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What Kind Of Printer Do I Need To Make Shirts

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Sawgrass Sg400 / Sg500

How To Start A T-Shirt Business At Home With $500 (How to make T-shirts)

Unlike any of the three Epson printers discussed above, the Sawgrass SG400 and SG500 are built for sublimation printing. In fact, Sawgrass manufactures dedicated and purpose-built sublimation printers. This does more than save you money on conversion kits. It means all the features were implemented and fine-tuned for inking designs onto sublimation paper. People who personalize t-shirts for a living may find these printers an ideal match for their business.

The Sawgrass SG500 is built with efficiency in mind. This machine uses less power than other printers and minimizes ink consumption for a low cost per use. Just as important is that it can do all this without sacrificing high-definition image quality. It retails for about $600.

The Sawgrass SG400 has been discontinued as Sawgrass focuses on its successor, which offers backwards compatibility with SG400 accessories. Even so, it is highly reliable and has plenty of value. If you are on a budget and not a stickler for high resolution and wireless connectivity, the SG400 will serve you well. You can find used and refurbished machines of this make for a reduced price.

What Does A Sublimation Printer Do

Sublimation is a print method that can duplicate a high quality and full color design with a special ink that can then be transferred to another object with a compatible coating. After the sublimation prints the design with special sublimation ink onto special sublimation paper, you use high heat and pressure to transfer the ink permanently to something else that has a coating that can absorb the ink, such as a polyester T-shirt or a coated ceramic mug.

After the dye sublimation printing process is cooled and complete, the design becomes embedded right in the object, and wont crack, peel, or wash away. You can put gorgeous, full color designs onto shirts, bags, mugs, and more with a sublimation printer and a heat press.

The shirt below was decorated with a transferred sublimation ink design made on an Epson EcoTank 2720 printer:

Do I Need A Lint Roller For Sublimation

I would highly recommend using a lint roller for sublimation. Heres why.

When you buy a fabric, t-shirt, or other product from a store, there are almost always bits of dirt and debris in the fibers of the material. This is one of the reasons why its commonly recommended that you wash your clothes when you buy something new from the store.

For these reasons, its recommended that you, at the very least, use a lint roller on your fabrics before you begin sublimating. The lint roller will help pick up any debris or dirt from within the fabric fibers, resulting in a more clean and consistent transfer.

It only takes a few seconds, and can result in a much higher quality transfer. So why wouldnt you do it? Just use a lint roller to pick up the quick and easy to get dirt from your fabric before you transfer your designs!

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Can I Use Any Printer For Heat Transfer Can I Use Any Inkjet Printer For Heat Transfers

Typically, a majority of the inkjet and laser printers will work for heat transfer designs without any modifications required. The ink required for your inkjet or toner required for you laser printer will be the correct ink or toner needed to transfer your personalized images onto multiple mediums. The difference in the printers DPI is what truly will be noticeable in the quality of your designs.

The secret to heat transfer printing is found in the heat transfer paper. If you have an inkjet printer for heat transfer you will need heat transfer paper designed for an inkjet printer and if you have a laser printer you will need heat transfer paper designed for a laser printer, the heat transfer papers are not compatible with one another.

Marketing Ideas For Your T

How to Screen Print Tshirts without a Machine

Moving on. You dont need to wait until you print your designs on t-shirts to start marketing them. What savvy t-shirtpreneurs do is create t-shirt mockups, measure their audiences response, and validate their new t-shirt design ideas.

This way, if theres a positive response you can simply continue and go print your t-shirts. Otherwise, it might be a better idea to go back to the studio and optimize your t-shirt designs with a tool like this t-shirt design maker for instance.Placeit empowers you by making it super easy to create t-shirt mockups. You just need to select a t-shirt template that features a t-shirt model that fits your brand and then upload your t-shirt design to it, thats it.

In contrast to Photoshop, you dont need to know how to adhere your design to the t-shirt on the screen. Placeits advanced web engines will take care of all the graphic design drama for you so that you spend your time creating new designs rather than having a hard time learning how to properly use the complicated software available out there.Alright, lets give you some marketing tips to boost your t-shirt business:

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Sawgrass Virtuoso Sg400 Sublimation Printer:

If you want a sublimation printer to come with a one year warranty and great customer support, you might want to have a look at this product by SAWGRASS. This Sawgrass sublimation printer comes with a 1-year warranty and also with a partner plus support from SAWGRASS.

For people who want to buy their first Dye-sublimation printer for t-shirts or another business, this is the perfect brand to go for. Also, since they provide a complete set of inks, it becomes easy for the person to adjust to this new printer and its print quality.

What Is The Best Digital T

When looking for the BEST digital t-shirt printing machine, you will need to look at the intersection between your business plan and your budget. If BUDGET is the x-axis, and YOUR PLAN is the y-axis, there will be a point on that graph that is absolutely BEST for you.

For some, the BEST t-shirt printing machine might be a $500,000 Kornit or Aeoon high output DTG. But unless youre getting into the 1,000 completely custom shirts a day business, neither machine is going to be best for you.

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Silhouette Cameo 4 Wireless Cutting Machine

The Silhouette Cameo 4 Wireless Cutting Machine is one of the best printers for heat press because of its sleek lightweight design and its self-adjusting AutoBlade. The AutoBlade makes the cutting experience a breeze for a beginner or professional. For its price point, you wont find a printer that can perform any better.

  • Can work with material up to 10 feet long
  • Bluetooth wireless cutting

Identify And Develop The Product

How To Print T Shirts Using A Home Printer and Transfer Paper

What exactly do you want to do? It is one thing to have a concept in mind and another to actually make it a reality.

So settle on your idea and work to develop a unique brand. Come up with a creative but simple design that you understand and can explain.

Come up with more than one initial design. Review what you have to come up with the best compromise.

Make sure that you sample a range of materials within this period and come up with the best compromise that does not bring down quality but is pocket friendly.

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What Is The Best Sublimation Design Software

There are a lot of options when it comes to picking out a design software for your journey into sublimation. But which one is best for you?

Well that comes down to your specific requirements. I generally recommend to most people. But you may not be interested in the monthly subscription cost for the Adobe Suite. There are other alternatives, most notable GIMP.

Ultimately, you need to use a software that allows you to manipulate the color profiles of your prints, and allows you to design the way you want. We have some resources if you want to learn more about our recommended design softwares for sublimation. Id highly recommend checking it out to really figure out what the best design software is for you.

Can I Print On Heat Transfer Vinyl

Yes, you can print on a , however, first, lets make something very clear. It is one of the biggest misconceptions that printable heat transfer vinyl works in desktop printers like a laser or an inkjet. Transfer paper is what will work for this type of printer, no matter the ink or type of printer.

Printable heat transfer vinyl is vinyl while transfer paper is paper. Therefore, heat transfer vinyl requires a wide-format printer. If you have a business or want to create a professional-looking vinyl print, you will need a large format inkjet printer. This type of printers run on roll-reed media and come with LED lamps.

All you have to do is put your design on the surface of your item and apply it with gentle pressure at 295 for about 20 seconds. But the technique changes depending on the material. So, you should follow the provided instructions in your vinyl. Once you are fully finished, you can peel it cold or while it is still hot.

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A Bitmap Is Like Memorizing A Whole Book Word For Wordwhile A Vector Is Just Memorizing The Summary And Number Of Pages

Both vector and bitmap files can take many forms. Most graphics programs will allow you to save out your image as any number of file types. Im going to give you the main ones we see on a day to day basis and tell you a little about them just enough for you to know what you have, or what to save your file as.

Can I Convert Any Printer To Sublimate

Start Your Own T Shirt Printing Business Using Heat Press ...

No, only certain printers can be converted to sublimation printing, such as the Epson EcoTank. Other lesser known printers you can use are theBrother MFC-J995DW, as well as the the Mitsubishi CP-K60DW which is a small format photo printer while it prints high-quality photos, its small print size means I dont recommend it. If a small size doesnt bother you, however, the Canon Selphy CP1300 wireless is quite affordable and can also be converted to sublimation ink.

Note: Printers like the Epson Workforce WF-7710 can also be converted to sublimation printing, but these printers are phased out now and hard to find new.

Important: Once you have converted your printer to sublimation ink, the printer warranty is void and you will not be able to use it as a normal inkjet printer again.

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Do You Have An Inkjet Or Laser Printer

Heat transfer papers are designed to work with either inkjet or laser printers and are not cross-compatible. So, if you have an inkjet printer, you will need inkjet transfer paper. If you have a laser printer, you will need laser transfer paper.

Not sure what you’ve got? Don’t worry! There are several ways to find out what kind of printer you have. Most printers display their model name on a label found somewhere on the printer’s surface. Some printers even have “laser” or “inkjet” referenced in their name. Scan the exterior of your printer to find the model name, and if it does not specifically say “laser” or “inkjet”, a quick Google search of the model should tell you what you are working with.

Another way to determine whether you have an inkjet or laser printer is to physically open your printer and see if there are ink or toner cartridges inside. Ink cartridges are typically small, box-shaped and carry liquid ink that you can sometimes observe at the bottom of the cartridge. In contrast, toner cartridges are generally much larger and longer. They’re filled with a toner powder instead of ink, though you likely won’t be able to see this.

When in doubt, feel free to give the manufacturer or the company you purchased the printer from a call and have them confirm your printer type – they may even have some insight on which HTP works best with your model!

Is Sublimation Printing Better Than Screen Printing

Both the techniques have their respective pros and cons. But if you take certain aspects like vibrant final prints and work on a variety of products, the dye sublimation technique is better as it can produce vibrant designs on a variety of objects. Dye sublimation works amazingly on white and light color objects but is not perfectly visible on dark-colored objects. And screen printing can be used in almost every material and color.

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How To Choose The Best Printer For Heat Transfer Paper

When selecting the best printer for transfer paper, there are a few things you need to know. Here are my top tips on choosing the right printer for heat transfer printing.

These factors are what make a printer suitable for heat transfers. They are the difference between an average and a superb printer.

Snag yourself a printer with all these features. Then, youll know that youve got yourself a reliable heat transfer printer.

Digital Print Heat Transfer

The Best Heat Transfer Paper To Print Shirts At Home With A Inkjet Printer

First and foremost, you need to make your artwork on a computer. After, the company turns your piece into a special paper using a solvent ink. If you plan to mass-produce garments of similar artwork, picking digital print heat transfer is a smart idea because it does not cost much. That is why digital heat transfer is so popular these days. Pieces of clothing printed through heat transfer methods deliver quality results.

They have better resolution and take only a few minutes of your time to realize. Meaning, if you want to mass-produce things, a heat press is ideal for you. It is a better option than screen printing.

Another con of heat press is that the process is environmentally friendly and simple, unlike screen printing methods.

Did you know that screen printing includes many chemical combinations that could be bad for health?

Using a heat press guarantees high-quality results. This easy method uses ink with graphically advanced software packages which makes your work flexible and much easier. And you can play with many colors.

However, heat press can be time-consuming if you need mass production of a shirt. Most of the things produced will not last long and you will not be able to lay different colors because your t-shirt will feel heavy. Screen printing, on the other hand, includes the application of the ink-blocking stencil to screens.

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Canon Pixma Tr4520 Printer For Heat Transfers


WHY WE LIKE IT: T-shirt designs can come from anywhere, and with connectivity options like AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, Wireless Connect, and the Canon print app, this printer allows you to print them from anywhere with ease.

  • AirPrint and Google Cloud integration
  • Copy, scan, print, and fax all-in-one
  • Wide range of paper compatibility
  • Max print size is 8.5 x 11-inches

The connectivity options on the Canon PIXMA TR4520 are super responsive. Its auto power on/off function allows you to start a print job wirelessly from another room without even touching the machine. If you ever do need to use the printers controls, it has a full dot matrix LCD screen and intuitive buttons as well.

You can print, scan, and even fax from nearly any device by connecting via WiFi or through Canons print app. Color print quality is good and clear, up to 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution, and it handles heat transfer paper well. While it only takes two ink cartridges , our research found that it can achieve photo-quality prints nonetheless from the 1,280 total nozzles it uses to apply the ink. This is the best Canon for heat transfer jobs. And if youre a student, you will want to invest in the best printer for students that offers convenient management of printing functions and monitors ink levels.

White Toner Transfer Printing

Rather than print directly onto a t-shirt, the new DigitalHeat FX system prints onto a full-color transfer that you then heat press onto apparel.

The white toner is important for the same reason white ink is in DTG. It allows you to put a high color, great quality image onto a dark t-shirt. If it didnt have white toner when you put yellow onto a black shirt the color would turn out kind of a dull orange. Not ideal.

One big advantage over DTG printers, in general, is that white toner printers make transfers that you can sell. Its like having an extra business! Some people want printed shirts, some people would prefer to buy the transfers.

But the reason that the DigitalHeat FX 9541 printer won out over OTHER white toner andt-shirt transfer systems are pretty big too:

It Prints Beautifully

Think of it as the G4 of the transfer printer world. Other white toner printers are limited to 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 the 9541 will make 13 x 19 image transfers! Thats 132% LARGER. Bigger prints, more prints = more money.

It Prints Black too!

Other white toner transfer printers substitute black toner for white. So you get CMYW color mixes. You can get a pretty good color black, but its not perfect. The DigitalHeat FX 9541 is a CMYKW, so you actually get a black and white toner. You wouldnt believe the difference it makes in colors.

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Additional Materials Needed For T

After getting the necessary instruments needed for t-shirt printing, there are other materials that you may need. These are not necessarily important, but they can help make your work easier. Some of them include

  • Flash cure unit- this is used to cure the ink partly this way, you can have overlapping colors in a shirt.
  • Spotting gun- when used with a spotting gun solution, it can remove fingerprints, ink stains and plastisol drips from a printed shirt.
  • Emulsion remover this is used to wash off the emulsion from a screen. Doing this allows for the re-use of the screen.
  • Curable reducer- this is used to reduce the thickness of an ink.
  • Tape gun- this is used to cover up part of a shirt before printing. The sections covered are where the ink is not needed. This gives the work a neater finish.
  • Degreaser- used to clean the surface of a screen before applying emulsion.
  • Brushes- soft bristle brushes are essential in washing off stains. In t-shirt printing, they come in handy when using a degreaser, curable reducer and emulsion remover.
  • Others include a flash dryer, film output device, spray adhesive, temperature tapes, and much more.

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