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What Is The Best Small Printer For Home Use

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Print Speed And Additional Features

Top 5 Best Home Printers for Every Printing Need

Speeds quoted by manufacturers are almost never matched by real-world performance. If you often need to print in a hurry, look for independent reviews when choosing your printer.

Other useful features to look out for include additional USB ports and memory card slots that will allow you to print photos direct from a camera.

High-capacity paper trays capable of holding hundreds of sheets of paper, or an automatic document feeder that can handle scanning and copying work while you go and do something more important, might be worth looking out for.

Double-sided printing is handy for halving your paper usage.

Its also worth thinking about the bundled software that comes with your printer. Some printers include software that provides basic editing features, such as red-eye removal or adjusting the colour balance some even allow you to perform simple editing tasks using controls on the printer itself.

What Factors Go Into The Cost Of A Printer

If youre on a tight budget, youll want to look at two things. First, youll want to choose a printer with a lower upfront cost. These are generally inkjet printers. Second, youll want to know the cost per page, and this will be particularly important for larger print needs. Cost per page is determined by taking the total cost of the toner or ink cartridge and dividing it by the manufacturers yield. For example, if ink costs $10 and that cartridge yields 10 prints, your cost per page is $1 per printed sheet. If youre looking at color printers, youll generally see two or three cost-per-page calculations there will be a calculation for monochrome prints, for color/mixed printing, and then a third one if its a printer used for photo printing. Photo cost per page is generally the most expensive, as the printer needs to use a lot of ink for output.

Most Highly Rated Printers For Homes And Small Offices


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Popular printers and their key highlights

Printing speed of up to 33 black and white pages per minute


  • What is the price of a printer?Usually, the printer price ranges between Rs 5,000-10,000. This fluctuation is primarily because of the features offered by the printer, the brand and more. You can even find some printers at lower prices than this range at a discount while shopping online. Some printers that are meant for professional needs often cost more.
  • What are the types of printers?Primarily, printers can be divided into dot matrix, thermal, laser, inkjet and more depending on the printing mechanism. When it comes to colours, you can find both monochrome and coloured printers online. While some devices are available as just printers, you can even buy all-in-one printers that can print, copy and scan.
  • What are the best brands for a printer for home?While shopping online, you can consider buying printers by HP, Canon, Epson and more depending on your needs and budget.
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    How We Test Portable Printers

    To test portable printers, we performed a variety of everyday tasks. To make the results comparable to desktop inkjet printers, we performed a few of the same printing speed tests, from a Windows 10 laptop: A five-page text document, and a six-page PDF with text and graphics.

    While desktop models printed text pages at 8.8 ppm, on average, the portables were not far behind, at 6.9 ppm. The portable printers almost matched the desktop printers’ 2.7 ppm average on color graphics, clocking in at 2.4 ppm. This average excludes the Brother PocketJet 773 because it prints only in black-and-white .

    For photo speed, we printed a 4 x 6-inch glossy snapshot. The Brother PocketJet 773, however, does not print on photo papers and was excluded from this test.

    To test portability, we focus on the wireless and battery-powered functions of the printer. We perform a wireless network setup, evaluating the ease of use for connecting on the go. We also print from a laptop and smartphone using Wi-Fi Direct, and gauge the differences in performance compared to wired and outlet-powered printing.

    Check out all of our printer coverage:

    Should I Choose An Inkjet Or A Laser Printer

    Top 5 best small inkjet printers for car and home use with cheap ink in ...

    That really depends on your personal printing needs, preferences, and budget. Traditionally, inkjet printers come with a lower upfront cost for the printer compared to a comparable laser printer, but replacement ink cartridges on the inkjet can be more expensive over time than toner for laser printing systems. That said, inkjets generally perform better with color printing processes, photographs, and artwork, while laser printers excel at handling documents, spreadsheets, and black-and-white print jobs. These days, however, the price and performance gaps are narrowing inkjets that use tank cartridges deliver a more affordable cost per page, and laser printers are getting better at printing documents with color graphics.

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    What Dpi Should I Look For In A Small Printer

    The DPI refers to ‘drops per inch’ and indicates the quality of an image produced by an Inkjet printer. In short, the higher the DPI, the better your printout will look, especially if you want color photos, but a lower DPI means you’ll spend less on replacement ink cartridges . The DPI you require will depend on what you plan to use your printer for.

    Best Color Laser For Large Companies


    • Multiple connectivity options including NFC.
    • USB thumb drive support.
    • Somewhat expensive to buy and operate.
    • Relatively slow for its price and positioning.


    • Two years of unlimited ink
    • Excellent print quality
    • Thousands of pages worth of ink in the box
    • Two-year warranty with registration

    Multifunction , also known as all-in-ones or AIOs, add a range of features beyond printing. All can also copy and scan, and many add faxing to the mix. Our favorites range from small models suitable for home or home-office use and costing around $100 to behemoths able to anchor a busy workgroup, with duty cycles of tens of thousands of pages a month.

    Printer manufacturers offer a huge variety of MFPs, both inkjet-based and laser-based. Given the mix of print technologies and brands, finding a model with the right set of features may not be an easy task. But here are the key things to consider when shopping for an AIO printer.

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    The Best Printers Still In Stock

    UPDATE: Printers are in short supply and high demand at the moment. While we wait for stock to slowly recover, we’ve created this list of the products on our roundup that are still available to buy. We’ll be updating this list as often as we can.

    The Best Cheap Printers For 2021

    Best Printer for Home Use and Small Business? Inkjet Vs Laser Vs Thermal Printers

    Back in the day when printers first went mainstream, many sold at extremely high prices. Todays best printers sell at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to print photos, documents, and everything in between without shelling out insane wads of cash. They even ditch the old tether for a wireless connection.

    Anyone can now buy a cheap printer, but which is the best? Which provides the most bang for your buck? Keep reading to find out.

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    What Is A Good All

    There are a lot of great all-in-one printers on the market. Some of my favorites are the HP Envy 4520 and the Canon Pixma MX922. Both printers are affordable and have a lot of features that make them great for home users. They both have duplex printing capabilities, which means you can print on both sides of a sheet of paper, and they both have Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can print from your smartphone or tablet.

    Rollo Shipping Label Printer $18999

    • Dimensions: 7.7 x 3.3 x 3 inches

    Youve seen the traditional printer. But a shipping label printer? Now thats something snazzy to have in your arsenal.

    Not only does Rollos model save you hundreds of dollars on label costs, but the brands Advanced Thermal Direct technology prints without ever needing toner or ink. The size is super compact, too.

    • Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 3 inches

    Need to develop photos but dont want to pay a pretty coin for printing ? No problem, especially with Kodaks Dock Plus Portable Instant Photo Printer.

    Simply use Bluetooth from your smartphone both iOS and Android and youll have your snapshots instantly ready to frame.

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    Epson Surecolor P900 17

    • Dimensions: 29.3 x 18.6 x 14.7 inches

    Yes, spending more on $1,000 for a printer may be a bit steep but hear us out. Not only is the Epson SureColors picture quality a far cry above the others in this list , but its 10-channel MicroPiezo AMC printhead delivers prints with exceptional speed and clarity.

    If youre keen on printing more often than not, you may want to splurge on this machine thatll likely last you a lifetime.

    • Dimensions: 16.7 x 12 x 6 inches

    As its name suggests, the HP Deskjet is a lovely option for your productive work sessions. Its a swift option for printing recipes, forms and travel documents and doesnt take up too much room in your space.

    How To Choose The Best All

    Best home printer 2020: versatile printers for use at home

    Choosing the right all-in-one printer is a subjective process everyone has different printing needs, so the odds of finding a one-printer-fits-all situation might take some time. As you peruse the features list of any given all-in-one printer, here are some things to look for:

    Size This is where you should start before making any home office accessories purchase. Some all-in-one printers were built for relative mobility, while others were designed to stay put on your desk. If space is tight, take some mindful measurements before pulling the trigger on a potentially cumbersome machine.

    Inkjet vs. laser Inkjet printers have broader capabilities when it comes to producing accurate colors, which is best suited for graphics and photo printing. Laser printers are best for speedy text documents, and usually come with a lower cost per page.

    All-in-one vs. anything else Not every printer is an all-in-one, but the ones that are do a whole lot more than just print. They can scan, copy, fax and email documents in a snap, and are capable of most home office admin chores.

    Printing speed This is measured by page per minute, and the PPM for most prints tends to fall between the 15 to 20 range for black-and-white, and 10 to 15 for color. Manufacturers tend to hype these numbers, so take them with a grain of salt until youve tested those speeds for yourself.

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    Should You Buy Cheap Paper What About Recycled Paper

    For everyday printing, store-brand 20-pound weight paper will usually server nicely. However, you’ll get better results if you step up to a higher-quality paper. For lasers, as well as for inkjet text and graphic printing, that means a heavier weight, and possibly a brighter white level. For photos on inkjets, it means getting photo paper. Getting the brand of photo paper that matches your printer’s brand will usually be the best choice printer manufacturers design ink and paper to work together and often offer a variety of photo papers.

    Recycled paper has likewise improved in quality, and you can find 100% post-consumer-content recycled paper for many uses, including cover stock and bright white paper suitable for business use. There are other kinds of eco-friendly paper on the market as well, such as all-purpose paper made from sugar cane and photo paper made from cotton. Do your small part to save a tree and research eco-friendly media options. Any modern printer will handle them well.

    Best Home Printers: How Did We Test Them

    Printers are not like smartphones so don’t expect the ones from five years ago to be significantly different from the ones launched last year. Printing resolutions, connectivity and features haven’t changed significantly and so have our printing tests.

    Each printer we source for testing is measured on our test bench and the results are critically compared with every other model we have reviewed. Rather than relying on the manufacturers quoted figures, we time the first page out and print speeds in single sheet and duplex mode using a standard ten-page document and a stopwatch app.

    To compare print quality, we print out the same set of test documents on every machine. These twelve test pages include text of varying font sizes and colors, mixed image and text pages, a set of photos and a series of test patterns designed to assess sharpness, color fidelity, contrast and grey scale.

    We also calculate running costs, compare functionality and consider each products versatility, design and build quality. The overall score reflects all of these parameters and overall value for money.

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    The Best Printers You Can Buy Now

    Reasons to avoid

    There’s much more to the cost of a printer than just the purchase price: Ink costs can eat away the savings you expected from your affordable device. If you want one of the best home printers with the most affordable ink, we recommend the Brother INKvestment MFC-J995DW. The all-in-one inkjet printer features extra-large ink cartridges, and comes with an estimated years’ supply of ink in the box, which adds up to the lowest per-page ink costs we’ve seen.

    On top of that, the Brother INKvestment MFC-J995DW offers solid printing, scanning and copying. Print speeds beat the category average and two-sided printing is among the fastest we’ve seen. And it did all of this while delivering high print quality across the board. That same zippy speed and above-average quality was found in scans and copies, making it a great choice for anyone, even if you aren’t buying it for the affordable ink.

    Reasons to buy
    Reasons to avoid

    The Brother MFC-L2750DW XL multifunction laser printer is packed with features such as a fast automatic document feeder, fax capability, and a second paper tray. Its also fast at both duplex printing and copying, but doesnt sacrifice speed for quality documents look sharp and clear every time. It’s easily one of the best home printers overall, and our favorite laser printer so long as you don’t need to print in color.

    Read our full Brother MFC-L2750DW review.

    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to buy
    Reasons to avoid

    What To Know Before Buying A Printer:

    Best All in One Printers 2022 || Top 6 Picks for Home & Office Review

    Dpi vs. ppm: These are two common printer specifications. Dots per inch refers to the resolution of the image. The higher the dpi, the crisper the printed images will be. If you plan on printing lots of pages everyday, look for the ppm, pages per minute, as this refers to how quickly the printer is able to function.

    Varying capabilities: Printers that do more than print, such as copy, scan, or fax, are called all-in-one or multifunction printers. But make sure you look for the specific capabilities you want when shopping: The term “all-in-one” isn’t standardized.

    Monochrome vs. color: Monochrome printers are good for most home offices because they’re easier and cheaper to maintain. But keep in mind you can’t add color to a monochrome printer. If you’re buying just one printer for the whole family, color printers are a safe bet. They can print in just black and white and also print beautiful images with bright shades. Just know it can be pricey to maintain multiple ink cartridges in color printers.

    Price of ink: Look at the cost of the brand’s ink cartridges since you’ll need to buy replacement ink cartridges for all printers at some point. Most printers require you to use its brand of ink cartridges, so make sure you’re comfortable with the ink’s price long term. We recommend purchasing a few extra cartridges and sheets of when first buying your printer to ensure you can get going right away.

    Price for ink cartridges: ~$50

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    Best Mini Portable Printers

    Larger than some ultra-compact photo printers on this list but smaller than a typical small desktop printer, the Canon Selphy CP1300 is the perfect middle ground.

    Portable by design, the CP1300 wouldn’t look out of place in a home office, either. Printing size is 148×100 and smaller, so it’s best for photos, but the results will be more of a standard picture size than the smaller printouts from the Sprocket, Instax and others.

    There’s a digital display on the top that flips up to make keeping track of your pictures more efficiently and, because the printer offers a choice of sizes, creating a collage couldn’t be simpler.

    Canon promises ‘lab quality results’ so, if you’re someone who still takes semi-regular trips to get their photos developed, this could save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

    Printing your snaps on the go has been made easy thanks to this option from Polaroid. Print photos onto photo paper while you’re on the go with this hand-sized photo printer.

    Like with the Sprocket, the resolution of the photos printed isn’t going to be anything to write home about but, for a bit of fun, while you’re out and about, you can’t go wrong. Peel the back off the paper, and you can print out a batch of personalized stickers that you can plaster around your room or on your belongings.

    Simple but perfect for use as an instant photo printer, the Fujifilm Instax Link allows you to print anything from the camera roll using thermal printing technology.

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