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Where To Find Fax Number On Printer

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How To Fax With Efax Online

Find Your Printer Name or Number | HP Printers | @HPSupport

Using eFax online to send faxes couldnt be easier: simply create a new message, type your message subject and body, attach your files to fax, then hit Send.

To send a fax using eFax, follow these simple steps:

  • 1.Sign in to you eFax account

  • 2.Find and click Send Faxes

  • 3.In the new window, type in the recipients Name and Company or select a recipient from your contacts

  • 4.Next, go to Select Fax-To Country and choose your recipients location

  • 5.Enter your recipients Fax Number if you didnt choose someone from your contacts

  • 6.Select Include Cover Page and enter a subject and body

  • 7.Click Browse to select the documents you want to attach, then select OK

  • 8.Go to Select Quality List and choose a resolution for your fax

  • 9.Select Send Faxes

As long as you have access to an internet-enabled device, eFax online lets you quickly send faxes from any location and at any time.

How To Locate The Fax Number For The Embedded Fax Card

Article Id: 2100503.html | 03/31/2021

NOTE: There are three ways to obtain the Fax Number of the Printer.

  • Obtain from the Configuration Report.
    • There are two areas to look at. On the configuration report locate Machine Hardware and confirm that Fax Card shows Present and under Services locate Embedded Fax and the fax number will be displayed if it is installed and configured.
  • Obtain from the Control Panel.
    • Press the Log In / Out button on the Control Panel.
    • Enter the System Administrator user ID using the keyboard on the Touch Screen and then select the Next button.
    • Enter the password using the keyboard on the Touch Screen then select the Enter button.
    • The default user is admin the default password is 1111.
    • Select Machine Status button.

    Using The Fax Setup Wizard

  • Press the
  • Press the up or down arrow button, select Setup, and press the OKbutton.
  • Select Fax Settings andpress the OK button. You see this screen:
  • Select Fax SettingWizard and press the OK button.
  • Press the up arrow buttonto start setting up your fax settings.
  • Use the numeric keypad to enter the sender name for yourfax source, such as your name or a business name. You can enter upto 40 characters. Press the OK button when you aredone.
  • Use the numeric keypad to enter your fax number, up to 20characters. Press the OK button when you aredone.
  • On the Distinctive Ring Setting screen, do one of thefollowing:
  • If you havesubscribed to a distinctive ring service from your telephonecompany, press the up arrow button. Then, select the ring patternto be used for incoming faxes and go to step 13.
  • If you do nothave distinctive ring service, press the down arrow button and goto the next step.
    • Distinctive ringservice allows you to have several phone numbers on one phone line.Each number is assigned a different ring pattern. You can use onenumber for voice calls and another for fax calls. Select the ringpattern assigned to fax calls in the DRD Setting.
    • If you selectOn or one of the ring patternsother than All, Receive Mode isautomatically set to Auto.
  • Do one of thefollowing:
  • If you connected an external telephone oranswering machine to the product’s EXT port, press the up arrow button and go tothe next step.
  • Do one of the following:
  • Press the OK button.
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    Viewing Fax Information Using Web Image Monitor

    This section describes how to manage the machine’s Address Book and documents received and stored on the machine’s hard disk using Web Image Monitor on a network computer.

    • It is recommended that you use Web Image Monitor running under the same network environment as this machine. Otherwise, the Web browser may not open and an error may occur.

    • When entering an IPv4 address, do not begin segments with zeros. For example: If the address is “”, you must enter it as “” to connect to the machine.

    • You need to set “Store” to “On” in the Facsimile Features menu. For details about Store, see Reception File Settings.

    • For details about using Web Image Monitor, see “Monitoring and Configuring the Machine”, Connecting the Machine/ System Settings.

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    Receiving A Fax Through Printer With Fax Capabilities


    To receive a fax through your printer, you need to keep it turned on 24×7 and connect it to the telephone cable. When a fax is received, the printer will automatically print the fax on the sheet of paper. However, if your printer is turned off, you might miss the fax.

    Dont be afraid, even if you run out of paper, the printer will hold the document in its memory. And you can print it out on command.

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    Can I Fax From My Printer Without A Phone Line

    To send a fax from a regular printer, you have to be connected to a phone line, as your device needs to have a fax number assigned. However, necessity is the mother of invention, and it simply wasnt possible for tech companies not to come up with a solution for wireless faxing.

    Some of the modern printers allow you to send and receive faxes wirelessly, through a digital process. To provide that, a printer needs to be equipped with a wireless network card.

    When you want to send a wireless fax, you have to make sure that your computer and printer are connected to the same network. The good news is that you only need to set it up once your printer will remember your networks settings in the future.

    How do you send a wireless fax?

    • Set a document in the tray to make it possible to identify on the receiving end,
    • click the fax setting and enter your recipients number,
    • press start the printer will scan and send the document through the network.

    In case your printer doesnt have a fax tray, you will need to scan each page independently. It is time-consuming but entirely possible.

    How To Send A Fax With A Print Driver

    Apart from the feeder, your printer may also be capable of faxing with its print driver. All devices work a bit differently, but the gist of the process is printing the document you need to fax. When you open the print dialog, you have to select the print driver that should be listed as a fax.

    Then, you only enter the fax number of your recipient and click send. Your document will be faxed to the requested fax number.

    It also happens that the print drivers of regular printers have this option.

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    Registering Multiple Destinations As A Group

    If you group registered destinations, you can send a fax to multiple destinations at the same time.

  • Right-click the OKI MB562 icon, and then select .

  • Select from the menu.

  • Enter a group name in in the dialog box.

  • Enter comments in if necessary.

  • Select the destination to register in the group, and then click .


  • When you complete the addition of the required fax numbers, click .

    The new group is added in the left field in the dialog box. If you select a group, the fax numbers that are registered in the group are displayed in the right field of the dialog box.

  • Select from the menu.

  • Select from the menu.

  • How To Set Up The Fax On An Hp Officejet Pro All In One

    Konica Minolta – How to add a fax number

    You can readily submit a fax, depending on your requirements. Send a fax from the control panel of the printer, your laptop, your phone, and a fax in Error Correction Mode with the Monitor dialing. You can quickly send black and white or color faxes to a single or multiple page by using the printer control panel. Do you need advice on how to setup a fax in hp Oj printer? or to hp fax set up. Use the following procedures to send a standard fax from the printer Setting.

    You can contact our technical team to find out how to setup fax on HP ojpro Printer fax.

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    How To Send A Fax With The Feeder

    Once you have got a fax capability added, you need to turn it on and use your printer just like a regular fax machine, that is:

    • put your document in the feeder,
    • dial your recipients number,
    • press the send button.

    Your fax will be sent as soon as your printer makes a connection with a receiving fax machine. Usually, you will get a confirmation with all the details.

    Importing The Phone Book Data That Is Exported To A Csv File

    The import function enables you to import fax numbers in the phone book that is created with a different computer into your computer.


    Registered entries are not imported.

    Importing the Phone Book Data

  • Copy the exported phone book to a different computer.

  • Right-click the OKI MB562 icon, and then select .

  • Select from the menu.

  • Specify the copied file for in the dialog box.

  • Associating a New Definition with the Phone Book Format

    If you want to import a CSV file with the format that is different from that of the phone book, select a CSV definition file and associate the definition with the phone book format.

  • Copy the exported phone book to a different computer.

  • Right-click the OKI MB562 icon, and then select .

  • Select from the menu.

  • Specify the CSV file to import in in the dialog box.

  • Select the check box.

  • Specify a CSV definition file in if necessary.

    Select for .


    You can continue operating even if you do not specify a definition file. If you do not specify a definition file, select whether to save a new definition file in the dialog box that is displayed after step 7.

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    How Do I Send A Fax From My Printer

    Paul Rydell / October 26, 2020 /

    To some, fax machines may already seem like a thing of the past. Many young people dont know how they work. Others know, but dont use them anymore until they suddenly need to!Thats because there are still businesses, agencies, and other professionals for example, in the healthcare or law fields that conduct some or most official communications primarily by fax. And they wont accept email correspondence.

    Luckily, there are some easier and more comfortable ways to send and receive faxes that do not require you to go to a business that offers fax services, or equip your home or an office with yet another device. Especially since you already have multiple devices that can be of hand when you want to fax a document.

    Many people dont realize that you dont need a fax machine to receive and send faxes. One of the most popular and comfortable methods is to use your printer or an online email to fax service.

    But if you have a landline phone line, you can easily find a printer that will perform the tasks of a fax machine as well.

    So what do you need and how can you do it?

    Why You Should Get A Free Fax Number Online

    HP Printer Customer Service Number 18555365666

    Today, faxes can be sent via encrypted channels online and using only a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection. By partnering with an online fax service, you can send and receive faxes for free and even select your own free fax number with your chosen area code. This faxing solution is more secure, affordable, environment-friendly, and easy to set up and use.

    • Secure: Most online faxing services are highly encrypted, using 256-bit SSL or similar systems, to ensure that only the sender and receiver of the document can access it. Many are also HIPAA, GDPR, and GLBA-compliant*.
    • Affordable: Faxing online means theres no need to pay for paper, a fax machine, and its maintenance. You can also send and receive faxes even when you are not in the office.
    • Environment-friendly: Faxes are saved as electronic files, eliminating the need for paper and equipment. They can also be signed electronically.
    • Easy to set up and use: All you need to do is download an online faxing app and be connected to the internet to start sending and receiving faxes.


    In this article, we look at how to get a free fax number online using iFax.

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    Skip The Printer And Fax Online

    Yes, there is an even faster and more comfortable way to send faxes using your computer or smartphone!

    FaxBurner offers a free online fax service available to everyone who has access to a mobile device, either iOS or Android-based, or a computer. All you need to do is set up an account via the FaxBurner app or website.

    To send a fax, simply request a fax number, which will be assigned to you for the following 24 hours. Once youve got an account and a number, your device will work as a fax machine, allowing you to both send and receive faxes, which are converted into emails, using PDFs, as well as stored on your mobile device and in the cloud.

    Premium accounts give you a permanent fax number as well as a higher allotment of pages to send and receive.

    The app is highly intuitive. If you want to send a fax, simply click compose a fax, send a photo or a PDF to your unique fax email address with your recipients fax number as a subject , or fax from the app directly. To receive a fax, use your free number, and you will be notified via the app and your email.

    An online fax service is not only more convenient, its cheaper too. Modern printers with a fax capability tend to be quite expensive to buy and maintain. They also require toner, paper and a monthly phone bill. Like all devices, they are also prone to malfunctions and other errors that can be avoided by taking your faxing online.

    Fax Setup For Hp Printer Model

    HP DJ Fax Setup
    • Hp fax test number

    Simple, clean approach of HP Faxes

    We find hp fax setup approach to be clean and minimalist. All of the required basic options are on the market right from the instant of hp fax set up. Users trying to find a minimalist approach can find HP Faxes direct approach to be easy.

    Why Choose HP Faxes?

    01 We provide support for all types of HP Faxes which include hp fax setup, Driver installation for hp fax, Send & Receive Fax and Troubleshooting support by our HP Faxes Technician Experts.

    02 Our highly skilled HP Fax Experts will provide you a One-Stop Solution for all of your Faxes issues.

    03 We will guide you through the process of Hp fax setup on Fax and help you to Setup, Driver Installation for hp fax, Sending and Receiving Fax, Troubleshooting your HP Fax.

    How it Works !


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    How Do I Find My Fax Number

    Your fax number is the number of the phone line connected to the fax.

    With a fax machine or computer running fax software, the fax number is the phone number of the attached phone line. Calling the toll-free number 1-800-444-4444 will tell you the lines phone number.

    You can also use the fax to dial a phone with caller ID and see what number appears on the caller id. The number that appears is the fax number the fax is using at the moment.

    With an online fax service, the fax number is the number assigned by the fax provider. Log in to the service and check settings to see the fax number assigned to your account.

    Fax Machines Need To Be Configured With The Fax Number

    Sending a Fax Using an HP LaserJet Printer | @HPSupport

    The fax line number is the number where it can be reached and the number that will show up on caller ID when it dials out.

    Fax machines also have a setting for the fax number that appears as the header on all faxes that it sends. This information is called CSID and TSID.

    If you do not update the CSID and TSID information on a fax machine when it changes fax numbers, it will print the old fax number in the header information of the faxes it sends and on confirmation pages it prints.

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    Locating Business Fax Numbers

  • 1Check the business website to see if their fax number is listed. Go to the website of the company that you want to fax, and look for the Contact Us section. Click on this to see what contact options are available. While not all companies do this, many businesses and organizations will list their fax number directly, along with phone numbers and email addresses.XResearch source
  • If you are unsure of what the business website is, type the business name in an Internet search engine.
  • 2Search the Internet to locate the fax number if it’s not on their website. Use a search engine of your choice and type in the business name. Add fax number after the business name to specify your search and press enter. Then, skim through the search results to see if their fax number is listed on another website.XResearch source
  • For example, you may find the business Contact Us page listing their fax number.
  • You can also use phone directory websites to find fax numbers. These are particular sites that have a directory of fax numbers across many different types of businesses.
  • 3Contact the business to ask them directly if the fax number is not online. While most companies have a Contact Us section, they may only list a phone number or email address. Dial the contact number listed and ask an associate for the fax number. If there is no phone number listed, try emailing instead.XResearch source
  • Send A Fax From Your Mac Using A Multifunction Printer

    You can fax pages directly from your Mac if your multifunction printer supports faxing.

    Note: The following options might not be available for your multifunction printer. If these instructions differ from what you see onscreen, refer to the documentation that came with the printer or app youre using.

  • On your Mac, open the document you want to fax, then choose File > Print.

  • Enter the fax number by doing one of the following:

  • Type the fax number in the To field.

  • If you see a Contacts button to the right of the To field, click it to select a number.

  • To paste a number into the To field when the Edit > Paste command isnt available, press and hold the Control key as you click in the To field, then choose Paste from the menu that appears.

  • If your phone system requires you to dial a prefix for an outside line, type it in the Dialing Prefix field.

  • If you want to include a cover page, select Use cover page, then enter a subject and message.

  • To change your options, use the print options pop-up menu .

  • The top of every page has a header that contains the date and time the fax was sent, a page number, and the fax number of the sender .

    If you include a cover page, its heading contains the faxs recipient , the faxs sender , the date and time the fax was sent, the subject line , and the number of pages in the fax, not including the cover page. The body of the cover page contains the text you entered in the Message field in the Print dialog.

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