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What Printer Uses Hp 62xl Ink

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How To Recycle Hp Ink Cartridges

HP 62 & 62XL Ink Cartridge Reuse Tips (HP ENVY & OfficeJet Printers)

We recommend recycling your used HP ink cartridges locally if you can. Office supply stores like Office Depot, Best Buy, Target, Staples or Walmart are all equipped to accept recycled cartridges. Visit to find the closest office supply store or recycling facility in your area, just search by material type and your zipcode! If you purchased an original HP printer cartridge, you can print out a return label and ship it back to HP for free through their Planet Partner Program.

Now that youre an HP ink cartridge pro you can find the best printing option for your needs. When you are shopping around, remember to pay attention to cartridge price and page yield to get the most value. If ink cartridges werent enough and you are interested in learning about toner cartridges too, check out our comprehensive HP toner buying guide. Or, if you are ready to start shopping for a new printer, check out our Best HP Printers of 2021 buying guide!

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Hp 62xl High Yield Ink Cartridge Black

  • This cartridge can be known by the manufacturer’s code, C2P05AA.
  • It has an estimated page yield of this cartridge is 600.
  • This cartridge is compatible with the following printers: HP ENVY 5640, HP OFFICEJET 5740, HP ENVY 7640
  • Drop off your used ink and toner cartridges at any Officeworks store for recycling through the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program which guarantees zero waste to landfill.

Excellent Printing Results With Hp

Print more for your money with this black ink cartridge from HP.

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Tackle Big Print Jobs With Hp 62xl Ink Cartridges

High-yield HP 62XL tricolor ink cartridges help you get more out of each cartridge, minimizing the frequency of replacements. XL ink and toner cartridges have the ability to produce notably more printed pages than standard models. The HP 62XL black ink cartridge produces about 600 pages and the tricolor cartridge prints roughly 415 pages. In comparison, a standard HP 62 black cartridge yields about 200 pages, while the HP 62 tricolor ink cartridge lasts about 165 pages. Each option suits different usage needs. Small businesses and those with extensive printing needs may benefit more from HP 62XL ink cartridges. However, liquid ink can dry out over time, so those with light to moderate printing needs might consider the standard models, since they may not be able to completely use the ink in XL cartridges before the ink begins to dry out.

What Kind Of Ink Does Hp Use

HP 62XL Black Original Ink Cartridge (C2P05AN)

HP fills their ink cartridges with either pigment-based ink or dye-based ink. Pigment-based ink is commonly used in their black ink cartridges because it is better at printing text. Dye-based ink is often used in their color cartridges because it is better at creating the vibrant colors required for photo printing. For example, the HP 63 black cartridge is filled with pigment ink and the 63 tri-color cartridge is filled with dye-based ink. If you want to know what type of ink your HP cartridges use, you can check the specs table of your specific cartridge series on HPs website.

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Get A Discount On Hp 62xl Printer Inks

Order the HP 62XL high capacity ink multipack today with a low price promise and receive your purchase on the next business day. At Cartridge Save, we offer free UK delivery on packs of high capacity black HP 62XL ink and high capacity colour HP 62XL ink. You may order printer products online or by phone. For convenience, we accept most credit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard, at the secure checkout. Cartridge Save also has a telephone order line and award-winning sales team to help you order this cheap HP 62XL printer ink. To find out if the black and tri-colour HP 62XL ink pack will work with your printer, refer to our guaranteed compatibility list.

Original Black And Tri

Ideal for busy small offices or home office users, the high capacity HP 62XL black and colour original ink multipack contains high capacity ink cartridges in black and tri-colour. You can get better value for money with the HP 62XL ink value pack. Cartridges from the high capacity HP 62XL inkjet 2-pack are easy to install. It’s easy for you to produce everything from lab-quality photos to professional documents with these genuine HP 62XL inks. Also known as the HP C2P05AE high capacity black ink and HP C2P07AE high capacity colour ink, these cartridges are designed to print as many as 600 black pages or 415 colour pages.

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Can Hp Ink Cartridges Be Refilled

Yes, some HP ink cartridges with a built-in printhead can be refilled. Refill kits are available for a number of popular HP ink cartridges, like the HP 60 and 61 series. The refill process is relatively easy but can be a bit messy . Most kits contain enough refill ink to fill 2-3 cartridges, making them are a great cost saving alternative to higher priced name brand ink. We recommend refilling an original HP ink cartridge that has only been used once to get the best print results. If you refill a cartridge thats been used multiple times your print quality will deteoritate and may cause damage to your printer.Unfortunately you cannot refill Individual ink cartridges like the HP 910 or 962 series and you wont find refill kits for this type of cartridge.For step-by-step instructions on how to use an HP 61XL refill kit, watch our tutorial video below!

Troubleshooting Common Hp 62 Cartridge Issues

HP ENVY & Officejet Printer Tips (HP 62, 62XL Ink Cartridges)

Compatibility Error Messages

Compatibility messages are not too common but they can be incredibly frustrating if you are in need to print right away. Luckily, some quick troubleshooting steps should get your printer up and running again relatively quickly. If you are getting an error message that says Incompatible Ink Cartridge or Ink Cartridge Error, you will want to check out the gold contact points on the cartridge first. Occasionally, dried ink, fingerprint oil or tape residue can get on the gold and copper contacts of the cartridge, causing it to read improperly in your machine. To clean them, remove the cartridge from the machine and gently wipe the contacts with a lint free cloth or coffee filter. Then try installing into the machine. For step-by-step instructions, check out our video on printer contact cleaning:

Missing Cartridge Message

Empty Cartridge Message

Streaky or Light Prints

Spotty or streaky prints are usually due to clogged ink inside the printhead of the cartridge. The HP 62s printhead is the gold and copper strip located at the end of the cartridge . This is where the ink comes out when you print and a simple priming will typically get your cartridge printing like new. There are two different ways to prime the first way is called the paper towel method. The video below features an HP 64 cartridge but the cleaning process is identical with HP 62s!

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What Cartridge Sizes Are Available

Replacement HP ink cartridges are commonly offered in two sizes, standard yield and high yield or XL. Extra high yield cartridges are an option for some printer series as well but they arent as widely available. No matter which size you go with, the cartridge will install the exact same way in your printer. In fact, the physical cartridge size is the same regardless of the yield the only difference is the amount of ink inside the cartridge. The higher the yield, the more ink you get, which translates to more prints! Higher yield ink cartridges can be more expensive than standard yield cartridges but most offer a lower cost per page, which saves you more money in the long run. To illustrate this, well compare the page yield and price of the HP 962 ink cartridge series. HP printers that work with this series can use HP 962 standard yield, 962XL high yield and 966XL extra high yield ink cartridges. As you can see in the chart below, the HP 962 standard yield is the cheapest cartridge but has the highest cost per page, or highest operating costs. For frequent printer users, it makes sense to pay more for a higher yield cartridge because they offer a better overall value. If you print occasionally, you are fine spending a little less and going with standard yield cartridges.

Cartridge Series
1.7 cents

How To Install An Hp Ink Cartridge

Installing an HP ink cartridge is slightly different from printer to printer but the basic process is similar for most models. When you open up an HP ink cartridge for the first time, a plastic clip may be cradling the cartridge. Make sure to remove this clip, otherwise the cartridge will not fit in the printer. Not all HP ink cartridges have a plastic clip, but if you own a printer that uses cartridges with a built-in printhead, like the HP 63 series, youll definitely see this clip. Some newer printers, like the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 that we feature in the installation video below, do not use cartridges with a plastic clip, so it all depends on what printer model you have. To remove it, hold the cartridge with one hand and gently pull up on the plastic clip.

A piece of yellow sealing tape can also be found on most new HP ink cartridges that must be removed before installation. This sealing tape covers the vent hole on and the cartridge will not print if it is left on. To remove, just peel the tape away from the end of the cartridge.

If you dont see a piece of tape on the end of the cartridge, do not worry about it. Some HP ink cartridges no longer have a piece of tape.

In the instructions below, we show you how to install an HP 962 ink cartridge in the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 printer. Consult your printer manual or the HP website for installation instructions for your specific printer.

How to Install an HP 962 Cartridge in the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015

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How To Troubleshoot Hp Ink Cartridges

How to fix streaky or light prints

The best way to troubleshoot streaky prints is to run the cleaning function on your printer This is by far the easiest and fastest way to clear up a print quality issue. If you own a printer with a built-in printhead, like an HP 63, you can also try priming the cartridge with the paper towel method. We feature an HP 64 cartridge in the video but the steps are the same for any HP black or tri-color integrated printhead ink cartridge.

To start the paper towel method, grab a warm, damp paper towel and a dry paper towel. Take the warm, damp paper towel and blot the cartridge with the printhead side down onto the towel. You should see ink appearing on the paper towel after blotting a couple of times. Be careful not to confuse the printhead with the gold and copper contacts or dots. After blotting onto the damp paper towel, hold the cartridge against the dry paper towel for 30 seconds to a minute. This process wicks out any dried ink that may be preventing you from a quality print. Once complete, insert the cartridge back in the machine and run a test print. Repeat the process a couple of times for best results. If the second time doesnt improve you can try the printhead cleaning option again, or throw in the towel and buy new cartridges.

How to troubleshoot an HP ink cartridge error message

Switch & Save Why Switch To Cartridge Save Own

HP 62XL Tri
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  • Guaranteed to be a like-for-like alternative to the originals in every way: Printout quality. Number of prints. Reliability. Printer compatibility. EVERYTHING.
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To reassure you, we guarantee that well repair or replace your printerfor freein the unlikely event that it gets damaged by our own-brand cartridge. This is regardless of how old your printer is. We can afford to offer this as problems are almost unheard of.

Your printer warranty is safe

Some people whose printers are less than a year old worry that an own-brand cartridge might invalidate the manufacturers warranty. This isnt true. By law, manufacturers arent allowed to invalidate your warranty if you use own-brand cartridges. If something does go wrong and our own-brand cartridges are to blame, well take over the manufacturers warranty, offer you phone support and repair or replace your printer if needed.

In summary theres zero risk in using our own-brand cartridges.

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What Printer Does Hp 62 Fit

Original HP 62 Tri-color Ink Cartridge | Works with HP ENVY 5540, 5640, 5660, 7640 Series, HP OfficeJet 5740, 8040 Series, HP OfficeJet Mobile 200, 250 Series | Eligible for Instant Ink | C2P06AN.

Can you use 62 ink instead of 62XL?

How many pages does HP 62 XL ink print?

600 pagesXL size for XL savings For the pinnacle of value, the HP 62XL High Yield Black Original Ink Cartridge boasts an output capacity of 600 pages in the high quality you expect.

What printer is compatible with hp 62 ink?

Compatible Printers. The HP 62 cartridge series work with a number of HP Envy and HP OfficeJet Printers. A few popular examples are the HP ENVY 7640, ENVY 5640, ENVY 5660, and the HP OfficeJet 5740 but you can see the complete list of compatible printers below.

What is 62 XL Ink?

HP® 62 XL High-Yield Ink, Combo Pack contains a black ink cartridge and a tri-color cartridge. These products have been manufactured using the highest standards at HP so that when you print, you can enjoy laser-print-like quality, crisp images and sharp text.

Is HP printer ink toxic?

The good news is that while printer ink can cause an upset stomach if ingested, it is not fatal. In most cases, it is not even necessary to call poison control.

Individual Hp Ink Cartridges

A set of individual ink cartridges consists of four separate color ink tanks available in black, cyan magenta and yellow. There are two big differences between these cartridges and the black and tri-color cartridges we just reviewed. The first difference is the cost savings of replacing each cartridge color separately. Many printer users prefer individual ink cartridges because each color can be replaced as needed. This ends up being far more cost effective than replacing a tri-color cartridge that needs to be replaced when any color is low. Another major difference is the location of the printhead. We mentioned earlier that black and tri-color cartridges have an integrated printhead that is built into the cartridge. Individual ink cartridges do not have a built-in printhead. Instead, the printhead is built into the printer. Both types of printheads work equally well, but its important to note, if you buy a printer with a built-in printhead, it may wear out over time and need to be replaced. Often the cost of replacing a printhead is more expensive than buying a new printer, so keep that in mind when weighing your printer options. Routine maintenance will keep your printer and printheads running smoothly. For some simple cleaning and maintenance tips, check out the HP printhead cleaning section later in this article.

Old HP Ink Cartridge Series

Cartridge Series

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Hp Ink Cartridge Alternatives

HP SmartTank Ink Bottles

HP SmartTank printers were introduced in 2019 and are one of the newest ink tank printing options on the market. If you arent familiar with this kind of printer, an ink tank printer uses a refillable ink tank system and ink bottles to power your printer instead of ink cartridges. Many people like them because the ink bottles are filled with a lot of ink and they dont dry out as easily as a standard ink cartridge, so you can print longer for less. The idea of filling up your own printer with ink is a little scary for some folks, but the process is actually very easy and a lot like filling up the gas tank of your car. SmartTank printers are expensive but the savings you get with the ink bottles are substantial when compared to any of the previously mentioned ink cartridges. The HP 32XL black ink bottle, for example prints 6,000 pages for just $16.99, at a cost per page of just .28 cents. Such low operating costs make these printers and their ink bottles undeniably enticing, but with the expensive upfront costs of the printer, they arent for everyone.

HP Instant Ink

Low cost compatible ink cartridges

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