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Where To Sell Empty Printer Cartridges

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Collect And Sell Empty Printer Cartridges

How to recycle empty ink cartridges

Our service is aimed at anyone who produces printer waste from time to time or even on a fairly regular basis. In trade, in offices, at insurance companies and banks, in car dealerships … the list of possible commercial areas in which a printer, a copier and/or a fax machine is used could be almost endless. Surely you can spontaneously name a few companies or small commercial offices that have at least one printer. Perhaps the company you work for is also among them. Have you ever thought of collecting empty printer cartridges to sell them? Just ask around in your environment. Maybe they are even happy to have finally found an uncomplicated way of disposing of empty printer cartridges without simply throwing them away with a guilty conscience. For you as a collector, there is a positive side effect, because you receive remuneration as a lucrative additional income.

Our Contribution To Climate And Resource Protection

Interseroh Product Cycle GmbH has once again made a valuable contribution to climate and resource protection. This is shown by a current study of the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT.

Interseroh has already been providing various collection systems for empty printer cartridges and toner cartridges for many years.

In 2017 alone, Interseroh saved 6300 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and 13,100 tons of primary resources through the professional reprocessing and reuse of 1.4 million used toner cartridges run.

A remanufactured toner cartridge uses 47% fewer resources, produces 60% fewer greenhouse gases and reuses 50% of the materials.

Recycle Empty Toner Cartridges For Cash

We Want to Buy Your Empty;Toner Cartridges. Earn up to $23 Each for Empty Toner Cartridges.

Are you looking for a better way to recycle empty toner cartridges? Would earning cash for recycling empty toner cartridges be a better way? If so, you are in the right place! We make recycling empty toner cartridges profitable! US Recycling is currently paying up to $23 per empty toner cartridge.

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Recycle Ink Cartridges By Mail

If you are unfamiliar with eBay or not wanting todeal with posting, pricing, and shipping, or possible returns on items, you canutilize one of several buy back sites specifically focused on ink cartridges.Two of the most popular are eCycle Group and Toner Buyer. These sites offerpayments for your empty inkjet cartridges ranging from just .25 cents to $4.50,and a convenient way to sell your unwanted cartridges while keeping them out oflandfills. The sites will list the specific buy back prices they are offering,and if you want to participate, they will send you a prepaid shipping label.Once they receive your cartridges, they will issue you a check. It doesnt getmuch easier than that.

What Types Of Cartridges Can Be Recycled

Sell your Printer

The good news is that no matter what kind of ink or toner cartridges you have, or how old they might be, someone will take them and be willing to pay you for the privilege.; Some recyclers will only accept certain brands or types, meaning you might have to separate expended inkjet and laser cartridges, or carry or send your old Canon, Epson, Dell, IBM or HP cartridges to different locations.; But with some quick research online, or a few phone calls, you should have little difficulty finding recyclers who will accept whatever you have to send them.

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Sell Used Printer Cartridges

As the saying goes, One persons trash is another persons treasure. In this case, its true. You can actually sell those annoying, empty ink cartridges for actual cash. Thats right. It turns out that empty cartridges are welcomed on various buy-and-sell platforms, like eBay. Tap or click here to learn more.

Heres what you need to do: start by posting detailed specs that include the cartridges model number, color, and brand. Make sure to post clear pictures that show the cartridge. You can make a few bucks off of just one cartridge, but the key to making this worthwhile is selling in bulk to get around shipping costs.

Sell Used Ink And Printer Cartridges On Ebay

There are many links on eBay selling new or recycled ink and toner cartridges.; ;Did know that you can sell empty ones there as well?; The demand for empty ink cartridges is surprisingly high.; If you choose to list them on eBay you will have interested buyers.; Instead of trying to guess the market, you might want to leave your listings open for bidding.; You can established a minimum price based on what others are getting for similar products. With empty ink cartridges in particular, you should try to collect and sell them in lots of maybe 10 or more.; Most bidders wont bother with sellers who list these small items individually.; Laser cartridges last longer than ink cartridges.; That makes them more valuable, so keep that in mind when checking out competition and prices for similar items.

Youll likely average less than five dollars each when you sell empty inkjet cartridges.; But, you might get up to $20 each or more for laser cartridges that are lightly used and in good condition.; To achieve the best results, your eBay listing should be as detailed as possible, including information about the manufacturer, model and color, and whether your cartridges have ever been refilled by you or anyone else. If they have not been refilled you can list them as virgin, which should greatly increase buyer interest.;

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Get Started With Selltonercom

Are you ready to sell unused printer ink and toner cartridges for cash online? Selling your toner with;;is the easiest way to get cash for unused ink & toner cartridges and we pay more $ AND FASTER than anyone else in the business! To see how much your toner is worth and receive an offer, create an account and get started! Once you have an account you can sign in, view the products and the target prices, and then start submitting your offers. We appreciate your interest in;;and are looking forward to a continued and profitable relationship! If you’re interested in purchasing toner in wholesale, visit our sister site Supply Link USA.

Recycle Empty Ink Cartridges For Cash

How to recycle your empty toner cartridges

We Want to Buy Your Empty Ink Cartridges. Recycle Empty Ink Cartridges for up to $3 Each.

Did you know that you could be earning cash for recycling your empty ink cartridges? We pay up to $3 per empty ink cartridge. Contact us today if you are ready to start earning cash for recycling your empty ink cartridges.

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Do You Have Empty Printer Cartridges Sell Us Your Empties

For trading in empty printer cartridges, demand determines supply: the more sought-after a particular cartridge is, the higher its market value. Your remuneration will be correspondingly high if you sell us such an empty printer cartridge. Make money out of your empties, it is already worthwhile selling just one empty cartridge. But the more you collect, the higher your earnings. You can sell us single or multiple empty printer cartridges.

Sell Your Surplus Unwanted And Overstocked Toner

Sell unwanted and unused toner cartridges for cash at! We will buy the toner & ink cartridges which you no longer need.

As long as these supplies are genuine name brand products, from the original equipment manufacturer and factory sealed, we can help you!

We Buy Cartridges is an Australia Wide Company and you can email or phone us with what you have to sell, and we will reply with our offer. Prices will vary depending on stock.

Its never been simpler to sell toner online! You no longer have to stress over how to ethically dispose of your surplus cartridges. Help the environment and your bank balance by selling your quality units to us and keep your cartridges, along with your cash, out of the landfill.

With you know that you are getting a fair and competitive price for unused cartridges, alongside outstanding customer service. Youll walk away with a smile on your face and cash in your pocket.

We do not buy empty, generic, compatible, refilled or used cartridges!

We only buy brand new, original and genuine factory sealed products as you would see in a retail store. You can sell us any quantity of genuine name brand toner and ink cartridges, assuming they are packaged in the original retail box and in good condition!

At we buy any quantity of genuine name brand toner & ink cartridges!

We specialise in surplus, liquidation, bankruptcy, distressed, overstock, unwanted, clearance and obsolete merchandise.

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Recycle Ink Cartridges At An Office Supply Store

There are at least five large retail chainsWalmart, Best Buy, Staples, OfficeMax and Office Depotthat are authorized to collect and recycle used ink or toner cartridges produced by major manufacturers.; In return for your used cartridges, youll receive store credits of approximately $2 each.; These credits can be cashed in on other merchandise.; Some stores have a limit to how much credit can be given per person each month.; For example, a limit of 10 cartridge credits per month at Office Depot and Staples.; Others may require that you spend a certain amount of money at their business first.; Or, you may have to enroll in their customer reward programs in order to be eligible for these types of credits.; If you recycle cartridges frequently, it will likely be in your best interest to sign up.

Office-supply stores like OfficeDepot and Staples will recycle ink cartridges and even have ink cartridge recycling reward programs. These stores will give you $2 in store credit for each qualifying cartridge that you turn in, up to a maximum of 10 empty cartridges per month. To participate, you must be a member of their customer reward programs and make qualifying purchases. But if you regularly shop at either store, this could be a good solution for you. Its also worth checking out your local mom-and-pop office-supply store to see if it has a similar program.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Recycle your Empty Ink and Toner Cartridges and Get Benefit

Which printer cartridges are purchased?

We only buy original toner and ink cartridges which are listed in our purchase price lists at Purchase prices for ink cartridges or Purchase prices for toner cartridges. If you do not find what you are looking for, simply send us a few pictures of your toner cartridges or printer cartridges by e-mail. We can then tell you for sure whether your modules are suitable for recycling. Or simply use our enquiry form.

Are alternative/no name toner cartridges also disposed of?

No, we are specialised in the purchase and recycling of original toner cartridges, i.e. the toner cartridges of the printer manufacturers. Please do not send us alternatives, No Name or recycled toner cartridges. Alternative or compatible toner cartridges and drum units are available in many different variations. They are sometimes labelled with “Alternative” or “Remanufactured”, sometimes also with “Rebuild/Refill”, “Suitable for” or not at all. They contain components and materials that we are not familiar with. We recommend that you dispose of such alternative cartridges via your source of supply.

Is shipping free of charge for me?

How should I pack the toner and ink cartridges?

What do I have to enclose with the shipment?

If you register as a new customer, you will immediately receive a corresponding confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you entered with your customer number and password. Please also check your spam folder!

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Why Recycling Is Important

  • Fundraise and help your school, church or nonprofit with a FREE recycling program. Recycling empty printer cartridges is a great way to put some cash back into your group or organization

  • Refill the original brand cartridges to save time and avoid a trip to the store. Be advised, this will get messy and there is no guarantee once you decide to tamper with an original HP cartridge

We Have Already Paid More Than 20 Million Euros To Our Customers Who Had Empty Printer Cartridges To Sell

Anyone who has empty printer cartridges to sell is welcome to us as a certified waste disposal company. We have been able to pay out more than 20 million euros in total directly to our customers in recent years! Do you also want to profit from this? Send us your empty printer cartridges and sell us your empties – we will also pay you a lucrative remuneration! Every consumer is welcome. Join our customer base, we offer a comprehensive service and make it as easy as possible for you if you don’t want to simply throw used toner, ink, printer or fax cartridges in the rubbish. There is a better and much more sensible use for the empty cartridges. For the sake of the environment!

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How Our Ink Buyback Program Works

You have surplus printer supplies and would like to sell the ink and toner you are no longer using for cash. We would like to buy your new and unused ink and toner cartridges. We use an innovative barter-style system that’s based on offers and counter-offers. Our customers submit an offer to with the surplus ink and toner products they’d like to sell. We will look at the offer and decide if we’d like to accept it or present a counter-offer for the products. The offer continues in a back-and-forth manner until we’ve reached an agreement that benefits everyone. And since we offer better rates than anyone else, we’re the best place to sell unused printer ink & toner cartridges for cash online!

Which Option Is The Best

Earn Cash, Make Money!- Recycle your empty ink cartridges

Each option has its advantages. Lets take a quick look at the pros and cons of each method:

  • Returning cartridges to an office supply store is convenient enough.; But, it involves a trip to the store and receiving a store credit instead of cash.
  • Selling through a buy-back site avoids those things, but will require waiting for the check.
  • Selling empty ink cartridges on eBay is pretty straightforward, if you already familiar with the process. Also, once the transaction is complete, you can quickly access the money in your PayPal account.
  • Recycling ink cartridges by filling them yourself is a great option.; The process can be a bit messy, but this can be quickly overcome with a little care and experience.; Refill kits are available and the cost savings can be significant

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Are You Looking To Make More Money Or A Side Income

More than 500 million new printer cartridges are sold each year in the United States alone. Ink and toner cartridges are both recyclable and reusable.; Clearly, there are options available that are both eco-friendly and potentially profitable.; That sure beats just tossing them out, right?; There are two main choices for keeping printer cartridges out of landfills.; You can turn them over for recycling, or you can refill them yourself.

Can I Get Money For Empty Ink Cartridges

If you are wondering why it seems more profitable to recycle ink cartridges than say your aluminum cans, its because accepting your used cartridges ensures you will need to buy more. These companies will pay to buy back your used cartridges ensuring you will be purchasing new ones, at a much higher price. This is referred to as Manufacturing led recycling. Companies like HP have large programs for re-manufactured ink cartridges, up to 75% closed loop recycling is used, they even use recycled plastic hangers which are notoriously difficult to recycle. Keep this in mind when debating whether to purchase a re-manufactured ink cartridge. It is always a good idea to recycle or reuse whenever possible, as well as purchase items manufactured using previously recycled items, ensuring these programs remain profitable and hopefully leading more companies into eco-friendly production processes.

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Ink Cartridge Recycler & Seller

NEEDEMPTY is one of the largest suppliers of empty inkjet cartridges in the industry. If you are looking for quality empties, you need not look elsewhere!; We pride ourselves on our competitive prices and superior quality products.We also have a buyback program for all genuine unused ink & toner cartridges. We’ll pay you for surplus cartridges. We even take care of shipping. We collect empty cartridges for our recycling program. We’ll pay you to recycle empty and used printer cartridges! Make money while helping the environment by participationg in our ink cartridge recycling program.

Send us your inventory list and we will make you an offer.

Sell Them To Evolve Recycling

Sell your Empty Ink and Toner Cartridge

Evolve Recycling is a company that focuses on recycling and resale of electronic items. Theyre based in Illinois and manufacture over 2 million ink cartridges per month.

Evolve has an easy turnkey program for helping you earn money by sending in your used ink cartridges. You start by going to the Evolve Recycling website and creating a free account.

Then you collect and send your empty ink cartridges to Evolve by using their free shipping label. You can either print the label out or have them sent to your home. Note that you have to have at least 20 cartridges or 20 pounds worth of cartridges before you can send them in.

Evolve will credit your account as they receive your packages. Once your balance reaches at least $25, theyll send you a check automatically. As with, Evolve only accepts certain types of ink cartridges.

However, the list of acceptable cartridges is quite extensive compared to other sites. Check the Evolve website for more information on the types of cartridges theyre currently accepting.

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