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What’s The Best Dtg Printer

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Best Fabrics For Dtg Printing

Cotton T Shirts — The Best Cotton Shirts to Print on For DTG & Screen Print Comparison

Essentially, the best garment fabrics for DTG are 100% cotton. You also need to make sure that you have the smoothest fabric for the best-quality prints. You could also opt for the fabrics made of ringspun cotton because they yield better prints than regular cotton fabrics.

The use of cotton is ideal because the DTG inks are all water-based. What this means is that fabrics made of polyester wouldnt be the best option for DTG printing. Polyester is pretty much plastic, it doesnt absorb water, and the ink will not work on polyester garments. You also need to avoid weatherproof and stain-resistant fabrics. However, the fabrics made of ringspun cotton and airlume would be a good option because they contain only 1% polyester.

Some of the best garments printers that you must avoid on your DTG orders include aprons and other restaurant uniforms, heather colors, cotton in light pink, light blue, neon, or green, polyester, raincoats, and weatherproof garments, as well as fleece tops or bottoms.

The 10 Best Dtg Printers With Price For Printshop In 2021

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DTG printers or DTG printing machines are suitable for both dark & light-colored garments, t-shirts, hats, towels, mousepads, jeans, onesies for kids, and more. Moreover, the best DTG printer completely depends upon the type of print business. Such as budget, production volume, apparel, embellishments, and your experience. What may be the best for one that wont be a good one for others?

Therefore, we have listed the top 10 DTG printers, which are best-rated, best-sellers, and hold a majority of positive feedback from users.

Which is the best DTG printer? Today the best DTG printer in the market is Ricoh Ri 2000 which is priced around $20,950. It can print high-quality prints with complex color details and fine photos with a white underbase in less than 10 seconds.

You can print any digital image on t-shirts, facemasks, hoodies, tote bags, etc. The automatic head cleaning and white ink agitation system save time, easy-to-use and maintenance. Lastly, it has dual ink carriages that save ink by producing the smallest ink drop size of 3pl.

What Is Dtg Printing

DTG means Direct to Garments and is a cutting-edge technology that ensures excellent performance and quality output. Despite being a great advancement of technology, it is only popular among small business.

Digital direct-to-garment printing is opposite to what was done previously using labor-intensive methods. These printers are integrated with inkjet printing technology with several color reproduction programs and longer-lasting printing performance.

As the name implies, a DTG printer prints design on garments directly. You can create awesome custom gear with fast and beautiful prints using these printers. This web-to-print innovation has made printing complicated prints on t-shirts super easy since the material does not bulge.

Even though many businesses use printers for fabric printing but, those are not DTG printers. A lot of companies use home inkjet printers or sublimation printers which do deliver high levels of precision but cost more and are time-consuming. However, those who know about DTG printers dont know enough. This leads to getting printers that are below par their needs.

Let the technology take over the highly skilled labor work using a DTG printer. You can easily find the best DTG printers for small business with high as well as low maintenance costs, it depends on the model. Boost your businesss reputation with the right direct-to-garment printer that guarantees amazing printing accuracy.

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Polyprint Texjet Plus Advanced

This PolyPrint Texjet Plus Advanced is the previous version of DTG printers offered by Polyprint, but its been discontinued.

However, the ones on the market will improve the best print quality, a high ROI, easy maintenance, affordable printing, and a durable printer.

It has one of the best modular software with the white mask creation tool that allows for easy editing and management. It also features a redesigned interface and one of the most powerful RIP engines, hence ultra-high-speed printing.

What Is Screen Printing


Screen printing is a printing technique where a mesh stencil is used to transfer ink onto a substrate. The oldest printing method dating back a thousand years, it was first intended to stencil silk. That is why screen printing is also known as silk screening. A blade or squeegee is moved across the screen to fill the open mesh apertures with ink. One color is printed at a time, so several screens can be used to produce a multicolored image or design.

Screen Printing uses thick inks, causing them to lay on top of the material rather than soaking into the fabric. Before DTG printing, screen Printing was the only method of t-shirt printing used. It is still used today along with DTG printing because in some cases, its better to use Screen Printing over DTG.

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Things To Consider When Buying The Best Dtg Printer For Small Business

Since you are investing for your small business, you need to be very careful about choosing your DTG printer.

These machines are not exactly cheap and making the wrong choice will not only result in wasted money but also impact your ability to maximize your profits.

There are several different factors that you should consider and most of them varies based on your requirements. For instance, not everyone will print the same type of fabric.

As long as you have a decent idea about your printing requirements you should be able to pick out the right unit. So, without further ado, here are a few essential things that you must consider before investing in a DTG printer for business.

Be Very Careful When Buying A Used Dtg Printer

Buying a new DGT printer can be difficult for many people because they are very expensive. A huge one can cost up to $ 180,000, while a small one can cost around eleven thousand dollars. Due to these huge prices, there are many people who prefer to buy second hand printers.

When buying a used DTG printer you must be very careful. There are many people who buy used DTG printers from online platforms like eBay and end up wishing they had bought a new one.

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What Do Customers Have To Say About Ricoh Dtg Printers

While the RICOH Ri 1000 is one of the most decorated direct-to-garment printers in the world, what really matters is what actual owners of the machine have to say about its performance, ease of use, and print quality. Check out how RICOH Ri 1000 owners are using their printers to grow their businesses.

View more RICOH Ri 1000 Reviews and DTG Testimonials.

Be Prepared For High Ink Costs

Best Practices for Pre-Treating Direct To Garment (DTG) Garment Printing

You really need to be prepared for this before considering buying a DTG printer. Ink for DTG printers is a little expensive. But dont panic because if you are smart enough, you will earn a lot of money from it.

Just get used to it and buy the ink without complaining because there really is nothing else. A liter of ink will cost you around $ 400. So, you must calculate well and get a standard price that allows you to make enough profit without scaring customers.

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Best Dtg Printers Buying Guide

The process of finding the best DTG printer for you may seem like a daunting task. The reason is that there are hundreds of different models available today. That said, there are some things that you should keep in mind when making a purchase. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect DTG printer machine.

Neoflex 800 Dtg Printer: Neoflex 800 Dtg Printer

Price ~ $17,995.00


  • Industry Type:The NeoFlex 800 is a convertible direct-to-garment printer designed to give you the flexibility and efficiency to take your company to the next level. Built as a modular device, you can easily move between textile and edible ink printing systems in a matter of minutes.
  • Print Speed and efficiency:The NeoFlex 800 DTG printer can print an image of size 8 x 10 inches on a garment within 39 seconds.
  • Large Print Area:It has a print area of 17×42 inches that is large enough to print three adult-sized t-shirts in a single time.
  • Print Resolution:The NeoFlex 800 DTG printer is a faster and easy-to-use Direct Inkjet Garment printing machine. It prints 1440×1440 resolution images on light or dark garments in a single pass.
  • Color Configuration:Ink Type- Water-based Pigment Ink, Mild Solvent Dye Ink, Editable Ink. The DTG printer uses 8 color CMKY+White ink for the textile option and dual CMKY for all printer options. It employs the Epson 4880 MicroPiezo AMC print head type that has a life of 45,000 impressions.
  • Product Dimension:Moreover, the machine size is 823mm x 2004.1mm x 1196.3mm and weighs 124.7kg.Note: Neo flex Dtg printer achieved first place in the 38th Impressions Awards.


  • Post your comments about this product.

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Today The Best Dtg Printer On The Market Is The Kornit Avalanche Hdk Which Costs Around $250000

What is the best dtg printer on the market. It’s easy to set up and start using. The best dtg printer in its class, the ricoh ri 1000 offers professional dtg printing at an affordable price. Dtg printer buying guide 2020.

Epson f2100 first on our list is the epson f2100. The best printers for 2021. But, its important to know what you can expect from each option.

The industry is making a transition from traditional screen printing and cut vinyl. This guide aims to help you in identifying which dtg printer is suitable for your. In the end, what you choose will likely be a matter of personal preference.

Due to the substantial market, it is difficult to identify as which printer provides the complete functionalities for the printing business. Today, the best dtg printer on the market is the m& r maverick, which costs around $70,000. This printer, designed exclusively for the dtg industry, continues the tradition of excellence established by its predecessor, the epson f2000, but with a few new enhancements.

Today, the best dtg printer on the market is the kornit avalanche hdk which costs around $250,000. Like the race car, the dtg printer calls for your dedicated attention in order to run well. With epson, you get advanced ink technology for crystal clear prints.

On one end, you have machines such as kornit avalanche hd6, brother gtx. Best new a2 size with two dx5 printhead t shirts printer machine in karachi The best dtg printers our favorite:

Pin on chrysalide Design

Is The Artwork Better For Dtg Or Screen Printing

China Top Quality Hot Selling Modified From Epson R2000 8 ...

First, consider what it will take to screen print the artwork that the customer has.

If you see that artwork can easily be separated, lean toward screen printing. Its still the first and best way to print a shirt.

If the art is a photograph, lean toward DTG printing.

While many printers are totally adept at CMYK full-color printing, setting up and executing a CMYK print may not be your strong suit. You may need to print many test prints to achieve the look you want. And many customers will not accept the variance that CMYK prints have.

Unless you specialize in printing complex art, lean toward DTG for things like photographs .

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What Are The Best Fabrics For Dtg Printers

DTG stands for direct to garment printers, which means they can print directly on fabric. This is incredibly convenient for creating apparel with detailed, complex designs in a variety of colors. DTG printing works on all different types of garments from shirts to hats and everything in between.

But keep in mind that the fabric used for DTG printing matters. Some fabrics provide better results than others. If youre planning to create some printed apparel, here are the best fabrics for DTG printers.

Best Fabrics for DTG Printers

  • Natural fabrics. Made of natural fibers from plants or animals, natural fabrics are the best for DTG printing. DTG ink is water based and natural fibers absorb water, allowing the design to adhere more easily to the fabric.
  • Cotton. Grows from cotton plants and is woven into yarn and refined to be made into clothing.
  • Linen. Made from the flax plant, linen is highly absorbent. It easily takes on printed designs, but may not be the best choice for casual clothing because it wrinkles easily.
  • Hemp. Derived from the cannabis plant, this material is both antimicrobial and UV resistant. It provides a good canvas for DTG printing and is eco friendly.
  • Bamboo. When bamboo fibers are refined it creates a soft fabric that feels like silk. It is also an eco-friendly material.
  • Polyester. This is the best of the synthetic fabrics for DTG printing. It is possible to get a detailed image in a range of colors to print relatively well on polyester.
  • Be Careful With Low Cost Machines

    If you see a new machine that sells for $ 5,000 then you must ask yourself if its really cool. A machine that costs less than $ 5,000 in most cases will not have a lot of leeway. Your infrastructure to keep up with Direct Printing in the next generation may not last.

    Before buying these cheap machines, be sure to ask questions like: How long have you been in business? What is the guarantee? The answers you get will help you decide whether or not the machine is worth buying.

    Invest good money in an excellent DTG printer and you can be sure that you will get good results.

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    Hrm Automatic A3 Size Dtg Printer

    This automatic hoodie printing machine is designed by HRM, especially for t-shirts, hoodies, onesies, pants, and other garments. It features an easy operation system, fast speed, and reliable performance.

    The overwhelming thing is that it can still print thick materials such as leather, cotton, polyester, denim, etc. Whats more, the machine comes with a powerful motor that makes sure every part runs smoothly.

    This best DTG printer uses self-cleaning technology, so there are no worries about clogged filters. The downside? Youll find it challenging to print canvas shoes because the material needs to be stretched before printing. But if you have some experience, you should not have a problem.


    Easy Operation

    The amazing feature is its user-friendly interface. You dont need to know anything about computer programming to operate it. All you have to do is press the buttons according to your instructions. And when it comes to printing, all you have to do is select the size and quantity of products you want to order.


    This printer is only compatible with PC operating systems. If youre using Windows 7/8/10, you can download the software from the manufacturers website.

    Flatbed Scanner Types

    Another great feature is that it supports flatbed scanners. So you can scan documents, photos, pictures, etc., and transfer them into your computer easily.

    Self-Cleaning Filter



    Designs For Direct To Garment Printing

    The Most Affordable DTG Printer On The Market?

    A bad design will always result in a bad print.

    Direct to garment printing is a WYSIWYG printing method. This means, that everything you see in your design will print. Even artifacts from low resolution or white pixels .

    The better your image is suited for Dtg printing, the better the final result will look.

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    Dtf L1800 Printer A3 Heat Transfer Pet Film Printer

    The DTF L1800 printer is an A3 heat transfer printer which is an essential tool in the printing industry. It is widely used in printing on dark and light-colored fabric, such as dark and light-colored T-shirts, and also in printing on dark and light-colored textiles.

    This Printer is Best Alternative to DTG Printing

    For example T-shirts, tracksuits, hoodies, caps, pillowcases, leggings, scarves, underwear, aprons, etc.

    This printer adopts the newest development in dye-sublimation printers. The printer is suitable for printing on PET fabric, such as woven fabric and knitted fabric, and the size range of fabric is from 40×40 cm to 280x200cm. It can print directly on the fabric with the material of 260gsm and above.

    The users recommend it and the business holders love it. Therefore, you will find all the printing facilities youd need to start your small business all on the same device.

    You do not need to pre-process the clothing. After printing on the PET film with a DTF printer, it can be directly transferred to the T-shirt by a heat press, which is faster and has better results than a DTG printer. Its very popular now.

    Even if you have not found the best printer for some bigger printing needs such as hoodies or other clothing, this is what you should have. it will give you value for money and provide you a lifetime solution.

    The best about it:

    best for huge printing needs heat transferring printer get more inks for different printing requirements

    Not so good:

    Refretonic Digital Textile Printer Mt

    The Refretonic MT-TA3 is a digital textile printer that uses dye sublimation printing technology to print on fabric. If you have a small t-shirt printing shop, this is the printer to get. It doesnât require any printing plate and the best part about this machine is its one-piece quantity production.

    This DTG t-shirt printer has an A3 size print area. With this machine, you can print polyester using sublimation ink and cotton using pigment ink.

    This one is a customized textile printer that is modified from the Epson R2000. This manufacturer also provides essential training materials.

    Itâs easy to operate and comes with everything you need to start your business. If you are ever in a pinch, you can call or e-mail them for support.

    They have an amazing tech support team. As for the printer itself, you can use it to customize designs for printing on bags, t-shirts, scarfs, shirts, etc.

    You can work directly on polyester fabric, cotton material, and more, thanks to its good material compatibility.

    Also, this printer is capable of printing on both light and dark-color t-shirts. The work procedures are very simple. Simply press a button for one product, and it will start printing.

    Highlighted Features:

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