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Where Can I Buy Printer Toner

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Warranties Shipping And Returns

White Toner Printer Converted to Sublimation Printer – i550

All the replacement printer ink retailers that we review back their products with money-back guarantees, although warranty length varies from brand to brand. The best retailers offer a one- or two-year warranty, plus a grace period of 15 to 30 days to return unopened products for a refund. However, few of them reimburse customers for the cost of return shipping unless there is a clear defect, a sore spot for some reviewers. Most printer ink vendors deliver within a few days and offer free ground shipping on orders over a certain amount, usually between $40 and $55. Although you may be tempted to overload your cart to qualify for free shipping, experts caution against stockpiling ink cartridges. Remember, they can dry out, so any extra cartridges should be stored in an airtight container and used within a few months of purchase.

How To Install A Brother Toner

  • Power the laser printer on.
  • Pull open the front cover.
  • Pull out the toner and drum unit assembly from the printer.
  • Set it down on a flat surface covered with a paper towel to protect from accidental leaks.
  • Release the toner cartridge from the drum unit by pushing down on the green lever next to the toner cartridge.
  • Set aside the empty toner cartridge for recycling. Keep the drum unit, you don’t need a new drum unit just yet.
  • Unwrap packaging of new toner cartridge.
  • Do not remove the clip just yet. Gently shake the new toner side to side to redistribute the toner powder.
  • Remove the clip or pull out the tape over a trash bin or over a paper towel covered surface.
  • Slide new toner cartridge back into the drum unit.
  • Push gently until it clicks into place.
  • Slide drum and toner assembly back into the printer.
  • Close front cover.
  • Wait a few minutes for printer to detect new toner cartridge and then you can start printing.
  • Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority

    We aim to deliver wow-level customer service along every step of the way. Whether you need to know which toner is compatible for your laser printer, how to install an inkjet cartridge in your desktop printer or how to troubleshoot cartridge issues, our friendly and professional team is ready to assist you.

    You may also browse through our comprehensive FAQ page to find information about order placement, shipping, and payment, plus many other common concerns. However, if you cant find what youre looking for and you have questions about your purchase, simply send us a message through our dedicated chatbox.

    If our customer support is offline, leave a message and well get back to you as soon as we can. You can also contact us via phone or email.

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    Low Prices = Best Value For Your Money

    For offices that do large volume printing jobs, the printing cost can add up. If you do mostly standard text and image printing on standard paper, using more affordable compatible cartridges is a smart and practical choice. carries budget-friendly ink and toner that offer premium printing quality, just check out our satisfied customer reviews.

    How much can you save with Our premium toners have low prices, you can save even more with additional discounts when you order two or more items in a single purchase, or by ordering combo packs.

    Standard shipping fees apply but when your total order is worth or more, well ship your order for free. We also have twin packs and combo packs that include two or more top-selling cartridges but with lower price compared to purchasing individually. You can even end up paying less per cartridge by purchasing a twin or combo pack.

    You can also enjoy additional savings by using our coupon codes. We also offer weekly promo codes with varying discounts when you subscribe to our newsletter as well as volume discounts for qualified organizations.

    Reliability For A Lifetime

    How Do I Check Ink Levels on an HP Printer?

    Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can shop with peace of mind. Our cartridges have been tested and monitored for performance quality and page yield. In the event that you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will do our best to make it right. All of our LD-brand compatible ink and toner products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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    Printer Ink & Toner Cartridges

    If you have a printer in your home or office, you are eventually going to need to buy a replacement ink or toner cartridge. These small devices allow your printer to produce beautiful images and sharp documents, so keeping them filled is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your machine delivers high-quality printing results every single time.

    However, ink and toner cartridges arent interchangeable, and its important for you to know the difference between them before you buy so your printer will remain in working order for years to come. Lets review the major differences between printer ink and printer toner so you will know which type of cartridge to buy for your home or office printer.

    Ink Versus Toner: Is Toner The Same As Ink

    As you probably already guessed, ink and toner are NOT the same thing and they cannot be used interchangeably.

    Ink is a liquid. Toner is a powder.

    Ink is for inkjet printers, and toner is for laser printers.

    Laser toner wont work in inkjet printers, and ink wont work in a laser printer.

    ButWhy not?

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    What Is Printer Ink

    Printer ink is designed for use in inkjet printers. Printer ink cartridges are filled with liquid ink that comes in a variety of colors and is transferred to paper during the printing process. Printer ink is usually more cost-effective and easier to replace than printer toner. Be sure to check the model of the ink cartridge your inkjet printer requires before purchasing.

    Types Of Printer Toner

    How To Refill Any Ink Cartridge Printer Save Money

    Toner powder is made of special plastic substances that adhere to the paper and are then melted into place by pressure and heat.

    Toner powder is a proprietary formula specific to your printer brand and model. Brands like HP, Canon, and Brother devote hundreds of hours toward research and development of specific toner formulas.

    Thats why we always recommend using genuine brand name laser toner in your printer. Compatible cartridges cant match the print quality or page yield of genuine OEM toners.

    The basic formulas for color toners are the same for nearly all manufacturers:

    • Cyan: pigment blue 15:3
    • Magenta: pigment red 122
    • Yellow: pigment yellow 180
    • Key/Black: carbon black mixed with plastic

    Other ingredients inside toner powder include charge control agents, like iron, zinc, and chromium, which help the toner particles hold their electronic charge. Also, fumed silica powder keeps the toner particles loosened and free-flowing inside the cartridge hopper.

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    Different Yield Capacities For Different Applications

    Page yield is the number of pages a toner cartridge delivers before running out. Standard-yield units are suitable for users that print charts and reports occasionally. High yield cartridges let you produce multiple large projects, while reducing the need for regular printer maintenance. Extra-high-yield models feature large storage tanks, which hold a larger supply of toner but still fit into compatible laser printers.

    How To Replace Your Brother Printer’s Drum Unit

  • Power the laser printer on.
  • Pull open the front cover.
  • Pull out the toner and drum unit assembly from the printer.
  • Set it down on a flat surface covered with a paper towel to protect from accidental leaks.
  • Release the toner cartridge from the drum unit by pushing down on the green lever next to or slightly below the toner cartridge.
  • Set aside the old drum unit for recycling. Keep the toner cartridge, you don’t need to replace the toner when replacing the drum unit.
  • Unwrap packaging of new drum unit.
  • Slide the old toner cartridge into the new drum unit. Push gently until it clicks into place.
  • Slide drum and toner assembly back into the printer.
  • Close front cover.
  • Wait a few minutes for printer to detect new toner cartridge and then you can start printing.
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    Modern Color Toner Ingredients

    Modern color toners contain 85 to 95 percent plastic.

    This plastic is air milled into a superfine powder.

    The image quality produced by your printer is determined by the size of the toner particles. Smaller particles mean a sharper printed image.

    Colored toners contain specific pigment for each individual color.

    Should I Buy An Inkjet Printer

    Buy Uniwork Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for Epson 288 XL ...

    Inkjet printers are common in households. They print high-quality color images and text, have relatively affordable ink cartridges and have slower, more precise printing speeds. Most models print up to 16 pages per minute. Inkjet printers are best suited for home use and small businesses that print a mixture of documents and images. If youll be printing at high volumes or if your printer will be used by many people, an inkjet printer may not be best due to slower speeds.

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    How Much Does Ink Cost

    Ink is more expensive! Printer ink cost is somewhere between $13 and $75 per ounce, expensive. Ouch!

    As a result, the cost per page of inkjet printers is usually much higher than laserjet printers.

    However, printer ink cartridge cost can seem frugal compared to the cost of toner cartridges. An ink cartridge might cost $20 while toner will cost $100. The toner cartridge produces more than five times the number of pages, however, making it the overall better bargain.

    In general, printer manufacturers sell devices below production costs with the hope you will continue to buy genuine ink and toner from them . But dont pay the MSRP on ink and toner. Shop around there are better deals out there on genuine ink and toner.

    Whats The Difference Between Toner And Ink

    Ink is a tinted liquid and toner is a fine powder. One is wet, the other dry. Night and day. Yin and yang.

    Although toner and ink are not the same thing they both serve the same purpose supplying a printer with the necessary material to print. But they achieve this task in different ways.

    Toner and Ink are different, but in the end they do the same job .

    Inkjet printers take a tiny droplet of colored ink and spray it onto the paper through small holes in the printers printhead. The ink is absorbed into the paper.

    Laser printers use a negative charge on the paper to attract the dry toner particles. The particles are then fused to the paper using heat and pressure.

    Thats why pages fresh out of a laser printer are warm. The whole laser printing process is rather fascinating.

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    Get Discount Prices On Printer Ink For Inkjet And Laser Printers Anywhere In Canada

    Where do you find the best prices for Ink and Toner Cartridges in Canada? of course! – It doesnt matter if you need OEM printer ink or remanufactured cartridges you can easily find the best prices in all Canada right here, right now. More than 700,000 US and Canadian customers already chose us because we have the best quality printer ink supplies available with fast delivery and one low shipping fee regardless of how many ink cartridges or toner cartridges you need. Buying at low cost direct from Canada doesnt mean you are missing out on quality. We guarantee that our remanufactured inkjet cartridges perform similar or better than OEM cartridges or well return your money and we back that up for 365 days.ONE FULL YEAR! We only sell ISO- 9001 certified cartridges so we know exactly what we are selling. We deliver to all locations in Canada from our Canadian distribution center.

    Quick Help

    What Are Remanufactured Ink And Toner Cartridges

    Printer Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

    Remanufactured printer ink and toner cartridges are original manufacturers cartridges that have been cleaned, refilled with ink or toner, and quality tested to make sure theyll perform to the highest standards. These cartridges are an economical and environmentally friendly option to get the same, high-quality results at a lower cost.

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    Working From Home Impacted By Covid

    Welcome to the, 100% family run and operated toner store, proudly serving our fellow Canadians with the very best toner cartridges since 2003. As many brace themselves for what could be long periods of working from home due to the recent impact from the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. We want you all to know that my family is here to help. We are open for business, working round the clock to make sure every order ships same day! Most toner orders over $49 SHIP FREE! and we carry a vast selection of all the top brand after-market laser toner cartridges, including top brand FUZION printer supplies, all at the very best prices in Canada. Our economy is going through some very challenging times right now and it is time for all Canadians to work together to get through this. We have reduced all our prices to rock bottom on all our toner cartridges to help you with the current high demand for home office printer supplies.

    Work from home! Hot Toner Deals:

    Other Toner Dust Components

    The remaining components of both black laser toner and color laser toner are fumed silica and charge control agents.

    Fumed silica increases the flow capacity of solids within the laser toner cartridge and reduces the risk of particles clumping together. Fumed silica also increases the laser toners speed in carrying out the laser printer printing process.

    Charge control agents are added to the toner to maintain the charge of the plastic powder particles which is integral to laser printing. Charge control agents can include chromium, zinc, or iron.

    Replace that empty cartridge with genuine, OEM toner from Toner Buzz!

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    How To Find The Right Brother Printer Ink Or Toner Cartridge

    Identifying the right Brother printer ink or toner cartridge for your printer is easier than youd think. There are two main ways to find the right Brother printer ink or toner.

    First, locate the model number on your printer or cartridges used in the past. This number can be entered into the search tool provided by Staples to locate the proper Brother printer or ink toner cartridge.

    If you are unable to find this number, you can search for the printer you purchased on the Staples website by looking through printer series and models. After locating the printer you own, you will be able to match it to the proper Brother printer ink or toner cartridge.

    Multiple Color Options And Simple Installation

    Buy Hi Ink New Compatible HP CE285A 85A Toner Cartridge

    Monochrome laser printers need only black toners to create easy-to-read text, which is critical for documents like reports and contracts. Color models require convenient multipacks that contain individual color print toner cartridges to produce quality color presentations and documents. OEM , ink cartridges and toners easily fit compatible printers for seamless maintenance and reduced downtime. Some manufacturers include installation instructions in their products, so you can be confident that you get the most out of each cartridge.

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    Orders Shipped To Canada

    Weve made shipping easy for our Canadian customers by partnering exclusively with DHL for all orders going to Canada. View the DHL shipping rates chart below. Rates start at just $7.99! No longer worry about surprise customs fees or multiple postal carriers, our rates take care of everything upfront and DHL handles your order for the entirety of the shipment. Additional applicable taxes and/or customs fees will be added at checkout. As soon as your order ships, well send you a shipping confirmation email with DHL tracking information. Most orders ship out the same day and can take between 4-9 business days to arrive at their destination.

    What Are Xerox Toner Cartridges

    Xerox toner is a powder that can be either black, cyan, magenta, or yellow and is used with Xerox laser printers. Toner cartridges are known for crisp and clear texts and graphics. Xerox toner cartridges work especially well when producing documents like reports, training guides, and invoices. Under the proper storage conditions, toner can last up to two years at a time. Xerox toner promises a consistent product that will always produce bold, smudge-free results. Toner can come in either high-yield or standard-yield cartridges. Xerox drum units, the tool which transfers Xerox toner to paper, can also be purchased.

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    Established In 1999 With One Simple Mission

    Provide the highest quality printer supplies for the lowest prices possible. We make our own inventory purchases, ensuring that only the best printer supplies are purchased from the most reliable suppliers. Additionally, we rigorously screen all of our manufacturers to ensure that our products perform at a level that is consistent with 123inkjets’ high standards of quality and durability.

    While providing a terrific value, we always give our customers the opportunity to be environmentally responsible. One of our largest product lines remanufactured ink and toner are print cartridges that have been through one lifecycle before being rebuilt with mostly new parts to provide the same caliber service as when it was new. The result is a cartridge that benefits the environment and passes the savings from reused materials directly to the consumer.

    We have experienced tremendous growth since our beginning. The reasons for this stem from an unbeatable 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, an award-winning customer service team and a fast delivery service thanks to 99% of our orders shipping out the same day from our headquarters in Southern California.

    Thank you for choosing 123inkjets.

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