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Where Can I Recycle Hp Printer Cartridges

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Recycle Ink Cartridges By Mail

Inside scoop: how HP Printers & ink cartridges are recycled

Ink cartridges can be recycled by mail.

Most major manufacturers will pay the cost of shipping. It is helpful to keep the box or carton that your ink or toner cartridges came in since it can be used to mail your empty cartridges back to the manufacturer for recycling.

Recycling by mail is a convenient option for many, especially in the age of COVID quarantines!

Another benefit of recycling by mail is the security of knowing your empty ink cartridges will be properly recycled by the original manufacturer or an equally qualified cartridge refurbisher.

A detailed analysis of each manufactures mail-in recycling program is covered below.

Visit the web site of your ink cartridge manufacturer for more information about recycling ink cartridges by mail.

Refill At A Cartridge Refill Shop

If you can’t find somewhere to recycle your cartridge, you may like to have your cartridge refilled at a cartridge refill shop, like Cartridge World shops, saving the need to send it away and saving money on your new cartridges.

Most cities have shops dedicated to refilling cartridges, and will normally be happy to take your empty cartridges if you get them refilled there.

Recycle Ink Cartridges For Cash

Want to make some fast cash?

Some claim you can make a pretty penny recycling ink cartridges for cash. While we havent seen big earnings recycling ink cartridges for cash, you can make a few bucks and clear out your office clutter.

Recycling ink cartridges for money depends entirely on the age and condition of your ink cartridges.

Are your ink cartridges in the original sealed packaging?

Are they still within the expiration date printed on the side of the package?

Then you get top dollar for your ink cartridges.

Recycling ink cartridges for cash works best if your cartridges are in new or nearly new condition. You can make money for ink cartridges in damaged packaging, but not as much as cartridges in better condition. Ink cartridges that have been opened or used generally cannot be sold for cash and should be properly recycled.

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Recycling Instructions Using A Freepost Service:

Its possible to recycle small quantities of empty inkjet cartridges via a freepost service. Heres how:

  • Simply pop your cartridges into a box
  • Visit the website and register an account. You can also choose to donate to charity for items that are successfully recycled.
  • Download their free post label and attach it to your box.
  • Pop the box in the post
  • How To Recycle Laser Toners & Ink Cartridges

    Original HP 364XL Multipack Ink Cartridges

    There are several ways that you can recycle laser toners or inkjet cartridges, however some recycling companies will only allow you to send empty printer cartridges from a pre-approved list that dont include some of older original cartridges or any empty compatible / remanufactured cartridges.

    Whilst this prevents you from doing your part as a socially responsible person or organisation, its generally down to the cost / legal implications, and the process required to dispose of cartridges that cant be reused or recycled.

    The best 3 methods that weve found to recycle your empty cartridges are:

  • Recycling large quantities of toner via a box collection service.
  • Recycling small quantities of inks via free post service.
  • Recycling toners & inks with the original printer manufacturer.
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    Epson Printer Cartridge Recycling

    Accepts: Ink cartridges, toner cartridges

    Epson have a scheme designed around how many printers you own. Supporting both single-printer owners and those with over 10 Epson machines, you can even recycle from the large format Epson printers. Have your Epson printer model to hand and you’re good to go.

    Does Hp Use Recycled Materials In Original Hp Cartridges And Supplies Packaging

    Yes, HP uses recycled materials extensively in packaging, including recycled content paperboard, corrugated cardboard and recycled plastic. HP has produced more than 3.9 billion Original HP ink and toner cartridges that contain recycled plastic. Today more than 80% of Original HP ink cartridges and 100% of Original HP toner cartridges are now manufactured with recycled content. All HP cartridges and packaging are designed with sustainability in mind.3

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    Lexmark Ink & Toner Recycling

    Lexmark offers free and easy cartridge recycling and has since 1991. Lexmark offers environmentally sound choices for recycling its ink and toner cartridges and disposing of its end-of-life hardware, like printers, scanners, and other peripherals.

    Click here to learn more about Lexmark ink and toner recycling.

    You can ship multiple empty Lexmark cartridges in a single box. Click here to print a free shipping label.

    Here is the official step-by-step video on recycling Lexmark printer cartridges:

    To learn more about recycling Lexmark printer cartridges for cash .

    Refill Your Printer Ink

    How to recycle your empty toner cartridges

    If you choose to refill your printer ink cartridges, you have two paths. Some retailers can refill your ink cartridges for you. They will refill the cartridges, and then they will perform a quality test on your remanufactured ink cartridges to ensure there are no broken components.

    You can also refill the cartridges on your own. A refill kit will usually come with gloves, an ink syringe, a screw tool, and instructions, and you can refill your cartridges with these simple steps:

  • Buy an ink replacement system from an online retailer.
  • Wear gloves to avoid staining your hands with ink.
  • Locate the refill ports for ink or tonersometimes under the label.
  • Follow the specific directions on your kit to refill with ink.
  • Reseal your cartridges.
  • Clean the ink syringe.
  • You need to refill yourink cartridges with a refill kit specific to the brand of your cartridges, as ink capacities differ across brands. You will be able to refill your ink cartridgesthree or four times. After that point, you can recycle them.

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    Who Actually Collects And Recycles The Cartridges

    HP partners with shipping companies to collect and return printing supplies. Once the supplies have been returned, HP works with advanced recycling organizations to recover and recycle materials from empty or used HP printing supplies. Because of their construction, Original HP cartridges cannot be effectively recycled using conventional, commercial processes.

    Recycle Hp Ink Cartridges For Cash

    Most third party cartridge buyers will pay cold, hard cash for your HP Ink cartridges, as long as they are:

    • In the original, unopened packaging
    • Within the expiration date stamped on the package

    If your HP ink cartridges arent unopened and unexpired youll need to simply recycle them. No cash. Sorry.

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    Make Money Not Credit

    When you sell your unused toners to either Staples or Office Depot, rather than a toner buyer, you dont receive cash for your cartridge.

    Instead, you are presented with rewards that can only be used in that store. According to Staples, they give you $2 in rewards credit for your cartridges.

    But did you know an unused toner cartridge from a name brand such as HP or Canon can fetch up to $40 or more? Office Depot is worse.

    Along with only offering you $2 in rewards, you must also make a $10 qualifying purchase that same month to receive it.

    Just about as exciting as receiving $2 worth of Schrute bucks or a dozen Stanley nickels.

    Once you have turned in your cartridges, Staples takes over 30 days for your rewards to show up in your account. And thats only if there are no delays.

    From the Staples website:

    Dependent upon timing of recycling, additional processing time for qualifying cartridges recycled online may cause them to appear in the following monthly Rewards statement .

    Office Depot pays them out in rewards only on a quarterly basis.

    With toner buyers, not only are you paid immediately after the toner is received, but you have the luxury of choosing your method of payment.

    Whether its PayPal or company check. And its money youre allowed to spend anywhere. We dont limit you to coupons in our stores.

    Sharp Ink & Toner Recycling

    Empties Please » Blog Archive » Toners &  Ink Cartridges ...

    You have a couple of options for recycling Sharp toner cartridges.

    The first option is to mail them back to Sharp . Ship empty Sharp toner cartridges to:

    Sharp Recycling2051 Meridian PlaceHebron, KY 41048

    The second option is Order a Bulk Recycling Kit from Sharp. The free kit includes three pre-labeled collection/shipping cartons, as well as plastic bags and ties to seal your empty cartridges prior to shipping.

    The company also offers free bulk shipping to recycle your Sharp toner cartridges.

    Click here to learn more about Sharp ink and toner recycling.

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    Refill Your Empty Toner Or Ink Cartridges

    One way to recycle your old cartridges is to reuse them. Most empty cartridges can be refilled, and you should find out by visiting the manufacturers website. Its important to understand it can be a messy process to do yourself, so its best to take the empty cartridges to a professional retailer for refilling.

    Why Is Recycling Empty Ink Cartridges So Important

    Each year, millions of empty toner and inkjet cartridges are thrown into the trash, ending up in our planet’s landfills or incinerators. Recycling these empty cartridges is easy, profitable and environmentally beneficial. It helps reduce solid waste, conserves raw materials and the energy needed to produce a new product. Most cartridges can be recycled up to six times – they are refurbished, refilled and then resold to consumers at a lower price than brand name cartridges. Recycled cartridges produce the same quality and output as new cartridges.

    Ink cartridges are constructed out of plastic, petroleum-based products and take about 1,000 years to decompose. According to recent estimates, 20-40% of ink cartridges are recycled, meaning 60-80% end up in landfills. The recovery and reuse of empty printer cartridges diverts millions of cubic feet of material from waste disposal, saving us the millions of tax dollars needed to pay for additional landfill management.

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    Keep Plastics Out Of Landfills

    The HP Planet Partners return and recycling program enables simple, convenient recycling of Original HP supplies. Since 2000, more than 118 million pounds of recycled plastic have been used in manufacturing new Original HP ink and toner cartridges, keeping 2,950 tractor-trailer loads of plastic from going to landfills. 1

    Free and easy recycling

    HP Planet Partners is available in more than 50 countries and territories around the world. Learn how to recycle your HP Original ink and toner, and start recycling with HP today.

  • is made from material you recycled.

  • How To Dispose Of Hp Laserjet Toner

    How to Recycle Printer Cartridges

    When your HP LaserJet printer cartridges run out of toner, you can return them to HP for the Planet Partners recycling program. This program, started in 1991, recycles toner cartridges by breaking them down into their raw materials. HP uses these materials to create new products, cutting down on waste and keeping cartridges out of landfills. By returning cartridges to the Planet Partners program, your business will also earn PurchasEdge points that you can use to buy new HP equipment.


    Open your Internet browser and go to the HP Supplies Recycling webpage .



    Select “Yes, I have my own boxes” if you have your own shipping materials. If you need boxes, select “No, I need to order boxes” and enter the number of boxes you want. One box holds about 15 to 25 cartridges. Click “Submit.”


    Enter your full name, address and other requested information. Click “Submit.” Verify your information and click “Submit” again.


    Turn on your printer and click “Print this page” if you chose to print a shipping label. If you ordered a box, it will come with a shipping label inside.


    Seal used toner cartridges in a plastic bag and place the bag inside a box. Surround the cartridges with packing material, such as foam peanuts, if desired.


    Seal the box with tape, then tape the packing label to the top of the box.


    Drop the box off at a U.S. post office location near you.


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    Question 3 Of : Do Office Supply Retailers Accept Toner Cartridges For Recycling

  • 1Yes, big-box retailers and office supply stores recycle toner cartridges. Retailers like Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, Office Depot, and OfficeMax all recycle HP toner cartridges. You can find a location near you by clicking on FIND A LOCATION under Drop it off on HPs recycling page here: . Take your cartridges in and put them in the dropbox located near where the store sells printer cartridges or at the front of the store.XResearch source
  • If none of these big-box retailers are located near you, call up any store where they sell printing supplies and ask if they recycle toner cartridges.
  • Ricoh Ink & Toner Recycling

    Ricohs been in the imaging business a long time and it takes its mission to reduce CO2 emissions and packaging materials seriously.

    The companys Environmental Contribution Toners are made from partially recycled Ricoh toner cartridges.

    Check out this video to learn more about Ricohs recycling efforts:

    Save your original Ricoh printer cartridge packaging materials!

    You can return your empty Ricoh, Savin, and Lanier toner cartridges by packing them up in the cartons they came in. Print out a pre-paid label and return those bad boys to Ricoh!

    You can recycle your empty Ricoh ink and toner cartridges in three different ways:

  • If your cartridges have shipping labels inside , remove that label, and place your empty cartridge inside the box. Seal the box, and tape the prepaid shipping label to the outside. Follow the return instruction on the shipping label.
  • If you are returning multiple empty Ricoh printer cartridges, you can pack several cartridges in one large box . Just make sure the packed box weighs less than 25 pounds and adheres to UPS shipping guidelines. Pack your empty toner cartridges into one box and seal it up. Make sure you tape the seams well. Tape the Ricoh pre-paid shipping label to the package and drop it off at any UPS shipping location.
  • Click here to learn more about Ricoh ink and toner recycling.

    How to find EDP code on Ricoh printer cartridge?

    You need only one EDP code even if youre returning multiple cartridges.

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    Recycling Ink With The British Red Cross

    To make the most of recycled ink cartridges we work with Recycle for Charity to recycle Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Samsung, and HP printer inkjet cartridges. The British Red Cross do incredible charitable work and for each cartridge we recycle they recieve £1. Our most recent batch of ink cartridges to recycle contains approximately 200 units which will generate around £200 for charity. We have chosen to share this news with our customers to let you all know that you too can get involved in in cartridge recycling with the British Red Cross and turn your waste into charitable donations. Not only will your old ink cartridges be disposed of safely and responsibly but people in need will directly benefit.

    Brother Ink Cartridge Recycling

    What Ink Cartridge Is Compatible With Your HP Printer

    Got empty Brother ink cartridges to recycle?

    The process is still the same reuse the shipping box your ink cartridges came in to ship them back!

    First, youll need to create an online account with Brother. This will let you print a USPS SmartLabel. Attach the label to your package, seal it up, and drop it off at any U.S. Postal Service mailbox or post office. Shipping is on Brother!

    To learn more about recycling Brother printer cartridges for cash .

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    We Buy A Wide Range Of Hp Inkjet Printer Cartridges

    As you can see from the list below, we buy and recycle a wide variety of HP inkjet printer cartridges. Whatever one you’re looking to sell, you’re likely to find them below.

    Please checkout the info on HP Protected cartridges by clicking on the FAQ Page.

    All you need to do is find the printer cartridge you want to sell to us, add the item to your basket and then checkout. You’ll then receive your payment within 30 days of us receiving your inkjet cartridges.

    If you are having trouble finding your HP Inkjet cartridges, try putting the cartridge number for example just 336, 301, 21 etc, omitting the word HP.

    Canon Ink Cartridges Recycling

    You can return your Canon inkjet cartridges for free with the companys no-cost collection and recycling program. This program was implemented to prevent used Canon inkjet cartridges from being dumped in landfills.

    Recycling Canon inkjet cartridges is simple. You can drop your empty Canon ink cartridges off at any of the over 1,600 FedEx Office Print & Ship Centers.

    Click here to find the FedEx nearest you.

    You can also mail you empty Canon ink cartridges to:


    To learn more about Canon recycling programs, please .

    To learn more about recycling unused Canon printer cartridges for cash, please .

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    Canon Printer Cartridge Recycling

    Accepts: Ink cartridges, toner cartridges

    Canon’s cartridge recycling scheme has been around since 1990 and accepts a limited selection of Toners and Inks. Visit the link below, select your type of cartridge and check the cartridges you want to use are accepted in the scheme. You’ll need at least 5 cartridges to use the scheme, otherwise it’s easy peasy.

    Why Do Companies Want Empty Cartridges Back

    HP Ink Cartridge Recycling Program

    I always thought it was very generous of HP to recycle my old cartridges for free. In fact, it made me a little suspicious. So I decided to dig a little deeper. It turns out that many companies want your empty cartridges so they can refill them and then sell them on.

    As we all know, ink cartridges arent cheap and a lot of the cost comes from the actual cartridge itself, not the ink. So if a company only has to supply the ink, it makes it a lot cheaper for them.

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