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Why Isn’t My Hp Printer Printing

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How To Fix Hp Officejet 3830 Not Printing In Color

Why is my HP printer not printing 1888-303-0831 everything on the page

If you have identified HP office jet 3830 as not printing color, then the following steps to resolve the issue have been outlined below.

  • First and foremost, remove HP 3830 printer driver from devices.
  • Dont forget to uninstall it from the control panel of the Windows 10 computer.
  • The Next Step is to open the Run command by pressing Windows keys+ R.
  • A new window will pop up you can then select the drivers tab to open it.
  • Under the driver tab, if you see the Hp printer drivers option, go ahead and delete it and press ok.
  • Next, go over to control panel, then devices and printers and add a printer.
  • A window might pop up that says choose a device or printer, below it clicks on the option the print I want isnt listed.
  • Choose the option of Add a printer using TCP/IP address.
  • You can enter the IP address of your HP 3830 and click on Next.

This will help you install the HP 3830 printer driver with basic drivers.

Next what you need to do is do a test run to see if you can print in color with your HP office jet 3830 printer.

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Solution : Clear Printer Queue

Another reason your printer isn’t printing the page is that it’s packed with old documents and so can’t print it. Take the following actions to solve this issue:

  • To begin, on Windows, right-click the printer icon.
  • To see a list of presently queued items, select Open all Printers.
  • If you’re using a Mac, you can see the queue in the following way: System Preferences> Printers & Scanners> Open Print Queue.
  • Now right-click the old items and select “clear” to restore the items.
  • You can also restart the print spooler in Windows and print the papers added to the queue.
  • The Command Prompt is arguably one of the simplest ways to do the task.
  • Now, right-click the option you see on your device and select Run as Administrator from the menu.
  • Copy and paste the following commands, pressing Enter after each one.
  • net stop spooler
  • del%systemroot%\System32\spool\Printers\*/Q/F/S
  • net start spooler

Do I Need To Replace The Cartridges

Printers warn that the ink is running out before it actually does. If you print only occasionally the remaining ink or tonermight last another couple of weeks, if not months.

Order new cartridges as soon as the message appears, but dont install them until it either stops printing or the colours fade. A trick with laser printers is to remove the cartridge that’s running low and shake it gently from side to side. This sometimes allows the rest of the toner to be used. In other cases a counter is used and once a certain number of pages has been printed, the cartridge will be deemed as empty.

HP has an interesting scheme with many of its printers where you pay per month and cartridges automatically arrive at the right time.

If your colour ink has run out, but you must keep printing, you might be able to set your printer to print in black and white only. This is a setting you’ll find in printer properties in the Control Panel – or click the option when you go to print via an application you want to print from.

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Solution : Check Hp Printer Status

Lets start with the easy and obvious stuff first

1) Make sure your HP printer has enough paper in the paper tray. If there is paper then make sure none of it is stuck or jammed in the paper feed. If there is please check with your manufacturer on the best way to remove the paper as you dont want to ruin the internal motor or paper feeder.

2) Is your ink or toner empty? Consult your specific printers manual for how to check the ink levels or toner level for your printer. New HP printers will easily display the ink levels or if there is an ink issue on the front screen of the HP printer.

If you need to have your HP printer serviced you may need to contact HP directly via customer support.

Unable To Print From A Mobile Device

HP Printer not Printing

Everyone wants to enjoy the convenience of being able to print directly from their iPhone®, iPad® or Android® mobile device. But wirelessly connecting your printer and device can be complicated, and the process will vary from brand to brand. Even if theres an app for your printer brand, differences in software could prevent you from connecting directly. Make sure that your WiFi is properly working if you are having difficulty connecting, using the process outlined above. If your wireless printer connection isnt functioning smoothly, downloading different apps or deleting existing ones wont help.

Here are some ways to set up your printer for mobile printing, and troubleshoot to see why your printer isnt connecting:

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Solution : Use The Hp Print And Scan Doctor For Hewlett

If you are using the Hewlett-Packard printer, then you can use the HP Print and Scan Doctor, which is a troubleshooting utility specifically made with the problems of the Hewlett-Packard printer in mind.

To use the HP Print and Scan Doctor, follow the steps given below:

  • First, click on this link to visit the HP page and click on the button under the HP Print and Scan Doctor to download the softwares setup wizard.
  • Click on the HPPS.dr.exe that you just downloaded to install the HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • Now, open the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility and click on the Start option to select your HP printer. Then, click on the Next option.
  • Select the Fix Printing option.
  • Follow the instructions given on your screen to finish the process.
  • Now, check if still the HPprinter is not printing black.

    Clean Your Printers Printhead

    For blank pages caused by clogged nozzles, you can perform a cartridge cleaning cycle. If you are using a Windows PC, just launch the HP Printer Assistant window, go to Maintain Your Printer, and then click on Clean Cartridges under Device Services. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    In macOS, proceed to the Utility tab on your printers Options & Supplies window. Click on Open Printer Utility> Clean Printheads> Clean and then follow the succeeding instructions.

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    Check Any Damage On Your Printers Toner Cartridge

  • Remove your printers toner cartridges and make sure that you removed their sealing tape.
  • Rock the cartridges gently to distribute the powder toner.
  • Check any damage on the toners memory chips.
  • Examine the toner cartridges roller surfaces but do NOT touch the roller.
  • If the roller has any damage, fingerprints, or scratches, replace the cartridge.
  • If the rollers of your cartridges are not damaged, rock your cartridges gently before reinstalling them. Try a few prints and see if this resolves your problem.
  • Learn More:

    We recommend contacting your printer provider. The problem may not be just because of the cartridge.

    Why Cant I Print From My Phone Or Tablet

    How to fix a HP Printer, not printing black ink and missing colours.

    To print from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, the printer must have Wi-Fi and also support AirPrint. The list of AirPrint printers is growing, but there are still a lot of printers, particularly older models, that dont support it.

    If you have a Mac with a printer attached, you can turn it into an AirPrint printer using HandyPrint. is an app for iOS devices that enables them to print to many wireless printers or a wired one attached to a PC or Mac.

    Some Samsung phones, tablets and printers are designed to work together and printing is straightforward. Samsung also has its own app for printing to its printers, including from iPhones.

    To print from any Android phone or tablet to any PC-connected printer you can use

    Install Cloud Print on the mobile device from the. Next, using on your PC, go to the menu, Settings, Advanced Settings and click Manage. You can then add the printer attached to the PC. Provided the PC and printer are switched on, you can print from the Android device.

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    Cloud Print For Android Products

    is among the easiest ways to directly network your printer with several devices, including both Android and Chromebook products. The process is pretty simple:

    • Go to the Google® Play app store and add Cloud Print to your device.
    • When you got to settings, Cloud Print will provide you with a list of networked WiFi printers available in your area.
    • Connect with the printer of your choice.
    • Use Gallery to print saved images in Drive, or drop down to Print on your browser.

    When connecting a printer that doesnt come preinstalled with Cloud Printwhat Google calls Classic printersyou have options as well. Installing third-party software such as GitHubs Google Cloud Print connector will bridge the software gap between your devices operating system and your printer.

    If your printer isnt connecting to Cloud Print or producing prints, first check to make sure its Cloud Print ready and connected. Many older model printers will have WiFi capability, but wont come pre-loaded with Cloud Print access . Its also possible that you may be using an outdated version of Google Chrome, which can prevent your prints from being transferred. Finally, you may have registered your networked printer twice, which means when youre selecting a printer youre actually connecting with its ghost twin. Check your networked printers list to make sure you have the right one.

    Alternately, if you have a classic printer, your troubleshooting options include:

    How Do I Get My Hp Printer To Print In Color

    These troubleshooting actions are for Windows 10 users who are not able to print in color from an HP printer.

    • Firstly Delete or Remove HP Printer from Devices.
    • Now Uninstall HP printer drivers completely from the control panel of your Windows 10 operating system.
    • Next Open Run by pressing âWindows Key + Râ.
    • Type printui.exe /s Command in the Run box and click OK.
    • A new window pops up and selects the Drivers tab to open it.
    • Under Drivers, if you find any HP Printer drivers please Delete them and press OK.
    • Now again go to Control panel > Devices and printers > Add a printer.
    • New windows pop up Choose a device or Printer under that Click on âThe printer I want isnât listedâ.
    • Choose to Add a printer using a TCP/IP address.
    • Enter the IP Address of your HP Printer here and hit Next.
    • It will install the HP printer with basic drivers which will help you to print in color also.
    • Try printing in color with HP Printer.

    Note:- Most probably this will fix HP Officejet 3830 wonât print in the color issue. However in case if itâs not fixed please contact HP Printer Support for the service of your Printer.

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    Hp Printer Not Printing With My Laptop

    Two months ago my Printer HP LaserJet m176n stopped printing from Laptop. I tried all solutions from HP website but nothing helped. I had to visit HP service centre and had to pay a hefty sum. HP service centre replaced the formater. Things did not resolve yet. Then I reset my Laptop. Printer started printing. Next day printer again stopped printing. I again reset my PC and printer started printing. I again complained to HP service and they visited to check the printer/laptop. Service Engineer checked the problem thoroughly and told to get help from Laptop service centre as problem is with the OS i,e. Windows 10.

    Since I brought back my printer from service centre, I have reset my Laptop more than 10 times even for a single page print out. Now I am repenting a lot why I accepted offer for Windows 10 in place of Windows 8.1 about a year back. Next time I’d go to Non MS Operating System while buying a laptop. It’s really a horrible experience for me. I am really crying.

    Can I get a solution at this platform to my problem regarding printing?? Please note that neither Windows troubleshooter is detecting any problem nor HP’s troubleshooter. I mean to say nothing is able to help me.

    ***Post moved

    Solution #5 Set Hp Printer As Default

    Why my HP Printer stopped working wirelessly @ 205

    Whenever you perform specific tasks on your computer, it will automatically assign these tasks to default programs unless you choose another one on purpose.

    Printing is no different, and even though your printer is perfectly connected, it might not be the set default printer. Therefore, it may not print copies.

    Heres how to change the settings:

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Go to Devices and Printers.
  • Right-click on the HP printer youre using.
  • Select Set as Default Printer, then click Yes.
  • When you set your HP printer as default, your print job will automatically be sent to it unless otherwise specified. This saves time since you wont have to set it each time youre printing.

    NOTE: You can set Windows to manage the printer for you such that the default printer will be the one thats recently used.

    Select Let Windows manage my default printer from Devices and Printers.

    Final Thoughts

    The first two things to do whenever there is a printer fault is to restock the ink, toner and other essentials, then check if your printer connection is okay. If these dont fix the problem, try updating the printer drivers, cancel any printing jobs in the queue then set your HP printer as default.

    Hopefully, youll be able to fix the printer issue by using the above methods.

    Knowing where to start when your HP printer is connected but not printing can allow you to spend less time being angry and more productive.

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    Solution #4 Update Hp Printer Drivers

    HP printers are distinguishable because theyre compatible with all mainstream operating systems.

    However, regardless of the operating system, you use you have to update printer drivers to keep them up to date.

    Heres how to update your HP printer drivers:

  • Press Windows Key, then go to Device Manager.
  • Select your HP printer from the list of devices.
  • Right-click on the printer, then choose Update driver software.
  • Choose Search automatically for Update Driver Software.
  • Follow the instructions to update your driver.
  • The HP Support page has several options and software to download, including Software-ePrint, firmware, driver packages and Utility-Diagnostic Tools.

    You can also enable automatic updates, so you dont have to do it all the time your HP printer doesnt print.

    Note: You can also update the printer drivers manually from HP Support. Ensure you have your HP printer name and model ID, then download the driver update for your exact printer.

    Fix Printer Not Printing The Whole Page:

    Technology, such as printers, can be strange at times. It can be not easy to deal with at times. If your printer displays an error message or the Printer is Not Printing the Whole Page, it becomes difficult to print the entire page follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem and get back to work quickly.

    The majority of customers have expressed dissatisfaction with their printer’s inability to print the entire page. The following are the primary causes of this issue:

    Drivers IssuesPrinter Properties and a lot more.

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    Hp Printer Isn’t Printing

    Office employees, student, self-employed – even in times of digitization, we all have to print documents. Some of us nearly every day. It can be quite annoying when the printer isn’t doing its job. The most commen cause of this problem might be that the printer is not connected to the laptop or PC – or maybe just not connected properly. If the connection can be excluded as the cause of the problem, there are of course other tips that can help to fix the printer. You think of yourself as somebody with no technical understanding? No problem, because most HP printer errors can be fixed with a few simple and uncomplicated steps.

    1. Control Panel: Printer status must be set to “ready”

    2. Check connections to the computer: USB cable and WLAN connection

    3. Update printer driver

    4. Check supplies: ink or toner levels, paper tray, paper jams and clean print drums

    5. Contact HP customer service

    Clean The Ink Nozzles

    How to Fix HP Printer Not Printing From Laptop Computer

    If your printer is producing smeared texts or track marks, you need to clean the ink nozzles manually. Remove the ink cartridges and clean the area surrounding the ink nozzles using a cotton swab and distilled water.

    Do NOT touch the ink cartridge contacts and nozzle plates when cleaning the ink nozzles. Make sure that the ink cartridges are dry before reinstalling them into your printer.

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    Solution : Update Hp Printer Driver

    If above two methods dont work for you or if you dont have the patience, time, or computer skills, to update/fix manually it is possible to do it automatically with Driver Support.

    Automatically update HP Print Drivers

    Driver Support will scan your computer to detect any problem drivers on your computer. You dont need to know what operating system your computer is running. It is possible to update the HP Drivers automatically with the Premium version of Driver Support. If you want to do this manually see our guide here How To: HP Printer Driver Solutions for Windows

    1. and Install Driver Support FREE TRIAL

    2. Let the software run the free scan for you to detect all your driver problems and any other optimization opportunities

    3. Click the FIX IT button and register Driver Support to get started updating your drivers for printing devices on your computer

    4. Once Registered and in Premium mode the software will walk you through the entire process, plus with your registration, you will receive unlimited tech support with our Driver Support Signature Service! Just call us toll-free after registration.

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