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Which Cartridges Work With My Hp Printer

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Printer Will Not Use Refilled Cartridges

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01-24-201809:10 PM

My Photosmart C3150 printer will not use HP cartrudges refilled at Costco. Is there a way to fix this? If not, I’m dumping this for another manufacturer. Thank you.

I understand you have issues using refilled ink cartridges on your printer.

Don’t worry I’ll try to help you out.

Did you make any changes to your printer?

As you mentioned you have issues using refilled ink cartridges on your printer.

I have checked few records found few articles about why the refilled ink cartridges don’t work.

HP is constantly improving security for its products and customers. Beginning in late 2015, HP implemented updates to the firmware related to the security chip in HP printers, HP OfficeJet, OfficeJet Pro and OfficeJet Pro X printers that maintain secure communications between the cartridge and the printer. The purpose of this update is to protect HPs innovations and intellectual property. These printers will continue to work with refilled or remanufactured cartridges with an Original HP security chip. Other cartridges may not function. In many cases this functionality was installed in the HP printer and in some cases, it has been implemented as part of an update to the printers firmware.

However, you can try the following document to troubleshoot ink cartridge issues.

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Remanufactured Hp Ink Cartridge Error

It is not unusual when using remanufactured HP ink cartridges for your printer to display an error message which will stop you from printing, fortunately there is an easy way to fix the issue.

If your printer will not work after installing a remanufactured ink cartridge, follow these steps and you should be printing in no time

Firstly remove the cartridges and unplug your printer from the plug socket for at least 30 seconds.

Next, plug the printer back in, switch it on and re-insert the ink cartridges as normal.

If an error message is displayed, press the OK button on your printer to clear the message and allow you to continue printing as normal. If your printer does not have a dedicated OK button, you may need to use the touch screen or menu buttons instead.

Below are some examples of where you can find the OK button on HP printers.

Your printer may still display low or empty ink levels after this process, but you should be able to carry on printing as normal regardless.

It is worth noting that you may have to repeat this process for each new cartridge that you install.

If you have any questions about remanufactured ink cartridges from Ink Trader then feel free to get in touch using the contact information at the top of the page.

How To Recycle Hp Ink Cartridges

We recommend recycling your used HP ink cartridges locally if you can. Office supply stores like Office Depot, Best Buy, Target, Staples or Walmart are all equipped to accept recycled cartridges. Visit to find the closest office supply store or recycling facility in your area, just search by material type and your zipcode! If you purchased an original HP printer cartridge, you can print out a return label and ship it back to HP for free through their Planet Partner Program.

Now that youre an HP ink cartridge pro you can find the best printing option for your needs. When you are shopping around, remember to pay attention to cartridge price and page yield to get the most value. If ink cartridges werent enough and you are interested in learning about toner cartridges too, check out our comprehensive HP toner buying guide. Or, if you are ready to start shopping for a new printer, check out our Best HP Printers of 2021 buying guide!

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Reset And Install Instructions

Installation for new HP 61 ink cartridges is quick and easy: simply center the carriage, remove the empty cartridge, and replace it with the new one. Each step can be done without additional tools and with minimal mess. Heres a video showing you each step in full detail:

Please note: Most printers that use the HP 61 call for a similar installation process to the one shown in the video but be sure to reference your printers user guide for model specific instructions.

Reset the HP 61

Dried ink, fingerprint oil or tape residue can occasionally get on the gold and copper electrical contacts, causing the HP 61 cartridge to not read properly in your printer. Gently clean the contacts with a lint free cloth or coffee filter and rubbing alcohol, insert the cartridge back into your printer and try printing again. Even if your printer see the cartridge as empty or depleted, it should still be filled to capacity and print the expected page yield. If you are using an aftermarket HP 61 cartridge and you are getting a message that says Ink Cartridge Error, you should still be able to use that cartridge in your machine, regardless of the message.

Buy The Right Ink For Your Hp Printer

Why Does My HP Printer Say Ink Cartridge Problem?

Shopping for ink isnt quite as straightforward as it used to be. If you typed in your printer model in the past, you typically only got one ink option as a result. But now, when you Google search which printers use HP 951 ink, you might get mixed results.

HP offers a wide variety of ink cartridge options to help you find the standard or high yield options you need based on your printing habits. With high-yield cartridges, you can often get up to three times the prints without ever needing to replace your cartridge. With standard ink cartridges, you can save a little money upfront but will most likely run out of ink much sooner than you might expect.

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How To Disable Hp Instant Ink Program

You may cancel enrollment in the HP Instant Ink Program at any time, except you will be retroactively billed for each free month of service you initially received, so youve been warned! As the print habits of the majority of the average population varies from month to month, HPs program is not always the best fit for most folks. There are some caveats and restrictions within their program please read the following information carefully :

  • HP Instant Ink cartridges do not work after the end of your current billing period, and you are required to return them to HP. To continue printing after your billing cycle ends, make sure you have standard replacement ink cartridges ready to use in your printer.

If you do not have the postage-paid envelope provided by HP, go to Recycling HP Instant Ink Cartridges to order an envelope.

  • There is no pro-rated reimbursement for the remainder of your billing period.
  • Your service continues until the end of your current billing period.
  • If there are any charges for additional printing, your credit card is charged. Depending on when you cancel, the charge might appear the following month.

Sign in to your HP Instant Ink account to cancel your HP Instant Ink service.

  • Go to com/signin to sign in to your HP Instant Ink account, if you are not signed in already.
  • Your HP Instant Ink account page opens.

  • On your HP Instant Ink account page, click My Plan, and then click Edit.
  • On the HP Instant Ink Plan window, click Cancel Enrollment.
  • About Hp Printer And Significances

    About HP Printer and Significances

    Introducing fast print speeds with high permanency and scratch-resistant inks, HP Printers are among the leading selections of many users. You can print several pages using your HP Printer while ensuring top-notch quality. Nevertheless, occurrences might happen due to extended use of the printer, the ink levels go down, and you dont get the desired print quality. You might think of replacing the remaining ink cartridge with generic ink cartridges in HP Printer in such cases.

    How to Make Generic Ink Cartridges Work on an HP Printer

    It is happening because the genuine HP ink cartridge is a little more costly than the generic one. But, when you put in a generic ink cartridge, your HP Printer wont diagnose it as HP aims to prevent the users from using generic ink cartridges in HP Printer. This, in turn, will make the customers use genuine HP ink cartridges instead of the other available brands in the market.

    While such a situation can trigger a problem, you can follow some simple guidelines to make your generic ink cartridges in HP Printer work. Read on to explore them and gather some more insights into the world of HP Printers.

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    How To Disable Hp Cartridge Protection On My Printer

    HP has made it again its target to prevent consumers from choosing the type of cartridge they use in their printer by leaving them with no other choice than buying genuine HP cartridges. Hewlett-Packard has introduced the cartridge protection system on its original ink cartridges to lock genuine inks to a specific printer so that you cannot use that cartridge with a different printer.

    Customers may want to use compatible ink cartridges or remanufactured ink cartridges in their HP printer instead of the original HP ink cartridges because they are much cheaper than HPs original ones.

    Replace The Ink Cartridges

    Installing Ink Cartridges in Your Inkjet Printer | Inkjet Printers | @HPSupport

    note:If you are enrolled in the HP Instant Ink program, you receive special HP Instant Ink cartridges. Some HP Instant Ink cartridges are larger than standard ink cartridges, but they fit in the carriage in the same way. HP Instant Ink is not available in all countries/regions or for all printer models. For more information, go to HP Instant Ink.

  • Standard ink cartridge
  • Open the ink cartridge access door.
  • Wait until the carriage stops moving before you continue.
  • Gently press down on the ink cartridge to release it, and then pull the ink cartridge out of its slot.
  • Remove the new ink cartridge from its package. Be careful to only touch the black plastic on the ink cartridge.
  • Remove the plastic tape from the ink cartridge.

    caution:Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or the ink nozzles.Do not replace the protective tape on the contacts. Handling these parts can result in clogs, ink failure, and bad electricalconnections.

  • Hold the ink cartridge by its sides with the contacts toward the printer, insert the ink cartridge into its slot, and then gently push the ink cartridge until it snaps into place.


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    Troubleshooting Common Hp 61 Issues

    Although the failure rate is extremely low, knowing how to deal with troublesome cartridge issues should they arise is not only gratifying, it will save you from a lot of unnecessary frustration and keep you from spending additional money on replacement cartridges. We will cover some of the most common problem areas here and provide quick and simple solutions to get your cartridge up and running.

    Problem: Compatibility Error Messages

    Solution: So youve just installed your new HP 61 cartridge in your printer and youre getting an error on your printer screen or computer that says Incompatible Ink Cartridge or Ink Cartridge Error. Even if youve got a brand new cartridge, sometimes dried ink, fingerprint oil or tape residue can get on the gold and copper electrical contacts, causing the cartridge to not recognize properly in your machine. Gently clean the contacts with a lint free cloth or coffee filter and rubbing alcohol before installing to circumvent the error message. Check out this video to see how to properly clean printer contacts.

    Problem: Missing Cartridge Message

    Problem: Empty Cartridge Message

    Problem: Spotty, streaky or light prints

    How To Fix Your Cartridge Incompatibility Issues:

    Like we always say – remain calm! When you purchase a compatible toner cartridge with Quest 4 Toner, you are guaranteed success and we will certainly help you when it goes awry. Our high-quality cartridges will no doubt work – it might just take some troubleshooting to get it successfully operational.

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    Why Does My Hp Printer Say Driver Not Available

    If no printer driver is available, the most likely explanation for the problem is that a driver is missing or damaged. Therefore, you can correct the error by uninstalling the current driver and installing a new one. How to proceed: Click the Windows logo and the R key on your keyboard to open the Run window.

    Cheap Hp Ink Cartridges

    HP 63 Ink Cartridge, Tri

    HP is arguably the largest technology company in the world. As part of their vast product catalogue, they manufacture a wide range of printers and imaging hardware.

    At Cartridge Shop we sell low cost HP printer ink cartridges for printers in the range, including:

    HP Photosmart Printers: Digital photographs can be printed in fine detail and with high colour vibrancy when you buy our replacement ink cartridges for HP Photosmart printers. We stock cheap printer ink for these machines and stringently test our products for quality and dependability.

    HP Deskjet Printers: The Hewlett Packard Deskjet printer range is ideal for everyday text document printing and the machines can also be used to print photographs. The fastest Deskjet printer can produce up to 36 pages per minute and some of the products in this range are mostly built from recycled plastic.

    View our range of Deskjet printer ink cartridges available to buy at very low prices.

    Hewlett Packard Officejet Printers: HP Officejet printers are fast, cost-effective and designed for productivity. This range includes colour printers, mobile printers and all-in-one printer/scanner/fax/copier machines. They use less energy and have a lower average cost per page than a standard laser printer. Whether you’re looking for genuine HP ink cartridges are compatible alternatives, you can browse our Hewlett Packard selection to find our low cost .

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    You Are Using A Refilled Genuine Hp Ink Cartridge

    Has your printer ever shown you a low-level ink warning even if your cartridges still have plenty of ink? There are times when your printer will show an incorrect estimation of ink levels, especially after refilling your ink cartridges.

    The reason behind this is that most of HPs printers are designed to store cartridge serial numbers in their internal memories. So when you refill the same cartridge, your printer will not be able to detect that it is refilled.

    What Is Hp Cartridge Protection

    Genuine ink cartridges can come with cartridge protected embedded in their chip. So, once an ink cartridge has been installed, your printer will mark it as protected, which means that the cartridge can no longer be used by any other printer except for the one that marked it.

    Hence, you wont be able to use the cartridges in a different printer as it will be locked to your current one. Meaning that the ink cartridges cannot be refilled, recycled, or remanufactured to use in another printer, and it will just end up in land-fill.

    If you try to install the original ink cartridges that have been remanufactured to be reused, you will get the message that HP Protected Cartridges installed, Replace Cartridges. This means that they will not work with your printer and can only work with 1 printer that it has been locked to.

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    Why Won’t My Brother Printer Print Anything

    • Make sure your Brother machine is connected to the network and turned on.
    • Look at your Brother machine’s LCD / LED screen to make sure no error messages are displayed.
    • Make sure the cable from the Brother machine is connected directly to your computer. The cable must not pass through another
    • Make sure that the cable is not damaged, broken or longer than 2 m .
    • Make sure the correct printer driver is selected. For example, if you are writing from MS Word, click FILE

    Your Printer Remembers Empty Cartridges

    How to Fix a HP printer cartridge problem error older generation missing damaged cartridges timebomb

    HP printers are very likely to remember an empty cartridge with a chip and codes in it, so you can see the ink cartridge not recognized by HP error.

    Here, you can fix the situation yourself youll just need an additional full cartridge.

  • Remove the empty cartridge and refill it.
  • Insert an additional full cartridge into the printer.
  • Turn on the printer and wait for it to recognize the cartridge.
  • Remove the additional cartridge before printing an alignment page.
  • Turn on the printer and wait for it to print the setup page.
  • Insert the refilled cartridge and turn on the printer.
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    You Have Poured Too Much Ink

    There is another situation when the printer wont recognize the new ink cartridge. This might happen if you have poured too much ink.

    Thats why we always recommend our customers to read all the instructions and follow them carefully. If you cant find your manual or have any questions, contact our Customer Care team, and they will help you right away, 24/7.

    Not All Cartridges Can Be Refilled

    First of all, keep in mind that not all cartridges can be reused or refilled, so you might be simply using a disposable one.

    Usually, you can find an Intended for single use only indication on your cartridge if it is not meant to be refilled. Such cartridges are either made from materials that cannot be reused or have already been refilled before.

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    Best Bundle: Gpc Image

    When you need a lot of ink, GPC Image has your back. This 12-pack bundle arrived packaged with four black cartridges, two cyan, two magenta, two yellow, and two photo black. Page yield is equal to HP originals, with the black cartridges delivering 550 pages, the color cartridges printing 750 pages, and photo black putting out 290 pages.

    Each cartridge in this pack is engineered with a chip to display ink level and to help with smooth installation. We produced beautiful color brochures and black and white documents with this bundle, never questioning the quality. Inks dry quickly, performance is excellent, and we had no smudging during any real-world testing.

    The only trouble we encountered came when we tried to figure out how much ink remained in each tank. Though equipped with a chip that gauges this figure automatically, we just couldn’t get it to function without reaching out to customer service. Turns out, power cycling the printer resets the counter. Good to know, though we’d love to see this note added to the instructions.

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