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Which Label Printer Is The Best

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Basic Bulk Labeling For Warehouses

The Best Wireless Thermal Label Printer for at Home Businesses? Brother QL-1110NWB Review


  • Excellent label design, print software, and mobile apps.
  • Prints two-color, black/red labels.
  • Good selection of label types.
  • Good value for the price.


  • Per-label media cost is somewhat high.
  • Ability to print in red limited to one label type.


  • Prints high-quality color labels in varying sizes.
  • Choice of four label widths.
  • Reasonable print speeds.


  • Multiple network and mobile connectivity options.
  • Excellent label design.
  • Great print software and mobile app.
  • Prints in black and red.
  • Operates as standalone label maker and printer with optional battery.


  • Consumables somewhat costly on a per-label basis.
  • Battery costs extra.

Freex Wireless Thermal Label Printer

Best WiFi-enabled printer at this price point also a great USB printer, too.

The crew at FreeX offered to send me a copy of their WiFi-enabled thermal shipping label printer and I couldn’t say no! I love checking out new tech, especially for us e-commerce folks. Go read my full-length review here, but to sum up my experience: it’s a fantastic WiFi unit that is unbeatable at its price range . Even if you don’t use it as a WiFi printer, it rivals some of the pricier units. So much so, I’ve actually removed the Zebra unit in favor of this one. There is no real good reason to pay $100+ more for the same functionality.

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Best Barcode Label Printers For Small Businesses

REVIEWED BY:Meaghan Brophy

Meaghan has provided content and guidance for indie retailers as the editor for a number of retail publications and a speaker at trade shows. She is Fit Small Businesss authority on retail and ecommerce.

With more than a decade of hospitality experience, Mary has worked in some of the most celebrated restaurants in the world. Her expertise is featured across Fit Small Business in restaurant, retail, and starting a business content.

This article is part of a larger series on POS Systems.

  • 9Bottom Line
  • Whether you use a cash register or a point-of-sale system, barcode label printers give small business owners the tools to customize pricing labels, track outgoing packages and products on a shelf, and even people in their venue. Barcode label printers range in price from $80 up to the thousands. The best label printers integrate with point-of-sale systems and ecommerce platforms to streamline small business operations. They also use direct thermal printing rather than ink cartridges and print on widely available labels of various sizes.

    Based on our evaluations, the best barcode label printers are:

    Need barcodes? Learn how to make barcodes in our 3-step guide.

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    Dymo Labelwriter 450 Turbo

    • Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo, £128.90 from Amazon – buy here

    Whereas many of the label makers in this list use tape cartridges to print their labels, Dymos LabelWriter 450 Turbo cuts these costs by using thermal printing technology.

    Instead of ink or toner, this machine effectively burns the image onto reactive labels and ribbons, making it ideal for printing finer details found in barcodes and graphics.

    The LabelWriter 450 connects to a PC or Mac and, using Dymos Label software, allows you to design your labels on your computer and send these designs to the maker.

    It also gets its Turbo name from the fact it can print 71 labels, featuring up to four-line addresses, in just one minute.

    This obviously makes the label maker a little more expensive than others in this list, but its worth the money if you’re invested in organising your life.

    Brother Pc Connectable Pt

    Best Rated in Desktop Label Printers &  Helpful Customer ...

    The Brother PC Connectable PT-P700 had a tough start trying to download and install the software on a Mac but did fine on the PC. The amount of tape-widths this label maker is compatible with, makes it more versatile than the DYMO Plug N Play. Unfortunately, the resolution is only 180 dots per inch on this computer-compatible label maker which really decreases the value of importing images.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the cost of these labels. These were the most expensive labels we tested because of the immutable margins, which were an inch on either side. The labels themselves did seem to hold up well in all the tests though. This is another instance where the labels used are flat, which makes them easy to peel and place.

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    Make Sure Your Workspace Is Well

    We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products. We may receive commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. Learn more about our review process.

    They may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to office essentials, but label makers are great for helping organize your workspace, making it easier to classify important documents or supplies, store them away and then quickly locate them when you need to. When youre choosing the best label maker for your needs or office, consider the keyboard layout, the fonts and other features, and whether the label maker is battery-operated. To help you pick out the right one, we’ve rounded up the best label makers to buy right now.

    Thermal Label Printers And Shipping Software: The Unbeatable Duo

    If your mail and shipping volumes are high or even moderate, you cant beat the powerful combo of a thermal label printer and shipping software. You can combine any of the best label printers listed above with an online shipping service and turn your home office into a mini shipping station.

    A subscription to SendPro® Online makes it possible to print First Class postage for letters, ship packages through all the major carriers, offers discounted postage rates and even comes with a free scale for weighing packages. With subscriptions starting at $4.99 a month, its inexpensive to get started and start saving.

    SendPro also offers a line of label printers and mailing devices that come standard with a SendPro online subscription.

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    How Can I Print Waterproof Labels At Home

    If you have a special label printer at home, you can effortlessly print dozens of labels in a few minutes.

    Every single label printed by these label making machines are automatically waterproof and resistant to moisture, as well as crystal clear to read and durable.

    Since label printers arent very expensive and are generally quite durable, they are the best medium to print your required labels.

    It is very important that every single label is waterproof and durable. Since delivery packages are left outdoors most of the time after delivering, it is important that the labels stay readable for a long time, even after rain or a storm.

    With the help of a label printer, you can print any kind of labels for your business that will be completely waterproof.

    However, if you dont own a label printer or if you dont have access to one temporarily, there are other ways to make waterproof labels, as well.

    Apart from label printers, there are ink-based printers like inkjet printers that you can use for the job. However, since inkjet printers use ink, they are not really waterproof.

    In fact, labels printed in an inkjet printer will start to melt and wash away when it comes in contact with water or moisture. Therefore, an inkjet printer is not the correct choice for printing waterproof labels.

    If you have to use any other printer other than a label printer, a laser printer would be the second best choice.

    It is also important that you use materials that are waterproof, as well.

    + Best Shopify Label Printer Review 2021

    âTop 5 Best Label Printer For Small Business 2021-Best Small Business Printer Reviews

    Whether you like it or not, running an online business necessitates a significant amount of paperwork! These documents, which range from invoices and packing slips to return forms, are essential for completing orders and delivering them to your customers. What do you think about the best Shopify label printer that can assist you in reducing this burden?

    Paperwork may appear to be a chore, but many apps and plugins are designed to assist you with it as technology advances. Consider Shopify as an example. The platform is unquestionably simple to use, reasonably priced, and ready to ship right away. Its more than just a store!

    So, in this post, we will walk you through the top 7 best Shopify label printers that will take the hassle out of order fulfillment and can handle the entire process for you. We curated these apps based on the app store rating, the number of reviews, the apps top features, and other subjective parameters. We hope this Shopify review aids you in your search for the best app for your store.

    Lets get started without further ado!

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    Editors Pick: Brother Economic Desktop Label Printer Ql

    • Affordably priced, and great value for what you get
    • Quite easy to change out the label rolls
    • Wide range of compatibility with computing devices
    • Continuous label printing functionality
    8.8 x 5.1 x 6.1 inches
    Product Weight: 4.449 lbs.

    The Brother Economic Desktop Label Printer QL-600 is the perfect blend of performance and affordability, and its a great choice for any small business to consider purchasing it prints labels in high quality, tackles print jobs very quickly , and it has a low upfront cost so your overall expenses will be lower. Its compatible with PC, Linux, and Mac computers, and has software that integrates with some computer applications, like Microsoft Word and Excel, without a glitch.The only real con here is that it needs to be connected through a USB cable, but thats something youll find with many printers out there right now. Still, if you want a high-quality printer thats both affordable and powerful, this is the right model for you.

    Best Handheld: Epson Labelworks Lw

    The best simple label maker was a tough choice because they were all more or less scored the same in user-friendliness. But when we went through all of the comparisons, the ability to save up to 50 labels for reprinting, use a label width of ¾, and print barcodes, the EPSON LabelWorks LW-400 became the clear winner. It can also print twice as many lines on one label as its competitors in this category.

    With over 300 symbols to choose from and one-push changes, there is little to complain about. Well, actually, in the beginning, it was a bit harder to get used to because it uses symbols to describe specific actions as opposed to words. So this made the learning curve a bit longer, but ultimately it allows for the quickest changes between font sizes and types, lengths, and saves. This makes it incredibly easy and quick to work with.

    Best Handheld: EPSON – LabelWorks LW-400

    This label maker was the quickest to change fonts and style, from horizontal to vertical printing and wrap around text and has a computer-like keyboard allowing for incredibly simple symbol usage.

    Something that stood out to us was that this LW-400 will not allow you to print if the text is too long . There is a nice preview of the print as well, which most of the label makers we tested have, but nonetheless became a favorite function of ours. Another useful aspect of this compact printer is the ability to print up to nine copies so you dont have to keep pressing print for each copy.

    Key takeaways:

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    Also Consider: L+h2 Direct Thermal Label Printer

    • Comes with clear instructions that make the setup process simple
    • Prints quickly, and isnt prone to jamming
    • High print quality
    • Good value for the price you pay
    • Comes with a label holder
    • Has compatibility issues with Macs occasionally
    • No wireless connective options
    33.79 x 16.6 x 15.6 cm
    Parcel Weight: 1.89kg

    This model is great for commercial uses because its fast, inexpensive, and compatible with most of the major shipping platforms.

    The L+H2 Direct Thermal Label Printer doesnt just work with one label size, like the most popular 4×6, but many different ones too, so you can print labels small or large. Sticker labels can be printed at 150mm per second, which is quite speedy, and its compatible with many different shipping platforms, like ShipStation and Shippo. This printer comes with some starter labels, and ships with an easy to assemble label holder that you can use to keep your extra printer rolls organized neatly.

    The Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer For Sending Packages

    Brother QL

    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    If youll be running a shop that sells physical products, getting them into the customers hands is the entire cornerstone of your business. Sourcing products, marketing, and customer support are all important but making a sale and delivering the goods are where the rubber hits the road.

    While we mainly focus on our digital products, we still ship 5 to 10 packages a day and, in the past, have sent out as many as 4,000 packages in a year! While that may be lower than what youre doing, we probably have something in common, both of us want to invest in the best shipping label printer we can find because we know it will improve our bottom line.

    When our store first started to pick up momentum and we were shipping a significant number of packages, Kirstie and I would spend hours everyday shipping. In fact, it quickly got to the point where we couldnt source new products because we were just barely keeping up. We knew that simplifying our shipping process would be instrumental in improving not only our shipping time but our entire business model.

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    Why Use Thermal Label Printers

    Thermal label printers are handy little tools for any Amazon FBA seller. They are small enough to fit on your workstation, right next to your computer. Other than their space-saving design, they also have other benefits to offer:

    • High Print Speed Thermal printers print faster than other printers. It takes the printers printing heads milliseconds to create images, so you get faster LPS, or lines per second.
    • Low Printing Costs Thermal printers work unlike any other printer, as they use heat to print text or images into your labels. For this reason, they dont need toner, cartridges, or ink for printing. With a thermal printer, you will only need to buy the paper/labels, thus saving money on supplies.
    • Low Maintenance Costs Thermal printers have fewer moving parts when compared to other printers. This makes them durable and extends their lifespans. Since there arent many components that can break-down, your maintenance costs will remain low.
    • Better Functionality Instead of printing multiple sheets of labels at once like with a laser printer a thermal label printer will print one label at a time. This will help you save time as your business grows and reduce the waste that results from partially printed sheets.
    • Improved Quality of Print The print quality from using a thermal printer is of better quality and more durable than other printers. Since there is no ink used in the printing, the print will be more legible and resistant to the elements.

    Different Types Of Thermal Label Printers

    Thermal label printers can be divided into a couple of different types, each with its respective strengths and weakness. Here they are:


    These are the most commonly used type of thermal label printers by retail stores and small businesses. They are small, easy to store, and can take low to moderate label printing work. They are perfect for offices and most small companies and can be relied on to make, at most, a few hundred labels per day.


    Only use industrial thermal label printers if you have heavy and serious label printing needs quickly. These printers are generally large and expensive but can easily generate thousands of labels per day. They are also the label printer type of choice for those companies that need to print huge labels.


    This label printer is tiny and extremely convenient to use, as there are no associated wires or cables to deal with. Still, their tiny size makes them only good for printing tiny labels generally just 2, 3, or 4 inches in size at the very most. The ability to wirelessly connect them to computers, however, is quite useful.


    A standard desktop can print wristbands just as well, but if you happen to require wristbands in especially high quantities, it may be wise to get a device that is specially designed for this explicit purpose. Wristband printers are, after all, generally cheaper even than standard desktop label printers.


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    So Which Label Printer Should You Buy

    The guide below outlines the best label printers that we’ve tested in recent years that remain on the market available new. Bear in mind that general-use printers can also print sheets of labels, and are a very viable alternative if your label printing is only occasional. For a look at our top printer picks overall, check out our main best printer roundup, as well as the best inkjet and laser printers you can buy right now.

    Benefits Of Having A Label Maker

    10 Best Label Printers 2020

    If you are an organized person or want to become more organized, having a label maker can help in tidying up your home or workspace. A label maker offers an extensive range of uses, both for home and office purposes, making it an almost essential item.

    You can use it to organize your kitchen, garage, tools, room, files, office space, and practically countless other things. If you run a small business, you can use a label maker for printing labels required for shipping. Also, label makers nowadays can do so much more than just making labels.

    Here are some more benefits of having a label maker in your home or office.

    Tidy And Organized Space

    With a label maker, you can organize your entire home and label your things. It can be beneficial if you want to put your name on somethingespecially if you live with roommates. You probably get items switched all the time, but owning a label maker can fix the problem.

    You can also use it for putting labels on containers, so you dont need to open them to find out what is inside. You can use it for your collections, herbs and spices, tools, storage, and so much moremaking it the ultimate organization tool for your home.

    In an official setting, you can use a label maker to label files and folders. If your business requires you to ship a few packages out to customers every day, a label maker can help you print out the address labels within seconds.

    Time Saver

    Everything Is Easy To Find

    Wide Variety Of Uses

    It Is FUN!

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