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What Printer Works Best With Cricut Explore Air 2

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Type Of Paper That You Will Use

Cricut Explore Air 2 For Beginners Review Basics Fun Home Decor Projects

As a crafter, itâs impossible to stick yourself to a single type of paper. Your work is all about creativity, and creativity is closely linked to variety. For producing different projects, it is obvious you would be printing and cutting on different types of paper. So, buying a printer that can fit one single type of paper wonât be worthy enough. The market has a variety of printing papers each having unique design and characteristics. The type is generally defined by the paperweight, sturdiness, and thickness. The heavier the paper is the more power it will require to cut and print.

There are a variety of printing papers each with unique characteristics and printing requirements. The types usually are determined through paperweight which describes the sturdiness and thickness on the paper. The heavier paper is, a lot more power it requires on the printer. Down below are the kinds of paper that you get in the market.

a) Bold/Writing Paper: This is the regular standard paper for printing in most of the offices. It comes in few standard sizes like 16lb, 20lb, 24lb, 28lb, 32lb, and 36lb.

b) Text Paper: You can find this paper in commercial printing pressed. This paper is commonly used for printing brochures, business letterhead, flyers, posters, and presentation. Crafter often use this paper for making envelopes. It comes in few standard sizes like 50lb, 60lb, 70lb, 80lb, and 100lb.

Ink Cost And Replacement

The second thing is going to be ink. Thats your biggest expense when looking at a printer. There are actually a couple of different ways to buy ink for both of these printers. So lets take a look at both printers and subscription programs. Please note that with both subscriptions your printer will communicate via Wi-Fi and order the ink for you so you must have an internet connection.

HP Photo Envy

With this printer, you can get HP Instant Ink which charges a monthly fee that is anywhere from 99 cents and up. For that fee, you get a certain amount of pages. So for the 99 cents, you get 15 pages, and then every page after that is basically like a dollar for 10 pages. The 99 cents makes it 7 cents a page. If you were to go over your 15 pages it would be 10 cents a page.

I personally love Instant Ink. Thats what I use every month because when I say 99 cents a month, you get to print 15 pages of whatever you want. You can print 15 full-sized sheets at the best quality that uses the most ink for that one price. I know that I like to print at the best quality when Im doing anything with my Cricut. I also know that uses more ink, so I feel like HP Instant Ink is this solution for me. A lot of people dont like that monthly fee. So the only other option is to buy the cartridges as they run out, which you definitely can with the HP printer.

Canon Pixma

Hp Envy 7855 Borderless Photo Printer

Another amazing printer to use with Cricut Explore is the HP ENVY 7855.

Apart from printing, this all-in-one printer lets you do some scanning, copying, and even faxing documents. It features an intuitive color touchscreen, which you can use to select your desired function and adjust its settings.

Like the previous printer, this one delivers vivid and detailed prints at a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. It uses two ink cartridges- black and tri-color. If you subscribe to the HP Instant Ink plan, you can get your ink cartridges delivered to your doorstep before they run out.

This printer is capable of handling different paper sizes, including letters, legal, 4 x 6, and envelopes. You can also create a borderless print. This & different-sized papers.

Apart from printing multiple pages using the input tray, you can also print a single page using the ADF. Just feed the paper into the slot, and youll be good to go!

Even if you want to convert your design into digital, you can use the scanner bed to scan it. Youre having plenty of options to print your favorite designs, cut them with Cricut, and then use them in your projects.

If youve stored your designs on cloud platforms, like Dropbox and Google Drive, you can print those directly. Apart from wireless options, you can use Bluetooth Smart, USB, and Ethernet for printing. You can even connect the printer with Alexa for a hands-free experience!

Highlighted Features:

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The Best Laptop For Cricut Makers In 2021

ByTom Maypublished 16 December 21

Wondering which is the best laptop for Cricut? We round up the best options at a range of prices.

Included in this guide:

Surface Book 3

The best laptops for Cricut makers are an essential tool if you’re serious about the super-popular craft machine. And if you’re hoping to get one for Christmas this year, you’ll want a laptop that can help you make the most of your shiny new toy.

At the most basic level, a laptop needs to meet the system requirements for Cricut’s Design Space software. That means you’ll need a Windows laptop or a MacBook. Chromebooks or indeed any other kind of Unix/Linux laptops are incompatible. To see the full Cricut system requirements for Windows and Mac, skip down to what kind of computer do you need for a Cricut?

The good news is that you don’t need the very latest and most expensive laptops to use a Cricut maker, however newer devices can allow you to get more out of your machine. In the roundup below, we offer our pick the best laptops for Cricut makers for a range of budgets and outline the pros and cons of each. Of course, if you don’t yet have a Cricut, see our guide to the best Cricut machines too, and make sure you also have the best Cricut accessories. You might also want to explore the best Cricut alternatives.

Cricut Maker And Cricut Explore Air 2 System Requirements

Top Two Printers for Cricut Explore

Before investing in a new Cricut cutting machine, make sure your computer system requirements are up to snuff. While you likely dont need to purchase a whole new computer to use a Cricut machine, for best functionality, make sure your computer has these minimum system requirements.

Its always important to know what you need, computer wise, when investing in a new die cutting machine. Maybe youre looking to purchase a new computer, or maybe youre just wanting to know if your current laptop will work. With a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore machine, you can use both Windows and Mac computers as well as Android or iOS devices. Both machines use Cricut Design Space to create designs your machine can use. If your computer or mobile device isnt able to open or run Design Space effectively, your new fun Cricut machine will just sit in the box lonely and waiting to be used.

Dont let system requirements stifle your creativity! Check the information below for all the computer details needed to use Cricut Design Space.

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The 8 Best Printers For Cricut

To support our editorial teams mission, we may receive compensation from the products or services mentioned. Learn about how we make money.

Anyone who has a penchant for crafts knows that Cricut is the ultimate investment. The brands line of die-cutting machines open up a wealth of possibilities for those who like to get crafty, working on a range of types of materials to create precise cuts for decorative use. So whether youre hoping to come up with an intricate, elegant bulk of wedding invitations, or if you simply want to spice up the pages of your planner, a Cricut machine can be the perfect tool for the job.

One of the best ways to enjoy Cricut is through the use of a printer companion. Using a premium printer can expand your horizons even further, letting you print your own bespoke designs to use with the Cricut Print and Cut feature. So you might say that if you have a printer to go with your Cricut machine, youre pretty much all set with maximum crafting capabilities.

With all of that in mind, theres no wonder youve found yourself asking, what is the best printer for cricut? After tons of research, weve compiled a list of the 8 top choices to pair with your die-cutting investment. Here are the most impressive printers that are perfect for the Cricut Print and Cut feature.

Why Should You Buy The Best Printer For Your Cricut Machine

It is crucial to buy the best compatible printer with the Cricut machine so that you make the best craftwork. However, if you are in doubt about whether you need the Cricut machine or not, then it can be said that it all depends on the use of the device.

If the Cricut machine is meant for fueling your passions and will be used once a year, then you might not need the device. However, if craftwork is something that you aspire to do and see a carrier in the same, then you must go for a Cricut.

The machine will certainly add to your craftwork and give them the ultimate edge. Moreover, it will also add to the aesthetic value of the product that you design. Therefore, it is recommended to go for a Cricut machine if you want to make your craft-making dreams a reality.

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Canon Pixma Ix6820 Business And Official Printer

In the market, there are so many expensive printers. They give reasons in qualifying purchases as being the best in the game or like we provide the best printers for Cricut. Canon Pixma ix6820 is no doubt the best printer for Cricut.

Crafting can be used as a hobby time pass or full-time work. This cut feature in a printer is very helpful in achieving and completing so many official projects. The efficiency and speed are remarkable with all the extended feature.

We are talking about compatibility with other devices. This model of Canon Pixma is engineered to connect with all mobile devices. Along with windows for desktops and MAC compatibility.

For the print copy and save option, you can utilize air print, google cloud print and canon Pixma ix6820 printing solution. This printer uses a fine quality performance five individual ink tank system for the best results with amazing speed.

It has a fine inkjet printer nozzle that gives the best colour prints. The picture should look vivid and appealing, and this job is mandatory for printers as this is the main job they are designed to do. If a printer lake the quality in printing, then it is of no use.

To provide ease of work for you, it has this feature of auto document feeder for up to 150 pages per tray. Ink tanks are intended to use ink smartly and save ink costs and make it more feasible in the long run.


Epson Sure Color P400

The Best Printer for a Cricut

The Sure Color P400 produces gallery-worthy prints at sizes around 13 by 19 inches, at a superb speed. It also supports printing larger prints, banners, and panoramas from roll paper the 27-pound all-black P400 is usually a large printer, and yes it requires a fair number of room around it much more use. When closed for storage, its measurements are 8.6 by 24.5 by 12.8 inches , as well as depth expands to 31.4 inches if your back and front trays are extended. The printer doesnt have display, because it is supposed to be controlled from your computer. A brand of buttons for the front panel include on/Off, Resume, and Wi-Fi, and also the roll-paper controls is there, too. The top-loading feeder fits nearly 120 sheets of plain or 30 sheets of photo paper nearly 13 by 19, a rear feeder holds one sheet of fine-art paper, a front feeder also fits one sheet, as there are a possessor for paper rolls approximately 13 inches wide. Epson sells 8- and 13-inch-wide rolls, using a maximum panorama dimensions of 13 by 129 inches. Speed has a backseat to print quality with near-dedicated photo printers, but faster remains to be better, plus the P400 is comparatively speedy for any photo printer. As a near-dedicated photo printer, the P400 can print text and photos along with graphics


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Free Cricut Projects Designs Tips & Tricks

Paper Tips and Tricks working with Cricut Maker

Worth watching just for the tip on finding the direction of your paper grain

Cricut Pens: Writing and Envelope Addressing Tutorial

Jennifer gives us a tour of 11 different pens on the Cricut Explore / Cricut Maker. She also covers picking a font, how to use a calligraphy pen, whether or not other brand pens work, and how to address envelopes & invitations! Woo!

Using Sure Cuts A Lot with Cricut

Cricut machines no longer support using SCAL, but because its such a useful piece of software Ive figured out how to use Sure Cuts A Lot with Cricut machines.

Thats all 14! If you have any favorites that I left off the list please comment below, Id love to check them out.

Epson Surecolor P400 Best Professional Printer

When Epson says wide-format, they mean business with the SureColor P400.

It can print up to 13×129, which is an impressive size that no other printer can match with a printing resolution of 5760×1440 dpi.

It provides 8 ink cartridges with UltraChrome HG2 ink for high printing quality. Wed strongly recommend this printer for professional usage as it has a high initial cost, but rest assured, it will last you a long time.

Nonetheless, if youre planning to use your printer for copying or scanning, this is not for you. The P400 is strictly a printer, and it doesnt provide any other functionalities.

For connectivity, the printer offers wireless, ethernet, and USB connections

  • The paper feeder is not reliable
  • Low printing speed

Final Verdict

Epson is not joking with this printer, it provides high-quality printings, and an impressive 13×129 panoramic printing that no other printer on this list can match. Furthermore, the printer also has a high printing resolution and universal connectivities. Its only downside is that its initial cost is high and may not be worth investing that much money into it unless youre using it professionally.

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Different Type And Style Of Paper

You, as a crafter, know that your field needs a variation of style and design as this is all about creativity to stay on top of your game. The different types and kinds of paper do bring a huge difference in the design and quality of your project. For example, an architect printer will support larger paper sizes.

Inside The Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Explore Air 2 Printer Driver

Here Ill cover the basic features of the Explore Air 2, and a few of them are nifty. The overview below is of the original Explore Air but the layout is entirely the same. Just imagine the pretty mint finish.

  • Tool cup holds pens, scissors, etc.
  • Accessory clamp A. This is where the accessory adapter is pre-installed and where you can insert a pen for drawing instead of cutting. Its also useful for holding scoring blades.
  • Blade clamp B. The blade comes pre-installed. If you ever need to replace it or remove bits of vinyl, this is where you want to look.
  • Accessory storage compartments. In addition to the tool cup, the Explore Air 2 has two storage compartments. The smaller compartment on the left holds additional blade housings, blades, and the accessory adapter. It features a magnetic strip to keep replacement blades safe and free from rolling around. The larger compartment is great for storing longer tools/pens.
  • Smart Set dial. Rotate the dial to select the material youll be cutting. It feels great to turn and indicates which materials you can cut with 2x fast mode.
  • Cutting mat. This is going to be how we load most material into our Cricut machine. Its sticky on one side for holding our material securely in place.

To use a pen just open accessory clamp A, drop it down in, and then close the clamp.

OK, lets get your machine connected and install the necessary drivers.

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Best Printer For Cricut Buyers Guide

Ok, so: choosing the right machine is not about getting the best names out there, or spending a small fortune. Instead, it starts by getting to know the important features and specifications of what makes a printer suitable for cricutting.

We know that the world of printers can often be a confusing one to navigate, which is why this buying guide gives you extensive details of what to look for when shopping for the best printer for cricut.

Keep reading to brush up your knowledge and know exactly what you should be looking for Ready, set, go!

Epson 15000 Expression Photo Hd Quality Results At A Lower Price

Most crafters, artists, and cricut fans want a high-quality result at affordable prices. If the Cricut Design Space user is running on a tight budget, then the Epson 15000 is an excellent choice for a number of reasons.

While the name can be a bit awkward, you can easily overlook that if the prints are excellent. This printer comes at a very affordable price under $300.

It produces excellent borderless pictures up to the sizes of A3+ and can also directly print labels on CDs and DVDs.

It is a compact printer, and according to Epson, this is the smallest printer as far as A3+ sizes go.

This printer uses a Black, magenta, cyan, and yellow color setup, along with additional grey and red. The latter provides enhanced shade controls, and the former provides an improved color range.

One downside of this printer is on plain paper with a speed of 9.3 pages a minute in a black letter test. However, it ups the ante with complex colors, improving performance up to 4.9 ppm.

Meaning, this printer is a good choice for crafters as well as photographers and digital artists.As for the borderless printing, it took 3 minutes on an A4 and a reasonable 5 minutes and thirty seconds on A3. Considering the price, that is very reasonable.

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