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What To Do With An Old Printer

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What To Do With Your Old Printer Before Recycling It

Although camera lens flare can sometimes produce good creative effects, it can also be a pain in the rear end. The way to combat it is to use a lens hood, but for some cameras and lenses, these can be ridiculously expensive for what is essentially just a piece of moulded plastic. One solution is to print out and make your own lens hood from paper or cardboard. You can find lots of different templates for specific makes of camera at

What To Do With An Old Printer

When you feel its time to upgrade a car, your old model can often still be used for several more years. Similarly, if your office needs to upgrade its , theres a good chance your current equipment still works. Instead of tossing outdated but functioning models to the dumpster, consider the following options for or reuse. Plus, these solutions wont involve adding to the electronic waste thats piling up in landfills.

Canon Ink Cartridges Recycling

You can return your Canon inkjet cartridges for free with the companys no-cost collection and recycling program. This program was implemented to prevent used Canon inkjet cartridges from being dumped in landfills.

Recycling Canon inkjet cartridges is simple. You can drop your empty Canon ink cartridges off at any of the over 1,600 FedEx Office Print & Ship Centers.

Click here to find the FedEx nearest you.;

You can also mail you empty Canon ink cartridges to:


To learn more about Canon recycling programs, please .

To learn more about recycling unused Canon printer cartridges for cash, please .

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Learning How To Dispose Of A Printer Is A Win

Outdated and out-of-use electronic devices that arent handled properly can range from an inconvenience to a sizable liability. Now that you understand how to dispose of a printer you can put a plan of action in place. Whether you are an individual or a member of an organization, you should maintain a simple plan for handling old printers not only to stay ahead of the curve but to mitigate any potential legal/financial issues from improper;e-waste handling.;

Some options for printer disposal may not be convenient for your specific needs perhaps your nearest recycling center is just too far away, or your old devices dont fit the donation requirements for your local nonprofit.;

Whichever method you choose, our professionals at All Green Recycling can help to point you in the right direction to get your old printers and fax machines out of your hair and give them a renewed purpose.;

Want to learn how to properly;dispose of batteries;or;other electronics? Check out our blog!;

Recycle Your Old Printer With A Retail Store

How do I recycle old printers?

Some of the most convenient options for printer disposal are as close as your nearest electronics store. Many big-name retailers feature electronic recycling programs that take the hassle out of the process for consumers and businesses alike.;

Retail recycling programs will harvest out-of-use devices for valuable components for future use.;

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Recycling Empty Ink Cartridges

What to do with empty ink cartridges?

Generally, there are two scenarios:

  • You have unused ink cartridges that you do not need. In this case, you can recycle those cartridges by selling them for cash.
  • You have used cartridges. In this case, it does not really matter if your ink cartridges are completely empty or have some ink left in them. You can recycle those as used ink cartridges using the methods described in this article.
  • How To Best Utilize Your Old Printers

    It is quite that dumping off your old electronic equipment as regular trash could be dangerous to the environment. There are many ways in which you can recycle electronic items rather than throwing them in the garbage. Just like other electronic equipment, can also be recycled, which is considered a better option. There are many possible ways of reusing or recycling a printer. We have narrowed down a few of the printer recycling tips for you to select from.

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    Prepare Your Old Printer For Proper Recycling

    This is for the more tech-savvy people. If you are not so well versed, then you can learn so that you know how to disassemble a printer for recycling. Some recycling centres cannot accept old printers that are not disassembled so you need to do this before dropping off the parts. Some people can disassemble old printers and use different parts to refurbish other printers or replace broken parts in other printers.

    Ink & Toner Recycling Office Depot

    Useful Parts from Old Printer

    Visit any Office Depot store with your empty printer cartridges and you can earn $3 back in Worklife Recycling Rewards.

    This offer is good for HP, Lexmark, Dell, and Office Depot brand inkjet cartridges, and HP, Dell, Canon, Brother, Lexmark, and Office Depot brand toner cartridges.

    Office Depot allows customers to recycle up to five ink cartridges per day.

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    Bottom Line: Always Avoid The Trash Heap

    I won’t go into detail here, but remember that, other than the buyback programs noted above, you have plenty of options for selling your used printer if it’s still in decent condition. This is especially true of well-built, higher-end business-oriented printers and AIOs, as well as professional photo printers. Beyond the buyback programs mentioned here, the web is loaded with sites for selling your used tech, with the most common and recognizable being Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay.

    But if your printer has hit the end of its life, or you’re looking to do something altruistic, donating or recycling are easy options. Legislation has been enacted in 25 states establishing electronic-waste recycling programs, and many printer manufacturers and sellers have gone to great lengths to be responsible about disposing of their customers’ second-hand wares. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to find a way to keep these machines and the material from which they’re constructed from doing more damage to the environment than necessary. Whether donating, recycling, or selling it for cash, there is no shortage of ways to keep your printer out of the dumpster. Do the right thing when the inevitable end of its service life comes.

    Once your printer is recycled and you’re ready for a new one, you’ll want to check out our roundup of the best printers you can buy right now, as well as our deep dive into how to save money with low-cost printer ink programs.

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    Its Illegal To Throw Away Printers In Some States

    Because e-waste takes up so much space in the landfill and has an extremely slow decomposition, states and municipalities across the US are implementing laws about how to get rid of e-waste.

    More and more states nowadays are making it illegal to throw away electronics in the trash.

    The goal is to get residents and businesses to recycle or refurbish old electronics instead of throwing them out. These devices can get fixed and given to new owners, or their parts can be salvaged for another use.

    Also, printer ink cartridges have toxic substances, and states want to make sure these are taken care of in a way thats not harming the environment nor the residents.

    For example, AT&T was fined $52 million for sending e-waste to a landfill. Target also had to pay $7.4 millions for throwing out electronics.

    This doesnt apply only to big companies, but to regular citizens as well. If your state has a law in place for recycling printers, you could get fined if you do otherwise.;

    California has strictly banned dumping all kinds of electronics in the trash since 2006, including printers. New York has a $100-$300 fine for anyone caught throwing out electronics at the curb. Illinois has a first-time fine of $25.;

    Other states with printer policies in place include Minnesota, Indiana, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Indiana. If your state isnt on the list, dont expect it to last. Instead, learn how to responsibly get rid of your printer ahead of time.

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    Printer Recycling Options For Nonworking Printers

    • Recycling Programs From the Manufacturer: How you’ll recycle your printer may very well depend upon what kind of printer you have. Companies like HP have set up special incentives for printer recycling, programs that will benefit you, them, and the environment… They’re win-win in my book.
    • Local Electronics Recycling Centers: If you opt for local options, you’ll need to do a bit of research. You will need to locate the electronics recycling center in your area. The National Center for Electronics Recycling has recycling centers throughout the United States. It’s easy, it’s free!
    • Electronic Recycling Companies: There are also electronics recycling companies you can use. Of course, there’s a fee involved for these.

    Why Do Recyclers Charge Money For Printer Recycling

    What Do to With Old Computer Monitors & Printers

    Before we talk about why recyclers charge money for printer recycling, lets talk about printer parts.;

    Printer parts include:

    • The body of the printer and internal parts are made of plastic.
    • Circuit boards, wires, cables, such as power cables and USB cords that route the power through the mechanisms, are made of copper. A circuit board is made from non-conductive substrate materials and layers of copper which can be buried internally or externally.
    • Metal hardware holds the printer together .
    • Printer network components can be wireless, or external, or a cable that connects the printer to the computer.
    • Toner or ink cartridge

    Printer parts are mostly plastic, metal hardware, and copper, which isnt valuable.

    Recycling centers have to charge money for printer recycling for several reasons.

    Printers dont have many or any valuable parts inside. This means the recyclers cant sell the parts, so theres no way to cover the recycling cost.

    Expensive machinery and labor force are used to recycle a printer. All of this takes money, and because printer parts arent valuable, e-waste recycling centers have to charge the customers money.

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    Printer Recycling For Us Citizens Living In Other Parts Of The Us

    Even if you dont live in the San Francisco bay area, GreenCitizen also has you covered.

    You can choose the mail-in electronics option and mail your old or broken printers.

    Heres how it works:

    • Contact GreenCitizen and let us know your recycling needs
    • GreenCitizen will send the packaging list and information. You can ship with your preferred service
    • Once GreenCitizen receives the items, well send a confirmation email
    • If youve chosen a data destruction service, youll get a Certificate of Destruction once its been completed

    Did You Know That The First

    These days printers dont cost quite as much and it is easy to get a new printer. The problem comes when you dont know how to dispose of old printers you have lying around.

    It is not advised to just throw it in the trash as there are special components that need to be disposed of correctly. Printer components contain potentially toxic materials that can leach into the soil in landfills. Below are some ideas of what to do with old printers.

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    How To Dispose Of Printer And Toner Cartridges

    Youve used a printer for years but dont have a single idea on how to dispose of printer cartridges.

    If you throw them in the trash bag with the rest of the garbage, store them in your closet once they dont work anymore, or simply dont know what to do with them, but you want to dispose of toner cartridges correctly, then this article is for you.

    Youll learn exactly how to do that with this article. Well teach you everything theres to know about disposing of, recycling, and possibly re-using the cartridges in the best way possible.

    Care to learn more about this? Scroll and find out!

    Printer Recycling For San Francisco Bay Area Individuals

    How Does My OLDER Printer Compare to Today’s Printers

    GreenCitizen offers responsible and local recycling services if youre an individual in the SF bay area. This is a really convenient idea who lives within the 35 mile radius of our Burlingame Eco-Center.;

    Choose any time for a drive-through drop-off Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm. Apart from you printers, you can also recycle other electronics properly with GreenCitizen.;

    As printer is a low value recycling item, we charge $5 per printer for recycling.

    Our address is 1831 Bayshore HWY, Suite 2, Burlingame, CA 94010 USA.;

    Heres how drop-off works:

    • Pre-fill out the drop-off form
    • GreenCitizen employees will unload all your items on a cart and weigh the items
    • Use either debit or credit cards to pay on a contactless chip reader

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    What To Look For In A New Printer

    If youre considering what to do with your old printer, youre likely on the hunt for a replacement. New printers can have all kinds of features these days. Make sure you know exactly what you want to do with the machine before purchasing a new one. Here are some tips to help you find the right printer for your needs.

    How To Recycle A Printer But Keep Your Data Safe

    Some printers store data after being switched off or disconnected from a computer. WiFi- or Bluetooth-enabled printers, for example, might keep your networks connection details. To be safe, factory reset your printer check the makers documentation on how to do this.

    For more on securing your data, see our guide:

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    How To Recycle Printer Cartridges

    Now, after we know how critical is printer cartridge recycling and how cartridge components can be harmful to the environment, new questions unfold:

    What do you do with your old printer cartridges? How do you properly recycle them?

    Surprisingly, recycling printer cartridges is not difficult.

    You can easily recycle your printer cartridges for money, charity, or just for the well being of the planet and its future generations by taking a few simple steps.

    There are different ways to recycle your used ink and toner cartridges:

    • Manufacturer Lead Recycle Programs
    • Office Supply Store Recycle Programs

    Lets see how these different recycling programs work.

    Where To Recycle Printers Youre Replacing

    How Does My OLDER Printer Compare to Today

    Use our recycling locator to find your nearest reuse and recycling point.

    Or, if youre going shopping, bear in mind that retailers now take back old electricals when youre buying new. And some larger stores will recycle your old tech even if youre not buying.

    In other words, its getting easier all the time to recycle printers and other electricals.

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    How To Salvage Printer Parts For Money

    Holding on to an old printer takes away valuable storage space in your home. It may even cost you money, as the ink cartridges for these printers are more expensive and hard to find. The parts of old printers are valuable to those who need replacement parts for their own printer. Selling salvaged printers, including old ones from your home and ones you find at yard sales, is a simple way to make some extra cash.

    Sign up for a Staples Rewards account and turn in old printer cartridges and ink cartridges you find inside the printers. Staples gives you $2 on your account for every approved ink cartridge you bring in, including those from HP, Dell and Lexmark. Trade the rewards in for merchandise from a Staples store or reap rewards at the company’s website.

    Contact the manufacturer of the printer and ask about a trade-in program. Many manufacturers offer this option because the companies recycle the parts of the printer. When you trade in an old printer, you receive a discount toward a new printer from that manufacturer.

    Return the printer to the manufacturer for cash back or reward. Some printer manufacturers offer this program rather than a trade-in program. When you return the printer to the company, you receive a set amount back, usually in the form of a check.


    Are All Types Of Printers Recyclable

    Yes, printers are recyclable.

    Ill admit before I started looking into what to do with my old printers, I didnt know they could be recycled. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that yes, all kinds of printers and printer parts are recyclable.

    Printers that are recyclable are:

    • Inkjet printers
    • Industrial printers
    • Printer, scanner, copier, fax machine, combinations

    The bottom line is, all printers and their parts can be recycled, so theres no excuse not to do so. Lets talk about why you need to recycle your printer.

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    Recommended By Our Editors

    Epson. This program is just for recycling, but it’s easy. Print a prepaid label, pack up your printer, and drop it off at a FedEx location. Epson will take care of the recycling.

    HP. The HP Consumer Buyback and Planet Partners Recycling Program will buybased on current value, of courseprinters from any manufacturer originally sold by any vendor. For example, you can sell your used Brother, Canon, or Epson machine here, provided it has street value. If HP determines that your printer has no monetary value, the company will then provide you with recycling options.

    OKI Data. OKI Data’s recycling programs vary by state. .

    Xerox.;Xerox’s recycling options also vary by state, and the company allies with the National Cristina Foundation mentioned earlier. Check them out here.

    Option : Break It Apart

    Make an old Printer Wireless

    Your printer may be outdated and slow. It’s not necessarily broken. Consider this printer as a parts source.;

    Many businesses use the same printer model throughout their offices, which means that one of them is probably still in use.;

    If a unit breaks down that you’d like to keep, swap the bad parts for good ones off of the “trashed” printer.

    Parts that can be reused include:

  • Toners
  • Paper supports
  • Output tray extensions
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