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What Is The Best Vinyl Printer Cutter

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Choosing The Best Vinyl Cutting Machine

Vinyl Cutter Buyer’s Guide –

Naturally, you want to know: whats the best vinyl cutter for me? The answer is very subjective and will depend on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Price
  • Portability
  • Cutting capability

One factor you may want to keep in mind when choosing a product is how helpful customer service is. You want to be able to get in touch with someone at the company should you have a question or concern about the product and need help troubleshooting. Above all, doing adequate research on the best vinyl cutting machine is of paramount importance, as the wrong decision can lead to frustration and failure.

The quality of the unit should be;time tested;and trusted. Read reviews, ask your family and friends which ones they use, and take your time making your decision using all the information available. Thats where this guide comes in!

What Can I Make With The Roland Truevis Sg2 Printer & Cutter

Its become a cliché, but the phrase the only limit is your imagination best describes what you can make with SG2 series. You can print miles of decals and t-shirt graphics, wall sized illustrations and photos, complete vehicle wraps and more. Heres just a short list of the many applications you can produce and offer customers with an SG2 printer/cutter:

  • Contour cut labels and decals
  • Signs, displays and posters

What Vinyl Cutter Machine Do You Use To Make Vinyl Decals

This depends on what size you are looking to make. If you are interested in small-sized decals then the desktop-sized machine will be your best option. Cricut Maker or even Explore Air 2 is a good choice. If you are looking to create large decals than you need a bigger machine so if you are looking for an entry-level machine I recommend the USCutter MH series. If you want something thats durable and has set aside a budget than Roland and Graphtec is the top option for you.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

The Explore Air 2 isnt the fastest cutting machine we tested, but since it made cleaner cuts we didnt mind being patient. The Bluetooth also underperformed, with a limited range of a few feet, but we found that none of the cutting machines we tested implemented the technology very effectively.

If you want to design your own images to use with a cutting machine, we recommend using a separate graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator, although youll need practice or training to get the most out of this sort of advanced software. Unless youre working with basic shapes like circles and squares, Cricuts software isnt designed to create your own images. If you do manage to make something you like, you can save it only in the companys proprietary formatyou cant create an SVG file and use it with other machines . Use Illustrator instead, or even the paid Business Edition of Silhouette Studio , which lets you save in SVG format to use on any machine.

Upgrade Pick: Cricut Maker

5 Best Cheap Vinyl Cutters (Reviews Updated 2021)

The Cricut Maker is an expensive machine, but it performs beautifully. Its worth buying if speed matters to you, or if youll be cutting lots of fussier materials. Its one of the fastest machines weve tested, and it can cut more materialsincluding fabric and balsa woodthan the Explore Air 2. It uses the same accessible Cricut Design software as the Explore Air 2, and it can receive firmware updates, so we think it has more longevity than anything else weve tried. Its also the quietest cutter we tested.

The Maker was twice as fast as the Explore Air 2 in our sticker test, finishing in just under 10 minutes, versus 23 minutes for the Cricut Explore Air 2. In our vinyl tests it was 13 seconds slower than the Silhouette Cameo 4, but the cuts were much more preciseit took a few tries to get the Cameo 4 to cut all the way through the vinyl without cutting through the backing paper, too. The Cricut Maker lets you choose from a wide variety of material settings within the software so it can accurately gauge the correct cutting depth. The Silhouette Cameo 4 also does this, but it was less accurate .

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Silhouette Cameo Electronic Vinyl Cutting Machine Starter Kit Bundle

Start your project out of the box with the Silhouette Cameo II vinyl starter kit. After the release of the Cameo 3, a lot of people didnt make the switch. To be honest, it wasnt worth it. All the cameo cutters are the same.

They use the same software, have the same size, works at the same accuracy and speed.

So, what makes the Cameo II stand out from the rest of the cutting tools?

The ability to start your printing project out of the box is a bliss for many DIY makers. Its very easy to learn and use.

If you have a little bit of designing knowledge and add some creativity to it, youre good to go.

This Cameo comes with a starter kit, vouchers for downloading designs on Silhouettes site and one-month free membership to their download store. Its a plug-and-play machine, just like your printer. The vinyl cutter can cut material up to 10-feet wide and 12-inches long.

Replace the blade with a pen and this machine will sketch your design instead of cutting. It comes with vinyl trimmer blade, 51 exclusive Cuttable designs, black cutting blade, cutting mat, premium transfer paper and many more. Its too good of a deal to miss out on.

Highlighted Features:

The Silhouette Cameo Pro

The Silhouette Cameo Pro is not our choice for an established small business looking to upgrade or expand its services, but we do recommend it for home crafters looking to expand their crafting into an Etsy business or side hustle.

The all new Silhouette Cameo 4 Pro

Why dont we recommend this cutter for commercial purposes? First, the Silhouette brand is a subsidiary of Graphtec, but Graphtec does not equip the Silhouette machines with its own superior ARMS optical reader. So, it has the same basic registration mark scanner as the regular Cameo 4. Which is to say its better than other home crafting machines , but its not at the level of a professional machine.

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Different Types Of Vinyl Machines

Before purchase best vinyl cutter you should know about the various types of vinyl machine.

There are two categories of vinyl cutters based on the kind of motor they use and the width of the material the machine can cut.

Based on the type of motor used, vinyl plotter can be divided into two types servo and stepper.

Servo Motor

The servo motor is equipped with cutting heads that do precise cutting if the design is not overly complex.

This kind of a motor uses advanced technology and digital encoding to connect between the commands of the built-in computer system and the motor so that the machine runs smoothly, and you achieve a higher degree of accuracy.

You can get great results even for designs as small as an-eighth of an inch. Since this is operated automatically, there is no sound when you operate a servo motor driven vinyl cutting machine.

Another key aspect of the servo motor is its ability to keep the material from crumpling up as it maintains a straight cutting pathway. This is referred to as its superior tracking ability.

Stepper Motor

If your vinyl cutter comes with a stepper motor, it translates to a more difficult proposition because firstly, its not automatic but uses physical gears. Such motors make noise when youre operating it.

A stepper motor also lacks in precision. Images that are less than half an inch cannot be handled by cutters driven by a stepper motor. So, its suitable only when you want to print large images or letters.

15-Inch Width

Vinyl Cutter Vs Laser Cutter

What’s the best Vinyl Cutter to Start my Shirt or Decal Business? | #askmatt | 073

Vinyl cutting represents the process of slicing the material into a unique form after printing. Its fast and flexible. Its perfect for getting creases in cards and plastics.

However, you need a new die for each design. Laser cutting, on the other hand, is easier. Its performed by a laser cutting machine and delivers precise results every time.

The efficiency level is higher. The customization is simpler. Also, the materials thickness isnt a problem. However, the cost is higher. Also, its high energy consumable.

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Vinyl Cutting Machine Reviews

Technology:;The Cricut Explore Air 2 comes with wireless Bluetooth technology, and you can connect to it from a mobile device. The machine allows you to create and upload designs from your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Settings: It comes with a Smart Set dial that makes it very easy to control the devices settings.

Cutting:;You can cut more than 100 types of materials with this machine. The users can cut vinyl to leather.

Double tool holder:;It is equipped with a double tool holder, which allows the users for cutting and scoring, or cutting and writing in a single step.

Adjustable cutting: The adjustable cutting and writing speeds of this machine make it a highly versatile one.

My Opinion

Pros: The Cricut Explore Air 2 has a maximum cutting size of 12 x 24 inches, which is a good enough cutting space for hobbyist crafters.

Cons: The machine is a bit noisy, and it only works with the Cricut design space software

Why You Should Trust Us

I cover mainly bedding and textiles as a Wirecutter senior staff writer, but Ive been crafting for years and have owned and used several models of Silhouette and Cricut machines. When I was an elementary school librarian, I used them to make bulletin-board cutouts, signs, holiday decorations, book displays, bookmarks, and vinyl decals to decorate my whiteboards. At home Ive made card-stock bunting, car decals, cards, party favors and decorations, T-shirts, costumes, and home-decoration projects. Ive been reviewing cutting machines for seven years; the last four of those for Wirecutter, and previously for the blogGeekMom.

For this guide I spoke to Melissa Viscount, who runs the Silhouette School blog; Lia Griffith, a designer who uses Cricuts to create a lot of the projects on her site; and Ruth Suehle , a crafter and serious cosplayer who uses her cutting machine for a wide variety of projects, including costumes and party decorations. A lot of the prominent crafters and teachers who use cutters favor either Cricut or Silhouette, so we also reached out to Stahls, a company that sells professional equipment for apparel-decorating businesses, for some impartial information on how these machines work. Jenna Sackett, education content specialist for the Stahls TV website, explained to us the differences between commercial and personal cutting machines. All of our experts gave us lists of features and criteria to look for when testing and recommending a machine.

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Vinyl Cutters For Hobbyists Vs Vinyl Cutters For Business

Many readers will be considering small business ideas where they can turn their passion in to a source of income.

There are those who enjoy the thrill of making crafts at home, the hobbyists if you will. And there are those who need the machine for commercial purposes, and have to cater to the demands of clients and their whims.

The landscape is remarkably similar to the sewing crafts industry, where you have amateur enthusiasts buying the best DIY sewing machines for under $200, alongside power users who need something a little more industrial for commercial sewing.

Anybody can get started on a budget.

But the exact needs will affect the type of machine required.

What types of businesses use a vinyl cutter?

Heres some examples:

  • Vehicle sticker;brands and modders
  • Small craft fans

Needless to say, many of the cheaper vinyl cutting machines are designed for light users and do not offer the precise cutting, or the larger printing surface, that is required by many businesses.

But these smaller, cheaper vinyl cutters are perfect for the hobbyists: they usually dont take up too much space and are perfect for small designs. Some particularly high quality machines are able to deliver precision cuts for intricate designs.

Some of the recent flagship cutters released by companies like Cricut and Silhouette, however, are perfectly designed for both hobbyists and small businesses.

Uscutter Mh721 28in Vinyl Cutter

Top 10 Best Vinyl Cutter  Reviews and Comparison Guide 2019

Type of Cutter: For hobbyist and small business signage makers | Size: 15 x 23 x 23 inches | Weight: 46 lbs | Bluetooth: No | Max Cutting Width: 28 inches | Max Cutting Lenght: 5 feet | Materials It Can Cut: minimal variety | More: VinylMaster Cut software, Power cable, USB cable, blade holder, floor stand

For:;High-quality cuts ;Adjustable pinch rollers ;A wide range of compatible file types ;Cheap ;Easy to use

Against:;Not compatible with Mac ;Difficult assembly process

The size. The first thing you will notice aboutUSCutter MH721. This is a pretty big cutter, but it is logical. The machine cut to around 28 inches wide. We are sure MH721 is not your usually entry-level craft cutter, so make sure you have the space to place it before you buy the machine.

Cuts are precise and customizable, the unit is very easy to use and you get good value for the money. By the way, this is why MH Series is super popular among people. They are mostly cheaper in comparison to other semi-commercials cutters, so we highly recommend this to anyone looking to start out in vinyl cutting.

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Graphtec Ce6000 60 Vinyl Cutter Review

The Graphtec CE6000 60 Vinyl Cutter is a highly recommended professional vinyl cutter for those who are specifically after high precision and reliability. ;

The Graphtec 6000 60 machine is created for vinyl business owners who wish to make signs, car decals, car tinting, t shirts, unique home decor, rhinestone template materials, glitter transfers, sandblast resist stencils and more.

Graphtec is the world’s largest manufacturer of heat presses and heat transfer films! This machine can cut up to a width of 24″ and the cutting force of up to 300gr means that you can cut material up to 0.25mm thick. ;

The Graphtec CE6000 vinyl cutter uses digital servo motors to ensure accuracy and precision. It includes an automatic registration mark sensor and the plotter Graphtec CE6000 60 also has blade wear monitoring.

They also have larger machines available for those after a larger cutting surface – 48″;Graphtec;CE6000 120.

Watch this video on Graphtec vinyl cutter review for more information.

Whilst this machine is brilliant for a wide range of vinyl businesses, if you are after a machine that does car wrapping, we do highly recommend you go one step back and have another look at the Roland Cutting Machine.

As the CE6000 is a friction feed, it does tend to wander a bit if you are attempting longer cuts such as for car wraps.


  • It is a friction feed, a long cut tends to wander

    It is a top workhorse machine for those operating a business!

    Brother Scan And Cut 2 Review

    The Brother Scan n Cut 2 CM650W is popular amongst those who love to scan in their own handdrawn designs. If you love cutting your designs on material, then this will also most likely be the winning machine for you.;

    We love the built-in scanning, the wireless functionality as well as for its reliable and precise cutting.

    The Brother ScanNCut2 CM650W can cut a maximum width of 11.5, which is all that is needed for most hobbyist crafters. It has a large LCD touch screen to enable easy operation. ;

    The only negative is the pretty basic software that comes with the machine. Whilst the software has over 600 designs and 7 built-in fonts, it doesn’t allow much room for customization.

    The Brother Scan and Cut 2 CM650W is best suited for crafters who are happy to make use of existing designs or those who enjoy scanning their own hand-drawn designs.;

    The Brother CM350 ScanNCut 2 is truly an innovative machine and is the ONLY vinyl cutting machine that offers a scanning functionality!


  • The Software is not very user-friendly

    The Brother Scan n Cut 2 is the a fabulous machine that offers crafters the ability to scan in and cut their own art work, photos, images and more.

    It is perfect for anyone who wants to keep things easy and use the images and fonts that are included in the software.

    Don’t forget you can grab some fabulous value by investing in a Brother Scan n Cut Bundle deal.

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    Advantage Of Dual Function

    Dual function vinyl machines can be useful if you want to save yourself money on different colored vinyl materials.

    For modest jobs, a vinyl cutting device could be more suitable for your needs.

    However, if youre looking for something for precise design work with high stylized custom results and lots of features, then it could be worth looking into a vinyl cutter with more than one function.

    Cricut Explore 3 Review

    Top 5 Best Vinyl Cutters in 2021

    The Cricut Explore 3 is a favorite, top of the line Cricut Vinyl Cutting Machine for crafts. It is also our top pick as the best beginner vinyl cutter.

    It replaces its very popular predecessor the Cricut Explore Air 2, but it has the ability to cut and draw at twice the speed of the previous machine.;

    It is an incredibly versatile machine, not only is it a vinyl printing machine, but it can also do scoring as well as operate with designs that you have created yourself.

    You can download fonts from the computer to use for your vinyl monogram design as well.;

    The Cricut Explore 3 has the ability to work with a whopping 100+ materials. We love that it can handle anything from a thin sheet of vellum, vinyl & paper to thick pieces of leather, metal and foam!

    Here is a video to give you an overview of the machine.

    The maximum cutting width of this Cricut Vinyl Machine is 13″ wide by 12′ when using Smart Materials, which is large enough for t-shirt transfers, small decal designs and larger sized projects.;

    The Cricut Cutting Machine can operate wirelessly through Bluetooth and comes with the Cricut Design Space software.

    ;A very easy to use software for those who do not want to learn the ins-and-outs of other programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw.

    This vinyl cutter is best suited to people who are after a vinyl printer and cutter machine.;

    The machine is perfect for beginner cutters as well as those crafters who wants to get more serious with their hobby. ;



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