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Where Is The Nearest Open Mri Scanner To Me

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The Open Vs Closed Debate:

What Its Like to Get an Open Upright MRI Exam

Open MRI machines use the same, advanced diagnostic imaging procedure as traditional MRI machines. Both create detailed images of internal bodily structures without the use of X-rays, using instead a powerful magnet, radio waves and a computer. In some cases, these open machines, due to their asymmetrical design might not provide as good a quality image as those not so open, but people often feel more comfortable in them.

What Are Mri Machines

The MRI machine emits a predetermined strength magnetic field to perform the scan. The MRI exposes your body to magnetic waves, and the ions and particles present in your body react by emitting radio waves. The waves combined effect highlights your internal organs, making them more visible in greater detail for the doctor to diagnose any abnormality. The doctor views the images on a computer screen and can also print the images out through a specially designed machine for diagnosing purposes.

MRI machines, from their creation, have significantly impacted how doctors study internal organs and diagnose certain diseases. Through using MRIs, doctors can diagnose and study brain diseases more accurately, as well as ENT conditions, musculoskeletal and spinal problems, cancer and other difficult-to-diagnose conditions in their earliest stages.

When it comes to magnetic resonance imaging systems, there are two types to pick from: open MRI and closed MRI.

While the closed MRI is more common, you may consider an open MRI to accommodate you if youre either too claustrophobic or overweight to undergo a traditional closed MRI. But, the systems design isnt the only difference between open vs. closed MRI. Therefore, you should learn more about both of them and evaluate the pros and cons of each carefully before you make your final decision.

Finding An Open Mri Near Me

We’re not all built the same. Some people are bigger than others. Fortunately, not all MRI scanners are the same either! Patients who require an MRI, but are not comfortable with a traditional, “closed” unit, many wonder, “how can I find an open MRI near me?” Fortunately, Capitol Imaging Services has over 25 locations across the Gulf South many with open MRI.

An open MRI scanner has two flat magnets on the top and bottom areas, with a large space to accommodate the patient. The open space in between the magnets often alleviates discomfort or claustrophobia, because the patient is not fully enclosed. This design can produce high quality images while providing optimal comfort.

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Open Mri Machine Locations Near Me

Open Mri Machine Locations Near Me. Improving on mri technology and capabilities. What to expect every open mri.

Unlike the traditional procedure, an open mri scanner is wider or open on the sides, eliminating feelings of claustrophobia or closeness that some people feel during a traditional mri. What to expect every open mri. Finding a clinic that offers open mri scanners.


The wide open mri takes the concept of open mri to new heights Open mri machine locations near open bore mri machine can be open on three or all sides of the machine.

Source: has helped 990,725 people find an mri center near them. Open mri machine locations near open bore mri machine can be open on three or all sides of the machine.


The wide open mri takes the concept of open mri to new heights Open mri is used to accommodate claustrophobic, obese and pediatric patients.


Upright mri of deerfield is recognized as the world leader in open mri innovation, Ste 110 rockville, md 20850 office:

Source: has helped 990,725 people find an mri center near them. Encino mri is an independently owned and operated facility offering open mri scans to residents of los angeles and southern california.

Source: www.cdimiami.comSource: www.americanhealthimaging.comSource: www.yelp.comSource: cuteimages.netSource:

The Future Of Mri Scanning

Upright Open MRI

MRI technology has dramatically advanced. Better image quality, faster exam times, and less noisy, these sleekly designed machines provide high-quality results and enhanced patient comfort.

Short bore magnets combine the accuracy of a tunnel scanner with the comfort of an open MRI. They are much less constrictive and can produce a high field. This can help prevent unnecessary MRI anxiety and allow extremely large patients to be tested.

To learn more about how Open MRIs work call Independent Imaging at to request an appointment, or use our request an appointment form.

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Shields Has More Open Mri Machines Than Any Provider In New England has helped 990,725 people find an mri center near them. Straps may be used to hold your head, arms or legs in specific positions during the scan, and in some cases, a contrast agent or dye may be injected to help produce more detailed images. Open mri scanners are designed to provide optimal image quality comparable to traditional closed or tunnel mri scanners, while also keeping patient comfort in mind.

Why Is An Open Mri An Advantage For Children

An MRI is often a source of anxiety for many adults, and it is easy to understand why it could make a child anxious and uncomfortable. An Open MRI doesnt make the patient feel closed in and provides a much more comfortable atmosphere. This is great for children who may already be nervous about the doctors office and big machines. It also allows the childs parents to stay with them during the procedure- a relief for both parent and child.

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You Have A Choiceand There Is A Difference

Tulsa’s advanced MRI Center – Advantage3Tmri

Most Advanced imaging in eastern Oklahoma

…and at no extra expense!

WELCOME to the online home of Advantage Diagnostic & 3TMRI

While the highest quality possible is the goal most medical facilities strive for,it is a routine practice at Advantage Diagnostic & 3T MRI.

How can you choose the best MRI?

We suggest that you choose an American College of Radiology imaging center which:

  • Has a MRI scanner that is capable of providing the highest image resolution for patients.

  • Employs courteous medical staff and radiologists who have the highest level of training possible.

  • Convenient appointment times to meet your busy schedule. Same day appointment are often available. Please call.

  • Has STAT reports available at the request of the referring physician.

  • Offers the first set of digital copies of imaging studies at no additional charge.

  • Charges no additional cost to either you or your insurance company.

  • Has a magnet capable of providing the fastest scan time to patients who are claustrophobic.

  • Has a convenient location.

Advantage 3T MRI Imaging satisfies all of the above criteria and more. We have addressed these areas on our website but you can always email us at . Thank you for visiting our website and whichever imaging center you choose, we wish you the best health.

Exceptional Quality

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Or Mri Is A Non

What to Expect From Your Open Upright MRI Exam

What is MRI used for?MRI is a common exam used to evaluate many disease processes and musculoskeletal injuries. This method allows radiologists and doctors to examine detailed images of the internal body, which aids in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect many parts of the body. Some of these include:

  • Musculoskeletal system: MRI is often used to study the foot, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist. Because MRI produces detailed images, it is highly effective in evaluating soft tissue structures such as tendons and ligaments. Even subtle injuries of cartilage, ligaments and bone can be detected with MRI.
  • Brain and spine: MRI is the most sensitive technique for the diagnosis of a range of brain and spine conditions, such as tumors, multiple sclerosis and stroke. Obstructed blood vessels, vascular malformations and aneurysms are also readily detected with MRI. Doctors can also use MRI to diagnose spinal problems, including disc herniation and spinal stenosis.
  • Chest, abdomen and pelvis: The liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys can be examined in detail with MRI. Conditions such as cysts, cancer, cirrhosis, tumors and more can be detected with MRI, particularly with contrast. MRI can also aid in the early diagnosis of breast cancer, because it offers greater detail than traditional x-rays. Furthermore, because no radiation exposure is involved, MRI is often used for examination of the male and female reproductive systems.

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What Is An Mri

MRI is a diagnostic test using radio waves and magnetic fields. It gives doctors a better view of a patients organs and body systems and can often detect problems that dont show up in an X-ray or CT scan. MRIs are used in medical imaging as a safe and effective diagnostic tool. Unlike CT scans and X-rays, the MRI does not use radiation.

What Our Patients Say About Us

Excellent and a piece of cake, given that I am claustrophobic. Here it was easy to sit down for the procedure, which lasted 20 minutes. Radiologist/technician was professional and announced each phase of the MRI pulses and their duration. The office associate/receptionist was also very pleasant and attentive. I was given a disc of the MRI and am waiting to receive the written radiologist report through my doctor, the prescribing physician for the MRI.

Daniel T

This place is the best the employee Brian is the best guy who takes the MRI I cant say enough about him great and caring and make you feel at ease just a great guy all around just want to say To thx you from the bottom of my heart.

Mr. Dorsey

This was the best experience I have ever had. Having had a previous stage 3 brain injury 8 years ago and asthma, I have developed severe claustrophobia and impulse control. I would have never had an MRI done had it not been for Washington Open MRI. You guys are the BEST. My experience was awesome form the time I got there with the receptionist to Mr. Victor who words can not express his compassion and professionalism. I would give this man 100 stars. Much appreciated

Monica BBrooke B from a patient seen in Owings MillsJennifer H

My experience was very good. The technician and everyone there were very professional and courteous. If I need the service again I will definitely be back. Thanks!

Wallace DLogan JPhyllis NKaren BLouis MMJ BFabrizia H Russell PDee F Judy R

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Advantages Of An Open Mri For Spinal Issues

Most spinal scans at Medserena are done seated, to show the effects of gravity without the pain and discomfort of standing. The spine is exposed to a pressure five times greater when sitting rather than lying down, and so an open MRI scan may reveal problems either not visible or underestimated in the supine position in a conventional scanner. They can be particularly useful for picking up causes of spinal instability, including spinal fusion, as well as spondylolisthesis .

An open MRI may also provide some answers for patients about the causes of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, or pelvic floor insufficiency .

At Medserena our scanner is not only open but truly upright. This allows patients to be scanned in positions not possible when laying down. It can therefore give a more conclusive diagnosis of conditions such as whiplash , or the inherited connective tissue disorder hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Scans are available to self-pay clients, clients with private health insurance and NHS patients where prior funding has been agreed by a clinical commissioning group.

A Full Service Mri Facility

S1 Open MRI

Here at Vision Upright MRI, we have the ability to put the patient in the position necessary to provide the most accurate diagnosis. The referring doctor will be able to make a far more comprehensive and accurate evaluation of their patients conditions. This will enable doctors to prescribe and execute a more effective treatment.

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Mri Of The Spinal Cord

MRI scans are very useful in detecting abnormalities in the spinal cord that might be harder to detect from other imaging techniques due to bone getting in the way like in the case of an X-ray. Its the best way to visualize the spinal cord and the surrounding nerves, and is a vital tool in pin pointing nerve damage locations, or the extent of a pinched nerve. With this knowledge your doctor can come up with a customized treatment plan to resolve issues and symptoms you may be experiencing, and recommend the appropriate course of actions. Its also more sensitive than CT scans for tumor evaluation, so an MRI can be useful in early detection of tumors or infections in the spinal cord area.

A Less Confined Mri Offered In New Jersey

Upright MRI is the only “whole body MRI” with the ability to perform Positional Imaging which allows patients to be scanned in positions such as sitting or lying down. For the first time, patients can be scanned in weight-bearing positions in their precise location of the symptoms or pain.

The Upright® MRI has the ability to put the patient in the position necessary to obtain the most complete and accurate diagnosis possible. As a result of its unique ability to scan patients in weight-bearing positions, the Upright® MRI has detected problems that would have gone undetected on ordinary lie-down scanners.

Our technologist will help position you in the scanner. An imaging device called a “coil” will be placed around the area of the body to be scanned.

The Upright, multi-positional MRI offers extraordinary patient comfort and diagnostic advantages:

  • Patient-friendly for adults and seniors
  • Comfortable, easy positioning – sitting or lying down
  • Watch a 42 TV during your scan
  • Accommodates patients up to 500 lbs
  • Can help lower anxiety for patients with claustrophobia

To schedule your Upright MRI, please call: 823-6533.

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How An Open Mri Differs From A Traditional Mri

The Open MRI is open on all four sides while the traditional MRI is closed on three sides. The Open MRI is much more comfortable for someone who becomes anxious in tight spaces. Both kinds of MRIs are important depending on the type of test, but the open MRI is a more comfortable and quieter alternative for many procedures.

Patient Comfort And Ease

Scanning Positions for CDIs Open Upright MRI

The multipositional MRI used at Vision Upright MRI is so open it allows the patient to walk into the scanner, have their scan done, and walk out. There is nothing directly in front of their face or over their heads that can cause them to experience a closed in feeling. Patients can comfortably sit and watch their favorite program on a large screen TV mounted on the scanner wall. You can read and learn more about standing upright MRI from the manufacturer Fonar.

There are movable transpolar stabilization bars to enhance patient comfort and stability during multipositional scans such as flexion, extension, rotation and lateral bending. We provide a movable seat and have whisper gradients that quiet the sounds of the scan.

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What Happens During An Open Mri

An open MRI is a game-changer and allows MRI testing to more patients. During the test, the patient lies back on a table with a clear sight around the room, a 270-degree view. The machine has an open, airy design with magnets on top and bottom of the table. The MRI table is wide to fit larger patients. A coil is put over the part of the body that needs to be examined.

Patient comfort is easy to provide in an open MRI scan. Pillows and blankets are permitted during the scan, especially for younger patients. Children may even be able to hold a parents hand. For very young children, the parent may stay on the MRI table and hold the child.

Schedule An Appointment Today

Trust ImageCare Centers to provide a quality and comfortable experience. With more than 20 locations in Northern New Jersey and several MRI options, well get you in and out quickly while ensuring your comfort and providing the highest quality imaging available in the region. Whether you need an MRI of the knee, MRI brain scan, or other MRI service, we will provide you with compassionate care that puts you at ease.

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What Is An Open Mri

These machines are exactly what they sound like. Theyre open, but they still use magnets for taking images of your bodys insides. Rather than being an enclosed capsule, these use a magnetic bottom and top and all four sides are open, reducing the risk of panic attacks and claustrophobia exponentially, allowing you to make use of an MRI to diagnose your condition accurately.

Take Charge Of Your Health

6 Things to Know about MRI

Want to find answers without having to ask for permission from your insurance company or doctor? At First Look MRI, no order is required and the results are sent directly to you, the paying customer, and to the doctor you specify. At other facilities in Atlanta, an MRI plus an additional reading fee can cost thousands of dollars and it may take several weeks to get the order, have the scan, and learn the results from yet another visit to your doctor. At First Look MRI, an MRI with report included is only $499, and results are emailed to you in under 24 hours, saving time and money. STAT results are sent to you in under 90 minutes.

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What Is A Closed Mri

The closed MRI has been around longer than the open MRI and features a capsule-like space youd lie in to have high-quality images taken. The system includes a large magnet and radio wave that sends signals and receives signals to and from your body. A computer thats attached to the scanner converts the returning signals into images. MRI scanners come in various strengths of magnetic fields measured in teslas, or T, typically between 0.5T and 3.0T.

The image results are highly detailed and allow doctors to come up with a correct diagnosis and tailor an individualized treatment plan for your ailment. The scans shape enables it to generate pictures of areas other scans dont have available, which means closed MRIs are essential in some cases.

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