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What Is The Best Printer For Shipping Labels

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Can I Handwrite Shipping And Mailing Labels

The Best Thermal Printer For Shipping Labels Under $100 | Zebra LP2844 Review Ebay Poshmark Etsy Etc

You can easily handwrite mailing labels if you dont mind the extra work. For shipping labels, you can handwrite the shipping address, but youll need to take it to your local post office to be measured, weighed and stamped with a special shipping barcode.

Better yet, you can just print your shipping and mailing labels at home with the proper barcodes and postal information automatically generated by your sending service or software.

Thermal Shipping Label Printer Direct Thermal High

The last shipping label printer on this list is this one. This unit can work seamlessly with a range of sizes. Thus, you will have the complete option of choosing the size of your label with this printer. This unit offers the fastest and unbeatable printing speed of 152mm/s. This unit can be used for up to 12 hours and even more.

The printer is very small, so place it next to your portable AC and print your labels. The resolution and quality of the label will be the best when using this printer. You can easily use this unit with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The durable design will allow you to use the printer for a long time to come.


  • This printer is very portable. So, it will not take up much space.
  • The control and setup are very easy and anyone will be able to operate it.
  • The modular design will satisfy many users.
  • It supports varying label sizes allowing you to customize your own.
  • The high printing speed will bring efficiency to your operations.


  • Some users faced issues after months of buying
  • The printer may stop again and again while using.

If you want to know the many benefits of shipping label printers, please check out this video:

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Printing Shipping Labels With A Thermal Printer

Thermal label printers are distinct from inkjet and laser in one important way: they are purpose-built to print shipping labels. You can see that in features like built-in label-roll cutters and feeds designed specifically for rolls of 4×6 shipping labels.

Thermal technology means no messy, expensive ink or toner cartridges to deal with. Thermal is also the most expensive option of the three printer types, though affordable options are available.

The advantages of a thermal label printer:

  • They have one job to do and they are very fast and good at it.
  • No ink or toner to replenish. Its worth repeating: No ink or toner.

The disadvantages of a thermal label printer:

  • Other than their higher upfront cost and singular purpose, there really arent any disadvantages.

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Offnova Imprint Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Unboxing And Package Contents

It comes shipped inside a decent white cardboard box with the OFFNOVA branding and the product specifications mentioned on its top. We have the printer, a power adapter, a USB cable, a USB A to Type C adapter, a USB drive, and a users manual inside the package. Surprisingly, you also get a thermal label holder which can hold both the fanfold labels as well as the label rolls.

The inclusion of the Type C adapter surprised me as most laptops today come with Type-C ports only. Also, the included flash drive has the drivers, setup guide, and some video tutorials to help you with the setup process without having to log on to any website or use the internet for that matter. They have also provided a couple of sample labels to test print using your printer.

Best Bluetooth Shipping Label Printer: Alfuheim Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer

10 Best Shipping Label Printer For EBay 2020

Whether youâre interested in more wholesale sales or want to increase eCommerce sales, one thing is certain. eCommerce shipping involves multiple small tasks, including printing labels. Make it easy on yourself by printing remotely through Bluetooth.

While there are dozens of Bluetooth label printers on the market, the Alfuheim printer stands out. Its flexible printing capabilities, competitive pricing, and broad compatibility make it a great choice. Easily print from label services like Shippo,, and ShipStation as well as all major eCommerce platforms.

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How Should You Gauge Cost Of Ownership

If you plan to print a large number of labels, another critical factor is the cost per label, which is also often referred to as the cost of ownership. Most label printers support a vast collection of label types, as many as 30 or more, encompassing different widths, lengths, colors, and material types. And the pricing of this stock can range just as wildly.

Simple 1.5-by-3.5-inch die-cut labels typically cost about 2 cents to 4 cents each. Buying the same labels in bulk could knock your running costs down by 25 percent or more. Fancier plastic, cloth, and foil labels will cost you significantly more, as will larger labels.

It’s also important to remember that the cost per label, even of the same size and material, can differ quite a bit from machine to machine. It depends on what company makes the labeler, the type of labels you buy, how many rolls you buy, and where you buy them. So you’ll want to check into label costs carefully before you settle on a printer. The labels can end up costing you lots more than expected in the long run. The cheapest labeler from a device point of view may well not deliver the cheapest long-term cost of operation when it comes to the consumables.

Top 10 Best Shipping Label Printers

The top two best shipping label printers are the Dymo LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer and the Rollo Commercial Grade Label Printer. For this article, I selected 10 good shipping label printers with decent quality which you can rely on.

Whether you choose a commercial-grade label printer or a more inexpensive at-home label printer option, make sure that it has everything you need.

Is it compatible with the operating system on the computer you will use with the printer? Does it print the correct size of labels? How fast does it print? These are all aspects you will want to pay attention to as you read each listing.

The 10 shipping label printers I selected for this article have very few returns and good user feedback.

Best Shipping Label Printers

Dymo LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer

  • Over 60 label templates

Rollo Commercial Grade Label Printer

  • Works with any thermal label
  • High-speed printing

Brother QL-800 High-Speed Professional Label Printer

  • High-speed printing

BEEPRT Thermal Commercial Grade Label Printer

  • Direct thermal

Meihengtong High-Speed Thermal Label Printer

  • High-speed prints

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For Enterprise And High

Datamax E-4204 Thermal Shipping Label Printer

The Datamax E-4204 Thermal Shipping Label Printer is your entry-level introduction into the world of professional thermal printers with a print resolution of 203 DPI, a print speed of five inches per second and 16MB SDRAM memory onboard and 4MB Flash. This system quickly and easily produces USPS approved 4×6 labels with all the information you need to deliver and track your packages.

The Best Thermal Shipping Label Printers

The Best Thermal Printer for Shipping Labels Under $150? Zebra ZP 450 Review | One of my Favorites!

There are literally dozens of options on the market to choose from, depending on the budget and the volume of labels youll need to print. This list is broken down into three major groups: what works for most people, recommendations for high volume users, and alternatives I cant really recommend but are good to point out, nevertheless.

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The Best Commercial Thermal Shipping Label Printer

While its not inspiring looking, I had to include this printer on the list because it is the best-selling commercial label printer in the world. Maybe the reason that its so unremarkable is simply that it does one job and it does it very well.

This is a set-it-and-forget-it type of printer that is the most dependable option available. When I was in high school I worked at a warehouse with four shipping stations and each one had a Zebra GK420d. We did absolutely no maintenance to them and never had a single issue for the years I worked there. And we were sending out more than 200 packages a day.

So if you need something that will quietly do its job for the next decade or more, get this printer. Its more expensive than the other printers on this list but its also the one most suited to true commercial use . Is it the best shipping label printer? Maybe. If it fits the bill, then yes! Get it!

What Is The Best Printer To Make Product Labels

Some of the leading label printer brands include DYMO, Logia, JADENS, Brother, LabelRange, and Polono. That said, there is no single best printer to make product labels with, as numerous printers create the same label sizes.

A label printer compatible with your needs includes usability, ease of changing label rolls, and how often you need to use one. Look for the features and characteristics you need before buying to reduce the likelihood of an incompatible fit.

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Printers For Shipping Labels Selection Guide

Fact Check:Verified Market ResearchPro Tip:

Label printer with the keyboard:

Handheld label printers come with a QWERTY or ABC keyboard. In our list, Brady BMP21-PLUS is the one with the keyboard. It completely depends on the ones requirement for the shipping label printer. Most of the label printers can be connected to the computer, and hence the keyboard is unnecessary.

In this tutorial, we have shortlisted the top products to help you choose the best shipping label printer to print shipping labels.

=> Contact us to suggest your listing here.

Seiko Instruments Label Printers

10 Best Label Printers For Shipping In 2020: Buyer

This unit is a PC/Mac compatible smart label printers. The unit supports all the main label formats including address, shipping, file, folder, etc. The sleek new design frees up space on your desk and has a speed of 2.76 inches/second. This unit has increased versatility in the type of labels. You can always change the layout on your PC and print. It has USB and RS232 interface and 202/300 dpi resolution. It is quite easy to use and gives quality labels.

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Top 10 Best Thermal Label Printers Of 2021

Label printers are a cost-efficient way to organize your inventory. Whether youre looking for labeled raw materials, work in progress items, or finished goods label printers can help streamline the process of labeling everything from boxes to clothing tags.

Label printing is an essential task when it comes to keeping track of all your products information as well as their location so that they dont get lost among other things on shelves or warehouse racks. They also help keep people informed about whats inside each package without opening them up .

Organizing inventory is vital for the retail business, especially with so many types and quantities of merchandise that need to be properly labeled. With accurate labeling in storage spaces or on display shelves, retailers can better organize their inventories as well as keep track of it during manufacturing processes after production has taken place. A label printer is the best way to go if you need your labels in a jiffy! These days, were all too busy with hand-writing and labeling. With so many different types of inventory that require differently sized labels, why not let an automatic machine do it? Its easier than ever with just one click on the computer screen.

Connection Between Printer & Software

It is also useful to look at how the printer needs to be connected to your computer. Most label printers can be connected via USB, but some can connect via serial port , parallel port or ethernet. There are also models that can connect using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which makes it easier to move your label printer around.

Finally, you need to consider the availability of drivers for your label printer. For example, not all printers include official drivers for Mac by default. This does not necessarily mean that you would not be able to use the printer, but you would need to install a separate program to do so.

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Logia Thermal 300 Dpi Label Printer

The Logia thermal printer is one of the best deals offered for commercial-grade label printers. It can handle large label outputs, has a top printing speed of 127 mm/s, and includes several complementary items to get new users set up quickly. It is designed to handle large print order volumes and is popularly used for labels such as shipping stickers, barcodes, product information, warehouse labels, tracking IDs, etc. The device is compatible with Windows and macOS and can be easily set up by following the instructions manual that comes with the product.

It has no height restriction on printing labels, but does have a width range of 1.57 to 4.1. With an output resolution of 300 DPI, you can be assured of consistent clear prints without the risk of fading, smudging, or ink bleeding, thanks in part to the thermal printing technology Logia uses. Like most other shipping label printers, the Logia Thermal printer is compatible with shipping corporations and e-commerce retailers from around the globe.

Lastly, the printer also comes with a label holder for feeding stack type and roll type labels. It can be easily stowed away when not in use, without taking much storage area.

Dymo 1752267 Labelwriter 450 Due: Best Label Printer For Multiple Types Of Labels

Best Thermal Printer For Shipping Labels eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Poshmark, Shopify 2020

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Due is a versatile label printer. It printers every type of label you can think of such as durable IND labels, plastic D1 labels, and LW labels. Similarly, you can also use DYMO label software to create customizable labels. On the other hand, you can connect the printer to your computer to print labels directly from different programs.

450 Due also reduces your costs because you dont need to buy ink for printing. It is also very easy to load printing rolls in the printer, ensuring hassle-free and easy operation. It is also a pretty fast printer with a speed of 71 labels per minute. The DYMO stamps software also allows you to print UPS approved postages without any monthly charges, contracts, or fees right from your computer.


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Choosing The Best Thermal Label Printer

So, youve sold some products online, and youre ready to ship out some packages. First of all, congratulationsyoure an eCommerce entrepreneur! Now, youve come to the boring part of the journey: printing out those pesky shipping labels. Its true that you can use a regular desktop printer to , and this is perfectly fine. However, if you want to ship like a true pro, youre going to want to spring for a thermal label printer. In case you werent aware, a thermal printer is a device that uses heat instead of ink to print, which makes them perfect for creating lots of shipping labels. This guide is all about thermal label printers, which ones we recommend, and why. Lets roll!

Do I Need A Special Printer To Print Shipping Or Mailing Labels

No, you dont need a special printer to print shipping or mailing labels. The real question is, do you need an inkjet, a laser or a thermal label printer? That answer depends on the results you want to achieve and the money you are willing to invest. But remember, what you pay upfront can impact what you pay long term.

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Are You Looking For An Inkjet Or Thermal

Inkjet label printers use ink to print text and graphics on a wide range of labels. They are quite common in small offices and homes. A good inkjet label printer will produce high-quality and sharp images, measured by the DPI or Dots per Inch. To compare the print quality of an inkjet printer, look at its DPI print resolution.

If you are looking for a thermal label printer, you have two options to choose from. These are thermal transfer and direct thermal. The first option uses heat to activate or trigger pigments from the printers ribbon to create the ink marked onto a label. Direct thermal printers, however, apply heat to the chemical label, turning it black in the process. This type of printer is ideal for printing receipts and shipping labels.

For your color label printing needs, you might want to narrow down your choice to inkjet printers. This is because they tend to produce more vibrant or colorful labels compared to thermal printers. Also, if you are operating a thermal label printer in a hot environment, there is an increased risk of fading and melting.

For High Volumes: Zebra Zt230

Arkscan 2054A Thermal Printer

If you find yourself printing high volumes of labels per day, say more than 100, Id spring for the ZT230. With support for larger 8 rolls, itll hold upwards of 1,000 labels at a time, and the faster print speed will get those labels out faster. Like the GK420D, this printer will faithfully churn out labels for years.

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Which Thermal Printers Can You Use With Ups Internet Shipping

Most thermal shipping label printers are compatible with UPS services. However, one label printer you can try is the BEEPRT Thermal Commercial Grade Label Printer.

If there is another label printer in the above list that you like more than the BEEPRT label printer suggested, try clicking on the product link and see if it is compatible with UPS because most of them are compatible.

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