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What Is The Most Reliable All In One Printer

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Hp Officejet Pro 6978 All

Best All In One Printers in 2020 [Top 5 Picks For Home & Office Use]

Features :

  • Main functions of this HP color inkjet photo printer: copy, scan, fax, wireless printing, two-sided duplex printing and scanning, color touchscreen, automatic document feeder, Instant Ink ready so youll never run out of ink, and more
  • Easily print when and where you need to from your smartphone, tablet, or notebook PC get convenient mobile printing options and mobile setup connect the way you want to with Ethernet and wireless networking
  • Ink delivered to your home: get your first 2 months free when you enroll in HP Instant Ink during printer set up plans starting at 2.99 dollar per month after the trial period, shipping and recycling included
  • Built for business produce fast professional-quality color for 50% less than lasers, save paper, and handle more tasks without slowing down
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 is ideal for the home office or small workgroups that need professional-quality, affordable color with powerful productivity and fast functionality
  • Includes all features of HP OfficeJet Pro 6960 plus scan to email and other network functions for easy task management duplexing document feeder for two-sided copying and scanning to complete tasks quickly
  • Paper sizes supported: A4, Letter, 5×7 in, 4×6 in, Legal, 4R, L, Panoramic/10×30 cm, 10×15 cm, 10×15 cm plus tab, 13×18 cm, 4×8.5 in, 13×18 cm
  • One-year limited hardware warranty 24-hour, 7 days a week Web support

Additional Info :

Hp Envy 6055 Review: Best All

Reasons to avoid

The HP Envy 6055 all in one printer is a minimal looking and equally simplistic printer to use. It really is straightforward and perfect for anyone that wants an office level printer that just works and does what you need when you need, without you having to put in effort.

This can be setup easily in 10 minutes then will print, scan and copy as you need. Expect to get six pages per minute in monochrome or four in color. So not the fastest but quality is high and this does a good job with photo prints too. The 100 sheet input feeder helps keep this compact, as does the lack of screen and ADF.

This is an affordable option that comes with a one year warranty and works out at $0.124 per page in black and white, $0.261 in color and $0.629 for photo prints.

Inkjet Vs Zink Vs Thermal

Throughout this guide, you will have seen mention of various print technologies, including Inkjet, Zink, and Thermal. Each has its pros and cons and will be suitable for some while not serving others.


Inkjet is the most popular kind of printing technology and is probably the one you’re most familiar with. It works by putting tiny drops of ink onto the page at a rate indicated by the DPI.


Zink is short for ‘Zero Ink’ and refers to a type of printing that requires no ink cartridges whatsoever. Instead, all color required is embedded in the paper, making it popular for instant mobile printers. This means it’s potentially better for the environment.


Thermal printing, like Zink, uses specialized paper rather than ink cartridges to deliver its results. A thermal printer will heat the paper according to the desired image, causing the picture to show up.

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What Are The Running Costs Of All In One Printers

Inkjet printers tend to be less expensive than their laser counterparts. The low upfront cost makes them an ideal choice for a home office, and all-in-one models come with convenient features like a copier, scanner and fax machine. On average, the machines will cost just over $200, though there are printers with basic features that cost even less. We recommend models that cost above $150, since those that cost less usually work out to be expensive over time. You can easily spend up to $400 on a high quality all in one printer, though.

We also considered the ongoing costs of maintaining an all-in-one printer. Inkjet cartridges tend to cost more than those used in laser printers. On average, it costs 12 cents per page to print with the printers on our list. The per-page printing cost often goes down when you purchase high-capacity cartridges they cost more upfront, but they drop the printing price to about 9 cents per page.

Paper is a marginal cost, as you’ll get reams for about $3 each . These are stocked at most major retailers, and unless you’re printing photos, regular grade A4 paper is fine.

Buying Guide For Best All

Top 5 Best and Most Reliable All

One of the biggest challenges when creating a proper workspace is maximising efficiency. There are dozens of ways to accomplish this purging junk, designating locations for things, using planners but one of the most effective methods is consolidation. If you can get a job done with one tool instead of three, do that. Thats where the best all-in-one printers come in.

All-in-one printers, also known as multifunction printers, copy, print, and scan. Some even fax. Not only does this save room and add convenience to your workspace but all-in-one printers also reduce the cost of energy, maintenance, and supplies.

These printers come in many forms: wired, wireless, inkjet, and laser. Wondering what you need to know to make a smart purchase? Read our guide and find out. And when youre ready to buy, check out our top picks for the printers we think stand out from the crowd.

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What Is An All

An all-in-one printer is an electronic device that accompanies your computer, phone or tablet to allow for printing, scanning and copying. These three basic functions are common to all models on the market, and are what gave rise to the name all-in-one printer, or sometimes multifunctional printer.

As technology has advanced, printers have been integrating more and more useful functions. Along with the ability to email and fax, todays all-in-one printers can connect to WiFi, print directly from memory cards and communicate with your smartphone or tablet.

All-in-one printers usually offer laser or inkjet printing, with the latter being more commonly found and more affordable. Affordability is one of the primary reasons that all-in-one printers have become so popular. Their unique versatility makes them exceptionally practical for those looking for professional-quality prints right from home.

Best Color Laser For Large Companies


  • Multiple connectivity options including NFC.
  • USB thumb drive support.
  • Somewhat expensive to buy and operate.
  • Relatively slow for its price and positioning.


  • Two years of unlimited ink
  • Excellent print quality
  • Thousands of pages worth of ink in the box
  • Two-year warranty with registration

Multifunction , also known as all-in-ones or AIOs, add a range of features beyond printing. All can also copy and scan, and many add faxing to the mix. Our favorites range from small models suitable for home or home-office use and costing around $100 to behemoths able to anchor a busy workgroup, with duty cycles of tens of thousands of pages a month.

Printer manufacturers offer a huge variety of MFPs, both inkjet-based and laser-based. Given the mix of print technologies and brands, finding a model with the right set of features may not be an easy task. But here are the key things to consider when shopping for an AIO printer.

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Hp Laserjet Pro M477fdw Printer

Leave it to HP to produce the ultimate printing workhorse. Their LaserJet Pro MD77fdw offers amazing results, printing both 28 ppm in both color and black and white. Dual-sided printing is naturally slower, but still outpaces the competition.

All the usual features are here, including the task-managing touchscreen, the high resolution scanner and a convenient fax machine. However, there are more ways to interact with your tech than ever before. Earlier HP models required integrated network or wireless access to print and copy files. The the Laserjet Pro, you can now scan and print files directly from your USB port, and you can send them there as well.

I mentioned at the outset that all-in-one printers arent really equipped to handle the workload of a large office, and that remains true. However, the LaserJet does have the capabilities to handle smaller task groups. Depending on the individual workload, HP recommends the LaserJet can handle up to ten regular users a day. If you purchased multiple machines you could very well manage a larger office, provided the required tasks do not vary too consistently. The LaserJet is equipped to handle up to 3500 pages per month.

Print Costs And Toner Considerations

âTop 4 Best Printers Under $100-Best Budget Printer 2021

Whether you use your inkjet regularly or leave it idle for weeks, you lose a bit of ink whenever you change cartridges or start up the printer and endure its cleaning cycle. The toner in laser cartridges isn’t subject to drying and tends to last longer when left idle, and toner cartridges also tend to last for more pages than most inkjet ones. This should, at least in theory, appeal to both the small office that frequently uses its printer and to the one that prints only intermittently .

The HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w all-in-one saves money and reduces its ecological footprint with refillable toner.

Now, lasers typically have a higher up-front cost. Traditionally, they make up for it with greater cartridge efficiencyi.e., lower printing costs per page. But the rise of high-volume business inkjets has closed the page-cost gap, and depending upon the individual printers being compared, the advantage could now go either way. Some inkjets and lasers support bulk refills and cartridge subscriptions that can reduce the cost of toner and ink.

We discuss cost per page in our laser printer reviews, and factor in any other accessory costs that might apply to an individual unit, such as drums, fusers, transfer rollers, and pick rollers. In some lasers, these parts require periodic replacement, especially in higher-end models. For a heavy-printing office, these numbers are key considerations.

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Hp Deskjet 2755 Wireless Best Printer Under $100

Another good printer under $100 is the HP DeskJet 2755 Wireless All-in-One Printer. This printer can print, scan, and copy, making it a perfect option for you who need a multifunction device. It has a super-fast printing speed of 7.5 pages per minute which can help reduce your printing time! You can create high-quality prints from high-quality resolutions of 1200 x 1200 dpi!

This printer features an LCD which you can use to view your print jobs and for adjusting settings. You can also use Bluetooth connectivity to make it easier to share photos or documents from your mobile device. It works with Alexa, so if you have Amazon Echo, you will print using your voice!


  • Multi-function Printer

Print, scan, and copy. Print up to 7.5 pages per minute which means that you can finish your printing tasks quickly and easily!

  • High-quality Prints

It produces a high resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi for photo-quality text and images. It alWi-Fias dual-band WiFi so that you can print more efficiently.

  • Easy to Use Printer

LCD is viewable from any angle and provides easy access to buttons on the control panel without disrupting your workflow.


  • Portable printer with a compact size
  • Prints faster, making it efficient for home or office use
  • It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy connectivity
  • It is a high-quality printer for the price


  • Battery life could have been better. It doesnt last long, especially if you use it to scan.

Best Color Laser: Lexmark Mc3224

Loaded with features, the Lexmark MC3224 color laser printer can print, copy, scan, and fax. The tray can hold up to 250 pages, which means you wont have to refill it very often, and it prints up to 24 ppm, making this printer ideal for most office needs. It can also print wirelessly through Ethernet or USB connection.

Even more, this machine has a generous amount of ink in each cartridge: the black ink cartridge can print 750 pages, while the cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges can print up to 500 pages. Best of all, it prints quietly at a maximum of 49 decibels, which is even quieter than most modern dishwashers.

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Which Printer Prints Both Sides Automatically

When looking for a printer that prints on both sides of a single sheet of paper automatically, look for it to have auto duplex printing listed as one of its features. Most consumer printers available today have this capability, though the printing speeds and quality at which they can print on two-sides vary greatly. Decide on the type of printer you need and then look at how its.

How Many Pages Per Minute Is Good For A Printer

Most Reliable All In One Home Printer

You shouldnt look at printer speed as much as you should consider its output quality, but you can usually find how fast a printer works by checking out its specs. Anything above about 20 ppm for black and white is good for the average inkjet printer. You can usually bump this number up to about 20 ppm if youre looking at a laser printer. Printers with 40 ppm arent as common, and its improbable that youd need to see this kind of yield for a home printer.

Editors’ Recommendations

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Original Equipment Manufacturer Vs Third

Generally speaking, original manufacturer ink cartridges are higher quality than third-party ink carts. What this means in reality is that you’ll pay a little more for them, but they will last a little longer. While the amount of ink in each of them is likely to be identical, there are other factors that increase the efficiency of a cartridge.

OEMs tend to have better ink distribution, so are more efficient, and their parts can be tougher wearing. However, as long as you shop among the more reputable third-party ink cartridges, the difference will be small. And don’t forget that third-party inks are cheaper – often significantly so – which means the lower efficiency could be less of a concern, if you make a big enough saving.

Some third-party companies create refillable cartridges that are compatible with printers that dont use tanks. As a warning on these, though: you dont have the manufacturers quality control, and thats part of what you give up in order to get those savings.

Hp Officejet 4650 All

Yet another small office printers, the HP OfficeJet 4650 is the best one yet. In addition to printing, scanning and copying documents, either from a physical source or a wireless connection, the OfficeJet also comes with another staple of the all-in-one printer: the fax machine.

With print speeds of 9.5 pages per minute for black ink and 6.8 ppm for color, the OfficeJet works quickly, saving you valuable time for more important tasks. Another advanced feature is auto duplex printing, which allows you to print on both sides of the page without specifying it first.

Theres a lot to like about the OfficeJet, but what sets it apart is its ability to send faxes. Whether you need to coordinate with a business associate in another city or just need to send files over to the department of labor, having a fax machine can really come in handy.

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Hp Deskjet Plus 4155 Wireless

If youre looking for a printer that can scan, print and copy, then this model is for you! The DriverJet Plus 4155 Printer uses HP Instant Ink Ready. It means that your ink will not be wasted because it keeps track of how much ink you use by counting its pages.

Whats more? If you are an HP Instant Ink member, then the price of printing will be lower.


  • Instant-on printing Technology

HP Instant-on is a technology that allows you to save energy when the printer is not in use. It also lets you print virtually instantly without worrying about turning it on.

  • Mobile Printing

You can print from any Smartphone using HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and other mobile printing apps.

  • Instant Ink Ready

You can save your money and ink by using HP Instant Ink. It automatically orders the correct type of printer cartridges needed for your printing needs. You dont have to worry about running out of ink!


  • Can print, scan, and copy
  • Instant-On Technology helps you save energy and instantly print shots whenever needed.
  • HP Instant Ink helps you save money by ordering ink cartridges in bulk for all your needs.


Best For Photos: Canon Pixma Ts8320

âInkjet printer: Best Inkjet printers (Buying Guide)

If your business regularly , graphics, or brochures, the Canon PIXMA TS8320 is sure to please. Unlike some of the competition, this printer is smartly designed with six ink tanks, so you only need to replace individual colors when they run out. Along with standard ink colors, this all-in-one printer uses photo blue ink, which improves image detail by reducing gradation and improving the appearance of shadows. Canons dual-paper feeding also keeps regular and photo paper in one tray.

Print from your smartphone or tablet with ease, as this machine is both wireless and Bluetooth enabled, so jobs can be sent from any device using Canons Print app. It also has SD card printing, so you can print directly from your camera.

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What To Look For In An All

Why buy an all-in-one or multifunction printer?

Even if you just want to cover your basic printing needs, its worth considering an AIO printer that comes with additional capability. All-in-one printers generally share the same multi-use capabilities of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. But some options can also handle photo and various media printing . While you may not need all of these functions, things could change. And if youre considering a printer at allfor home or your businessits likely you have at least a few use cases in mind. Plus, upgrading to an AIO printer can be a space-saver and is also often friendlier on the wallet.

But you dont need to level up to the largest or the flashiest multifunction printer for the sake of versatility. Use this guide to help you weigh the considerations that mean the most to you when shopping for an all-in-one printer for home or business use.

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