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What’s The Best Printer

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How We Test All

The Best Printer for a Cricut

Every printer we review is extensively tested to determine the performance and output quality. These tests include timed prints of text, mixed text and graphics and color photos. The resulting prints are carefully examined for errors and issues, and compared with samples from other printers to determine the print quality.

We time every test print to see how quickly the machine handles document printing, and closely examine the finished product to determine how well different printing tasks are handled. We also test the scanning and copying functions of the printer, timing how quickly it captures a page and comparing the results to the original images to determine how well it captures color and detail.

To measure the cost of owning and operating a printer, we look at the current street price of ink refills and the estimated number of pages that each cartridge can produce, and calculate the cost for printing a single page.

Plug The Printer Into Your Router Directly

If you’re flexible about where you store your printer, your best bet is to remove it from the Wi-Fi network entirely and hard-wire it to your router. Connecting it with a wire may not solve all your problems, but it will ensure its connection to the network is much more stable, lessening the number of troubleshooting steps you have to go through every time.;

If you have Ethernet in your home, try connecting it to the network that wayyou may find an Ethernet jack hidden somewhere on your printer . If you don’t have Ethernet in the house, this is one area where powerline adapters can come in handy.;

What Is An Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers are great all-rounders. They can handle text-heavy documents such as a students coursework or minutes from a meeting, but they can also print photos and do a better job of it than a laser printer. Theyre quiet and unobtrusive, and they also take up less desk space than a laser.;

However, inkjets are usually more expensive to run than laser printers, costing you more in ink per printed page than you would pay for laser toner. Thats not necessarily the case with a few business-focused inkjet printers, but as a rule of thumb, inkjets cost you less up front, but more in the long term.

  • Pros Smaller and cheaper than laser printers, can produce good-quality colour prints
  • Cons More expensive running costs, slower to print black text pages than a laser

Colour laser printers cost more to buy than inkjets, but printing costs are lower, which could save you money in the long run.

Get a great inkjet printer with our round-up of the;best inkjet printers.

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What’s The Difference Between Inkjet And Laser Printers

There was a time when you could make a clear distinction between inkjet and laser. Inkjets delivered top-quality prints with vibrant colours across a range of paper types , but the ink costs were high and they required regular maintenance.

Laser printers, meanwhile, were the more functional, affordable option designed for pumping out pages and pages of documents on the cheap. The trade-off was lower quality photo prints so they’ve always been the preferred alternative for businesses where text and graphic quality weren’t as important.

But times change. Though ink costs for the most part remain high when using standard cartridges for separate colours, they’ve become much more efficient and affordable; particularly if you use one of the refillable tank systems. Many models are just as fast as one another and both types can handle bulk printing with ease.

Today, you have a range of inkjet and laser options to suit your budget and text/image quality demands. The best way to find the most suitable printer for your needs is to check our test results.


Inkjet printers can produce sharp, vibrant, top-quality prints across a range of paper types. They’re ideal for everything from documents to photos but ink costs can be an issue for some models. However, the introduction of printers from HP, Epson and Canon with refillable tanks deliver some affordable options for those with high print volume needs.


Printer ink can drive up costs over time.

Does Print Speed Matter To You

Best Plotter Printer of 2020 for Your Business

Printing speed is measured in page per minute, or ppm. If youre in need of a speedy printer, however, you should take this measurement with a grain of salt unless you plan on printing mostly text documents. Manufacturers calculate printer speed using low-quality print settings in order to shine the best possible light on their products. If you plan to print high-resolution photographs or lots of color pages, expect a significantly slower performance than whats advertised.

HP printers have an average print speed rating, clocking in at about 8.5 pages per minute for plain text. That said, the plain text print quality of an HP printer tends to be above average.

For photos, HP models print a little slower than other brands. However, theyre not so slow that you shouldnt consider HP for photo printing. On the contrary, we encountered a number of high-quality printers with photo capabilities during our research.

“Be careful when buying ink or toner online. There is a counterfeit market for this type of product. Not sure how to tell if the ink you bought is legitimate? HP has an app to help you spot fakes that might damage your printer.”

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What Will Be A Printer’s Running Costs

Be sure to check out the total cost of ownership. Most manufacturers will tell you the cost per page, and many give a cost per photo. To get the total cost of ownership, calculate the cost per year for each kind of output by multiplying the cost per page for that kind of output by the number of those pages you print per year. Add the three amounts together to get the total cost per year. Then multiply that by the number of years you expect to own the printer, and add the initial cost of the printer. Compare the total cost of ownership figures between printers to find out which model will be cheapest in the long run.;

The high cost of printer ink has traditionally been a sore spot among both home and business customers, but the major manufacturers have introduced ways that users can lower their per-page ink costs while preserving their own revenues. HP does this through its Instant Ink subscription program, in which owners of select DeskJet, OfficeJet, Envy, and Tango printers can choose among three levels, paying a monthly fee for printing up to a certain number of pages. The same fee applies for either black or color printing. HP automatically sends you more ink when you run low. These programs can save you a considerable amount of money, particularly if you print mostly in color.

Home Printers: All You Need To Know

The best printers for you depends on what youll be using it for. Anyone looking to print professional-quality photos, prints or banners, for example, will need a high resolution inkjet model.;

If you’ll be doing high-volume business printing instead, a laser printer might be better-suited. And look out for Duplex printing automatic double-sided printing, which will save time, paper and money if you do a lot of printing.

Happily, most printers today have all the mod-cons, including AirPrint , Google Cloud Print and SD card readers. ;

The main thing to remember is that a cheap printer doesnt always mean a good value printer, so check the ink technology and costs of cartridges before you make a purchase. If you print a lot, it can be worth purchasing a more expensive printer to buy into a cheaper line of cartridges.;

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Canon Pixma Ix6820 Wireless Business Printer

Canon Pixma IX6820

Every day is a mixture of memories, though all of them aren’t captured or stored in our brains. So, let’s bring some precious moments onto pages that will trigger your mood with joy. Just get the Canon Pixma iX6820 printer.

To give you dazzling and colorful photos, it comes with Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering . Thus, it produces the smallest ink droplets of 1 pl to create 9600×2400-dpi high-resolution full-color prints.

Besides, this printer houses a five-color ink setup that consists of a black-pigment to produce strong and crispy text. Use the genuine Canon Inks and photo papers to activate the ChromaLife100+ system so that photos can live for centuries!

But it doesn’t take much time while producing such a colorful masterpiece. Rather it works with the speed of 14.5 IPM for black and 10.4 IPM for color.

Canon Pixma iX6820 has added functionality of printing borderless photos up to 13×19″-inches to give you more flexible printing. Also, you can print full-color photographs of 4×6″-inches in only 36 seconds.

Just because you’re going to use this infrequently doesn’t mean that your hands should be tied with few media types. Rather this printer supports 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17, 13 x 19, and US #10 Envelopes: 4.1 x 9.5-inches of paper. Whoanow that’s insanely huge!

And of course, it sports USB port in case you love to put in wires.


How Much Do Printers Cost

what’s the best printer to use for T-shirt Company

Home printers cost from $100 for something really basic, to more than $1000 for some of the fancier multifunction models. However, it’s important to factor in the cost of ink or toner cartridges as what initially looks good on paper may not stack up over a couple of years’ use.

The costs of running a printer include the purchase price, the unit cost of ink or toner cartridges, the cost of paper and the cost of electricity to keep your printer on stand-by. Though the costs will stack up if you’re printing pages and pages of paper, these tips can help mitigate that to some degree.

Draft mode

Most printers will let you select a draft mode for printing, which will use less toner. This may be all you need for general text documents. Likewise, check the software settings for a black-only mode, which will avoid mixing in colour toner with black. Some printers do this to produce super-rich blacks for high-quality prints, but it’s unnecessary and costly for general printing.


Automatically printing both sides is convenient and cuts paper costs. It’s also more environmentally friendly.

Outsource your work

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Which Printer Brand Is Best

Everyones got a favorite brand, but its no accident that names like Canon and HP regularly pop up. These brands produce quality machines and offer something for every printing need, which means youll be able to find something in your price range. Brands like Brother arent quite as ubiquitous, but they also manufacture high-quality printers worth considering. Epson also is making some excellent photo-quality home printers these days, a departure from the enterprise-level printers the company has previously manufactured.

How We Test The Best Printers

Every printer we review is extensively tested to give us a clear idea of how well it performs, both in print capability, but also general ease of use and expense over time. Our testing procedures include timed print tests to determine print speeds, with a set of standardized documents that have a mix of text and graphics and color photos.

Every print is examined and compared, with errors and print problems noted in the review and overall quality measured against the other printers on the market.

We also test the scanning and copying functions , timing how quickly it captures a page and comparing the results to the original images to determine how well it captures color and detail.

To measure the cost of owning and operating a printer, we look at the current street price of ink refills and the estimated number of pages that each cartridge can produce, and calculate the cost for printing a single page.

These specific tests are adapted as needed to handle all sorts of printers, from monochrome laser printers and portable snapshot printers to full-featured all-in-one inkjets. Wherever possible, we make sure that the tests are done in such a way that they can not only be compared within a specific category, but also across all printer types generally.

Check out all of our printer coverage:

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So Which Cheap Printer Should I Buy

Each family or home office has its own unique needs in terms of print and copy volume. Since were in search of the best cheap single-function or AIO printers here, this article assumes your print and copy volume is smallsay, up to a couple hundred pages each month. For most families and homebound office workers, 200 prints per month is a lot, although in todays brave new world, were seeing a lot more printing from home than just a few months ago, and expect that demand to rise.

We scrutinized all of the printers PC Labs has tested in the last few years that remain on the market today. Our main candidate machines fit into two pricing classes: “cheap” and “super cheap” based on MSRP. However, given the pandemic, printers are selling out from many etailers, and some of them, especially those that have third-party marketplaces, have models selling for well above MSRP, with “super-cheap” models spilling into the “cheap” class, in practice. So you’ll definitely want to shop around if you see an inflated price versus the MSRP we cite for our picks. Often, with some judicious searching, you can find some of our picks for significantly less than MSRP.

Third: We can’t recommend any cheap color laser printers for less than $200. All of the top laser machines here are monochrome, and given the typical lofty cost of four color-laser replacement toner cartridges, color lasers’ exclusion from this roundup, given its budget-price aim, seems suitable.

How Do You Intend To Use Your Printer

11 Best 3D Printer Reviews of 2018

Printers vary widely based on whether theyre for home or business use , what you intend to print with them , and whether you need color printing or just monochrome.

Most printers are designed with either business or home use in mind. Generally, business models and are geared toward text and usually graphics, while home printers favor photos. Special-purpose options include dedicated and near-dedicated and label printers. Even if you primarily want to print photos, you may also want a printer that can do other things, so be clear on the whole scope of your printing needs before you buy.

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What To Look For In A Quality Xerox Printer

To narrow your choices from the dozens of printers Xerox makes, take a look at its product lines.

Xerox B Series: This is Xeroxs line of black-ink stand-alone and multifunction printers . They are ultra quiet and have compact footprints and built-in W-iFi capabilities.

Xerox C Series: This is Xeroxs family of color printers and MFPs. Like the B Series, the C-Series printers are ultra quiet with compact footprints and built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

Phaser printers: This is your choice if all you want to do is print. Xerox Phaser printers have small footprints and are available with a wide range of features, including Wi-Fi, automatic duplexing, high-quality image resolution and heightened security features.

WorkCentre MFPs: These are Xeroxs all-in-one multifunction printer, copier and scanner machines. They are at the top of the Xerox lines and the ones most popular with consumers.

Why Ink Runs Out So Fast & How To Preserve It

If youve owned a printer, or several, in your life, you may have wondered with frustration why some seem to guzzle ink more when not used frequently. Its not all in your head inkjet printers not only use ink to print on the page, but also for maintenance. Consumer Reports found that intermittent usea few pages a few times per weekused more ink for routine maintenance than printing in larger batches. Leaving the printer on between uses may reduce the ink used during this maintenance cycle, without using a ton of electricity to keep it running. You can also save significantly by purchasing XL ink cartridges in bundles. And if you print only a few times a year and seem to always have to buy new ink whenever you go to print, youll probably be better off printing through your workplace, the library, or another service from stores like Staples or FedEx.

This issue occurs only with inkjet printers, so you may also want to consider laser printers that use toner instead of liquid ink, because toner wont dry up quickly between use. Below are some of the pros and cons of each variety that you should know before you decide.

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What Am I Using It For

One way to decide whether to buy a laser or an inkjet printer is to look into what you want to do with it. If color is not important to you, then its a no-brainer. A laser printer will be more cost-efficient and faster. But if you want to print out your kids computer artwork in color or print the occasional photograph, then youre probably in the market for an inkjet.

Best Printers For Infrequent Use Reviews & Guide 2021

Best Printers in 2020

by Alice Davis

Electronic machines are more like relationships. You don’t keep in touch with it, you can’t make it survive. To make your electronic devices work, you need to use it more and more.

The same goes for your printer, though. You’ll have the ink dried out soon if it stays unused. But then again, if you have the best printers for infrequent use, that can change the game.

These printers, unlike the regular ones, don’t face much of a problem when it comes to functionality, even if you don’t use them pretty often. Plus, the ink stays good as new for a long time.

Want to get your hands on the perfect printers? We’re reviewing the top 10.

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