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What Printer Do I Need For Heat Transfer

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Hp Laserjet Pro M452dw Color Printer

Printers for Heat Transfers & Sublimation Printing

Rather large and grand, the LaserJet Pro M452dw from HP is more fit for offices and commercial spaces. This is a wireless printer that you can connect to your devices and gadgets via Wi-Fi, far away from where your computers are.

The printer doesnt have to be around the devices it is connected to it can be in another room but only needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi to work. You can connect the same printer to 10 users at the same time, which makes it ideal for small offices, homes and schools.

This is an extremely fast printer. It can print up to 28 sheets of paper every minute, which is convenient if you are working with a lot of designs. For text or black-and-white designs, each page takes 8.9 seconds to print each sheet of paper, and 9.5 seconds for colors and detailed designs.

With the color touchscreen control panel on top of the machine, you can choose to give manual commands to the machine then and there, without any chance of security leak or your confidential paperwork going public.

Besides, this is a duplex printer, which means that it can automatically print on both sides of the sheet without you having to manually flip the page with your hands. It comes with a 300-sheet input capacity and can print more than 4,000 sheets of paper monthly, and supports all kinds of paper sizes, i.e. legal, letter, Oficio, envelopes and executive.

Key Features:

Key Features:

Key Features:

Key Features:

The 5 Best Heat Transfer Printers

Sarah Miller | Heat Press & Transfers

You dont want to ever settle for a mediocre product, but rather one that is tried and true concerning its use. This is especially true for heat transfer print products, and bargain deals are not always the best bet for this type of item. On the other hand, just because you purchase an expensive printer doesnt mean that it is going to work well or even at all for heat transfers. If you rush these types of purchases you will end up with bad color transfer, peeling transfers or running ink after the first wash.

The reviews weve highlighted below ensure you choose the best heat transfer printer for your needs without the headache of endless research. Check out our recommendations and read our buying guide below to get a grasp on what you need in a heat transfer printer and why we recommend the printers we do.

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Can I Use Any Printer For Heat Transfer

However, almost any mainstream inkjet printer will work with heat transfer paper, but on the other hand you will receive many better results with a printer with much better resolution and superior capability for larger print plates. Furthermore, using pigment inks on a larger surface should result in great results.

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Top 5 Printers For Heat Transfer Reviews

The ideal heat transfer printers for most users are based on overall quality, user experience, and price point. Each of the items we cover delivers top-quality performance depending on your needs and the complexity of your heat transfer projects.

Here are the best heat transfer printers you should own today!

Overview: The Best Inkjet Printer For Heat Transfer In 2021

The Best Sublimation Printer [UPDATED 2021] Buyers Guide

With amazing performance and specifications for a printer in this price range, including super high resolution on documents up to 13×19 inches, the Canon IP8720 not only is the least expensive best printer for heat transfers I know which is really suitable for heat transfer, but also one of the very best values on the market today not to mention an overwhelming favorite among artists.

While the IP8720 does not use full pigment based inks, the excellent Canon inks are water-resistant and fade-resistant, and the six ink system allows for great color accuracy and range really unheard of at this price!

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Okidata 62439301 C711wt Printer For Heat Transfers


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Okidata has the ability to print colors and solid white on transfer media, which allows you to achieve a new level of crispness and vibrancy.

  • Designed for merchandize and graphic arts printing
  • Weighs over 60 pounds

This printer is designed for printing on alternative media with a focus on heat transfer paper. With High Definition LED color printing and a dedicated white toner cartridge, you can achieve a richness of color and contrast on your prints that other printers on this list cant. Its especially good for heat transfers that youre going to apply to dark color fabric.

The unit has a convenient dedicated tray for heat transfer paper that holds up to 100 sheets. It also prints at a fairly quick pace of up to eight pages per minute on heat transfer paper. Overall, the transfer paper gets handled through the feeding tray smoothly and reliably no matter how big of a job youre working on. You may also want to consider the best large format printer that features two 250 sheet high-capacity paper feeding trays as well as a rear input tray for specialty media.

The Importance Of Ink

The ink you use is also important to consider. Many inks are now specified for certain uses. For example, you do not want to use an ink that prints best on plastic when you are printing on paper. Obviously the same goes for heat transfer paper. There are three types of inks: dye-based, pigment-based, and sublimation. Laser printers use toner- the powdered color that is heat transferred to begin with.

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What Sublimation Printers Do You Recommend

You can go two ways when it comes to desktop sublimation printers use a purpose-built sublimation printer or convert an inkjet desktop printer .

The most commonly-used purpose-built sublimation printers are Sawgrass printers. Specifically, the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 and the Sawgrass SG1000 .

Another option is the Epson SureColor F170 Dye Sublimation Printer, which is a newcomer to the market and made for dye sublimation inksunfortunately, availability currently seems limited on this printer, as I cant find it for sale on Amazon at all.

The most commonly-used converted printers are Epson printers, specifically the Epson EcoTank printers. The top EcoTank printer to convert is the Epson EcoTank 15000, rated second is the Epson EcoTank 2760 due to its low price point.

You can also convert the Epson EcoTank ET 3760 and the Epson EcoTank ET 4760 .

The main difference between the Sawgrass printers and the Epson printers will be quality and support. The purpose-built Sawgrass sublimation printers have a high print resolution. And you can get customer support if you have issues from Sawgrass when you run into issues.

If you go the conversion route, youre on your own because youve voided your warranty in the process of conversion.

Ppd White & Light Colored T

DIY Custom T-Shirts Using the Best Heat Transfer Paper with an Inkjet Printer

The PPD transfer paper allows you to print on white and light colored substrates such as t-shirts, pillow covers, bags, aprons, table cloths, flags, banners, etc. It is compatible with any inkjet printer with any inks.

You can print your design, photos, artwork, text, messages, etc on a wide range of substrates. The print easily bonds with the fabric leaving it soft, flexible and the designs wont peel off after stretching. Moreover, the prints are fully machine washable.

Lastly, you can iron or apply heat press to transfer designs on the substrate.

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What Is Heat Transfer Paper Printing

Like sublimation, heat transfer printing needs a specific kind of paper . It is also reactive to heat. The process, though, is simpler than sublimation.

Once you have the design on the paper, you can then transfer it by applying heat directly. You can use a heat press or a hot iron for the task. Then you can slowly peel the paper from the material and allow the design to cool. Voila! You already have customized apparel.

Hp Officejet Pro 9015

Product Highlights

The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 is an all-in-one printer that handles all your heat transfer needs from start to finish. Using inkjet heat transfer paper, you can easily print your designs. After completing your transfer project, you can then scan it on 9015 and upload it to your computer for use on your website or business brochure.

The HP Smart app allows you to monitor your printers ink supply and also organize your business expenses and receipts. The app also allows for remote printing and scanning, and you can create PDFs from photos on the app.

The scanner bed has easy-slide glass, automatic 2-sided copy, and scanning capability, all in a space-saving design that wont overpower your space. Made with recycled plastic, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 reduces your carbon footprint.

Youll love the self-regulating Wi-Fi and built-in security so that you can complete your heat-transfer projects without interruption, saving you time and money. To top it all off, you can print from your preferred mobile device.


  • Built-in security to protect your business

What We Like About HP OfficeJet Pro 9015

The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 is versatile enough to handle professional and hobby heat transfer projects as well as homework and office tasks. This model will meet all your printing needs so that you dont need different printers for different tasks.

What We Dont Like About HP OfficeJet Pro 9015


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Focus On The Top 3 Heat Printing Factors

Three key components to consider when decorating with a heat press are: time, temperature, and pressure. Every heat transfer material has its own heat printing instructions.

  • Time: The amount of time, in seconds, that heat must be applied to the design/garment.
  • Temperature: The optimal degree at which the design will adhere to the garment.
  • Pressure: The amount of downward force needed when heat applying.

What Is The Best Printable Heat Transfer Paper

i550 transfer printer released to the public by Digital HeatFX

I highly recommend PPD heat transfer paper, which is inexpensive and consistently very high quality. PPD paper is available in both 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 inch sizes and for light and dark fabrics, and will make your projects turn out beautifully. For best results, you also should consider getting some PPD Silicon Sheets, which go between the paper and the iron or heat press and will protect your art and the fabric.

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Best Printer For Heat Transfers: Reviews For 2022

If you have a small business making T-shirts, caps or bags, coasters or notebooks, or anything else that requires you to regularly use a heat transfer machine, you need the assistance of a good printer for your crafts.

When it is about running a business and giving your clients the best products, you need to make sure all your materials, tools and machinery also happen to be the best it is especially important that you get the best printer for heat transfer that is available in the market.

For most heat printing businesses, you need two kinds of machines: a good heat transfer machine and a great printer. Just any regular printer wont do at all, because you need the best printer there is to give your clients the best products they deserve.

It is simply not possible to print good quality pictures and designs that you can transfer to your materials using your regular printers, i.e. the kinds used for printing on paper. You need a machine thats absolutely fantastic and of a particular quality for your heat printing business, and there are special printers for these kinds of tasks.


What Is Heat Transfer Paper How Does It Work

In short, heat transfer paper is a specialty paper that transfers designs printed on it onto different substrates with heat. The process itself is quite simple. It involves printing an image on a sheet of heat transfer paper, placing it onto a substrate, then pressing it with a heat press.

With any heat transfer paper, you will follow these basic steps to create a custom garment with heat transfer paper:

  • Create/select design on your computer
  • Send design to printer, print on heat transfer paper
  • Place printed heat transfer paper on t-shirt/garment
  • Using a heat press, apply heat and pressure
  • Peel paper off garment & enjoy your custom t-shirt
  • One of the great benefits of heat transfer paper is that most papers inkjet and laser can be applied to cotton, polyester, and blended fabrics. This is a notable difference from dye-sublimation printing, which only works on polyester and direct-to-garment printing, which only works on cotton. There are transfer papers for both dark and light-colored garments, while processes like dye-sublimation only work on light-colored fabrics.

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    What Is Needed For Heat Transfer Printing

    Once you have a design, youll need a high-quality printer to produce it onto heat transfer paper. Its recommended to get the best heat transfer paper you can. Make sure that you have the correct size paper and that the printer can accommodate that given size. After printing, you may need to cut out your design with scissors or a cutter. Then you will need heat tape to adhere the design to the fabric you are applying it to. Lastly, youll need a heat press to finish the job.

    How Long Does A Heat Transfer Paper Last

    The Best Heat Transfer Paper To Print Shirts At Home With A Inkjet Printer

    Perhaps the actual question is, how long does the heat transfer paper imprint last? It varies. The type of paper you use can affect the result. So can the material. It also matters whether you used a heat press or an iron. The design may fade faster with the latter.

    The way you wash your clothes can also impact the quality of the image over time. Experts advise washing the fabric inside out with cold water. It may not be advisable to combine them with other types of tough clothing such as jeans.

    How does sublimation printing work? This video from Sublimonchis Mexico can help you:

    When it comes to custom fabric printing or other similar projects, you can use heat to create the images. You also have two options, which are sublimation printing and heat transfer printing. Your choice now depends on your goal, the result you want, and your budget. Either way, you can have a lot of fun making your own designs and giving them away as promotional products.

    Have you tried sublimation or heat transfer paper? Which one do you prefer? Share your comments below!

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    Stop Don’t Buy That Heat Transfer Paper Just Yet

    This may sound like the most ludicrous thing for a company that sells transfer paper to say. But as much as we would love to sell you any and every paper, it is more important to us that you find the right heat transfer paper for the job.

    If you’re new to printing with heat transfer paper, that’s exciting! Heat transfer paper is one of the most effective methods for creating high-quality custom T-shirts and garments. It’s also incredibly easy to use – decorators of all backgrounds and experience levels can jump in and start creating products with heat transfer paper. The process first involves printing a design or photo onto a sheet of transfer paper with an inkjet or laser printer, then placing the paper on top of the shirt and applying heat and pressure using a heat press*. That’s it!

    *A conventional hand iron will work in some cases, but for the best, most consistent results, we recommend using a quality heat press.

    While printing and pressing with heat transfer paper is very straightforward, there are several important things that you should know before you buy your first pack of HTP. Knowing these factors and understanding their impact will ensure you get the right paper – and save you potential headaches and money. Before you dive head first into the wide world of heat transfer paper, begin by asking yourself a few questions.

    Best Printers For Heat Transfer Paper

    This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links, at no cost to you.

    If youre starting to get serious about your heat transfer designs, one of the first things you should consider upgrading is your printer. Currently, there are three types of printers of the market suitable for heat transfer paper: inkjet, dye-sublimation and laser printers. Even though you may have one of these printers at home, it may be getting old and out of date. If youre thinking about upgrading, keep reading our list of the best heat transfer printers currently on the market.

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    Hp Deskjet 3755 Inkjet Printer For Heat Transfer

    HP is a world-class brand for computers and all accessories that you would use with a computer. As for printers, you will find the most affordable options made by HP.

    Beginning our list of the best inkjet printers for heat transfer printing, we have the HP DeskJet 3755. This is the cheapest option on our list as well as one of the most compact options. Still, it offers fully wireless functionality so portability is not an issue with this printer. It allows you to scan, copy and print documents with ease.

    For printing, you can use your smartphone apart from your desktop computer or laptop thanks to the AirPrint feature. The HP DeskJet 3755 works on HP Instant Ink service that delivers ink cartridge replacement at your doorstep to keep the printer running at all times. Despite being a compact option, the HP DeskJet 3755 also features a seven-segment LCD to make the printing job easier for everyone.

    Best features:

    • Works on Inkjet printing technology
    • Offers Wi-Fi, Cloud Printing connectivity options
    • It is suitable for Smartphones, PC, Tablets


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