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Where Can I Recycle Printer Ink Cartridges

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Sell Used Printer Cartridges On Ebay

How to recycle your empty toner cartridges

You may have seen new ink and toner cartridges for sale on eBay, but did know that you could sell empty ones there as well?

Ive sold empty inkjet cartridges from my HP home printer through the site twice. The first time, I made $24.99 for six empty cartridges, and the second time I sold five cartridges for $34. Selling multiple cartridges at once, known as selling in lots, helps save you time and makes your listing more attractive to buyers.

Make sure your listings stand out by including details. Note the manufacturer, model numbers and whether the cartridges are black, color or a combination of the two. Add a picture of your cartridges as well. You dont have to be Ansel Adams, but clearly show what you have to sell.

If youve never refilled your cartridges, include the word virgin in both the title and description of your listing — it could make your post more popular and earn you more money.

Heres The Best Part: Its All Provided Free Of Charge So That Doing The Right Thing Is Even Easier

The process is as follows:

Spent cartridges are collected for recycling

Carriers deliver used cartridges to collection center

Cartridges evaluated for recycling or reusing

Cartridges are recycled to extract components and raw materialto be used in manufacturing new products or are sorted through ISO 9001inspection process, remanufactured, tested and packaged for reuse.

Through our driver pick-up program, we make it easy to recycle your empty ink and toner cartridges.

We provide pallet pick-up programs for large returns and prepaid mailing labels for customers without driver service and we will recycle any brand of ink and toner.

Any Downsides To Ink Cartridge Recycling

Not really. If youre donating to charity, then not only are you helping the environment, youre also donating to a good cause.

If youre hoping for cash, then you are relying on these companies to be honest. Once youve sent your cartridges, thats it, theyre gone. If the company contacts you to say that the old ink cartridges werent any good and they wont be sending you any cash, then you have to accept that.

However, if you never received money from them before, its not like youre missing out anyway.

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How To Recycle Ink Cartridges

More than 500 million printer cartridges are sold each year in the United States, and more than half 350 million of those are sent to landfills. Toner cartridges are both recyclable and reusable, so more eco-friendly options for disposal exist. There are two main choices for keeping printer cartridges out of landfills: recycling and refilling them.

If you want to refill your ink cartridges, there are two options. You can bring them to a retailer for this service for example, participating Walgreens and Costco stores clean and refill cartridges in the photo department. You can also refill them on your own following these steps:

  • Buy a printer cartridge refill kit at an office supply store or from an online retailer.
  • Put on rubber gloves to prevent getting ink on your hands.
  • Remove the printer cartridge and locate the two refill holes or toner refill port, which might be under the label.
  • Follow the directions included with the kit to determine how exactly to fill your cartridges.
  • Reseal the ink cartridge after refilling it.
  • Clean the ink refill syringe after each use.
  • If you want to recycle your ink cartridges, use the Earth911 recycling locator to find options in your area.

    Not sure whether refilling or recycling is the right option for you? Read on in our FAQs to see when each situation makes the most sense.

    How To Recycle Used Toner Cartridges

    Recycle your Empty Ink and Toner Cartridges and Get Benefit

    Do you have a collection of used toner cartridges that you are not sure quite what to do with? Are they still usable or recyclable? And how do I find out where to recycle them? These are all questions we receive pretty often at Office Interiors and the good news is that theyre fully recyclable, and toner cartridge recycling is now easier than ever.

    Toner cartridges are full of chemicals that take a long time to break down, which is why you dont want them to end up in a landfill. Recycling your used toner cartridges is not only good for the environment, but its also an excellent way for your company to be more sustainable. So, keep reading to get the scoop on how to recycle used toner cartridges and why its important to do so.;

    How To Recycle Kyocera Toner Cartridges

    Kyoceras ECO footPRINT Toner Recycling Program also makes it easy for customers to recycle used toner cartridges.

    Similar to the Ricoh program, customers can pack up used and empty cartridges and send them off to the companys recycling partner. The recycling facility then turns the used cartridges into new products like pens, park benches and asphalt.

    The recycling service for toner cartridges is free, and the company pays the postage to return your boxes by Canada Post.

    Check Out Staples Rewards

    Staples has a rewards program called Staples Rewards. You get up to 5% back in rewards, and other benefits.

    Whats great about the program is that it gives you $2 back in rewards for each ink cartridge you recycle. There is a minimum purchase requirement though so do keep that in mind.

    • Check out Staples Rewards here.

    How To Recycle Laser Toners & Ink Cartridges

    There are several ways that you can recycle laser toners or inkjet cartridges, however some recycling companies will only allow you to send empty printer cartridges from a pre-approved list that dont include some of older original cartridges or any empty compatible / remanufactured cartridges.

    Whilst this prevents you from doing your part as a socially responsible person or organisation, its generally down to the cost / legal implications, and the process required to dispose of cartridges that cant be reused or recycled.

    The best 3 methods that weve found to recycle your empty cartridges are:

  • Recycling large quantities of toner via a box collection service.
  • Recycling small quantities of inks via free post service.
  • Recycling toners & inks with the original printer manufacturer.
  • How To Recycle Ink And Toner Cartridges

    How to Recycle Printer Cartridges

    At home or in the office ink and toner printing cartridges need to be changed when they run low.; Ink and toner are not interchangeable, they are actually quite different. Ink is a liquid thats used in inkjet printers, whereas toner is a powder used in laser printers. Inkjet printers are used for photo printers or home offices. Laser printers print faster and are higher quality and can be used to print signs and billboards.

    Inkjet printers work by shooting ink directly onto the page. The ink is locked inside the cartridge in an airtight foil compartment. The ink cartridge is loaded onto a print head, which moves back and forth across the paper as it creates the image with droplets of ink.

    Toner is made of iron oxide and plastic resin. Laser printers dont just blot ink on the paper like inkjet printers doits much more complicated. The laser draws an electrostatic image, making it positively or negatively charged. A very precise laser alters the electrical charge in certain spots based on the image. The toner then draws over the spots that the laser has laid out.

    Laser printers are also better for businesses and large print projects because they are much faster than inkjet. The electromagnetic process in the printer is more precise and efficient. So when choosing a printer, it depends if speed or cost is more of a priority.

    Ways To Recycle Ink Cartridges For Cash Near You

    by Lauren Todd – Last Updated July 1, 2019

    Want to know how to recycle ink cartridges for cash?

    Read on!

    Sadly, once they are empty, ink cartridges are just thrown out and end up in a landfill.

    Fortunately, there are programs that promote ink cartridge recycling.

    These programs will take your old cartridges off your hands and save them from that landfill.

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    Whats great as well is that not only are you helping the environment by recycling but you can also make some cash by recycling.


    These programs will pay you for your old cartridges. It really is a win-win.

    Lets take a look at a few ways you can get paid to recycle ink cartridges.

    With the Office Depot Recycling Program you can get cash back for your old cartridges.

    Since its such a big chain, youre likely to find an Office Depot store near you.

    Heres how the program works:

    • Visit your local store and recycle your ink and toner cartridges.
    • Youll get $2 back in rewards for each recycled cartridge when you make a $10 qualifying purchase during the same month.
    • Rewards are paid out monthly online as a reward certificate.

    So its pretty easy.

    Its a good program for getting cash for empty toner cartridges.

    Is It Ok To Throw Away Ink Cartridges

    No. Im sure that over the last couple of years weve all become far more aware of the problems that plastic pollution is causing the planet. If you throw away an ink cartridge, it will probably end up in 1 of 2 places:

    • landfill, where it will take over 1,000 years to decay. And if there is still ink left in the cartridge, this could spill and destroy the surrounding environment.
    • incinerator, where the plastic is burned, releasing toxic gas into the air.

    Sadly, 75% 85% of ink cartridges are still thrown away, rather than recycled in the UK.

    Recycle Hp Ink Cartridges For Cash

    Most third party cartridge buyers will pay cold, hard cash for your HP Ink cartridges, as long as they are:;

    • In the original, unopened packaging
    • Within the expiration date stamped on the package

    If your HP ink cartridges arent unopened and unexpired youll need to simply recycle them. No cash. Sorry.

    Question 5 Of 6: What Is The Shelf Life Of Hp Toner Cartridges

    Can I Put Toner Cartridge In Recycling Bin / Recycling ...
  • 1HP toner cartridges can print for 3 years or more. This is according to an HP employee who works in the laserjet department. If you store your HP toner cartridges in hot and humid conditions, they may degrade more quickly.XResearch source
  • So, even if you have some HP toner cartridges that youre not currently using, consider hanging onto them for at least a couple of years before you recycle them. You or someone you know might be able to use them eventually!
  • Where To Recycle Toner Cartridges

    Recycling toner cartridges is not hard. You can mail empty toner cartridges back to the manufacturer free of charge via a cartridge return program.

    You can also recycle printer toner cartridges at an office supply store. There are also several third-party recycling options.

    If your toner cartridges are new you can sell them to us.

    What To Do With Unused Printer Ink Cartridges

    As already mentioned above, you can simply sell them.

    Unused print cartridges that are in the original packaging and within the expiration date listed on the packaging can be easily sold online.

    If your unused printer ink cartridges are out of the original packaging or out of date, they should be recycled using either a manufacturer lead recycling program, a non-manufacturer mail-back program, or dropped off at an office supply store.

    Refill At A Cartridge Refill Shop

    If you can’t find somewhere to recycle your cartridge, you may like to have your cartridge refilled at a cartridge refill shop, like Cartridge World shops, saving the need to send it away and saving money on your new cartridges.

    Most cities have shops dedicated to refilling cartridges, and will normally be happy to take your empty cartridges if you get them refilled there.

    Who Actually Collects And Recycles The Cartridges

    How to recycle empty ink cartridges

    HP partners with shipping companies to collect and return printing supplies. Once the supplies have been returned, HP works with advanced recycling organizations to recover and recycle materials from empty or used HP printing supplies. Because of their construction, Original HP cartridges cannot be effectively recycled using conventional, commercial processes.

    Refill Your Printer Ink

    If you choose to refill your printer ink cartridges, you have two paths. Some retailers can refill your ink cartridges for you. They will refill the cartridges, and then they will perform a quality test on your remanufactured ink cartridges to ensure there are no broken components.;

    You can also refill the cartridges on your own. A refill kit will usually come with gloves, an ink syringe, a screw tool, and instructions, and you can refill your cartridges with these simple steps:

  • Buy an ink replacement system from an online retailer.
  • Wear gloves to avoid staining your hands with ink.
  • Locate the refill ports for ink or tonersometimes under the label.
  • Follow the specific directions on your kit to refill with ink.
  • Reseal your cartridges.
  • Clean the ink syringe.
  • You need to refill yourink cartridges with a refill kit specific to the brand of your cartridges, as ink capacities differ across brands. You will be able to refill your ink cartridgesthree or four times. After that point, you can recycle them.

    Council Civic Amenity Sites

    Most council-run ‘Civic Amenity’ sites take waste electronics including cartridges as long as your items were from household use.

    If your items are for business-use only or from an office or commercial premises, then they will not accept your waste.

    Search above on RecycleNow, or contact your council directly to find out about your local sites they may have a dedicated bin for cartridges at a specific site.

    Or, if your council allows you to include small electricals in a roadside collection this may also be an option.

    Brother Earth Free Ink & Toner Recycling

    Brother provide their Earth recycling scheme that will allow you to recycle inks, toners, drums and even old printers and the best thing of all is that its completely free to use. Similar to other brands, recycling is done responsibly and you can rest assured that nothing goes to Landfill.

    Turn Empty Cartridges In At An Office Supply Store

    Empties Please » Blog Archive » Toners & Ink Cartridges ...

    Big-box office-supply stores like OfficeDepot and Staples will recycle ink cartridges and even have ink cartridge recycling reward programs. These stores will give you $2 in store credit for each qualifying cartridge that you turn in, up to a maximum of 10 empty cartridges per month. That $20 a month could go a long way toward paying for school supplies each September!

    To participate, you must be a member of their customer reward programs and make qualifying purchases. But if you regularly shop at either store, this could be a good solution for you. Its also worth checking out your local mom-and-pop office-supply store to see if it has a similar program.

    Reaching Out To Local Office Stores

    There is another option that can also prove to be quite beneficial in terms of disposing of printer ink cartridges and it is in connection with taking your used ink cartridges to a local office supply store.

    There are many office supply stores that will gladly and willingly take back printer ink cartridges that have been used and spent considerably. Therefore, if you have an office supply store within your area then, you can even check their website to see whether or not they will accept ink and toner cartridges.

    Most office supply stores will recycle them right away, as soon as possible, you can be assured that they respond immediately. Another facet that can be given consideration is by discovering and finding a local recycling facility that may possibly be located in your area.

    Furthermore, local recycling facilities are a lot easier and much simpler to find than we may actually realize in most cases.

    Searching Out Local Business Recycling Opportunities

    Whether you make full use of toner or ink, both printer cartridges should be able to be recycled and disposed of right in your household garbage.

    Always keep in mind that if you prefer recycling over the disposing of your ink cartridges then, many office supply retailers offer reasonable ways and advantages to make it more of a straightforward process in your behalf. They also offer major discounts on brand-new products in exchange for ones that have already been used for a certain amount of time.

    Other high in demand retailers like Walgreens, and Costco will gladly refill the ink cartridges for you.

    Anyone who makes use of and replaces printer toner cartridges knows very well that it can be quite tempting to immediately throw them away the minute they run out. However, toner cartridge recycling is a much more precise and conventional way to deal with and to face your empties, it is much easier to take on than ever before.

    Hp Planet Partners Printer Cartridge Recycling

    You can recycle your Empty HP laser toners or inkjet cartridges using HPs accredited recycling service and feel confident that nothing will go to landfill. HP offer the ability to print postage and box labels for small quantities of returns, and you can also order a large recycling box / collection for large quantities of products.

    What Do I Need To Know

    Earn Cash, Make Money!- Recycle your empty ink cartridges

    Not all the recycling options above will accept every cartridge. If using one of the charity or cash options, you will need to find out which cartridges they are interested in. This should be stated on their website. You will then need to see which cartridges you have.

    First of all, you will need to know the manufacturer and whether it is black or a colour;cartridge. It will usually state on the cartridge itself. If you cant tell, then take a look at your printer manual or online.

    Next, you will need to know if it is virgin or non-virgin. Virgin means that it is an original cartridge bought straight from the main supplier. A non-virgin cartridge is one that has previously been refilled or it will have a label from another company such as Tesco or Asda.

    The cartridges above are all virgin as they were bought straight from HP and have their logo.

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