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Why My Printer Won’t Print

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Word 2019 2016 2013 And 2010

Why won’t my printer print?
  • Exit all Office programs.
  • Select Start, and then type add remove.
  • Open the Add or Remove Programs item.
  • Select Change or Remove Programs, select Microsoft Office or the version of Office or Word that you have in the Currently installed programs list, and then select Change or Modify.
  • Select Repair or Repair Word , and then select Continue or Next.
  • Word 2007

  • Select the Microsoft Office button, and then select Word Options.
  • Select Resources, select Diagnose, and then follow the prompts on the screen.
  • If the printing problem continues to occur after you repair the Word installation or the Office installation, go to the next step.

    Here Are Some Common Problems That Can Occur:

  • When you first get your cartridge, a protective plastic strip is attached and must removed before inserting into your printer. Make sure you’ve removed it to continue using.
  • Often times, dirt can get into your cartridge through the metal contacts on the unit. This can pose a problem when you are using these cartridges.
  • With most printers, the software associated with the printer will automatically update. When the software is using an older version of the software that needs updating, this can pose issues as well.
  • With certain HP cartridges, there’s an update to “enable cartridge protection” that will prevent the cartridges from being used on other makes of printers. You can switch this off and continue using your cartridge.
  • On a rare occasion, a drum or a fuser that was purchased instead of toner can be installed. Make sure you purchase compatible toner correctly.
  • With all printers, there are manuals to help you insert new cartridges into your printer. When they are not installed properly however, you will be indicated as such to correct the issue.
  • Select The Right Printer

    Sometimes the reason a printer won’t print is because you’ve installed some software which has a ‘virtual’ printer and this has set itself as the default. When you hit Print, a file will be saved by this virtual printer instead of the document being sent to your physical printer.

    To check this, open the Control Panel from the Start menu. Then go to Devices and Printers, right-click the correct printer to use and set it as the default.

    Next, make sure that the correct printer is selected in the program you are printing from – you should see an option to choose from a list as in the image below.

    Microsoft has a that can help to identify problems. Click the Fix it button, download and run the program, then follow the steps in the wizard.

    You can also open the Control Panel, Devices and Printers, right click the printer icon and select Troubleshoot. It doesnt always help, but its worth trying.

    HP has a to identify problems, and Canon has lots of great videos on its website click your printer model and then click the Troubleshooting videos link.

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    Why Did My Printer Stop Printing Double Sided

    First, make sure the default duplex printing option is off on the printers print preferences window. Right-click the default printer and select the Printing preferences option, which will open the printers settings window. Then look for a two-sided duplex printing option on one of that windows tabs.

    If You Are Still Having Issues

    Why wont my Epson printer print in black
  • Make sure you ordered the correct cartridge. You may have inadvertently ordered the wrong ink or toner cartridge. Ensure your printer model is listed under our Compatible Printer List provided on every product page on our website.;
  • Ensure all the protective covers and strips were removed prior to installing the cartridge.
  • Make sure you’ve purchased actual toner or ink for your printer and not a new drum unit or maintenance piece. We can help identify what sort of product you purchased.
  • Update your firmware or printer software by following the instructions that came with the unit.
  • If all else fails, you might’ve purchased a faulty cartridge and need a new replacement. At Quest 4 Toner, we will gladly refund your money and/or replace the cartridge you’ve purchased.

    We are always here to help you get through the toughest of cartridge issues, no matter the issue!

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    Why Cant I Print From My Phone Or Tablet

    To print from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, the printer must have Wi-Fi and also support AirPrint. The list of AirPrint printers is growing, but there are still a lot of printers, particularly older models, that dont support it.

    If you have a Mac with a printer attached, you can turn it into an AirPrint printer using HandyPrint. is an app for iOS devices that enables them to print to many wireless printers or a wired one attached to a PC or Mac.

    Some Samsung phones, tablets and printers are designed to work together and printing is straightforward. Samsung also has its own app for printing to its printers, including from iPhones.

    To print from any Android phone or tablet to any PC-connected printer you can use

    Install Cloud Print on the mobile device from the. Next, using on your PC, go to the menu, Settings, Advanced Settings and click Manage. You can then add the printer attached to the PC. Provided the PC and printer are switched on, you can print from the Android device.

    Solution : Check The Status Of Your Hp Printer

    When the HP printer not printing issue occurs, the first thing you need to do it to check the status of your printer. For example, when your , you cannot print. Besides, you should also check other status of your HP printer.

    To be specific, you should make sure that your printer has sufficient paper, ink or toner and without paper jam. If the printer cartridges status is faulty, you should replace it with a new one. After carrying out these operations, check if the HP printer can print properly. If not, try other methods immediately.

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    Test Printing In Windows 10

  • In the Windows search box, type printers, and then select Printers & scanners.
  • Select Add a printer or scanner.
  • Under âPrinters & scanners,â select Generic/Text Only.
  • Open a Word document, and then try to print to the Generic/Text Only printer option.
  • Name the file Test.prn, and save it to your Documents folder.
  • Can You Print This Troubleshooting Page

    Printer won’t print

    Try printing this troubleshooting page. If you can’t, follow these steps to check your connection to the printer:

  • Make sure the cable that connects your printer to your computer is securely plugged in.

  • If your printer is plugged into a USB hub, unplug the printer cable from the hub. Then, plug the printer cable directly into a USB port on your computer.

  • Turn off your printer. Wait 30 seconds, and then turn it on again.

  • Try to print the PDF again.;

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    How To Fix Canon Printer Wont Print Black

    If the canon Pixma printer is not printing black, the reason could be that the ink nozzles are clogged. Try cleaning the nozzles by following the below listed steps:

    • First of all, ensure that the papers in the tray are enough to be used for the job.
    • Then raise the paper tray and its extension.
    • Then press the Tools button and select the maintenance option.
    • Press the OK button, select deep cleansing option and press the OK button again.
    • Wait till the cleaning process completes. It will take around 3 to 5 minutes.
    • After its completed, the Pattern print confirmation dialog box will appear on the control penal. Press the OK button to finish.

    If the cleaning process does not resolve the issue, there could be a chance that the ink cartridge in the printer is finished or about to finish.

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    Test Printing In Windows 8 Windows 7 And Windows Vista

  • Take one of the following actions, as appropriate for your situation:

  • For Windows 8 and Windows 7: Select Start, and then select Devices and Printers.
  • For Windows Vista: Select Start, and then select Printers.
  • On the first screen of the Add Printer wizard, select Add a printer.

  • Select Add a local printer on the first screen of the Add Printer Wizard.

  • Make sure that the Use an existing port check box is selected, change the dropdown option to File: , and then select Next.

  • In the Manufacturers list, select Generic, and then select Next.

  • Leave the default printer name, select Next, and then select Finish.

  • When the driver installation is complete, open a document in Word, and then do the following, as appropriate for your situation:

  • For Word 2013 and later versions: On the File menu, select Print.
  • For Word 2010: Select the printer dropdown menu, and then select Print.
  • For Word 2007: Select the Microsoft Office Button, and then select Print.
  • For other Word versions: Select the Print to File check box, and then select OK.
  • Change the location to My Document, and then name the file Test.prn.

  • Select OK or Print .

  • If you receive an error message in Word when you print files that contain only text, but you do not receive the error message when you print by using the generic, text-only printer driver, your printer driver might be corrupted. If this is the case, contact the manufacturer for help with removing the printer driver and install an updated version.

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    Forget Your Printer As Bluetooth Device

    When your iPhone connects to a Bluetooth device for the first time, it saves data about the device and;how to;connect;to the device. If that connection process has changed, it may be preventing your iPhone from connecting to your printer via Bluetooth.;By forgetting your printer as a Bluetooth device, we can pair it to your iPhone again like its the very first time.

    Open Settings and tap;Bluetooth. Look for your printer in the list called;My Devices and tap the information button to its right. Finally, tap;Forget This Device to forget your printer on your iPhone.

    Go back to Settings -> Bluetooth to begin reconnecting your iPhone to your printer. The name of your printer will appear in the list below;Other Devices. Tap on the name of your printer to pair it to your iPhone!

    Solution #: Update Printer Drivers Using Windows Update

    HP Printer won

    There is another way to rule out the possibility of failure, and that is to update printer drivers. Basically when you upgrade your system to Windows 10 and stick to the same old devices drivers, it creates incompatibility issues. Thus the drivers need to be updated using Windows update. Follow the steps to perform the procedure:

    Step 1. Press Win + R to display the Run search box. Type in devmgmt.msc and hit Enter to open up the Device Manager operating Windows.

    Step 2. Now click on the Printer option to expand the list and find out your device.

    Step 3. Right click on it to choose Update Driver from the context menu.

    Step 4. From the next pop up that entails, select Search automatically for updated driver software.

    And thats it!

    If your printer wont print word documents windows 10, dont worry, the three solutions mentioned above hopefully would be enough to resolve the issue. But there are possibilities that the issue would still linger. And if it recurs over and over again, better find out an expert to do the job for you. Nevertheless you have to pay, but it is better to pay to ridden out the issue than to waste your valuable time behind with futile attempts.

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    Solution #: Try To Print Other Microsoft Documents

    If you are facing printing any particular MS word document, it could be due to sole damage or corruption to that specific document, so trying out printing with other documents can open up a channel to freshen up the printing process. It is more of a hit and trial method, but could be a plausible turn if becomes successful. So basically this is what you have got to do here:

    Step 1. Close all currently opened Word documents.

    Step 2. Move the cursor to the File button in the menu bar and click New.

    Step 3. Under the available templates shown thereafter, click on Blank document and then on Create.

    Step 4. Type anything with meaning or without meaning in the new document and click on again File button to choose Print menu.

    Step 5. Off the Print menu click the Print button to begin the printing process.

    If the problem were solely due to corrupt word files previously, then this new document should print out effortlessly. And if the method does not work as expected, you at least get to know that the issue is rising due to some other unknown reasons.

    In that situation, you can give it a try with the next solution detailed ahead.

    How To Fix Hp Printer Not Printing In Color

    Issue:- Hi, I am using an HP Printer that is about a month old but When I try to print any color document it came out blank. My HP Printer wonât print color. I have performed print quality diagnostic and clean cartridges and printhead many times but nothing helped. I ran HP Scan and Doctor however it didnât pick up any problem. We changed the old cartridges with the new one still my HP printer is not printing in color. Can anyone tell me how do I get my HP printer to print in color?

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    Check That Paper Is Installed

    I’m going to guess you’ve already ensured paper is in the tray, but just in case: put paper in the tray. Sometimes, though, printers are finickythere may be paper loaded, but if the printer can’t grab hold, it’s going to think it’s empty. Try removing the paper tray, re-aligning the paper, and sliding it back in.

    In other instances, there may be some paper jammed in the mechanism. Usually your printer will tell you so, and you just need to open the access panel and pull the crumpled paper out.

    Fix : Check Your Ink Cartridges

    Tri-Color Ink Cartridge Won’t Print

    If your printer keeps printing blank pages, you should verify your cartridges are working properly. Here is what you should check:

    Check whether your ink cartridges are clogged.

    Your printer wont function properly when the ink cartridges are blocked or clogged. If thats the core issue, try cleaning your ink cartridges from the printer control panel or clean it manually.

    Check the ink levels on your printer.

    Low or empty cartridges can also cause the printer to print blank pages. So, check the ink/toner levels on your printer and replace cartridges if necessary.

    Reinstall your cartridges.

    Printer issues might occur when your cartridges are defective or when the connection between cartridges and your printer is weak.

    Remove your cartridges to see if any cartridges are defective. If you find any damaged cartridges, replace it. If all your cartridges are in good condition, reinstall your cartridges.

    Make sure your cartridges are fine, then try printing a page. If your problem still exists, then go ahead with the fix below.

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    Why Is The Print Quality Poor

    The nozzles on inkjet printer heads can become blocked causing horizontal streaks on prints and poor or wrong colours. Cleaning the print heads can solve the problem. The procedure varies from printer to printer and there may be an option on the printer control panel or in the printer software on the computer.

    You might need to look this up in the manual.;In your printer’s properties you might find a maintenance section.

    Click it and you can clean the print heads or align them. Head cleaning kits are available;for around although you should compare it to the cost of a new cartridge – there’s no guarantee a cleaning kit will fix the problem.

    The type of paper affects the print quality and photocopier paper might be letting you down.;

    It can be too absorbent and inkjet ink soaks into it like blotting paper. Buy good quality paper for the best prints, and this is usually from the printer manufacturer itself, particularly for printing photos.

    Laser printers are less dependent on paper, and smudges or spots in the same place on each page usually mean there’s dirt somewhere in the printer, typically on the ‘drum’.;

    Be very careful when;cleaning the imaging drum, using only isopropyl alcohol and a soft lint-free cloth.

    Read the manufacturer’s guidance on how to remove and clean the drum, which is often called an OPC.;

    Solve Printing Problems On Mac

    If youre having trouble printing, first try these suggestions:

    • If your printer is connected to your Mac, make sure the printer cable is firmly connected, and the printer is plugged into an electrical outlet, and turned on.

    • If the printer is on the network, make sure your Mac and the printer are still on the same network, the printer is turned on, and the network isnt experiencing problems. If the network has multiple printers, check which printer you choseit may be different from the one you think you chose.

    • If you use a shared printer connected to another Mac, make sure the Mac has macOS 10.5 or later installed, isnt in sleep, and has sharing turned on. See .

    • If your printer is connected to your computers USB port, open System Information, then click USB. If the printers name appears in the hardware list but the printer doesnt work, review the printers documentation for further troubleshooting information or see If a USB device doesnt work with Mac.

    If you still cant print, see the additional troubleshooting information below.

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    Identify The Cartridge To Replace

  • Review the test page you printed in the previous solution.
  • Check the text and color blocks on the test page.
    • If you identify any defects with the black text on the page, the black ink cartridge is the problem.
    • If you identify any defects with the colored blocks on the page, the tri-color ink cartridge is the problem.

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