediately consult with a printer technician. A reliable HP printer expert will fix this issue quickly by providing you with affordable HP printer repair.

    Quick Answer: Why Won T My Printer Print In Color

    First, check your printer settings on the file or picture your trying to print. If your page is setup to print in grayscale it will only print in black and white. Change the setting to default so it will print in color. If your settings look good from the start, the cartridge may just need to be primed.

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    My Hp Printer Is Not Printing In Color

    Wondering why is my hp printer not printing in color? Searching for the reasons that why my hp printer is not printing in color? Well, dont worry! You have landed at the right place. You do not need to go further. Here, in this article, you will get to know the best troubleshooting tips to fix the HP printer is not printing in color issue.

    Solution : Set Your Hp Printer As Default Printer

    HP Printer won

    Are you sending your print jobs to the wrong printer? Lets check!

    Usually when you send a print request Windows will send that print job to what is called the default printer. If your printer is all hooked up but nothing is printing it could be that your HP Printer is not set to default in Windows.

    So all your printing requests are not going to your printer but into a blank void of no return. Lets check that and make sure your HP is Default Printer.

    1. Go to your Windows Control Panel and select Devices and Printers

    Your control panel can be reached by typing Control Panel in the search bar on Windows 10 or in older versions of windows press Window logo key and R key on your keyboard at the same time to open the Run dialog. In this dialog, type control and hit Enter. This will open Control Panel in most Windows operating systems.

    2. Find your HP Printer in the list of printing devices, make sure its the one you are having issues with. Right click on that printer and select Set as default printer from the drop-down menu. If there is a confirmation prompt please make sure you click Yes.

    You should now see a nice little green check mark below the icon of your HP printer, this means its now the default printer for Windows. Go give your printing a try to see if that helped you!

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