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What To Make With 3d Printer

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Understanding Your Target Audience And Potential Clients

How to Make Money with a 3D Printer

Once you get that first customer, its important to make a great initial impression so you can enjoy a stream of new customers through future referrals. You can rely on that customer to market your services through word of mouth as you look for the next.

Lucky for you, some marketplaces can help you source for customers. All you need to do in these market places is register as a printer service provider and start marketing your 3D Printing Designs in an online shop.

Most of the platforms accessible to you are free to use. Some even offer guides and a framework that you can use to price and print out your models. The only challenge is that you will have to pay a small percentage of the money you make from the service.

How Can You Make Your Own Models

There was a time when Computer Aided Design software was designed by engineers, for engineers. This software used to be extremely complex and no one except those with the proper training could use CAD software effectively.

CAD software has a steep learning curveTimes have changed, and the latest in CAD software is aimed at general users. The best thing about modern CAD software is that it is not as difficult to learn and use as it was previously; however, the learning curve is still pretty steep, and you would need to dedicate quite a bit of your time and effort to fully grasp all the concepts of 3D printer-ready design using CAD.

In order to learn the basics of CAD designing software, check out Autodesks 123D Design and Inventor Fusion. Both of these programs are free for limited licences. You can use the free versions of these software tools to design models for printing.

One thing to bear in mind, however, is that the free/limited/student versions of CAD software do not generally allow you to sell your printed objects, or to sell the files you create. As always, you need to do your own due diligence and investigate the licensing for any software you download.

If you plan on 3d printing as a business, then you really do need to invest in a commercial software licence.

We will talk more about software later in the guide.

Reasons To Outsource Your 3d Printing Needs

Online 3D printing technology is nearly ubiquitous and its benefits to an organization are well documented. However, it may not be in your organizations best interest to invest in bringing the technologies and capabilities in-house. While its true that 3D printing in India is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, certainly not all facilities can, or should, build everything in-house.

You know that you want to begin online 3D printing services to speed up your time-to-market and improve your value chain, but with the high upfront costs of printers and the near-constant innovation happening in the field, you might be wondering how to get all the benefits quickly. Many companies, including Fortune 500 companies, have chosen to outsource their 3D printing needs to an expert to expand capabilities and maximize resources.

At Makenica, we pride ourselves on knowing the latest developments in 3D printing technologies and practices to provide expert advice and service to our customers.

  • Expanded Capabilities
  • TECHNOLOGIES: Today, there are many different technologies to choose from, and each has its pros and cons depending on the specific application. For example, the most common printing technologies today are FDM, PolyJet, MultiJet, SLA 3D Printing, SLS, and CLIP printing.

  • Maximize Resources
  • Furthermore, the decision to purchase a 3D printer could be counterproductive from a cost benefit perspective.;

  • Leave It To The Experts
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    Y Axis Stepper Motor Holster

    This step involves the same measurements as in step 3 . Please refer to that if you have any doubts. Except this time, the screws go into the bottom holes of the stepper motor.

    Drill holes in the platform you just made in step 5 to attach the holster to the acrylic. The threaded rod should pass through both empty ball bearings. Make sure you don’t forget to use a plastic stopper or fill the threads so that the rod is fixed in between the ball bearings .

    REMINDER: Make sure that when you’re fixing the motor to the holster, the coupling nut structure in screwed onto the threaded rod. Otherwise you’ll have to undo everything to screw it on later.

    Design And Sell Your 3d Prints

    How To Make A 3D Printer With Arduino At Home » 3D ...

    3D printed mechanical part. Image source: All3dp

    This is one of the easiest ways to make money online if you know how to use 3D modeling software. You can 3D design your own customized models, 3D print, and sell them. Nowadays, its easy to get started as there is easy-to-use 3D modeling software like SelfCAD.

    You dont need to have previous experience in 3D designing to be able to use this tool. You can easily get started and start creating professional and good-looking designs. The advantage of using SelfCAD is that after you are done with the design process, you dont need to switch to different software in order to slice and prepare your model for 3D printing. You can use the in-built slicer of SelfCAD to input your settings and generate the G-code to send to your 3D printer. SelfCAD slicer supports the most commonly available 3D printers.

    So if you own a 3D printer, try to figure out a gap in the market near you that can be solved with a 3D printer and then create your designs, 3D print, and sell them.

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    According To Marketplaces The Following Items Are A Great Place To Start:

    1. Customized Shoes

    You do not have to create complex shoes to get customers; you only need to personalize your clients shoes. Most printing service providers offer jewelry and other common items, but you can do shoes. Flip flops and crocs are the easiest to print. You can create your crocs and flip flops to match the contours on the foot of the wearer. Here, you only need flexible materials such as TPU Filament.

    2. Robotic Kits

    You can create anything from childrens learning guides to RC cars and smart whiteboards with the right skills. With the world embracing robots more, there is a chance for you to create impressive designs that meet the needs of different customers.

    With the Internet of Things rising in popularity, there are so many fields that you can experiment with. However, you need to be creative and inventive to create robots.

    3. Movie Props

    Movie props are a fan favorite. The only thing you need is to clear the legal challenges of printing such items, and you are good to go. Research the most popular movie or game in your neighborhood and start printing the props. Die-hard fans and collectors might ask for a full Iron Man suit. Be ready to design and print it. After printing, you may need professional finishing on the props.

    The challenge with movie props comes in the work that goes into designing them and the legalities surrounding printing and selling such items.

    4. Architectural Designs

    5. Jewelry and Ornaments

    6. Kids Toys

    8. Electronic Device Casings

    Time And Outsourcing Considerations In 3d Printing

    3D printing a part can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 7 days or more. There are several factors that dictate how long it takes to 3d print a part. These include the overall size and geometry of the part as well as the online 3D printing technology being used. The larger the part or the more complex the geometry, longer it will take to 3D print online.

    However, we can offer a quick answer by providing a few reference points. Of course, this is just an estimation. Read on to learn more about the various factors that dictate build time for various 3D printers in online 3D Printing India.

    Part Size

    Taller parts will usually take longer to 3D print online than shorter parts, even if their volume is the same.


    Several factors dictate how long it takes to 3D print a part with 3D Printing services in India, but the volume of the part is usually the first indicator. As a general rule, the larger the part the more time it will take to print by the 3D Printing companies. Weve seen small parts take as little as 5 minutes to 3D print online, while very large parts can take upwards of 200 hours.


    The parts footprint, or the area it occupies on the build surface, plays a role in determining the time to 3D print with 3D Printing service in India. The larger the footprint, the farther the print head has to travel from its home position to complete each layer.


    Part Geometry

    3D printing service is faster when parts have simple cross-sectional layers.

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    Making The Z Axis Platform

    NOTE: All measurements in the images are in millimeters.

    In this step you’re going to need the 35 cm x 15 cm acrylic sheet, 2 more of the mounted ball bearings, two 35 cm long U-channels, the 35 cm long rectangular metal rod and a bit of metal sheet .

    Start by attaching the mounted ball bearings in the center of the acrylic sheet, one at each end .

    The rectangular metal rod is just as long as the acrylic sheet. Flip the acrylic sheet over and place the rod in the middle of it and drill three holes through both. Don’t fix them together just yet!

    Flip the acrylic sheet back and drill holes for the U-channels . Go ahead and fix the U-channels down with four nuts and bolts .

    From the metal sheet cut out a rectangular piece so that it fits onto the rectangular metal rod like in fig. 5. Make sure that 2.5 cm is sticking out so that it can be joint to the frame. The width should be approximately the same as the metal rod’s width.

    Now go ahead and attach the rectangular metal rod to the acrylic with 6 nuts and bolts. Make sure that while doing this you don’t forget to attach the small metal piece you just made!

    Make 2 L-brackets from the sheet of metal, and drill holes through them and the rectangular metal rod. Use 2 nuts and bolts to fix them tightly to the rod .

    Fix the entire structure onto the frame tightly with nuts and bolts .

    What 3d Printer Software Should I Look For

    Make Money with 3D printer

    3D printers use software from two major sources: the printer itself and the computer you use to create 3D printer files.

    The software on your computer is a slicerslicing is when you create a file to print . There are many slicing programs available online, the two most popular being:

    Firmware is the software on the 3D printer. Many 3D printers use , but there are other applications for different chips. The exact firmware your printer uses will vary; search online to see what others say about the model you’re considering.

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    Make Money With A 3d Printer

    3D printing technology is still a new concept for most people. However, the technology has been around for a few decades now, and a savvy group of people has figured out how to make money with 3D printers.

    Learning as much as you can about 3D printing today is important as different manufacturing sectors move towards this technology. With 3D printing, manufacturers can reduce the prices of products. Better yet, the software pipeline has gotten better, allowing 3D models to print with ease, and at record speeds.

    Engineers and hobbyists turn their crafting passions into a reality using 3D printing technology. These enthusiasts might use 3D pens to create models from the comfort of their homes. However, the 3D pen does not come close to the precision of a printer.

    Again, it is costly to buy and maintain a 3D printer at home. This is where you can offer your help and make money with 3D printing services and rapid prototyping skills.

    You do still need a 3D printer? Later in this article, we will list some of the most popular 3D printers for sale. There are many ways to make money from 3D printing as long as you have the knowledge and passion. In this guide, we look at some of the ways to make money with a 3D printer.

    Again, established large space service providers might offer low prices for their services, making it even more challenging for you.

    How To Make Money With A 3d Printer: Final Thoughts

    The ability to make money with 3D printing is without question, feasible. The sky is the limit. And it only takes creative thinking. 3D printing is a relatively new trend in the consumer market. So, there are still plenty of opportunities to capitalize on it.

    For more article related to technology, stay tuned to ; ;

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    How To Buy The Right 3d Printer: A 2020 Guide

    3D printers provide a nearly endless array of possibilities. Whether you’re printing out a figurine, a smartphone case, a wrench or a door stop, you need to pick the right device for your needs and budget.

    With prices ranging from less than $200/ £200 to several thousand dollars or pounds, 3D printers come in a wide variety of sizes and capabilities. They also use a variety of different technologies that range from FDM to DLP , Stereolithography and more. If all of this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Read on and we’ll help you find the right 3D printer.

    Making Money With Print Ready 3d Models

    What Can You Make With A 3D Printer: 10 Amazing Ideas ...

    One does not need to sell physical 3D prints in order to start profiting from 3D printing. All one needs is a handy 3D model to start generating income. If you are a skilled designer, this can be a promising opportunity.

    Even if you are not a designer, you can have your models designed for you at a very affordable price using a platform like fiver. Once the 3D model has been designed and ready for printing, you can list it on one the marketplaces listed below, and people can download and print the object as they please.

    Of course, to justify spending money to have the models designed, the potential for good returns on the initial investment, plus long-term profits must be present.

    The best places tosell paid 3D models are:

  • Skrimarket
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    Cool Things To 3d Print

    3D printing has taken the world by stormâand itâs time for you to get on the trend. Stumped for 3D printing ideas? We have 67 3D printer designs for you to try!

    3D printing is such a fun way to produce creative workâand it has totally taken off. Now, creators are using this amazing new technology to create all kinds of wild and wonderful 3D printer projects that were previously all but impossible to make at home.

    These 3D printer projects are a great addition to your online design portfolio. This is such a hot space that shows your mastery of this chic craft could win you some big new clients. You can showcase a collection of cool things to 3D print and some of your best 3D printings too.

    Want to get in on this cool 3D prints trend? Weâve compiled a list of 67 inspiring 3D printing ideas to fuel your next 3D printer design. So, what can you make with a 3D printer? Well, thereâs something cool for everyone!

    Getting Started What You Need To Know

    Getting started with 3D printing can be baffling, to say the very least. With so many new things to learn, newcomers can find it extremely hard to figure out where they should begin There are many questions that need to be answered before you actually take the plunge and enter the world of 3D printing.

    This chapter will focus on answering the common questions that perplex a novice such as yourself when they attempt to understand the complexities of the 3D printing technology.

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    How Should You Go About Printing Downloaded Models

    If you have downloaded model blueprints from websites like Thingiverse, chances are that they will already be in STL format. This format is halfway to becoming a printable file so stay tuned for how to turn that STL file into something seriously awesome.

    For the printer to be able to manage the design files, they have to be sliced which means that it has to be transformed into the exact layer-by-layer description of the object, including the temperature, the speed and wall thickness controls. The resulting file is called a G-Code file that can be interpreted by the printer.

    You can choose from a number of slicing applications in the market, including free ones such as ReplicatorG, Cura and KISSlicer. We will talk more about slicing software shortly.

    Invention Of 3d Printers

    How to make money with a 3D Printer… Realistically. – Part 1 (2019)

    The invention of printers gave rise to printing shops and created an add-on service for mum and pop businesses. The emergence of smartphones apps gave food establishments the ability to position themselves closer to their customers. The list of benefits that innovations bring to our daily life is a long and ever-growing list.

    Therefore, by capitalizing on the benefit of 3D printers, it is feasible to use this new and revolutionary technology to print items and start making money from 3D printing. The list of 3D printer ideas stretches as far as the imagination. An enterprising individual can make money with 3D printers by selling 3D printed items or renting 3D printers out.

    In this article, we will cover what a 3D printer is, what makes it such a revolutionary technology and some 3D printers ideas to get those entrepreneur juices flowing. In addition, we will also briefly touch on subjects such as the potential problem statement 3D printer ideas can solve and the solutions it can potentially provide.

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