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Why Does Printer Go Offline

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My New Wireless Printer Keeps Going Offline

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I have tried all of the recommended diagnostic and repair tools to solve this problem. I have also reinstalled the printer drivers. The only way I can get the printer to go online is to run it through a power cycle. It will then stay online for a period of time. I cannot identify the reason why it then goes offline. I can power cycle the printer again, and everything works perfectly, but it does not stay online. Thanks for any help.

What To Do With A Low Ink Warning

Low ink can also be a reason why your printer is offline. Getting a low ink warning when you just had a refill recently can be alarming. You do not need to fret since this error message is meant to give you enough time to replace the cartridge. Usually, the warning comes up when the ink is at fifty percent capacity. It does not necessarily mean that your printer is totally out of ink. Once your prints start to fade, that is the time to replace your cartridges. You can override the low ink warning by clicking OK when the Do not show this message again pops up.

If the low ink warning keeps popping up even if you have installed new cartridges, follow the steps below to check the ink levels manually.

Step 1: Click the Start menu, then choose Devices and Printers, or you can type it on the search bar.

Step 2: Choose the printer model and then right-click it.

Step 3: Select Status or more information to see ink levels.

How Do You Fix Printer That Says Its Offline

Troubleshooting offline printer problems

  • Check to make sure the printer is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device.
  • Run a printer power cycle.
  • Set your printer as the default printer.
  • Clear the print queue.
  • Reset the service that manages the printing queue.
  • Remove and re-add your printer to your device.
  • Restart your PC.
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    What Does It Mean When My Printer Is Offline

    The device or computer thinks the printer is offline, actually the printer is on and ready to start printing. This can be caused by an error between your device or computer and the printer. However a printer appearing as Offline error can also be down to problems with your printer driver or software.

    Fix : See Whats Printing

    Why Does My Printer Keep Going Offline

    Sometimes, a manual printer driver update results in changes to your printer settings. And, it may be the reason why your printer says offline. Therefore, you need to check and correct the printer status to fix the problem. Here is the way to do it correctly.

    • Open Settings and choose Devices from the menu that comes up.
    • Pick Bluetooth and other devices from the left pane.
    • Make a selection of Devices and printers from related settings.
    • Right-click the problematic printer and choose to See whats printing from the context menu.
    • Choose Printer from the menu at the top.
    • Uncheck the Pause printing and Use printer offline options.
    • Check whether the printer is offline or the fix worked.

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    How To Switch My Printer From Offline To Online In Windows 10

    Your printer is offline apparently due to no communication with the attached computer. The reason behind this error may be related to the software or hardware. To further narrow down the issue, we are sharing few list of steps to get your printer back online.

  • Search Printers and Scanners in the search menu bar as shown in the image, and click on open.
  • A new window for Printers & Scanners will open.
  • Select your printer in the provided list and click on Open queue.
  • A new window will open for your selected printer.
  • Uncheck Use Printer Offline.
  • What Does Printer Offline Mean

    Printers work offline when they have a hard-line connection to the computer holding the document. The printer itself does not have a hard-drive and cannot perform without a means of viewing your document. Bringing a printer online means it can print documents without a direct connection to the computer.

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    Restart Printer & Check For Connectivity

    If the printer had been online for some time, it might have into an idle state. While it should not set the printer offline but you never know. Try turning off, wait about 1 minute, and then on to check if that resolved the problem

    Next, check on this essential tip. Make sure the printer is connected to a power source, it is turned on, and it is connected to the computer. Check the ethernet cable or the wireless connection. It is one of the reasons why you may see it offline and sometimes disconnected. Make sure to check the USB cable and the USB port and fix this first.

    Why Is My Hp Printer Offline

    Printer Offline Windows 10 / 8! Fix – Howtosolveit

    The offline printer is basically a connectivity issue. You probably have seen an error message saying- your printer is offline while trying to print a document.

    The error message shows when your computer and printer cant communicate for cable connection issues, firmware problems, or outdated drivers.

    And when this happens, your printer cant process any command, i.e., you cant print until you resolve the issues and get your machine back online. And in order to solve the problem, you must know about what causes it.

    Also, to know more about the offline printer issues, you can go through what does printer offline means.

    So, lets see some of the common problems for which your Hp printer might be offline.

    • When your printer is paper jammed. Paper jamming occurs when you use a type of paper incompatible with your device or insert sheets incorrectly
    • You might have set it offline earlier to save and print a document while not connected or prevent others, such as children, from mistakenly using it
    • If the cables are not connected properly
    • If you havent updated the Hp printer drivers or if the firmware has essential update lackings
    • If the Hp printer is not your default printer, you would probably see the offline error message while trying to print with it
    • If you have network problems or if there are other settings errors

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    Restart The Windows Print Spooler

    The Print Spooler is an important system component that powers the execution of print jobs and the discovery of printers on Windows devices. Your printer may appear as Offline if the Print Spooler service isnt running. Head to the Windows Services Manager and make sure everythings in order.

  • Right-click the Start menu icon and select Run.
  • Type or paste services.msc in the dialog box and click OK. Thatll launch the Windows Services Manager.
  • Scroll through the list of services, right-click Print Spooler, and select Restart.
  • The Windows Services Manager will stop the process and restart it immediately. If the Restart is grayed out on the context menu, that means the Printer Spooler wasnt running in the first place. Select Start to launch the service.

  • One last thing: make sure the service starts automatically. Double-click the Print Spooler service, set the Startup type to Automatic, click Apply, and then select OK.
  • Head to the Windows Printer menu and check if your printers now online.

    Fix : Start The Windows Print Spooler Service Again

    Your printer says offline most of the time because the Windows Print Spooler service is not working correctly or is inactive. Below is how to make it run or restart it if it is already running to fix the issue.

    • Use the shortcut command Windows+R to open the Run dialog box.
    • Enter services.msc in the given box and click OK to view all the services .
    • Locate and view the status of the Print Spooler service. If the service is not running, right-click on it and select Start.
    • If the service is already running, right-click on it and select Restart.
    • Exit the window.

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    Things You May Want To Know:

  • Why is my HP printer offline and not printing?

  • If your printer is showing an offline status again and again, then surely your default printer is set for using offline. If that is not the case, then probably your hp printer is not properly connected to your PC. Moreover, if your printer and the device are not connected to the same wireless network, then also you will see it as offline leading to printing issues.

  • Why do network printers go offline?

  • If you are using a networked HP Printer and it goes offline time and again, then surely your Wi-Fi network is not stable. In case you have not connected both the devices to the same network, then also this will happen with your network printer. To fix this issue, you should ensure that the network your printer is connected to is stable. Also, you may try to take the router closer to the printer and see if it helps.

  • How can I fix the HP Printer Offline errors in Windows 10?

  • Below are given some sure-shot ways to fix printer offline issues in Windows 10. Hopefully, one of them will help your printer work fine again:

    • Restart your device and printer
    • Uninstall and reinstall printer drivers on Windows 10
    • In case you are using a VPN connection, disable it temporarily
    • Try changing the settings and preferences of your printer

    Solution 7 Update Your Printer Drivers

    Why Does My HP Printer Keep Going Offline

    When your computer performs an update it will normally include security fixes and the installation of new hardware. However, the registry settings in your computer might also change, which can lead to problems with devices such as printers. For those using Windows 10, the drivers can be updated by doing the following:

    Step 1: Click the Windows Start Button and then Device Manager. Locate your printer on the list.

    Step 2: Choose the printer, right-click on it, and then select update driver.

    Step 3: Click on the Search automatically for updated software driver software, button.

    Step 4: In the event that Windows is unable to find the driver, visit the official website for the manufacturer and then download the driver directly.

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    Remove And Reinstall Your Printer

    Another way you can fix an offline printer is to remove the printer from your PC or laptop and reinstall it. To remove your printer, simply open the devices and printers in your computers control panel. Right click the model youd like to remove and select remove.

    You now need to reinstall your printer to your computer. This usually involves simply connecting your printer to your computer with a USB and turn it on. However, if youre reinstalling a wireless printer, you should first make sure your printer is turned on. Open up your computer settings, click change PC settings, open PC and devices then select devices.

    Following these steps should allow you to fix any offline printer. If you have any other issues with offline printing, either get in touch with the manufacturer of your printer or speak to one of our in-house experts.

    Why Does It Say My Hp Printer Is Offline

    This can be caused by an error between your device or computer and the printer. Sometimes it maybe as simple as your cable not correctly attached or a simple error coming from a paper-jam. However a printer appearing as Offline error can also be down to problems with your printer driver or software.

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    Check Your Wireless Printer Connection

    Make sure your printer is turned on and the wireless light in front of your printer is either blinking or steady, and not turned off.Blinking lights mean your printer is not connected to any WiFi network but its wireless connection is turned on.A steady light means the printer is already connected to your WiFi network. If its already a steady blue light, proceed to advanced troubleshooting steps.If its a blinking light, proceed to the next step.

    How Do I Connect My Epson L4150 To Wi

    Why Does My Printer Say Offline?

    Press and hold down the Wi-Fi button on your product for 3 seconds. The Wi-Fi light turns green to indicate a successful connection. Note: Be sure to press and hold the Wi-Fi button on your product within 2 minutes of pressing the WPS button on your router or access point.

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    Do All Epson Printers Have A Reset Button

    All the models of Epson printers have a factory reset button at the back of the body of the printer which can be used to reset the printer to factory settings. Use a pin to press and hold the Reset button at the back of the printer. Turn on the printer but keep the Reset button pressed for at least 5 seconds.

    How Can I Fix Hp Printer Keeps Going Offline Error

    Digital Marketing Specialist at HelpContact

    Yes, It frustrates the users when HP printer offline error on Windows 10 and Mac occurs. The usual basic obstacles encountered by 50% of wireless printer users. In a situation like this, your printer device won’t allow you to print any document. So, to resolve HP printer offline on windows 10 or Mac, follow the resolutions correctly and resolve it promptly.

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    Set Your Printer As The Default Printer

    Select the Start button, and then select Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners . Select your printer and then select Open queue. Under Printer, select Set As Default Printer, and clear Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline if they are selected. If you see a message that says, “Windows will stop managing your default printer for you,” select OK.

    Note: If you select OK, Windows will stop automatically setting the last printer you used as your default printer. To re-enable this feature, select the Start button, and then select Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners > Let Windows manage my default printer.

    Make Sure Your Printer Is Properly Connected

    Why Hp Printer Offline

    Make sure that the printers USB or Ethernet cord is securely attached at both ends. Use another USB or Ethernet cord to find out if your existing cord is at fault. If the other cord works, then it means youve been using a faulty cord.

    For wireless printers, make sure they are connected to your Wi-Fi network. Suppose your printer can work with your computer or PC via cable connection without any issue. In that case, it means your network connection is faulty. If you dont know how to set up a wireless printer, check out our guide on How to Set Up a Wireless Printer on Windows & Mac.

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    Fix 2 Use Printer Offline Setting

    The second method is to close the “Use Printer Offline” setting. If this setting is enabled, your printer is unable to print. Follow the steps below to turn off this selection:

    Step 1: Press “Windows + I” keys to open Settings window and then choose Devices.

    Step 2: Choose Printers & scanners tab and then select a printer device. Click on this printer device and choose Open queue.

    Step 3: In the new window, click Printer and uncheck Use Printer Offline.

    What Does It Mean When Your Printer Is Offline

    Printers work offline when they have a hard-line connection to the computer holding the document. The printer itself does not have a hard-drive and cannot perform without a means of viewing your document. Bringing a printer online means it can print documents without a direct connection to the computer.

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    How To Clean Printhead

    Printhead problems may occur if the nozzles get clogged due to dried or dusty ink. If you do not use your printer often, your ink may dry up. You will know that the nozzles are clogged when you see streaks or spots on your printouts, or it will not print at all. However, you do not need to fret since a simple cleaning process can unclog your printhead so you can produce quality prints again. There are different ways to clean your clogged printhead. You can clean your printhead automatically or manually. You can check your manual on how to clean your printhead automatically.

    How Do I Reset My Hp Printer

    Fix Printer Offline Problem

    To restore your HP printer to factory-default settings, follow these steps.

  • Turn the printer off. Disconnect the power cable from the printer for 30 seconds and then reconnect.
  • Turn the printer on while you press and hold the Resume button for 10-20 seconds. The Attention light turns on.
  • Release the Resume button.
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    Why Will My Printer Not Print

    Sometimes the reason a printer wont print is because youve installed some software which has a virtual printer and this has set itself as the default. You can also open the Control Panel, Devices and Printers, right click the printer icon and select Troubleshoot. It doesnt always help, but its worth trying.

    Cant Print Documents Print Job Stuck Printing Or Printer Says Offline On Windows 10 Here Simple Steps To Get Your Printer Status Back From Printer Offline To Printer Online And Fix Printer Problems As Well

    If you have tried to print a document in Windows 10 but it wont print and printer status showing offline there are chances the printer itself not run on. And turning on the printer and waiting a few seconds for the status to change from offline to online. But if still printer says offline there are chances its due to paper jam or going out of paper. If its network printer keeps going offline there are chances minor network connectivity issues.

    Again if the connection between the computer and the printer is slow/unresponsive, multiple unfinished print jobs in the queue or the printer has encountered an internal error printer driver problem or also cause this problem as well. Whatever the reason keep reading this post to change the printers status from offline to online and fix printer problems in windows 10.


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