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What Is The Best Printer For Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Overview: The Best Inkjet Printer For Heat Transfer In 2021

How to Use Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

With amazing performance and specifications for a printer in this price range, including super high resolution on documents up to 13×19 inches, the Canon IP8720 not only is the least expensive best printer for heat transfers I know which is really suitable for heat transfer, but also one of the very best values on the market today not to mention an overwhelming favorite among artists.;

While the IP8720 does not use full pigment-based inks, the excellent Canon inks are water-resistant and fade-resistant, and the six ink system allows for great color accuracy and range really unheard of at this price!

Okidata 62439301 C711wt Professional Printer Wireless Laser Color Printer Home Pick

The Okidata Inkjet Printer is a professional printer made specifically for heavy use and heat transfer. The laser setup works specifically with specialized heat transfer papers and works with white toner for a full spectrum of vivid coloration.

You also can use it with a variety of papers, labels, etc for versatile use. Plus, since it is made for heavy use, it can handle up to 10,000 sheets of paper on a cycle before maintenance.

The self-weeding heat transfer papers allow you to work efficiently and get large amounts of work done at any given time- making this effective and efficient. Because this is a specialized machine for this purpose, the quality is considered top notch.

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Instructions For Printable Iron On Shirt

To make our shirt, were going to use Cricuts Print-then-Cut feature. This process allows us to print a design on our home ink jet printer, cut around the edge of the image using the Cricut, and then adhere to a blank using heat. Lets get started!

Setting Up Your Image in Design Space

Start by uploading your PNG to Cricut Design Space.

In the Select Image Type menu on the right, choose Complex image.

On the next screen, youll be able to erase any parts of your image you do not want . In this case, you do not need to delete anything because the PNG is created with a nice border around it. But if you need to delete the background of your image, see my post Uploading PNG and JPG Images to Cricut Design Space.

In the next screen, youll be able to choose if you want to Print then Cut or a regular Cut image. In this case, choose Print then Cut.

Finally, bring your image into Design Space.

Finally, youll need to resize your image to fit on your shirt. I like using templates when making shirtsthey help me determine how big my image should be. You can learn more about Using Templates in Design Space.

In this case, I ended up making my image 9.25 tall, the maximum size for print then cut, but obviously, youll need to resize to fit your blank.

Then click Make It in the upper right.

Cutting Your Image

Every printer is different, so make sure you have your paper loaded properly. Then print your image.

Adhering Your Image to a T-Shirt

Then press for 30 seconds on 375° .

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Best Heat Transfer Paper For Inkjet Printers

Heat transfer paper is designed to transfer images, either downloaded or hand-drawn, onto polyester and cotton fabrics, like t-shirts and bed sheets. Heat transfer crafts are popular amongst both hobbyist and retailers alike. Whether your goal is to create fun gifts for family and friends or to make some extra cash, selling your designs on the market, this is a craft that everybody can enjoy.

Ultimate Print Turbo Upt

Media Library

Even though printable HTV is actual vinyl, it will require an extra application step compared to your normal heat transfer vinyl. Because the top of the vinyl is being printed on, printable HTV does not come with a carrier sheet to protect the vinyl when heat pressing. You must apply a heat transfer mask, which serves as a carrier sheet, over the Printable HTV to prepare it for heat pressing. There are low and high tack transfer masks, and most Printable HTV has a recommended transfer mask that is best compatible. Make sure you are getting a transfer mask that best fits your printable HTV of choice.;

Heat Transfer Warehouse offers a large selection of from Siser, Specialty Materials,;and Chemica. With so many to choose from, we understand it can be difficult to make a selection.;

If you are wanting to use printable HTV and do not have the proper printer, Heat Transfer Warehouse does offer the option to print custom transfers for you if you provide your own artwork. to learn more information on our Full-Color Digital Custom Transfers.

For more information, visit our;channel and check out these videos below.

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Why Buy A Cricut If You Dont Need It For Sublimation Projects

Cricut sells their own brand of sublimation ink sheets, called Infusible Ink. These sheets are usually vibrant, fun patterns and people use their Cricut machine to cut words, shapes, or designs out of the Infusible Ink sheets. If you dont have a Cricut and youre considering purchasing one but youre not sure which one to get, discover which one you should get by checking out ourguide to discovering which Cricut machine is best for you. Here are some examples below on how people used Cricut Infusible Ink in combination with a Cricut machine to create gorgeous sublimation projects:

Supplies For Printable Iron On Shirt

  • Cricut Explore, Cricut Maker, or other cutting machine
  • Printable Iron On
  • Craftivist PNG or other PNG design

This Craftivist image was created by the amazing Amber at Damask Love / YayDay Paper Co. One reason she recently started YayDay was to bring more diversity and representation to the crafting world ! You can find all sorts of awesome crafting projects, stationery, planner ideas, and other resources at YayDaycheck it out!

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Which Kind Of Ink Does The Printer Use

This is the most basic form of differentiation between printers, with sub categories in each kind of printer.

  • ;Inkjet printers

Dye based inks are considered to be the cheapest inks, but they are also very likely to wash off and bleed after printing. UV exposure is also a major cause of concern in the case of these inks. Hence, one should only get them if its incredibly important to get prints done within budget. Definitely not recommended for generic use.

Then come the sublimation based inks. Theyre much better than dye inks, but they require specialized knowledge of the printer as well as the transfer for each type of fabric being used.

The pigment based inks are the pinnacle of ink based printing technologies, and give water protection as well as stability in humid conditions. These are not going to bleed in general, neither in the shorter or longer runs. These are more expensive than the other two inks, however.

  • ;Laser Printers

Toner cartridges are used in the case of laser printers. These printers are already based on a heat-producing process, and hence it is important to know which paper to use it can absolutely destroy your prints in certain cases! A white toner is also necessary in order to get color reproduction just right.

What Is Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Paper Buyer’s Guide – HeatPressNation.com

Printable heat transfer vinyl is a fantastic way to print your own heat transfers to make shirts, bags, and other fun projects with eye-popping, multi-colored designs without having to go through the process of layering vinyl. However, the investments needed to start using printable heat transfer vinyl are considerably higher than if you were just going to make a few t-shirts with standard heat transfer paper. Printable HTV requires a type of wide-format printer,and inkjet and laser printers will not work. Common printer brands that will work with printable HTV include Mutoh, Roland, and Mimaki, though HP and Epson also make wide format printers. These printers also require special inks, such as Eco-Solvent ink, Solvent, and Latex inks.;

The cost of these printers often starts somewhere around $5,000, so theyre not for people just looking to pull together a few DIY shirts in their free time for fun. Theyre more for people looking to start their own t-shirt printing business or expand an already existing t-shirt printing business working on large-scale projects. Those who are not planning on making several hundreds of t-shirts for sale online or in a shop would be better off relying on another method of heat transfer for their designs.

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What Kind Of Printer Do You Use For Heat Transfer Paper

Virtually any inkjet printer will print onto heat transfer paper, but for the best results you should consider getting a printer that is high resolution, has superior color accuracy and range, uses pigment-based inks and can print onto larger paper. Such a printer can be expensive, but doesnt have to be like the excellent and remarkably affordable Epson Expression HD XP-15000 or Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000.

Aonesy Pro 5 In 1 Combo Heat Press Machine

Product Highlights

The Aonesy Pro is not actually a printer, but it is used to transfer the design that youve printed to your t-shirt, pillow, hat, or cup. The Aonesy Pro can be used to transfer t-shirts and other clothes, jigsaw puzzles, bags, mousepads, ceramic tiles, plates, and other flat surfaced items.

The Aonesy Pro transfers pictures and lettering of sublimated and dissolved printing ink onto the material of your choice. It works great on fiber, flax, chemical fiber, nylon, cotton, ceramic, glass, and metal. Whether youre creating products to sell, advertising, or making memories for family and friends, the Aonesy Pro has you covered.

Unit specifications: Temperature Range: 33- 482 degrees F; Time Control: 0 999 seconds; Power: 900W; Voltage: 110V; Gross Weight: 52.8 lbs; Ampere: 8.2A.


  • Advanced heat press with non-stick surface
  • Set temperature to Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Four different plate accessories

What We Like About Aonesy Pro 5 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine

We like that this unit is easy to use, and comes with easy-to-follow directions and all the accessories you need. Its really helpful that temperature settings are clearly listed for each project. We recommend 350 degrees for 30 seconds for t-shirts.

It works even on older t-shirts and the designs dont peel. The 360-degree rotation ensures that you dont burn yourself while youre using it; thats a great safety feature.

What We Dont Like About Aonesy Pro 5 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine


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Hp Officejet Pro 9015

Product Highlights

The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 is an all-in-one printer that handles all your heat transfer needs from start to finish. Using inkjet heat transfer paper, you can easily print your designs. After completing your transfer project, you can then scan it on 9015 and upload it to your computer for use on your website or business brochure.

The HP Smart app allows you to monitor your printers ink supply and also organize your business expenses and receipts. The app also allows for remote printing and scanning, and you can create PDFs from photos on the app.

The scanner bed has easy-slide glass, automatic 2-sided copy, and scanning capability, all in a space-saving design that wont overpower your space. Made with recycled plastic, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 reduces your carbon footprint.

Youll love the self-regulating Wi-Fi and built-in security so that you can complete your heat-transfer projects without interruption, saving you time and money. To top it all off, you can print from your preferred mobile device.


  • Built-in security to protect your business

What We Like About HP OfficeJet Pro 9015

The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 is versatile enough to handle professional and hobby heat transfer projects as well as homework and office tasks. This model will meet all your printing needs so that you dont need different printers for different tasks.

What We Dont Like About HP OfficeJet Pro 9015


Initial And Hidden Cost:

5 Best Printers for Heat Transfer Paper (Reviews Updated ...

Lastly, check the cost that you will have to bear as a whole. Some printers for heat transfer require a higher pay value initially but after that, they require only a fraction of the amount for maintenance and ink cartridge replacement than other rival printers. While you will also get some printers that are cheaper but require frequent ink cartridge replacement costing more than others. Hence, analyze the cost before purchasing the printer.

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Hp Laserjet Pro M454dw Best Hp Printer For Heat Transfers

In fourth place is the HP LaserJet Pro M454dw, which is another printer that is suitable for high-volumes.

The printer comes with four toner cartridges and a printing resolution of 600×600 dpi, while that resolution might seem a little low, the printer still produces high-quality images with vivid and sharp colors.

Its maximum printing size is legal, and it features auto-duplex printing. Moreover, you can print via USB or wirelessly via WiFi-Direct.

When combining auto-duplex with this printers exceptional printing speed of 28 ppm, you get one of the best printers for high-volumes, not to mention the fact that it is a laser printer.

A unique feature that we really love about this product is its security, as it detects and stops any attacks on your printer, which is an essential feature that more printers should have, to be honest.

Lastly, it can print borderless pictures. However, it is strictly a printer; it cannot copy, scan, or fax.


  • Quite noisy

Final Verdict

The laser printer M454dw is the optimum printer if youll be printing in high volumes. It has a high printing speed, and its pictures are high-quality with vivid colors. Moreover, it can also copy, scan, and fax so that you could use your printer for much more than heat transfer.

Applying The Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

I still dont have a heat press;since Im currently designing my dream craft room, but a trusty regular clothes iron can get the job done, no problemo. ;And since Im lazy, I didnt mess with dragging out my ironing board. ;I instead used a cookie sheet to protect our dining room table from the irons heat.

For this particular brand of printable heat transfer vinyl, I just set my iron to the Cotton setting , and made sure to not use any steam.

Then I gave a few passes on top of my still-plain onesie just to smooth out any wrinkles and heat it up. ;Next, I transferred my design over to the onesie , and got to ironing.

I ironed all over the cut pieces, applying even and firm pressure for about 15-20 seconds before moving to a new spot .

You can easily check the adhesion by simply running over the edges with your finger . ;If its not sticking, hit it with the iron again.

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Epson Expression Photo Hd Xp 15000

Remarkably affordable for a printer of this quality with beautiful colors, stunning high resolution printing and superior materials and construction the Epson Expression Photo XP 15000 has a six-color system of pigment-based inks for not only outstanding color range, accuracy and subtlety, but also colors that are water-proof and washable, sun and fade resistant, and the XP 15000 will print up to 13 by 19 inches.;

Approaching the extraordinary level of performance and overall print quality of the three more expensive printers below, and at a much lower price, the Epson XP 15000 is perfect for superb fine art prints, heat transfer and pretty much anything else.

Weeding Heat Transfer Vinyl That Is Printable

Heat Transfer Paper Vs. Heat Transfer Vinyl | Cost, Durability & More | Apparel Academy (Ep 64)

Now that it is cut, you will want to weed away all of the excess material from around the edges or from the center of certain designs. I will note here that both materials are fairly delicate but the version for light materials will tear REALLY easily. Use caution as you lift the excess from the backing of both products.

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Can I Use Any Inkjet Printer For Heat Transfers

You can try it. However, it will never deliver a top-quality result that you will be proud of. Also, using any inkjet printer for heat transfers is not going to make your business more profitable or boost your skills. If you want to develop a business, you will have to purchase a quality, dedicated printer for heat transfers.

However, after hours of research, I have come to the conclusion that any inkjet printer using the regular ink can print the heat-transfer paper. So, if you want to use your regular inkjet printer for heat transfers, make sure that you are using the best heat transfer paper. However, it will still not offer quality results.

Best Shirts To Heat Press On

When it comes to heat pressing, the most popular item to heat press is a shirt. It has no obstruction and popular and easy to sell. With that in mind, it got me wondering, what was is the best shirts to heat press?;

This list was made under the follow criteria:;

  • Shrinkage: Shrinkage can impact your heat pressed image. It can lead to distortion, peeling, and overall ruining the quality of your image. So it is important to find shirts that have the minimal amount of shrinkage.;
  • Fabric quality, color quality: The quality of the shirt will determine shrinkage. For a quality shirt, we want something that will keep its color after multiple washes. No one wants to wear a faded shirt!;
  • Variety in sizes and colors;
  • Fit and Style:;The fit and the style will determine whether or not your customers will buy the shirts. If you are selling direct to customers one shirt at a time it is best to figure out what fits and styles are most popular with your customers. Now if it is a bulk order for an event variety in size and colors maybe more important.;
  • Shirt weight: the heavier the shirt generally the thicker the shirt and it is less see through. So a lot of white shirts can often look see through because it is too light weight. If that’s something you want to avoid look at the shirt weight. A 5.5oz or 6oz tee is ideal for lighter shirts that are less see through.;;
  • So with that in mind let’s check out which shirts are the best for heat pressing!;

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