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What Kind Of Printer Do I Need For Cricut

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Putting Them To The Test

The Best Printer for a Cricut

I put Cricut printable vinyl and Cricut sticker paper to the test to see which one would hold up to washing.

I cut out three of the same print and cut images on printable vinyl and three on sticker paper. If you are not using print then cut images, use the flatten tool to smush all the layers together into a printable image

I printed them with a basic inkjet color printer and then applied them to a Cricut mat to cut

I let the ink dry for 24 hours. Then I applied a layer of Mod Podge over one of the sticker paper stickers and one of the printable vinyl images. I sprayed on an enamel coating on one of each too. The other two images I left as is.

I let the sealants dry for 24 hours. I wanted to see if they would even stand up to water before I added them to a water bottle, so I put the stickers under running water.

After getting wet once, all of them did pretty well besides the sticker paper without any sealant. I could barely get it off the sheet and it just fell apart.

I let the rest dry fully and then I applied them to a stainless steel tumbler and let them sit for another 24 hours.

Then I hand washed the tumbler with mild soap and water three separate times and here is what happened!

The sticker paper started peeling up on the edges of both stickers that had sealants on them.

Even though the printable vinyl is removable, it did not move at all during the hand washing process!

The Best Waterproof Sticker Paper

Lets find out which of these are ACTUALLY water-resistant. Which are best if you want waterproof stickers? I would say wait 24 hours before you get your stickers wet in any case. For each of the stickers, I dunked them in water and tried to rub off the ink to see what would happen. All of the stickers failed except for the Royal Elements, Aiva, Orajet Printable Vinyl with Oraguard Laminate, and Starcraft Printable Vinyl with Starcraft UV Laminate. Those were all, in fact, water proof in my tests. Remember that the first two will NOT be UV resistant, however. Also, I prefer the Orajet for all of my stickers that will be outdoors.

The Best Printer For A Cricut

I get asked all the time what is the best for a Cricut machine. I thought I would compare a couple of different printers today. This includes the one I use daily and the current HOT for crafters. Which will do the best job? Which do I like best? I am spilling everything you need to know about these two printers and which I will be keeping in my craft room below. If you own a cutting machine, you dont want to miss this comparison!

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How Is Sublimation Different From Heat Transfer Vinyl

When you sublimate something, the ink is embedded into the material and cannot wash away or crack it becomes a part of the object. When you use heat transfer vinyl , the vinyl simply lies on top of the item, and it can crack, fade, or come off entirely. This is true of screen printing as well screen printing ink is a layer on top of the object, and is not embedded in the object like sublimation ink.

What Are The Essential Things To Consider When Buying A Printer For Cricut

How to use Cricut Print then Cut

Although the Cricut machine wont say no to any printer you use, you need to be mindful of the printers capabilities, or else itll be rendered useless.

If it cant print on the types of paper you use for Cricut, you wont be able to use it. Therefore, there are a couple of essential considerations to keep in mind. Here they are.

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Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Printer For Cricut In 2021

Price vs. Quality

Budget is one such factor which you should never deny at all. If you are planning to buy a printer, then staying consistent with the budget should be your main priority. You need to set your final budget and then buy the model which suits your budget needs.

Plus, you should even think to consider the quality of the printer as well. This factor is proportional to the price. If you are investing high cost, then it is obvious that you will get higher performance.

Type of Paper

A second important element is about the type of paper for giving your crafting high reliability. Craft papers are available in different categories which might vary based on the weight and thickness.

For heavier paper, you should pick the printer which is powerful in working quality. Pick the printer model which can cater to all your cutting and printing needs.

Size of Paper

Considering the size of printing paper is another important element to know about. Some of the printers are not capable to produce some high-quality prints and cuts for various sizes of papers. Never opt for the printer which can just do the printing of regular sizes. Instead, you should look for the one which can print the paper sizes of all types.

Most of the printers can somehow efficiently print on the A4 papers. But for using the bigger pieces, look for the printer which can accommodate the A3 papers for your job.

Time and Convenience

Print Quality

About The Hp Envy 7155

If you not only want to use your printer for Cricut crafts projects, but also like printing our your family photos for picture frames/etc., this the HP Envy 7155 might be for you.

With Print speeds of 14PPM and 9 PPM respectively, its also one of the highest performers in terms of print speed. Careful running this for too long, however, some users have reported overheating if its left to process a huge batch.

The Ink cartridge prices are reasonable too as you can fetch cartridges as low as $22 from places such as GPC toner.

The 4×6 and 8×10 photos it prints are high quality, and this fits really well with the usual sizing of Cricut Print and Cut projects, making this is one a very nice option.

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Type Of Paper That You Will Use

As a crafter, its impossible to stick yourself to a single type of paper. Your work is all about creativity, and creativity is closely linked to variety. For producing different projects, it is obvious you would be printing and cutting on different types of paper. So, buying a printer that can fit one single type of paper wont be worthy enough. The market has a variety of printing papers each having unique design and characteristics. The type is generally defined by the paperweight, sturdiness, and thickness. The heavier the paper is the more power it will require to cut and print.

There are a variety of printing papers each with unique characteristics and printing requirements. The types usually are determined through paperweight which describes the sturdiness and thickness on the paper. The heavier paper is, a lot more power it requires on the printer. Down below are the kinds of paper that you get in the market.

a) Bold/Writing Paper: This is the regular standard paper for printing in most of the offices. It comes in few standard sizes like 16lb, 20lb, 24lb, 28lb, 32lb, and 36lb.

b) Text Paper: You can find this paper in commercial printing pressed. This paper is commonly used for printing brochures, business letterhead, flyers, posters, and presentation. Crafter often use this paper for making envelopes. It comes in few standard sizes like 50lb, 60lb, 70lb, 80lb, and 100lb.

Why Should You Buy The Best Printer For Your Cricut Machine

Everything you need to know about Cricut Print then Cut (Planner Stickers, Tags, and More!)

It is crucial to buy the best compatible printer with the Cricut machine so that you make the best craftwork. However, if you are in doubt about whether you need the Cricut machine or not, then it can be said that it all depends on the use of the device.

If the Cricut machine is meant for fueling your passions and will be used once a year, then you might not need the device. However, if craftwork is something that you aspire to do and see a carrier in the same, then you must go for a Cricut.

The machine will certainly add to your craftwork and give them the ultimate edge. Moreover, it will also add to the aesthetic value of the product that you design. Therefore, it is recommended to go for a Cricut machine if you want to make your craft-making dreams a reality.

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Print Then Cut Projects

  • Once you have inserted printable images in your project or changed your images’ Linetype to Print, select Make It from Design Space. A preview of the image with an added cut sensor marking will be shown. Select Continue to proceed to the cut interaction.
  • On the next screen click, select your machine from the drop-down menu. Then select Send to Printer to open the Print Then Cut dialog.
  • An image bleed will automatically be applied to the image so that there is no white border left once the cut is complete.
  • Print the page using your home printer, then place the paper on the Cricut cutting mat and feed it to the Cricut machine. The machine will scan for the sensor marking then cut around the image with precision.
  • Note: The maximum image size for Print Then Cut is 9.25″ x 6.75″ and the default material is 8.5″ x 11″. This cannot be changed at this time.

    Important: Reflective materials, colored materials, or materials containing any kind of pattern may interfere with the cut sensor marks being read by the Cricut Explore machine. We recommend using an Inkjet Printer and 8.5″ x 11″ white materials for all your Print Then Cut projects with Cricut Explore. The Cricut Maker, though, can Print Then Cut on light to medium colored papers .

    Canon Pixma Mg3620 Printer

    Home-crafting and Cricut enthusiasts looking for a suitable printer on a budget rejoice for the PIXMA MG3620 could well be the printer that youve been looking for.

    For an entry level color inkjet printer suitable for your crafting and Cricut needs, this printer has the basic set-up to get fantastic prints on paper and card, while not being the machine you want for more complex print media.

    With a 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution, you will get a superbly detailed print from this printer that is complimented by Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering technology.

    Again, for those looking for a reasonable inexpensive option, and light color printing loads, this printer is ideal.

    The two-ink cartridge system bring the ongoing costs of this printer down and using genuine canon ink in the printer will ensure that you get smudge-resistant printouts, ensuring your home-craft longevity.

    This printer uses full wireless connectivity, allowing you to print from mobile using Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and Mopria, as well as Wireless PictBridge if you want to print direct from a camera that has compatibility.

    Overall, this is a fantastic, easy to use, entry level printer, for those who are looking to do light craftwork and Cricut rather than anything too intensive or heavy.

  • 4800×1200 dpi printing resolution
  • 9 ipm , 5.7 ipm
  • Handles documents up to 8.5×14 size
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    What Is The Cricut Compatible With

    In order for your machine to work you need to be connected to the Cricut Design Space.

    The Cricut Design Space is only compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. In other words you need a desktop computer in order for you to use the Cricut Machines.

    If you want to use your machine without the internet you need to download the Cricut Design Space app. This app is extremely useful and it connects via Bluetooth.

    This app is available only for iOS a.k.a iPhone and Apple users.

    However, if you are an Android user dont lose hope! Cricut just released a beta option and although It doesnt have all the capabilities you would have on an iPhone. I am pretty sure one day it will get there.

    One of my first projects!

    Can I Use My Old Cartridges

    FAQ: Printers in Crafting

    The original Cricut machines used physical plastic cartridges that you could insert into the machine itself to access image content. The physical cartridges have been retired and now Cricut has digital cartridges .

    But dont worry! If you have physical cartridges from a previous Cricut machine, you can totally still use those images! You can link your physical cartridge to the digital version in Cricut Design Space, and then you can use the digital version of all of your images whenever you want.

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    The Quality Vs The Price

    Budget is a factor that will always be at your personal discretion. So,we suggest setting your budget, sticking to it and then comparing and contrasting cricut-approved printers within your price point, theres no doubt youll find a great one!

    As a side note, we want to quickly discuss that though most prices are a direct reflection of its quality this is not always the case! As long as you keep an eye out for certain criteria, you can quite easily find a cheaper option that will do the job just fine.

    Ways To Draw The Image

    The first way to do infusible ink is markers. Cricut makes two types. Regular infusible ink markers and freehand markers. Infusible ink basics say dont draw with the regular markers, but you know me, I had to try it. When I talk about markers tomorrow I will share my efforts with you. The freehand markers work better for freehand drawing but the regular markers work too. The regular infusible ink markers fit in the pen holder on your cricut, however. And since I cant draw a straight line with a ruler, this is good.

    The Cricut site says you need Laser Paper. I just used paper out of my printer and that worked fine. Do not use cardstock. I will say more in the Dos and Donts section. When using your Cricut to draw, you can use any image, just change it to draw. This does mean that filling in doesnt work well unless the image is specially designed for that, though. And using copy paper limits the design to 8.5 X 11. I am looking for bigger paper and when I find some that works I will let you know. My tutorials and Infusible Ink Marker projects are here.


    And yes you can use both together. See that project and tutorial here

    Blanks and other Base Materials

    I have not tried the non-Cricut blanks for coasters and cups. The Cricut coasters I have tried work great. That said, there are many, many places that sell sublimation blanks that my research has shown work well. I hope to get some other brands soon and try them soon.

    Special Equipment You Need

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    The Best Laptop For Cricut Makers: Our Top Picks

    Reasons to avoid

    The Dell XPS 15 is our top pick as the best Windows laptop for Cricut makers available today. It more than exceeds the system requirements for using Cricut’s Design Space, and as its 64-bit, youll be able to enjoy all the most advanced features of the software.

    Running Windows 10, this laptop’s Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 512GB SSD means its a fast, smooth and consistent performer. Its 15.6-inch touchscreen offers a resolution of either Full HD or 4K , which is the highest on this list.

    Thunderbolt 4 ports provide a speedy connection to your Cricut machine via the included USB-C to USB-A 3.0 adapter. And with up to 24 hours of battery life, youll be able to do a lot of work, even when you’re away from a power outlet. None of this comes cheap: this is one of the most expensive laptops on the market right now. But if you can afford it, this fabulous laptop offers a premium experience that you’re sure to love.

    Reasons to avoid

    Keeping a more careful eye on cash? Dont worry, you dont necessarily need a premium laptop for Cricut use. A mid-range device will be fine for most people. In this category, wed recommend the Asus Vivobook 15. This lovely laptop comes with a nice-sized 15.6 inch, 1,920 x 1,080 screen, allowing you to view your Cricut designs in a huge amount of detail. It comes with the latest Intel processors, plus 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD hard drive, ensuring great performance.

    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid

    Q4 How You Should Choose The Select Best Printer For Cricut

    printable vinyl Cricut for your inkjet printer with Starcraft and print then cut

    When it comes to the selection of the cricut, you should be considering the factors of type, budget, speed quality, sizing as well as print quality.

    Our Verdict

    Our top pick Canon Pixma iX6820 for Cricut which is a high-quality printer for printing both documents and photos at an ease. For performing tech tasks, we highly recommend it. For the color quality, the printer has five individual ink tanks to perform an excellent color job. With the help of built-in wireless, you can print the documents or any sort of file in a couple of seconds.

    J. Eric

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    What In The World Are Cricut Mats And Which One Do I Need

    You have no idea all of the headaches I got trying to figure this out!

    A Cricut Mat is the surface you use in order for you to be able to cut specific materials. They come in 2 different sizes: 12 x 12 and 12 x 24 inches.

    The Cricut Mats are sticky and depending on the material you are going to cut you are better off using different levels of stickiness. Or also known as grips.

    Currently, there are 4 types of mats for the Cricut Explore and Maker:

    • Light Grip

    When I first got my Cricut, I got a nice bundle on Amazon that included the 4 mats.

    If you are just getting started. The best MAT for you is the standard grip. The stronger the grip the heavier the material you can use.

    For instance, if you are cutting normal and thin paper you would use a Light Grip mat, but if you are planning on cutting a heavier material like thick Cardstock you are better off with a Strong Grip mat.

    Pretty much every machine comes with a Standard Grip Mat. Make sure you read the description of the products before you buy them.

    If you want to learn more in-depth about Cricut Mats make sure to read this article. It will show you everything you need to know.

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