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What’s The Best Home Printer

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Listen, we honor the paperless route for sharing documents and spreadsheets . But, in many instances, you need to just print that thing.

Long story short, having a newly minted printer in your home is the versatile best friend you should consider investing in.

And were not just talking about printing important files for work . The home office essential is your go-to for printing family portraits, curating DIY art projects and even making homemade birthday cards .

Whats more, we rounded up the best 3D printers, photo printers and even shipping label printers for you to shop.

Now, there are so many models on the market with assorted ink cartridges thatll turn your blank white sheets into professional papers and creative canvases.

The golden question: what printer do I buy?

Below, find the 12 best printers across all different models, budgets and styles. Theres sure to be at least one that youre ready to welcome into your space for sweet, at-home convenience.

  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 16.5 x 8 inches

With two-sided printing and a fast print job, you cant beat HPs OfficeJet Pro. Its essentially a do-it-all machine, as its print quality and speed are reliable for the price. Plus, its sleek makeup makes it a standout from others on the market.

  • Dimensions: 17 x 14.2 x 6.8 inches

The HP Envy is a showstopping home office essential, namely for printing, copying, scanning and faxing all WiFi-enabled. Plus, it boasts a 35-page auto-feeder for getting the job done quickly.

The Best Cheap Printers For 2021

Back in the day when printers first went mainstream, many sold at extremely high prices. Todays best printers sell at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to print photos, documents, and everything in between without shelling out insane wads of cash. They even ditch the old tether for a wireless connection.

Anyone can now buy a cheap printer, but which is the best? Which provides the most bang for your buck? Keep reading to find out.

Hp Plus Deskjet 2722e Inkjet Printer & 6 Months Instant Ink

  • HP Plus DeskJet 2722e Inkjet Printer & 6 Months Instant Ink, £54.99 from Argos – buy here

If you want a printer that does it all, without breaking the bank, you won’t be disappointed with the HP Plus DeskJet 2722e.

It’s got a built-in scanner, has Wi-Fi connectivity and can be connected to using a variety of apps.

The downsides of this printer include having to manually re-insert paper into the tray if you want to print double-sided, and its relatively expensive cartridges.

Still, for people who don’t print every day, this printer will cover all of your basic needs at a great price.

And if you order it now from Argos, you get six months of Instant Ink at no extra cost.

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Canon Pixma Ts7450/1 Best Overall


  • Inexpensive to buy and run


  • Mobile apps arent always intuitive
  • Bulky design

Printers are hard to even find in stock right now so a great value all-rounder from Canon at under £100 is worth snapping up, even though it is quite heavy.

This is a great value all-in-one printer thats easy to set up and use. Its also no slough with lots of features and versatile printing including documents and photos. Cheaper printers can be expensive to run but the TS7450 doesnt even fall into this category.

The mobile apps are a little frustrating at times but print quality is good, although youll want to stick to proper glossy paper for photos. Note that the TS7451 is the same printer, only in white.

What Type Of Printer Is The Best

Whats the Best Laser Printer For Home and Small Business Use ...

There are four main types of home printers to consider, each with unique advantages:

  • Laser printers:Laser printers are great if youre looking to print a lot of text-heavy documents like contracts and agreements.
  • Inkjet printers: If you want to print a variety of different documents, photos and crafts with the kidsand you want to print in high-quality colouran inkjet printer is likely better suited to your needs. They can be expensive to use, often requiring four or more cartridges.
  • All-in-one printers: All-in-one printers are a great choice if you have a lot of documents to sign because they typically include scanning and copying functionality. That way you can scan and return documents easily. Some even have a built-in fax machine.
  • Monochrome printers: Also known as black-and-white printers, monochrome models are budget-friendly because they only use a single cartridge. Theyre best for people who print out everything to read and proof but dont really care about print quality.

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Do You Need A Colour Printer

Do you need to print in colour? Colour cartridges cost significantly more than black, for both laser and inkjet printers. Some printers don’t just use black ink to print a black and white page they can use as much as 50% from the colour cartridges, driving up the cost per page. This is more likely to be the case if the printer is really intended to print photographs.

Mono printers , are generally cheaper and smaller than colour printers. They cost as little as $50 and are economical on ink.

Most colour printers will stop working when one of the ink/toner cartridges runs out, even if you just want to print with black only . This is because many colour printers mix in a little colour ink/toner even to print black text .

Laser printers with a dedicated “mono mode” will usually allow you to continue to print until black toner runs out. Check with your printer’s instruction manual first, as the function varies from brand to brand and model to model.

Inkjet models may also allow you to temporarily print using black-only mode even when a colour cartridge is empty. However, this may be allowed only for a limited time, as printing without ink can suck air and grit into the empty cartridge and risk damaging the print heads. Mono mode, if available, may be able to be used indefinitely to save on colour ink usage if the colour cartridges are not empty. Check your printer’s instruction manual.

Print Speed And Additional Features

Speeds quoted by manufacturers are almost never matched by real-world performance. If you often need to print in a hurry, look for independent reviews when choosing your printer.

Other useful features to look out for include additional USB ports and memory card slots that will allow you to print photos direct from a camera.

High-capacity paper trays capable of holding hundreds of sheets of paper, or an automatic document feeder that can handle scanning and copying work while you go and do something more important, might be worth looking out for.

Double-sided printing is handy for halving your paper usage.

Its also worth thinking about the bundled software that comes with your printer. Some printers include software that provides basic editing features, such as red-eye removal or adjusting the colour balance some even allow you to perform simple editing tasks using controls on the printer itself.

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Is The Output Quality Up To Par

Whatever printer you’re considering, be sure to check on the output quality before buying. With dedicated snapshot printers, the main print technologies used are inkjet and thermal dye. A printer of either kind will at least match the output quality you’ll typically see in drugstore prints. With an inkjet, you’ll typically buy your ink and your paper separately, so you’ll want to match the printer maker’s paper recommendations. With thermal dye, you’ll get the ink cartridge and matching paper in a single pack, designated for a fixed number of prints.

Another technology seen in small dedicated photo printers, and gaining in popularity, is known as Zero Ink, or ZINK. As the name implies, it uses no ink cartridges instead, special ZINK paper, when heated precisely by the printer, generates the image from chemicals impregnated in the stock. ZINK technology is currently limited to printers with print sizes ranging from 2 by 3 inches to 4 by 6 inches, and the output quality doesn’t always stack up to inkjet or thermal dye. ZINK output is best described as “good enough” for photos that will wind up in a wallet or behind a refrigerator magnet.

How To Connect A Printer To A Pc Or Mac

The Top Apparel Trends Styles for Printing 2022 | Impressions Expo Long Beach

The simplest printers connect to a computer via a USB port. This is the easiest option if you only use one computer for printing at home, as you don’t need to worry about networking. You can also connect your printer directly to a computer via the Ethernet port if you’d prefer. But these methods limit your connectivity options to a single computer. That’s where networking becomes essential.

Most printers also have an Ethernet input which you can connect to a modem or router. Once connected, anyone on the home network can access the printer using via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Some support wireless Bluetooth connectivity as well, which is a workaround for any potentially complicated networking issues.

But adding a printer to your network isn’t exactly a plug-and-play task. So, we put together a step-by-step guide on how to connect your printer to a wireless network or Bluetooth which you can check out below.

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How do you share your printer?

Printers can “share” access from multiple devices, as long yours is connected to a home network. There are two ways to access a shared printer.

Via the host computer

Via a home network

In either case, the connected devices need to have the relevant drivers installed, in order to identify the printer. These are either provided on disk, as part of the software/app, or as a download from the manufacturers website.

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Understanding Laser Printer Connectivity

While the vast majority of new inkjets are AIOs, with lasers you’ll find an abundance of both single-function printers and AIOs as you shop. AIOs provide copying and scanning in addition to printing, and in some cases, fax capabilities, too. Models with fax functionality will have a phone-line interface.

Most laser printers or AIOs include an Ethernet jack, and some integrate Wi-Fi. Ethernet connections are essential for plugging into the office router or other wired network infrastructure. For a small or home office, this is often sufficient, too, but also look at the other connectivity options if you just need to connect the printer to a single PC.

Also, when checking out the wireless aspects, be sure to check whether the Wi-Fi interface comes standard or is an option that you add via a module or card. Wi-Fi add-ons for laser AIOs tend to be extravagantly priced.

Control panels vary widely from one printer to the next. Make sure you get one with the walk-up features you need.

You might also see support for Wi-Fi Direct, or its equivalent, for establishing a direct peer-to-peer connection between computer and printer so you don’t need to connect to a network. Another more frequent option is support for Near-Field Communications touch-to-print, which lets you print from a mobile device by simply tapping it on a specific spot on the printer.

The Best Photo Printer Deals This Week*

*Deals are selected by our partner, TechBargains

Near-dedicated photo printers and snapshot models both are made mainly for printing photos, but that is where the similarities end between the two. By definition, near-dedicated photo printers are also capable of printing standard business documents, although it’s a waste of their talentslike using a brand-new Porsche as a town car. Some are harder to use for standard office printing than others, because you may have to swap out paper stock or even ink cartridges when you switch between printing photos and everyday documents. If you must use a near-dedicated photo printer for office printing as well as photos, even occasionally, be sure to pick one that lets you switch easily between paper types.

Snapshot printers are a whole different animal. At one time, snapshot printers often included screens with menus and basic editing features that let you crop an image, remove red-eye, and the like. A few added so many editing choices that they were essentially home photo kiosks, often including a large touch screen to let you easily give commands. Nowadays, though, snapshot printers tend to work with mobile devices over a wireless connection, and your phone or tablet can serve as both the image source and the “control screen.” If you’re mostly interested in printing quick, small snaps from your phone, these are more your speed.

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These Are The Best Printers To Buy In 2021

The best printer for most people? That’s the Epson EcoTank ET-2750.

Ink is, famously, more expensive than gold. And it seems that Epson is aware of quite how ridiculous this fact is, as its Ecotank system proves.

The company reckons this multi-function printer will cut down on your ink spending by up to 90%, and bundles an estimated three years worth of ink along with the printer.

There’s no touch screen, although there are on-device buttons to help you scan and copy documents, and while the print quality and speed might not be up to the same standard as some much pricier models, the economics of the ET-2750 are such that it pays for itself before it’s even left the box.

Check out T3’s Epson EcoTank ET-2750 vs Canon PIXMA TS6150 comparison feature for even more details on this top-rated printer.

The Canon PIXMA TS6350 is a compact all-in-one that delivers big results.

Nobody wants to give up 50% of their desk to a printer. Not even us. Canon’s versatile all in one has the smallest footprint a decent printer could realistically muster, and crams a huge number fo features into that space.

It’s high on connectivity options, supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cloud printing and more, and does the usual combination of printing, scanning and copying. Controls are easy to use and the 1.44″ OLED display bright and clear. AirPrint and Morea are also supported.

The Epson WorkForce WF-7210DTW is an A3-capable printing workhorse.

Hp Envy Inspire 7220e Compact Family Printer

10 Best Printer To Buy For Home Use · TechMagz


  • Good text and photo quality


  • No ADF
  • Cant print on A4 glossy paper

Those looking for a compact and easy-to-use printer for the whole family might have just found it.

The Envy Inspire 7220e is an excellent all-rounder for those needing to regularly print text and photos at good speeds and affordable costs. The printer looks nice, has wide support for different wireless printing services and offers high-quality results.

It doesnt have an automatic document feeder but thats normal, so as long as you dont need to print on A4 glossy paper, its a bit of a steal.

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A Photo Printer For Your Pocket


  • Good print quality for a pocket printer.
  • Special paper eliminates need for ink or dye cartridges.
  • Easy to use.
  • Larger prints than some similar models.
  • Quirky image-tweaking and AR features accessible through app.


  • On the slow side for a pocket photo printer.
  • High running costs.
  • Can’t print from a PC.
  • Connects solely via Bluetooth.

The Basics: Cheap Desktop Printers 101

Though choosing the right printer for your needs is not rocket science, you still have plenty to consider when buying a one. The good news? Nowadays, you dont have to worry much about paper jams, poor print quality, and other performance issues. Printer and scanner technology has matured enough that you can focus on productivity and convenience featuresthings like paper-input capacity and handy control panelsas well as on saving money, by comparing running costs.

Do you need to print and copy in color? Do you need an all-in-one printer that makes copies and scans documents and photos, or will a single-function model do? These are only two of the crucial choice points, so let’s take a look at them and some others, one by one.

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Best Printers : Print Photos Documents And More At Home

HP, Canon, Epson and more here are the best printers for the home or office

ByAlex Coxlast updated 30 November 21

Buying one of the best printers isn’t as easy as it should be: you can’t just turn up at your favourite store and buy the first model that meets you budget, because there are so many other factors to consider.

In this best printers guide we’ll get you asking the right questions. How are you going to your printer, and how often? What are you printing? What features do you need and how fast do you need your printouts?

Fortunately, our expert team knows its printers, and we’ve picked out all the best models right here for you we’ve factored in costs, features, design and everything else that matters, though you’ll still need to do a few calculations yourself.

Want just a system for printing off photos? Then be sure to also check out T3’s best photo printer buying guide.

For example, good-looking printers are perfect if they’re going to sit on a prominent desk. Wireless printers are able to do the business while tucked away, so aesthetics might not be quite as big a consideration. Think about who’s using your printer too a model with a built-in screen and memory card support is good for those in a hurry who want to keep it simple. Heavy-duty users might need something with more features, like a scanner.

Saving Money On Printer Ink

EPSON L 805 Install R 260 Software download & Install

Ink can be the big money sink, particularly if the model you’re using employs some shady tactics. Some printers will tell you to replace cartridges based upon a count of pages they may not have run out of ink at all. Others will insist you replace cartridges you’re not actually using, refusing to print a mono page because there’s a missing or empty colour cartridge.

However, you can save a fair bit of cash by using generic ink cartridges or refillable tanks, depending on your brand and model.

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