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What Is The Best Thermal Printer For Shipping Labels

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Best Cheap Shipping Label Printer: Leoity Thermal Label Printer

The Best Thermal Printer For Shipping Labels Under $100 | Zebra LP2844 Review Ebay Poshmark Etsy Etc


Why it made the cut: Despite its low price, this printer is still fast and versatile for printing just about any type of shipping label.



  • Quirky software

If youre not trying to start an eBay or Etsy empire, then you probably dont need the top-of-the-line label printer that can churn hundreds of labels in a hurry. This solid option costs about half as much as its competition, but it offers many of the same features. At 150mm-per-second print speed, its on par with more expensive units. Its also directly compatible with labels from popular shippers like USP, FedEx, and USPS.

The software that comes with the Leoity label printer can be a little quirky and require some configuring, but its a small hurdle. Its also a little big for its functionality. If space is an issue, youre better off with something more compact.

Overall, however, this is the best cheap shipping label printer thats reliable and can handle pretty much any shipping label need you have.

  • Lots of printing substrate options including stickers


  • Width maxes out at two inches
  • Pricey paper refills

This printer can churn out full-color print jobs, but doesnt require ink. Instead, it relies on Zero Ink technology . The required colors exist inside the special paper or sticker refills before they go into the printer. Heat activates them to create the images.

Munbyn Thermal Direct Shipping Label

  • Label size: 4″ x 6″ ,500 Labels Per roller.
  • Compatible with MUNBYN, Zebra, Fargo, Elton, Rollo, Sato, Intermec, Datamax, Printronix, and other direct thermal printers. USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Amazon, eBay & PAYPAL Approved.
  • Water glue, firmly attached, can safely transport items to customers
  • Blank mailing label with a perforated line for easily peeling off.
  • Works perfectly with MUNBYN 4” Thermal Label Printer and stand

What Thermal Printer Is Best For My Small Business

Now that we have gone over the models, pricing and compatibilities, you can draw some conclusions. If you are using your computer exclusively to print your shipping labels, you are able to choose from a range of brands and models.

You can then select a thermal printer by going through which thermal printer is the most affordable option. You can also look for other factors such as which thermal printer company has the best customer support or length of warranty.

If you are using either a Mac or Windows computer or apple mobile devices, the best model thermal printer currently on the market from our experience is the Brother TD4550DNWB. However, keep in mind that the initial price is a higher investment. If you have android products and would like to print from your mobile devices, the best option is the Brother QL-1100NWB.

We have linked all our current reviews of the thermal printer models mentioned that we have used and tested at the end of the post. We recommend that you check them out for thorough details of each thermal printer.

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Brother Td4550dnwb Thermal Printer

In our experience, Brother currently makes the best thermal printers. Our choice of the two best thermal printers is Brother thermal printers. Brother thermal printers are robustly made and their connective technology is hard to beat. The Brother TD4550DNWB works with both Mac and PC wirelessly on a network. However, it only works with ios devices like iPhone and iPad. It does not work with an android with the standard installation. There are ways around this limitation by using it with an app but that is extra work.

Brother TD4550DNWB
Easy installation & useCustomer support

Another thing to note is that the Brother TD4550DNWB is considerably more expensive than its competitors at almost $500. That may be a turn-off for many but it is a very reliable, sturdy, and fast thermal printer. If the Brother TD4550DNWB had been compatible with android-devices without any extra work, it would have been the best thermal printer there is, despite the price.

Check here for our full review of why. We also compared it with the Brother QL-1100NWB here.

Other Regions:

  • Brother TD4550DNWB Currently not available in the UK

What Is The Price

Arkscan 2054A Thermal Printer

Thermal printers typically range from $100 on the low end up to $300 or more on the high end.

They are definitely a good chunk of change, but one that will pay off in the long run with how much you will save on ink.

When considering how much to spend, youll also want to look at the capabilities of each. Is it worth it to spend more to get additional functionality?

For example, maybe spending more on a wireless printer, such as the Brother QL-1100NWB Wireless Thermal Printer is worth the added convenience to you.

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Tsc Zenpert 4d520 Economic High Speed Direct Thermal Printer

Leaning close to $200, the TSC Zenpert 4D520 Economic High Speed Direct Thermal Printer is one of the best thermal printers in Singapore. It has a rapid maximum print speed of six inches per second an important factor to consider if youre dealing with large order quantities everyday. After all, time is money! In addition, compared to lower-tier thermal printers, the Zenpert 4D520 has a wider print width up to 108mm. This allows for more flexibility in your waybill designs which may differ for each delivery partner.

The device also comes with built-in 16MB Flash and 64MB SDRAM. You may be wondering, why does a thermal printer need memory? The truth is, the more memory a printer possesses, the better its performance when tasked to handle complex documents. With the Zenpert 4D520s large memory capacity, you can trust it to handle any large file printing you throw at it. However, do note that this thermal printer only supports USB 2.0 connection so you will have to hook it up with a desktop or laptop for it to work.

Besteasy Direct Thermal Printer

The BESTEASY Direct Thermal Printer is extremely effective at printing large volumes of shipping labels. It prints sizes from 1.96 inches to 4.25 inches wide with no restriction on height, ideal for 4 x 6 shipping labels, 4 x 6 fanfold labels, warehouse labels, barcode labels and bulk shipping or mailing labels. Most machines can only print on a 2.3 inch roll, setting the BESTEASY apart from other printers in the field. It prints at 150 mm/s, producing one 4 x 6 label per second. Through industrial grade heat dissipation, it offers continuous printing in batches with reliable performance for up to 12 hours straight. The machine is compatible with all Windows operating systems, but not Mac. No toners, inks or ribbons make this a convenient choice for printing at scale.


  • Incompatible with Macs


Whereas other printers struggle to print for more than half an hour without overheating, the BESTEASY Direct Thermal Printer can print for 12 hours continuously without breaks. If you have an eBay business that sells in extremely high volume, that impressive statistic means this machine is more than capable of handling whatever requirements you throw at it.

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Shipping Label Printer Desktop Label Printer Thermal Label Maker

This is the best shipping label printer if you are looking for a cost-effective solution. This is among the best solutions availed in the market. This product is compatible with all thermal labels including the UPS shipping label. You can pair this printer with both Windows and Mac operating systems and use it efficiently.

The system prints at a high speed of 80 pcs per minute. Thus, you can use it to maximize your productivity and optimize your time management. The setup is extremely simple and you will get a quick start guide to help you throughout the setup process. If you face any trouble with the printer, their support team will be there to help you.


  • The product comes with a range of accessories and supplements including a how-to video, USB hard drive, and a quick start guide.
  • You can adjust the guide rail and print labels of varying sizes.
  • The product comes with an automatic label identification feature.
  • You can print labels of any type including warehouse labels, nutrition labels, logistics labels, etc.
  • It is a great product to print USPS labels.
  • Some users may face issues with the setup.
  • The print can be too light for some users.

Choosing The Best Shipping Label Printer For Your Small Business

Best Thermal Printer For Shipping Labels eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Poshmark, Shopify 2020

Shipping your goods to your customers would not be possible without the ever-important set of instructions you place gingerly on each package. With it, your delivery driver knows exactly where to go and your customers are sent important tracking updates.

Labels are a necessity. Somehow you need to print them out and affix them to your packages.

The printers we all know so well do a great job of printing out packing slips, long love letters, and flyers for your bands next gig. But, they arent the best machines to churn out shipping labels if you aim for efficiency.

Luckily, there is a type of printer made just for this uber-important purposethe label printer.

There are many versions to choose from at varying price points. It can be hard to know which to pick. So, weve put together this handy guide to help you find the one that will best suit your business needs.

First, lets weigh your typical multi-purpose printer against the mighty unitasker label printer.

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Best Thermal Printer For Shipping Labels Of 2022


Polono Label Printers – PL60 150mm/s 4×6 Thermal Shipping Label Printer 9.4
ROLLO Shipping Label Printer – Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Shipping Printer Compatible with ShipStation 9.2
Thermal Label Printer – iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer 9.2
FungLam Label Printer, High Speed USB Direct Thermal Label Printer for Amazon 8.6 Check Latest Price
8 K Comer Shipping Label Printer 150mm/s High-Speed 4×6 Direct Thermal Label Printing for Shipment Package 1-Click Setup on Windows/Mac 8.6
LabelRange LP320 Label Printer High Speed 4×6 Thermal Printer for Shipping & Postage Labels 8.2
DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer 8.2
  • One minute to set up ,Money and Time Saver.
  • Easy Learning Labels]MUNBYN 4×6 label printer Auto Analyze and learn your label,bring more convenience to your business.
  • Multi-Compatibility]MUNBYN thermal label printer compatible with all major shipping and sales platforms Labeling _like Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, Fedex, ShipStation, ShippingEasy, Shippo,Ordoro,Endicia Dazzle,Shipwire,Shipworks,Stockx,Xps ship,etc.
  • Automatic Label Identification]- Insert the label, MUNBYN Postage label printer will automatically catch the label and feed it into the printer.
  • Environmentally MUNBYN Printer]150mm/s High-speed Printing Speed Use by Japanese ROHM printer head, Green Friendly Mailing Label Printer, No need any Cartridges or ink.

Jiose Best Thermal Printer For Food Labels

Jiose label printing machine is a great device for everyday label printing tasks, including food labels. It may be used with various thermal direct label sizes, including 1.57 to 4.25, and offers address labels, barcodes, storage labels, and other kinds of information printing capabilities. It is compatible with almost all transportation and e-commerce systems.

The Jiose is a label printer with an average print speed of 86 labels per minute and can print 300,000 standard labels consistently. It has a 203dpi resolution and prints at 4ips .

The Jiose printer automatically detects your labels size, gap, and features and places it at the tear-off line. There is no label paper wasted. This device is suitable for any direct thermal labels up to 4.25 wide. The label printer is compatible with both Windows and Macs.

ROHM Ceramic thermal print head

With the ROHM Ceramic thermal print head, the Jiose label printer achieves up to 162mm/s printing speed with clear quality. It reduces unnecessary time-wastage and is perfect for any business looking to save money on costly materials. There is no need for ink or toner because the printer uses the direct thermal printing method.


  • Lack of support for ChromeOS, Surface tablets, iPads, and mobile phones

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Best Thermal Label Printer For Large Labels

While the QL 820 NWB can print large labels, the DYMO 4XL specialty is larger labels. This is a 4×6 label printer. The Dymo 4XL LabelWriter direct thermal makes it to our list as the third best shipping label printer for larger labels. The Labelwriter 4xl is very popular, and its software is easy to use.

The Dymo printer can print up to 4 inches wide, including warehouse, barcode, id labels, and shipping labels. The DYMO software makes it easy to download label templates and create unique print designs for your large or small business.

The DYMO 4xl does features decent printing speed the job well. This printer can print at respectable speeds of 53 LPM at 300 dots per inch .

The Labelwriter 4 XL printer is simple to set up and is compatible with multiple major shipping platforms. The Labelwriter 4xl software offers great features and is easy to use.

What we like:

What we dont:

  • The Dymo Labelwriter 4xl supports USB connectivity only.
  • Internet connection is required for certain features in the DYMO Software.
  • DYMO recommends their exclusive labels for best performance. Most small business owners dislike the price of branded labels.
  • The DYMO does not support fan-fold labels and labels must have perforations between labels.

Best Label Printer For Organizing: Brother P

Best Thermal Label Printers for Amazon FBA Sellers


Why it made the cut: This highly portable label printer allows you to type your words directly into it with a QWERTY keyboard, then spit out half-inch adhesive strips to quickly label belongings.



  • Very small print material

If you dont need to print barcodes or shipping labels and just need the best label printer for organizing, this portable unit can come in very handy. Load a roll of half-inch tape inside and choose one of three fonts. Then type into the onboard QWERTY keyboard and the machine spits out your label in just a few seconds. It allows for borders and special characters like fire if you want to point out that something is flammable.

This model can save 15 labels to its built-in memory, so if youre constantly making the same one, you dont have to create it every time you turn the machine on. Brother sells a whole line of compatible tape for printing, which includes a variety of colors and types. The printing process is quick and quiet, so you can make fast work of an entire room or space.

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So Which Label Printer Should You Buy

The guide below outlines the best label printers that we’ve tested in recent years that remain on the market available new. Bear in mind that general-use printers can also print sheets of labels, and are a very viable alternative if your label printing is only occasional. For a look at our top printer picks overall, check out our main best printer roundup, as well as the best inkjet and laser printers you can buy right now.

K Comer Cheap Shipping Label Printer

The K Comer Shipping Label printer uses the newest Thin-film direct thermal printing technology, allowing for faster and more reliable printing. With a 203DPI resolution, it can print labels with a width range of 1.57 to 4.3 inches and a height range of 1 inch to 11.8 inches, which are compatible with most shipping and mailing labels.


The Comer 4×6 label printer comes with the companys newest high-temperature print head, which can continuously produce labels up to 500,000 PCS before needing replacement. In addition, the printer requires no toner or ink, nor do they require ribbon all you need are thermal papers.

Multi-system and multi-format friendly

Comer CX418 label printers run on all versions of Windows and Mac OS. It takes only a minute to set up. CX418 can print direct thermal labels in a variety of sizes, including 4 x 6 shipping labels, warehouse labels, barcode labels, product labels, address labels, ID tags, market tags, and so on.

Customer Service

As a gift, the Comer thermal printer comes with a label holder and a USB disk. The driver, installation instructions, setup guidelines, and user handbook are all included in the package. The customer care team can assist you with any issues you may have at any time. Technical assistance is available for free and without warranty.


  • Doesnt work well with Mac

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Dymo 1755120 Labelwriter 4xl Thermal Label Printer

This thermal label printer is versatile to create various sizes of printouts like notes, labels, receipts, etc. As the model name itself, it can print up to 4XL size printouts, or equivalent to 4 by 6 inches in size, which is the right size for large format labels used by couriers to contain pertinent shipping details in the packages they send.

The Dymo labelwriter 4XL extra-wide printing capability makes it one of the best choices for sellers in the most popular online selling platforms. And in the same way, this thermal label printer has the technology for that. You can print direct thermal labels from these platforms, hassle-free. That is, no need to exert extra for formatting.

The DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer is also versatile, allowing you to create custom labels not just for your business but also for personal, office, or school needs. Use the Dymo software and choose from 60 label templates or personalize them further by choosing your font size and type, as well as add graphics for a better aesthetic appeal. After finalizing your design, save it in your flash drive and plug it into your thermal label printer for printing.

This shipping label printer Dymo can print standard 4-line address labels, as well as high capacity 4-line address labels. The rate for the former is up to 53 per minute while it is 129 per minute for the latter.

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