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Which Portable Photo Printer Is The Best

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Best Portable 4×6 Photo Printers Compact Size

Top 5 Best Photo Printer 2021 (Instant & Portable)

Best Portable 4X6 Photo Printer: It doesnt matter what you have in the end if there arent enough memories that bring smiles on your face every single time you think of them. Be it good, better or, the best, each memory has got something to contribute to our life. Most of them help us in keeping ourselves grounded no matter the winds. If you are someone like me who is fond of preserving memories and ruminating them in the latter part of life, a good portable 4×6 photo printer should be an ideal gift that you can give yourself. We will tell you why!

We all agree on the point that memories can be beautiful. Thinking of our first pet, our most favorite bicycle during our school days, the adorable old couple next door, or the first gaming console that our father had gifted us, gives us the adrenaline rush even today. That is the power memories hold. However, we cannot forever remember the face of our first pet or the granny next door. This is because of the fact that the information associated with a certain memory is not retrieved and rehearsed, it will eventually be lost. Decay theory better explains this phenomenon. This is where photos come to play.

Best Portable Printers For Smartphones

Reasons to avoid

Canon aims its sights squarely at Instagrammers with its latest flashy portable printer, the Selphy Square QX10, which produces a printed image in a 6.8cm x 6.8cm square format. . The prints, which come in a brand new XS-20L pack, are rated to last more than 100 years if stored responsibly, and come with a smudge-proof, water-protected coating. Not bad for something that’s produced in as little 43 seconds! The QX10 is also small enough to fit in a handbag, making it perfect for travel and parties, and thanks to its pro-quality dye-sub technology, its prints will look really great.

Reasons to avoid

Not to be confused with the Kodak Step camera, the Kodak Step printer is a quick and simple Zink printer for bringing smartphone shots into the real world. Connect your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth, and you can use the Kodak Step Prints app to do a quick edit of an image, or add borders and stickers. It’s not the printer of the highest quality, but it is very simple and a lot of fun, with Zink paper meaning you don’t need to worry about messy ink refills. It’s a shame that it only charge via Micro USB, which is less robust than other connection types. But this capable printer is extremely well-priced, with low running costs, and is fantastic for anyone looking to print on a budget.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

Canon Pixma Tr150 Wireless Portable Printer Specs

Direct Printing From Media Cards No
Direct Printing From USB Thumb Drives No
Rated Speed at Default Settings 9 ppm
Rated Speed at Default Settings 5.5 ppm

Canon’s Pixma TR150 Wireless Portable Printer is a light and compact color inkjet designed primarily for printing color documents on the road. The TR150 replaces the Pixma iP110 Wireless Mobile Printer, an Editors’ Choice reviewed here back in June of 2015. Compared to its closest competitors , the TR150 prints well at a relatively good clip and with competitive running costs. Combine these value-added perks, and the Pixma TR150 easily picks up our Editors’ Choice nod as 2020’s leading portable printer.

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Capable Of Creating High

Would you rather not have to go about the potentially tedious process of editing photos, adding borders, stickers, emojis and much more before they are ready to be printed? Luckily for you, the selected models allow you to review, edit and even print your photos directly from your smartphone, PC, tablet or other mobile device.

Want to add some dog ears and an overly dramatic lens flare in the background to make a wedding photo that much more humorous? If so, you can rest assured that said photo will be resistant to smudging, tears and other physical damage and can potentially last up to ten years, depending on the printing method used.

Best Portable Printer For Travellers Who Love To Take Photos

Best Portable Photo Printers (8 Top Models in 2019 Compared)

Hear me out. Theres no other perfect time to start on your travel journal than when youre actually traveling! Your memories are still fresh and youre still on that tourist-high that would eventually die down when youre back home. This makes portable printers a wonderful addition to your travel necessities! Its best used for printing photos, texts, labels, and other stuff you might need for your journals.

Here are some of our picks for the finest portable printers you can get online!

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How Much Should You Spend On A Portable Printer

Unlike other gadgets and camera accessories, portable printer prices all hover around the same ballpark, between $50 and $100. On the lower end, youre giving up some functionality and durability. Cheaper printers can also be finicky to set up and the image quality may suffer. Higher-priced photo printers are backed by trusted brand names and the quality is easy to see and feel. These $100 mini printers are user-friendly and offer up stunning imagesfor a portable printer. Once you leave the $100 to $150 price range, buyer beware. These printers could be full-blown desktop printers trying to hide their real size, or theyre just a straight-up rip-off. Related: Looking for a printer for home or office? Here are professional photo printers for every budget.

Canons Best Portable Photo Printer The Ivy Mini

This is another inkless printer and its from Canon, the industry leader in printing technology. The Ivy Mini uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect with other devices. You can then transfer pictures via the Canon Mini Print app which you can download for free. We would like to clarify that we have ranked this one below other portable photo printers because it takes around fifty seconds to print a photo.

However, we could not ignore its super portable design, picture clarity, and several other features. A point to note is that you need Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and above if you plan to use your mobile phone to print photos. This portable printer is great for entertainment and to keep yourself amused, but like most other portable photo printers, dont expect pro-level quality.

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Hp Officejet Pro 8035 Best Printer For Sublimation

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 is one of the options that are extremely reliable in dye sublimation activity. Office jet exceptionally designed to save your space, your time, and most of all, your cost.It is a multi-functional option available for users with highly recommended reviews. It is equally compatible with all the options including, faxing, printing, scanning, and copying.

Moreover, it also alerts or alarms the users when the printer runs short of the ink in the cartridge so that you can arrange the required ink at the appropriate time to avoid any future hurdle.

Not only this, the printer is linked with a wide tray that supports almost 225 sheets of paper and ensures a quick print activity. It is one of the best dye-sublimation photo printers that holds a resolution power of almost 4800×1200 dpi.

This resolution is clear more than enough to have a present a more accurate and have a clear, and fine viewing scenario.

The printing speed for both black and color pages is different. The printer can print 29-paper in one minute with black, whereas 25 with the color approach. The speed gets slower to a little bit in color aspects because the colors require more concentration and effectiveness.

Most significantly, it has highly admirable connectivity. You can command and operate it by connecting it to Alexa or even a Google assistant for further help.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Printer

Top Ten Best Portable Photo Printer – 2021

This mini portable photo printer with smart wireless Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect a wide variety of devices. The model is also convenient enough to carry it around to your traveling spots. Moreover, this printing device only takes about a few seconds to print and almost 90-seconds for development. With the help of a supportive application, you can operate the printing from various iOS and android-operated devices.

This device also allows users to print about 100 photos without any break. Furthermore, after turning off this machine, the memory of this model automatically diminishes the last-printed photographs. The application helps you to add different filters or edit your photographs before printing. It is one of the best looking as well as best portable photo printers overall.

Extra Features:

  • Lightweight construction with handy control functions.
  • Universal design for enhanced comfort.
  • Advanced wire-free setup for hassle-free performance.

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A Note About Our Product Choices

In the time since we first wrote this guide, a lot has changed in the world of portable photo printers. According to Hewlett Packard, their well-reviewed HP Sprocket Photo Printer , which was included in our original roundup, will be phased out.

Also, the Polaroid Zip , once a popular choice among mobile photographers, is being put out to pasture, as well. The Zip printers are still available, but their price is exorbitant, compared to Polaroids more recent hardware offerings. With this, along with the other printers in our previous roundup having been discontinued, this guide focuses on all the latest products.

Best Overall: Polaroid Hi


Its no surprise that the portable photo printer we like best comes from the company who popularized the instant camera.

Ive tested it, and Polaroids Hi-Print always produces good-looking prints in very little time. Im especially happy with its color reproduction, which is great for a printer in this class. Youll need to use Polaroids proprietary paper with the Hi-Print, but a 20-pack costs $17.

Connecting the printer to my phone took less than a minute, and Polaroids Hi-Print app was easy to use. The app will ask for access to your photo library, then display all of the pictures on your phone. Tap one, and youll be taken to a page that lets you make adjustments before printing.

It takes about a minute for the Hi-Print to finish your photo, and you can make several prints in quick succession as long as the printer has enough paper and battery. Waiting never felt tedious because I could see the printer work on the print in real time.

If youre interested in picking up a portable photo printer before your next party, or want to make physical mementos while traveling, we recommend Polaroids Hi-Print.

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Q: Do Portable Printers Use Ink

Not all portable printers use ink. Many use thermal transfer paper to bring photos to life. Thermal paper, as the name implies, reacts to heat. The printer zaps the chemical paper to release the desired color. The result is a vivid, colorful photo print that requires no ink at all. ZINK paper is the most popular type of zero ink photo paper and can be used in a variety of brand name portable printers. But it only works if the printer is designed for zero-ink printing. And always check the size requirements of your printer before buying paper. Inkless prints look good, but may not last. If you want the inkless photos to stand up against the test of time, take good care of them and keep them at the optimal temperature and away from direct sunlight. And while these printers avoid the hassle of ink or dye cartridges, the paper can be more expensive.

Kodak Smile Instant Digital Bluetooth Printer

Best Portable Photo Printers (6 Top Models in 2021 Compared)

The Kodak Smile Instant Digital Bluetooth Printer does more than just print photos. When connected to the free Kodak Smile app, the pocket printer allows users to edit their digital photos and add filters. The fun features dont stop there the app also comes with an augmented reality feature that lets users create animated videos with their stills.

This portable printer uses affordable Zink paper that has a peel-off, sticky back. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and can produce up to 40 prints per charge. That way, you can print multiple copies of the same photo in one sitting.

Like many other mobile printers on this list, the Kodak Smile has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. On top of this, the printer also has its own USB port.

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Instant Photo Printer Prices


If youre looking for a basic instant photo printer, or you need one for a specific use, like a vacation or wedding, you can find a decent model for anywhere between $30 and $75. Instant photo printers in this price range dont offer a lot of bells and whistles, so expect to be limited to models that only print photos in a single size. In general, its best to stay away from the cheapest instant photo printers because they often have the most expensive replacement photo paper.


The best values in instant photo printers can be found on models that cost between $75 and $100. Instant photo printers in this price range typically include custom apps that make it easy to edit your photos and add filters before printing. Not every deal in this price range is a bargain, however, so pay close attention to the quality of photos each model prints, as well as how expensive the replacement photo paper is.


If you need the absolute best instant photo printer available, youll need to spend a lot more. Instant photo printers in the $100 to $200 range include a laundry list of features like the ability to print in multiple sizes. If you need professional-quality prints, or you simply want the most versatile portable printer you can get, youll need to spend at least this much.

Printing Is Slow Going Though

Canon rates the TR150’s throughput at 9 pages per minute for monochrome pages and 5.5ppm for color prints. Those ratings areafter hooking it up via USB to our standard Intel Core i5 PC running Windows 10 Projust a tenth or two of a ppm short of my real-world results.

The Pixma printed our 12-page Microsoft Word text document at 8.9ppm. The HP Tango X proved about 0.7ppm faster, while the Epson WF-110 came in about 3.7ppm slower.

Next, I clocked the TR150 as it printed our several colorful graphics- and photo-laden PDFs, some Excel spreadsheets and full-page charts and graphs, and a few full-page PowerPoint handouts. I then combined those results with the scores from the text document test to arrive at an overall speed of 5.2ppm, which beat both the Tango X and WF-110 by over 3ppm. And that can seem like an eternity, if you’re sitting there waiting with a would-be client or customer.

Finally, I completed my tests by timing the TR150 as it churned out our colorful and detailed 4-by-6-inch snapshots. It averaged about 50 seconds per print, which fell between the HP’s 46 seconds and the Epson’s 1 minute and 20 seconds.

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Polaroid Zip Wireless Portable Printer

When one talks of photo printers, one simply cannot ignore Polaroid. The Polaroid Zip Wireless is one of the best portable photo printers that may not give you studio-level clarity but does the job for an average user. This printer also prints on Zink Paper but still turns out to be a lot cheaper than most other portable printers. The reason is pretty straightforward Polaroid sells reasonably priced zink papers and you can buy 50 for around $22. Despite all the plus points of this product, we have listed this one below HPs Sprocket and Fuji Films Instax SP 2 because the Polaroid Zip Wireless portable photo printer takes around sixty seconds to print one single photograph. Now thats a wee bit longer than the rest of the 2 by 3 portable photo printers.

To start printing, simply install Polaroids official app and establish a connection. The App is called Polaroid Zip and you would require the QR code from behind the box to use it. Make sure to click a picture of it and save it beforehand, and yes! This QR code is different from the one in the manual. Now its time for a pro tip! Most people who own the Polaroid Zip Wireless, find it difficult to print pictures with low lighting, so heres a simple trick to fix that. To get better clarity, you need to first edit the picture on your phone and then print it. We hope this glitch in Polaroids app is fixed soon. In the meantime, you could always use this little trick.

Best Iphone Printer: Conclusion

Top 5 Best Portable Photo Printers

In the end, deciding what the best iPhone printer boils down to what you want to do with your photos.

If youre going to print iPhone photos for fun, consider buying the HP Sprocket or the Canon Ivy. If youre feeling creative and adventurous, try the Fujifilm Instax Share or Lifeprint Hyperphoto instead. For professional work, consider getting the Canon Selphy as it does anything a regular printer can but on a small scale.

We hope our list has helped see whats out there for iPhone printers for 2021. Let us know if theres a photo printer for iPhone we missed.

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Portable Photo Printers Perfect For Smartphones

The days of flipping through a photo album are long gone. They have been replaced by digital versions on social media. However, theres something special about holding a printed photograph. Its like youre physically holding onto a cherished memory.

And since we capture a lot of our favourite moments on our smartphones, it only makes sense that there be a way in which you can print them directly from your phone no matter where you are.

You can take photos with your phone, print them, and give them to friends and family at a party or gathering. Or you can even make a quick buck and sell the photos you print.

Below are seven portable printers that are perfect for smartphones and can be taken anywhere.

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