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Why Hp Printer Showing Offline

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Check The ‘use Printer Offline’ Setting

How to fix Printer Offline in Windows 10 or in Window 8
  • Open Devices and Printers.
  • Right-click the printer and select See what’s printing.
  • Select Printer, and then select to clear any selections next to Pause Printing or Use Printer Offline, if selected. Figure : Use Printer Offline setting enabled
  • If you removed a selection, try to print.
  • If you can print, the printer is online again. If the printer goes offline again when printing later, continue to the next step.
  • If the printer cannot print and remains offline, continue to the next step.
  • If Your Printer Is Still Offline Continue With These Steps

    Step 3 :

    Now, create a manual IP connection by using the printer IP address to manually connect to your printer.

  • Then, on the network settings page, look for the network status of the network connection type .
  • Find the default IP address, web browser, and gateway for your network connection type .
  • If you have different numbers for IPv4 and IPv6, you only need the IPv4 code.
  • Find the URL of the embedded Web server .
  • Open an Internet browser from a connected computer and type one of the following:
  • Enter the address in the address bar and press Enter to open the EWS printer. If you dont see EWS, try another browser.
  • In the EWS, click Network or Network, and then open the Wired or Wireless menu. Click on your network and then on Configure IPv4.
  • Select Manual IP, click Manual IP Recommendation, and make sure the IP address, subnet machine, and default gateway are compatible with the website configuration page.
  • If you do not see the Manual IP Address Recommendation, enter the IP address manually, the Mask tab, and the default device.Write down the IP address on a piece of paper. You may need to use it later.
  • Return to the Devices and Printers window, press F5, and click the printer name to view the printer position.
  • If the printer is offline now, the problem is resolved. If the printer remains offline, continue to the next steps
  • HP Printer Offline Troubleshooting

  • After setting the mobile IP address of the printer, add a print line to Windows.
  • Match this new IP address.
  • Check Print Spooler Service Status

    The print spooler is a most important utility or software interface that controls the order in which documents are printed. And the print spooler service must be running state to complete print jobs or printer to function properly.

    • Press Windows key + R, type services.msc and click ok,
    • This will open the windows services console, scroll down and locate Print Spooler. See if its status is Running.
    • If its running right click on print spooler service select restart,
    • If you cant see its status here, means print spooler service not started,
    • Double click on print spooler service to open its properties,
    • Change its startup type automatic and start the service next to service status,

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    Reset The Print System

    Resetting the print system can clear any error states by removing all HP and non-HP printers, pending print jobs, and printer preferences.

    Resetting the print system removes all printers. After you reset the print system, re-add your printers to the queue.

  • Right-click or control+click anywhere in the Printers list, and then click Reset printing system.

  • Type the administrator name and password, and then click OK to complete the reset.

  • Once the reset is complete, re-add your printer. Click the Plus sign, select your printer in the list, and then click Add.

  • How To Fix Hp Smart App Printer Offline Problem

    Why is my HP Printer Showing Offline?

    Question:-I am using a new HP Printer with the HP Smart app. Whenever I try to print any important document from my Windows 10 computer, my HP Printer says Printer Offline. I opened the HP Smart app to troubleshoot this problem, however, my HP Smart also says Printer offline. We uninstall the printer many times but after printing one page my HP Printer keeps going offline. If you know how to bring HP Printer Offline to Online in windows 10, Please help.

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    How To Remove Printer Drivers And Packages

    Make sure you are using Windows as an Admin or sign-in as one.

    Type CMD in the search bar.

    With command prompt open type printui /s /t2 including the spaces to open the Print Server Properties window.

    Now remove the Driver and Package for the printer in question.

    You can now add your printer again by selecting Add a Printer from Devices and Printers.

    Your printer should now be showing as online and allow you to continue printing.

    If not there is likely to be an issue with the printer electronically, further advice would be to contact the printers manufacturer or a printer technician.

    Always check the cost of a printer fixing error in some cases it may be cheaper to purchase a new printer rather than pay the fixing and maintenance cost.

    The Hp Printer Is Connected Via Wlan

    When the HP printer is offline and used as a network printer via WLAN, it is important that all network connections are checked. Hierfür muss nicht nur der Drucker, sondern auch der Route eingeschaltet sein. Zudem müssen sich Drucker und Router natürlich im gleichen Netzwerk befinden. To do so, not only the printer but also the router must be switched on. The printer and router must of course be on the same network. If this check also does not help and the HP printer is still offline, it may be that there is not enough paper available or the ink or toner cartridges are either empty or on a low level. You can also check whether the cartridges are properly placed in the HP printer. If a cartridge is incorrectly placed, the HP printer may be offline for security reasons. In most cases, however, an error message indicates that an incorrectly placed cartridge causes a problem.

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    Change Printer Status To Online

    • Open control panel then Devices and Printers
    • This will display the installed printer list, locate the printer you want to change to online
    • Right-click on it and make sure to set the printer as default,
    • Again right-click on that printer and this time select see whats printing

    A new window opens, Click Printer. Here if you see a tick next to the option Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline, remove them to change your printer status from offline to online.

    Offline Printers Cant Communicate With Your Pc

    How to Change a Printer from Offline to Online

    If your printer is showing an offline message, it means its having a hard time communicating with your computer. There can be a number of reasons for this, from connectivity issues, to a fault with your printer. Whatever the reason, there are several checks you can do to determine which issue youre facing.

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    Hp Printer Offline Status On Windows 10/7

    0Step 1: Check Connection Problems Step 2: Set Default PrinterStep 3: Reset PrinterStep 4: Update Printer FirmwareStep 5: Update Printer DriverStep 1: Check Connection Problems DO NOT connect to a guest or host network NOTSwitch from wireless to a USB or Ethernet connection Try your printer on another computerStep 2: Set Default Printer WindowsControl Panel Large iconsDevices and Printer Set as default printergreen check mark See whats printingPrinterPause PrintingUse Printer OfflineStep 3: Reset PrinterStep 4: Update Printer Firmware Software and DriversEnterFirmware Step 5: Update Printer Driver WindowsControl Panel Large iconsDevices and PrinterRemove deviceHP support Software and DriversEnteroperating systemDriver-Product Installation Software Driver EasyScan NowUpdate

    If you choose the pro version of Driver Easy, not only will you have full access to all the amazing features and functions in Driver Easy, you will also receive help from our skilled and experienced technicians with your driver problems.

    Hp Printer Keeps Going Offline Check For Netork Connection Error

    You may often face a situation where your HP printer keeps going offline.

    • One of the key reasons for the printer showing offline is the issue with its Wifi connectivity.
    • Another key reason for the HP printer to be offline is that its IP address is not configured properly in the laptop or the desktop.

    Hence an error message pops up saying Printer is offline. To ensure that the IP address is configured properly, follow the given steps-

    • Open HP configuration screen.
    • Select the IP address option from the drop down menu

    These steps will allow you to eradicate the error that comes due to the wrong IP address.

    In order to avoid the HP printer from being offline, you need to make sure that all printer drivers are accurately installed & updated. Constant and timely updating of system settings and printer drivers eradicates the possible errors that can occur while using the printer.

    When a user face printer challenges, Hp printer offline fix can easily achieved by following the troubleshooting steps given in this article. One of the key ways to rectify the issue is by selecting the WiFi printing option from the printer by pressing the Wifi button. Thereafter go to Network setting from the system to see range of available printers. As a user you need to select your printer from the listed printers. Post this step your print tasks can be completed as it will show you HP printer is online.

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    Create A Tcp/ip Port In Windows

    Add a printer port to Windows that matches your printer’s IP address.

  • Print a Network Configuration or Wireless Network Test Results page.

  • Printers with a control panel menu: Print the page from the Wireless, Network Settings, or Setup menu.

  • Printers without a control panel menu: Print the page using button combinations on the printer control panel.

    For most printers, press the Wireless and Information buttons at the same time, or press the Wireless and Start Copy Black buttons at the same time.

    For HP DeskJet 6000 and 6400, ENVY 6000 and 6400, and Tango printers, touch and hold the Information button until all control panel buttons light up, and then touch the Information and Resume buttons at the same time.

  • On the Network Configuration page, find the printer’s IP address.

  • In Windows, search for and open Printers & scanners

  • On the Ports tab, click Add Port.

  • Select Standard TCP/IP Port, and then click New Port.

  • Type the printer’s IP address, and then click Next.

  • Select the new Standard TCP/IP Port from the list, and then click OK.


    You might see two printers in the list of devices. Do not remove or uninstall either printer.

  • No Response From Print Server:


    Sometimes, there can be many reasons for this kind of problem. But one of the main reasons is due to a driver problem. Check if the driver installed on your system is working properly or not. Then, try to repair the drivers if it is not working properly or replace it if it fails to work properly after repairing it.

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    Make Sure The Printer Is Ready To Print

    Your printer should be on, have paper in the input tray, have sufficient ink or toner, and display no errors or blinking lights.

  • Make sure the printer is not off or in sleep mode. Press the Power button to wake it or turn it on.

  • Make sure paper is loaded into the input tray, and that the paper width guides rest gently against the sides of the paper stack.

  • Make sure the correct ink or toner cartridges are installed, and that the printer has sufficient ink or toner for your print job.

  • Make sure no error messages or blinking lights display on the printer control panel. Resolve any errors before you use the printer.

  • Restart the printer to clear any error states. Turn the printer off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it on.

  • Why Is My Hp Printer Offline Windows 10

    In this article, we will help you to answer why is my HP printer showing offline. Read the complete article to know the complete process.

    Step 1:

    Ensure that your default printer driver is matching the printer you are trying to print to.

    Windows 10:

    Now, set your printer as default in the windows 10.

    • Search for devices in the Windows and then click on Printers & scanners icon from the list of results shown to you.
    • If it is checked, uncheck the box beside Let Windows manage my default printer.
    • If the box is checked then uncheck it and let your Windows manage the default printer.
    • Now select the printer name that matches the name of your printer from the list of printers, and then click on Manage.
    • If the list has multiple names, then click on the printer which shows the status of online or idle.
    • Under the manage your device section, click on set as default
    • Try testing your printer by printing something.
    • If the printer remains offline, then proceed to the next step.

    This method can be used to resolve and get answers for why is my HP printer offline Windows 10 query easily. So, users asking why is my HP printer always offline can get rid of it now. For other versions of Windows, check out the below section.

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    Solution: Check For Ink Cartridge And Paper Jam Problem

    Examine the printer for incompatible cartridge error and paper jam problem so that you can fix HP printer offline problem.

    • Turn ON HP wireless/wired printer. Ensure all the physical and wireless connections are made accurately.
    • Check all the cable connections for disconnected cables and then reconnect them suitably for more reliable connectivity.
    • Look inside the printer to recognize any of the paper jams. Clear the HP printer paper jam error if you discover any.
    • Check the input tray for the right stock of papers. More papers must be added to the tray if required.
    • Open the cartridge access door then examine for HP Printer ink cartridge Failure Message. Also, check the levels of ink inside the cartridges.
    • You need to check your printer control panel display or software to identify any low ink level alerts. Click on OK to terminate low ink warnings and take your device back online.
    • Also, ensure that the printer and system are connected with the same wifi network.

    Perform A Power Reset And Check Connections

    Fix Printer Offline Problem
  • If the printer is off, turn on the printer, and then check the printer status:
  • If the printer starts printing jobs from the print queue, the printer is clearing out queued print jobs and is online. You can stop troubleshooting.
  • If the computer still shows the printer as offline, continue to the next step.
  • Make sure the printer is receiving enough power.
  • If you are using a docking station, disconnect the USB cable from the docking station and connect directly to the computer.
  • Try using a USB powered HUB accessory.
  • With the printer turned on, disconnect the power cord from the printer, unplug the printer power cord from the wall outlet, and then wait at least 60 seconds.
  • Make sure the USB cable is securely connected and not damaged.
  • Restart the laptop or tablet, and wait for it to reboot.
  • Reconnect the power cable to the back of the printer and then plug the power cord into the wall outlet.
  • If the printer does not turn on by itself, press the Power button to turn it on.
  • Try to print.
  • If you can print, the printer is online again. Continue to the next step if the printer goes offline again when printing later.
  • If the printer remains offline and cannot print, continue to the next step.
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    Physical Printer And Cable Checks

    Check both ends of the USB cable are firmly inserted. If the printer is networked then make sure the Ethernet cable is firmly inserted. If the printer is wireless check your internet connection or make sure its connected to your router.

    If youre connected by cable try using the end of the printer cable in multiple ports or sockets on your device.

    Try using a different cable to make sure the fault is not with the cable alone. If youre on a network or wireless device a simple check would be to attach a cable to your computer/or device to make sure your printer is working. Therefore the fault could be with your network connection.

    How To Fix The Error Of Hp Printer Offline On Windows 10

    While using your HP printer, if its status displays it to be offline on Windows 10, you can initially reset and reinstall the device. You can check for the problem then. If it persists, then you can opt for manually setting it as your default printer. This should definitely help in changing its status from offline to online.

    To administer these HP printer offline fixes on Windows 10, you can read the following parts of this post.

    Fix 1: Resetting and Reinstalling HP Printer on Windows 10

    The users of Windows 10 can first open Run and then proceed to the Device Manager through it. You have to right-tap on your printing device and choose the option of uninstalling it. After this, you can move to the section of Devices and Printers. Here, you have to pick Add a Printer for adding it again to your laptop. At a later point, the drivers for the HP printer can be reinstalled.

    • Firstly, press and hold the Windows button along with the R key to access the Run window.
    • Type in devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box and then hit Enter.
    • Now, right-click on the printer in the Device Manager window.
    • Again, right-click on the HP Printer and then click on the Uninstall option from the available options.
    • Navigate to the Devices and Printers option and then click on the Add a Printer button.
    • Add the HP printer driver again on your Windows 10 system.
    • In the end, you need to reboot your system and check if the HP printer offline issue has been resolved or not.
    In Summary

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    Make Sure ‘use Printer Offline’ Mode Is Not Selected

    HP wireless printer goes offline if Use printer in offline mode is selected. Therefore a user must ensure that this option is not selected. The navigation for rectifying this setting is as follow-

    • Select the start menu- click on settings
    • Now from the listed printers, select and right click on your HP printer.
    • Thereafter from the menu, uncheck the option of Use Printer Offline. Now your Hp printer will come back in online mode.

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