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What Is The Smallest Laser Printer Available

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Evolution Of Control Panel

Smallest Laser Printer in the World

The 1992 LaserJet 4L marked the transition between a control panel evolved for an informed operator and one evolved for a casual user. The 4L’s predecessor, the IIIP, had an array of buttons and a cryptic numerical LCD. The 4L shipped with 4 LEDs, each with an icon to indicate a different condition, and a single pushbutton whose purpose varied depending on context . This interface was supposed to be easier for new and casual users to understand and use, but it was also much less powerful, as in any case there is only one thing a user can make the printer do. Until the user becomes familiar with the printer’s behavior, they have to guess what that one thing is, or else consult the manual.

Before the 4L, the control panel typically had buttons with names like Online, Menu, Shift, Continue, Reset, +, -, and Form Feed. It also included status indicators like Online and Ready. Users without a technical background, especially those who had not used a printer before the late 1990s, might not understand these indicators, or might think they are conflicting or ambiguous. It may not be intuitive to new users that a printer that is ready but offline does not print, and while being able to take the printer off line without shutting it down can be very useful, this distinction may appear as an extra complication to users who want to casually use the printer merely as an information appliance.

  • Spring 1984 Personal laser printing

Making Laser Output More Affordable

My two complaints about the Neverstop line in general so far is that the printers don’t support auto-duplex printing, which is a nuisance at best, and the print quality is not quite up to the level of HP’s LaserJet family of printers. This is not to say that print quality is poor it’s not, but I’ve seen HP do better. I suspect that taming the toner to behave well and sit for long periods in that internal reservoir without undue clumping probably required some reconstituting. Output is just fine for this machine’s placement in the marketplace.

The bottom line is, if you plan to print and copy hundreds of pages each month and require laser toner output, few printers on the market will serve you as inexpensively over the long run as the Neverstop 1001nw. That earns it our latest top pick among entry-level monochrome printers for home/small offices and workgroups.

Print Scan Copy: Lexmark Mc3224dwe Color Multifunction Laser Printer

When you need the best color laser printer, the one that does everything well, you want the Lexmark MC3224dwe. It does two-sided printing at up to 24 ppm, plus it scans and copies. With a touchscreen LCD and full-spectrum security, this multifunction Wi-Fi printer is a good fit for your home or office.

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Can I Buy A Color Laser Printer With A Built

Yes. Many all-in-one laser printers, like the Kyocera Ecosys M5526cdw above, can scan, copy, and fax documents. If youre doing a lot of faxing, copying, or scanning, be sure to choose a printer with an automatic document feeder , and if you want to do double-sided scans and double-sided prints, a model that has a duplex ADF and duplex printing will be best. Double-sided prints can also help save money if cost is a concern. Note that not all all-in-ones also called multifunction printers have fax modems, so be sure to check the specs before you buy. If you need a multifunction printer, be sure to check out our best picks for all-in-one printers.

Best Small Business Printer

Geekay: HP unveils world

The Brother HL-L6200DW is a business-ready workhorse for small workgroups with high volume printing needs. Though its pricier than most monochrome printers, the extra cost should add a boost to office productivity due to more printing power and faster print speeds. Featuring speeds of 48 ppm, this printer keeps your business moving.

Advanced security features let users claim printouts with a confidential PIN and 520-sheet paper capacity holds an entire ream of paper. Use automatic dual sided printing to print on both sides of the page or the Wi-Fi connectivity to print from your phone or tablet.

The printers three cartridge sizes provide a range of options, depending on how often you print. The TN820 standard yield cartridge prints 3,000 pages and goes for $67.49. The TN850 high yield cartridge is about $40.00 more and prints 8,000 pages. The super high yield TN880 prints an incredible 12,000 pages and is only $17.00 more than the TN880. If you print a lot, the TN880 is obviously the best deal, offering a lower cost per page for just a few more dollars.

LD brand compatible TN-820, TN-850 and TN-880 printer cartridges are available for an even lower cost per page. Get the TN-820 for $18.99, the TN-850 for just $19.99 and the TN-880 for just $22.99!

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Q: How Do I Fix Common Problems In My Laser Printer

Sometimes laser printers put you through bad days, especially when it fails to work when youre about to print a work-related document. An error with the transfer roller causes frequent paper jams, and while you can perform manual fixes, its best to take the printer to a technician. A professional technician ensures faulty transfer rolls dont become a frequent headache.

If your printer starts producing a squealing sound when in use, chances are theres a broken or misaligned component. A misalignment is easy to fix, but youll need professional repair services for a broken part. Another issue is spotting on printed documents, and this means that you need a new toner cartridge.

A Bit More Speed Please

HP rates the 1001nw at 21 pages per minute . That’s a bit slow for a laser printer Canon’s imageClass LBP226dw, for example, is rated at 40ppm. I timed the Neverstop over Ethernet from our standard Intel Core i5 testbed running Windows 10 Pro. It churned out our 12-page Microsoft Word text document at the rate of 22.8ppm. That’s 19.7ppm slower than the Canon 1.5ppm faster than the Epson ET-M1170 and 21.6ppm slower than the Epson WF-M5299.

For the next portion of my testing regimen, I printed our collection of complex Adobe Acrobat business documents, Excel spreadsheets and graphs, and PowerPoint handouts containing various graphics and fonts of different types, sizes, and colors. Then I combined these results with those from printing the text document and came up with an overall score of 13.2ppm.

Here, the Neverstop fared much better. That score is 0.8ppm faster than the imageClass LBP226dw, 3.1ppm faster than the ET-M1170, and only 11.8ppm slower than the WF-M5299. In other words, the 1001nw outperformed most of these other competitors, especially the Epson ET-M1170, due mostly, I suspect, to that model’s relatively low 64MB of RAM.

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Small Laser Printers Vs Environment Friendly Led Printers

Mechanically simple, yet producing exceptionally crisp, high-definition results, OKI LED printers are the number one choice for low-cost, economical and environmentally sound business printing. Whether you are printing simple internal documents or graphically ambitious marketing collateral, our printers utilise the LED technology alongside our market-leading reliability to solve all your document workflow problems and optimise your print capabilities.

The exclusive colour technology developed by OKI includes enabling our printers to write to traditional toner colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black. We are dedicated to making printing easier for all our customers all our printers can have their toner cartridges and drums replaced independently. Because our LED print head writes data to the drums in one Single Pass, we can use this exclusive technology to add other colours to the output, including white. In fact, OKI created the worlds first digital white toner printer in 2012, removing the last barrier to creativity when it comes to printing graphic designs, printing on paper, card, transfer media and garments.

LED printers offer improved colour registration on any paper type or weight, and our smallest laser printers offer better toner transfer on a wider range of media types. With our straight paper path, there are fewer jams, faster printing and smoother handling, allowing for printing on paper from A6 to A3, including banners up to 1.3m.

What Is The Best Small Printer


The best small printer is the Canon Pixma TR150, which offers wireless printing and a truly compact design that can be easily transported from home to office while not compromising on print quality. If you’re looking for something with a scanner, then we would opt for the HP Envy 6055e or HP Tango X.

For photos, the Canon Selphy CP1300 is an excellent choice for postcard-sized prints, while the Instax Mini Link gets our vote for smaller pictures.

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So Which Printer Should I Get

Based on our advice above, and our key picks for various usage cases below, you should be ready to shop. Keep in mind what you want to print, how much of it you want to print, and how much you’re willing to pay up front and per page, and you’ll be sure to find the right printer for you. If you’re replacing an old printer, recycle or donate it so it can become someone else’s refurbished bargain.

If money’s tight, start with our picks for the best cheap printers, and check out how to save money on ink. If you’re shopping for a business, we’ve got the best business printers rounded up for you as well.

Upgrading Memory Of Older Models

Many older LaserJets and other HP printers used proprietary 72-pin HP SIMMs for memory expansion. These are essentially industry-standard 72-bit SIMMs with non-standard Presence Detect connections. One can often adapt a standard 72-pin SIMM of appropriate capacity to support HP PD by soldering wires to pads, a simple task. HP printers of this type specify that RAM not faster than 70ns be used this is probably due to a limitation of the PD decoding, and faster RAM can actually be used so long as the PD encoding indicates a speed of 70ns or slower. All printers will work with FPM memory many, but not all, will work with EDO memory.

Some even older models, such as the LaserJet II, IID, III, IIID, and 4/4M , used proprietary memory expansion boards. For example, the II and IID models used a roughly 4″ square memory expansion board populated with DIP DRAM chips and a two-row header connector , while the 4/4M used 72 pin parity memory . For the 4/4M memory modules of 4, 8, 16 and 32 MB were available.

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Do Color Laser Printers Come With Wi

Yes. As with inkjet printers, wireless connectivity has become very common on color laser printers. However, not every model will support every brand of wireless printing tech. The Brother HL-3170CDW above supports both Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print, for example, while the Dell C1760NW does not, though it still offers mobile printing through its own proprietary app.

Best Laser Printers Of 2022 For Home Office Remote Workers And Smb


Top picks for color and mono printing without ink

SP C261DNw

Why should you pick one of the best laser printers over an inkjet? Inkjets might be better at printing photos and generally cheaper upfront, but top laser printers are much better for printing large volumes of documents quickly and quietly, which makes them a favorite for home office use.

The best laser printers also wont demand a new ink cartridge every hundred or so pages in fact they dont use ink at all. They rely on toner cartridges that are capable of printing thousands of pages before they need replacing. In other words, laser printers are usually considerably cheaper to run.

And where inkjet nozzles can become blocked or dry up when you leave them for long periods, laser printers dont care how often you use them. They need less attention in general and theyre always ready to leap into action, which brings us to the other key advantage, speed.

Perhaps best of all, laser printers are more affordable and flexible than ever before. This means they make great home printers as well as being used in offices. The best laser printers come in every shape and size, and we’ve listed our top recommendations, including the some budget printers, so that you can find the right laser printer for your home or office.

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What Kind Of Ink Do Compact Printers Use

Almost all the compact printers you see on our list are inkjet printers, which use cartridges as their primary source of ink. While you can get tank printers, which allow you to buy ink in bottles to fill a central reservoir in the printer, the smaller nature of these printers mean that most of them employ a cartridge system.

There are a few exceptions, though. The ultra portable BrotherJet Pocket actually prints without ink, as it impresses your document onto a special kind of thermal paper. While this may suddenly seem like a more cost effective option, be aware that thermal paper is expensive, and the print quality is both basic and very limited on printers of this type.

You don’t tend to get compact laser printers, as the primary technology in them is ink, and laser printers are larger, more efficient models.

How Much Do You Plan To Print

If you print only a few pages a day, you don’t have to worry about how much a printer is designed to print, as defined by its recommended monthly duty cycle. If you print enough for the duty cycle to matter, however, don’t buy a printer that doesn’t include that information in its specifications. Figure out how much you print by how often you buy paper and in what amounts. Then pick a printer designed to print at least that much.

Also consider minimum and maximum paper size and whether you need a duplexer to print on both sides of the page. For input capacity, a useful rule of thumb is to get enough capacity so you should need to add paper no more than once a week. If you often print on envelopes, checks, or letterhead, look for a printer with multiple drawers so your printing isn’t slowed down by needing to unload regular paper and load your specialty media.

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Print Costs And Toner Considerations

Whether you use your inkjet regularly or leave it idle for weeks, you lose a bit of ink whenever you change cartridges or start up the printer and endure its cleaning cycle. The toner in laser cartridges isn’t subject to drying and tends to last longer when left idle, and toner cartridges also tend to last for more pages than most inkjet ones. This should, at least in theory, appeal to both the small office that frequently uses its printer and to the one that prints only intermittently .

The HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w all-in-one saves money and reduces its ecological footprint with refillable toner.

Now, lasers typically have a higher up-front cost. Traditionally, they make up for it with greater cartridge efficiencyi.e., lower printing costs per page. But the rise of high-volume business inkjets has closed the page-cost gap, and depending upon the individual printers being compared, the advantage could now go either way. Some inkjets and lasers support bulk refills and cartridge subscriptions that can reduce the cost of toner and ink.

We discuss cost per page in our laser printer reviews, and factor in any other accessory costs that might apply to an individual unit, such as drums, fusers, transfer rollers, and pick rollers. In some lasers, these parts require periodic replacement, especially in higher-end models. For a heavy-printing office, these numbers are key considerations.

Best Small Laser Printers

Compact Laser Printer with Wireless and Duplex | Brother⢠HL-L2340DW

Highlighted Features:

  • Exclusive HP+ model works only with original HP cartridges, internet connection, and HP account.
  • INCLUDES FREE HP+ SMART FEATURES HP+ makes this printer Smarter with advanced features for mobile printing, security, automatic updates and more.
  • FREE MONTHS INSTANT INK for lasers SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDED Print up to 1500 pages a month for 6 months. Cartridges ship to you automatically so you never run out. After 6 months, monthly fee applies unless cancelled, and you’ll save up to 50% on toner.
  • WORLD’S SMALLEST LASER IN ITS CLASS Efficient black & white precision laser printing that fits anywhere
  • FAST PRINT SPEEDS Print up to 21 pages per minute
  • STAY CONNECTED Wireless with self-reset to help you stay connected
  • HP SMART APP Print, scan and copy from your phonefrom anywhere. Get advanced features for 24 months with HP plus.

Highlighted Features:

  • Print more, wait less, get more done.
  • Multiple printing options meet a variety of needs.
  • Mobile printing made simple.
  • Flexible connection options let you connect your way

Highlighted Features:Highlighted Features:Highlighted Features:Highlighted Features:

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What Are The Best Printers

Our top pick overall is the Brother INKvestment MFC-J995DW, an all-in-one inkjet printer that pairs great printing performance with scanning and copying functions and astonishingly low ink costs.

Laser printers also take top marks, like the Brother MFC-L2750DW, a laser all-in-one that offers print, scan, copy and fax capability. The monochrome laser printer delivers speedy, crisp text printing, making it a favorite even if you don’t get color printing.

The Canon Pixma TR8620 takes a top spot as our favorite home office printer, thanks to its blend of great print quality, productivity minded features like an automatic document feeder and scan/copy/fax capability, not to mention excellent photo printing thanks to a five-ink tank system.

If you want the best home printer to handle reams of photos without spending a ton on ink, check out the HP Envy 7855. Looking for a photo printer you can take on the road? The Canon Pixma TR150 combines portability with excellent photo print quality.

Whatever your printing needs, you can find our recommendations below.

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