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Where To Buy Prusa 3d Printer

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Buy A Fantastic Prusa 3d Printer And Get Some Free Gifts This Black Friday

First Look: The Prusa Mini 3d printer

Prusa 3D printers have long been heralded as the best hobbyist printers money can buy. In fact, I awarded it my highst recommendation in my Prusa Mk3 review, and it is still my favorite printer to use. If you are looking to buy your first Prusa 3D Printer or if you’re looking to add more to your collection, this Black Friday may be the perfect time to do it.

While there is no discount on the price of the actual 3D printer, Prusa is giving away some freebies that make it worthwhile picking up during its Black Friday deals. If you buy the Prusa Mk3S+ between Nov. 26-30, you will receive free shipping, an extra removable steel build plate worth $40, and a roll of Prusament PETG filament worth $30. That’s a potential saving of $120 when you factor in the free shipping.

Review The Prusa Mk3s Print Quality

As would be expected for a ~$1,000 printer, the print quality is great.

The Prusa mk3s is supposedly capable of 200mm/sec. It does seem capable of good speeds, but someone with more science than me would have to confirm the actual capability in practice.

What makes the Prusa an exception in this price-range, however, is the fact you can get this level of print quality without making any modifications or tuning.

So, really you are buying ease of use and convenience. While you could get multiple Ender 3 printers for the same price, and get close to the same output quality, you are going to have to put more effort and maintenance into the Ender 3.

Dont get me wrong, you are not going to get resin-quality minis right out of the box, though I did try!

Consistently Good Print Quality

I completed 11 test prints with the Prusa i3 MK3S. These included many of our normal test objects, including several commonly described as stress tests or torture tests, which are primarily used in testing the printing ability of 3D printers. I also printed several of the files provided on the USB key that came with the Prusa Mini.; About half were printed at the default 150-micron setting, and half at the 200-micron setting. I did not notice any quality difference between the two resolutions.

The i3 MK3S was able to print all the objects successfully. The only anomaly I experienced was when printing stopped in the middle of a print, and I was instructed to unload the filament and then to reload it, upon which printing resumed and the print job finished. I am not sure what caused the issue; sometimes with 3D printers, filament stops feeding because of a snag in the spooled filament, but that didnt seem to be the case here.

The good news is that the printer was able to identify that there was a problem, and offered a solution that fixed it and allowed printing to resume. All too often with 3D printers, in the event of a snag, the print is ruined and has to be scuttled.

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What Makes The Prusa Mk3s+ Different

It can be hard to understand why the Prusa MK3S+ costs so much more than a printer like the Creality Ender 3 Pro, which seems to have similar specs on paper. To understand why this machine is so much more expensive, we need to take a closer look at the individual components of the MK3S+.;

Critical to the success of the MK3S+ is its custom-made Delta 240 Watt power supply, mounted to the frame of the machine. This unit supplies 24V power to the bed with a max current of 10 Amps, which provides fast and reliable heating for printing high temperature materials like PETG and ASA. Less expensive machines typically use lower wattage power supplies, such as the 150W power supply used by the Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite, which take longer to heat and can have difficulty maintaining a higher temperature.;

The 24V heated bed is able to reliably hit 100C, which is more than enough to allow high temperature materials like PETG and ASA to adhere to the build platform without delaminating. The magnetic build platform is firmly held in place without any clips or latches and can easily be removed once it cools to room temperature. PETG in particular is easy to remove from the textured surface of the textured spring steel sheet, and the MK3S+ build platform is best-in-class for high-temperature adhesion. ;

Original Prusa I3 Mk3s+

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Der Original Prusa I3 MK3S+ ist der Nachfolger des preisgekrönten Original Prusa i3 MK2 3D-Druckers. Mit dem neu konzipierten Extruder, einer Reihe von Sensoren und dem neuen magnetischen MK52-Heizbett mit auswechselbarer PEI-Federstahldruckplatte sind wir überzeugt, unseren bisher besten 3D-Drucker entwickelt zu haben!

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Filament Connectivity And Safety

The i3 MK3S supports a variety of filament types, including but not limited to PLA , PETG , ABS , ASA , and Flex. The i3 MK3S includes a 1-kilogram spool of PLA. Prusa sells its filament for $24.99 per 1-kilo PLA spool and $29.99 per PETG or ASA spool. You can also use third-party filament, which should be more cost-effective than having Prusament shipped from the Czech Republic.

Connectivity is to a computer over a USB connection. The i3 MK3S has a USB 2.0 Type-B port, the kind commonly found on ordinary printers. It also supports printing from an SD card. Indeed, it comes with one that is filled with test files.

As the Prusa i3 MK3S is a totally open-frame printer, its important to keep children and pets away from it during printing, as well as any objects in materials such as plastic or paper that could conceivably melt or ignite should they come into contact with the hot extruder. Fortunately, once a print job is finished, the extruder and build plate automatically cool down. Another plus is that the Prusa i3 MK3S is relatively quiet, which isnt always the case with open-frame printers.

Should You Buy An Original Prusa I3 Mk3 3d Printer Kit Or A Pre

Best answer: If you are looking to buy a Prusa i3, buy it in the kit form. The kit is simple to build and saves you over $300 after shipping. You can buy a lot of accessories with that money, including the upgrade to the Mk3s. You can buy the pre-built model for convenience, but what’s the point when you can learn a thing or two and save?

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Prusaslicer Spiral Vase Settings For The Prusa Mk3s+ / Pla

3 Hours, 9 Minutes

Slicing a model using the Spiral Vase mode in PrusaSlicer will automatically create a model that is composed of a single continuously rising helical contour, which allows models to be printed a fraction of the time it would normally take to print using multiple layers. This mode is ideal for printing objects like vases or enclosures that only require a single contour as opposed to multiple contours and an infill structure. I printed the Curved Honeycomb Vase by eggnot to highlight this printing mode.

The Prusament Galaxy Purple is a favorite color of mine due to the glitter additive in the filament. This additive creates layer lines that are evenly blended and have a textured appearance. Combining this material with the Spiral Vase mode produces parts that look almost conventionally manufactured, with layer lines that are difficult to see. This model printed in just over 3 hours in Spiral Vase mode, as opposed to over 13 hours if it had been printed using conventional settings.

Saving Money Is A Huge Deal

Quick Look: Prusa SL1 3D Printer

Not everything is about money, but sometimes it makes sense to save where you can. The difference between the i3 kit and the i3 prebuilt model when you add in the shipping costs is over $300, which is a huge sum of money.

For $300 you could buy enough Prusament filament to last you several months or several weeks if you really get your teeth into it you could even buy the upgrade for the Mk3 as well.

While it may seem like a good idea to get a fully made printer, the convenience of it doesn’t outweigh the expense, and you would be better off financially and in terms of knowledge just getting the kit instead.

This is not to say that the Prebuilt is trash. The biggest advantage of getting a prebuilt printer is knowing it’s been built by the engineers at Prusa. That means it will have been made by someone who really knows what they are doing rather than you, who may not. There’s also obviously the convenience factor so you can get right to printing without having to build a machine yourself.

I’m still not sure this is worth the extra $300 but if you do, then go for it. The Prusa is a great machine, even at $1,000.

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The I3 Mk3s Vs The I3 Mk3s+

As noted earlier, while we were reviewing the i3 MK3S, it was tweaked and replaced in Prusas line by the i3 MK3S+, a modest upgrade. If you do a shopping search on the i3 MK3S, you will come across a number of entries, mostly from Alibaba.com, for the i3 MK3S or i3 MK3S clones. Actually, they are all clonesother companies duplicating the open-source Prusa i3 MK3Sand although many cost less than the i3 MK3S, they are of questionable quality. We would suggest that you stick to Prusas own printers, and go for the i3 MK3S+.

Prusa characterizes the changes between the i3 MK3S and its successor, the i3 MK3S+ as minor, offering improved durability with little change in performance. The MK3S+ has a different mesh bed leveling probe called SuperPINDA, which is temperature-independent. However, Prusa says that the previous probe was already precise, and the change was merely compensating for temperature drift. MK3S users will see only a small improvement in first-layer accuracy. This change is more significant for the Original Prusa Mini+, which replaces the Prusa Mini.

Prusa made a few other hardware improvements to the i3 MK3S+. The Y-axis has metal clips instead of the old U-bolts to hold the bearings. Also, some new plastic parts hold the smooth rods. The X-axis has a different belt-tensioning system. The extruders plastic parts are also slightly different, to allow for better cooling airflow.

Prusaslicer 3mf Import For The Prusa Mk3s+ / Pla

2 Hours, 17 Minutes

PrusaPrinters offers the unique ability to share 3D printable files that have been pre-sliced and prepared for the MK3S+ with detailed print statistics available from the site. A perfect example of this is the Bag Clip by Andrei; a cam-driven bag clip that highlights the type of design freedom offered by a 3D printer.;

This model has been uploaded as a .3MF file that contains all of the information required to print, such as slicer settings, nozzle and bed temperature, and custom support structures 3MF is an increasingly popular alternative to the STL file, which doesnt contain much information aside from the raw geometry of a model.

This part printed flawlessly on the first try, and the provided .3MF allows a user to send this file to anyone else with the same printer and material and feel confident that the part will be indistinguishable in appearance and performance. Ive always thought of a 3D printer as the replicator from the Michael Crichton novel Timeline, which is able to produce identical objects at various locations by converting them into digital information. However, the success of a part is frequently beholden to the settings selected by a user for fabrication, so the ability to share the fabrication plans is one step closer to being able to send a physical product as a form of digital data. ;

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Prusa I3 Mk2 And Mk2s

Pra released the Prusa i3 MK2 in May, 2016. It was the first hobby printer with mesh bed leveling and automatic geometry skew correction for all three axes. Features included a larger build volume, custom stepper motors with integrated lead screws, a non-contact inductance sensor for auto-leveling, and a rewritten version of the Marlin firmware. Other new features include a polyetherimide print surface, Rambo controller board and an E3D V6 Full hotend. The Prusa MK2 became the first RepRap printer to be supported by Windows 10Plug-and-PlayUSB ID.

In March 2017, Pra announced on his blog that the revised Prusa i3 MK2S would ship in place of the Prusa i3 MK2. Enhancements cited include U-bolts to hold the LM8UU bearings where cable ties had been used, higher quality bearings and rods, an improved mount for the inductance sensor, improved cable management, and a new electronics cover. An upgrade kit was offered to owners of the MK2 to add these improvements.

Slicing Models In Prusaslicer For The Prusa Mk3s+

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PrusaSlicer is a feature-rich program with a simplified interface that is accessible to beginners, experts, and everyone in between. Ive spent a lot of time in the PrusaSlicer settings, and I appreciate how much work Prusa has put into making almost every parameter of the printing process addressable without creating an overwhelming interface.

The settings are broken down into three primary categories: Print Settings, Filament Settings, and Printer Settings. Print Settings generally focuses on the speed / quality of the print, Filament Settings is used to determine temperature and extrusion parameters, and Printer Settings is used for global parameters and determining start / stop instructions. ;

The primary interface offers three settings: Simple, Advanced, and Expert. Simple offers a stripped-down experience with only a few parameters able to be adjusted, while Advanced and Expert allow you to adjust the print on a more granular level.;

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The Anatomy Of Prusas Flagship

Unlike the Original Prusa Mini, which ships exclusively as a kit, the i3 MK3S is available either as a kit or fully assembled . Our review unit was the latter, shipped from the Czech Republic.

This red-and-black printer measures 15 by 19.7 by 22 inches , excluding the spool and the spool holder, which sit atop the printer. It is considerably larger than the Original Prusa Mini, which measures 14.6 by 13 by 15 inches . The i3 MK3S also has a larger print volume, 9.8 by 8.3 by 7.9 inches, compared with the 7-by-7-by-7-inch print volume of the Prusa Mini. The i3 MK3Ss print volume is also larger than the 6.7 by 10 by 6 inches of the Editors Choice-winning Dremel DigiLab 3D45 , and considerably larger than the LulzBot Mini 2‘s printing space .

Prusa I3 Mk3s And Mk3s+

In February 2019, Prusa i3 MK3S was released, along with the Multi Material Upgrade 2S , which allows selecting any of 5 different materials for printing together automatically. MK3S changes include a simplified mechanical filament sensor, improved print cooling, and easier access to service the extruder.

Prusa made a running change starting November, 2020 to the Prusa i3 MK3S+. This model has a revised bed leveling sensor and minor parts changes.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Ive been researching, studying, and testing 3D printers for tech publications including Gigaom, TechCrunch, and now Wirecutter since 2013. Ive printed hundreds of 3D models, and through that experience Ive learned how to spot the annoyances that can come with using an emerging technology.

In the course of researching this guide, we interviewed several 3D-printing experts, including Sean Charlesworth, a 3D-printing specialist for Tested, and Justin Kelly, who runs the on-demand 3D-printing service Proto House.

Should You Buy The Prusa I3 Mk3

The Prusa i3 mk 3: Tomorrow’s 3d Printing Technology Today

The Prusa i3 MK3 might be an old 3D printer, but one thing is sure: its one of the best 3D printers to have come out during its time. It is the best way to learn about the components and assemble a 3D printer with detailed and well-written instructions. And once put together, the 3D printer gives you excellent prints and a wide range of enviable features.

Whats more, it costs less than $1,000. However, its been more than three to four years since it came out, and other printers have overtaken it. More printers are now becoming more affordable, and the features you see on the Prusa i3 MK3 have long become standard fare for some of the best 3D printers in the market. It also misses out on more advanced features such as touch display.

Nevertheless, the Prusa i3 MK3 is still an excellent printer that you should buy if you can find it.

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Prusa I3 Mk3 Review: Is It Worth Buying

The Original Prusa i3 MK3 is probably the best 3D printer that came out during its time. It first became available in late 2017, and it was the talk of the 3D printing world for most of 2018.

Today its STILL a cult favorite and THE STANDARD for reliable open source 3D printers.;

The open-source 3D printer was welcomed by fans of the Czechoslovakian company Prusa Research. It offered a lot of improvements to the hardware and software used in the device, a thing that Prusa is known for.;

The fact that it originated in Eastern Europe helps it stand out from the 100s of copycats coming out of China.;

The Prusa i3 MK3 was unbeatable when it came to features and capabilities that no other printer in its price range can even dream of matching.

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