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What Is The Best Mini Photo Printer

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Hp Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer

7 Best Mini Photo Printers 2019

The HP Sprocket Select produces 2.3 x 3.4-inch printslarger than many similar modelsbut its slim, convenient size still makes it highly portable. Its the print quality, however, that makes it stand out. The Sprocket Select uses Zink technology, but colors come out bright and vivid. Reviewers have also raved about its easy set-up and use: You can print directly from your Android or iOS device’s photo gallery, and the printer offers easy integration to your favorite social platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. That earns it an instant like.

A Portable Photo Printer Must Be Portable

One key selling point of these mini photo printers is your ability to slip them into a pocket or bag and go wherever you go. But the term portable can mean different things to different people. A deep cargo pocket will have no trouble holding a printer the size of a soup can, but for those with small pockets, or no pockets, portable gadgets must be as small and as thin as possible.

A so-called portable printer may be a thick 5-inch brick. Thats not exactly ideal for lugging around on safari or to a party. Read the size stats carefully a husky, 12-inch printer can look tiny and transportable in a deceptive product pic.

At the other end of the size spectrum, sometimes smaller printers can be too small. These mini printers spit out teeny-tiny photos on tiny photo paper. Small, 1-inch pics can be fun, and with adhesive-backed photo paper, they are the perfect size for stickers. But if you want a 4×6-inch photo, youll need a printer large enough to handle the job. Many popular portable printers create prints 2×3 inches.

Best Bulky Option: Fuji Instax Share Sp

The Fuji Instax Share SP-2 Smart Phone Printer will test the definition of bag friendly. Its not as small as the others here but iflike meyou carry a fairly large bag, its still a useful option. The printer offers fairly high resolution images for its size with a resolution of 320 dpi on images of 800×600 pixels. That means higher quality photos, at the price of portability.

More impressively, its super speedy. One image takes about 10 seconds to print out, so its perfect for impromptu printing sessions. Theres the usual smartphone and social media support in there too, without NFC support, pairing via Bluetooth can be more of a hassle.

Much like the others featured, the Fuji Instax Share SP-2 Smart Phone Printer uses its own fancy paper rather than requiring ink. It uses Fuji Instax mini instant film, with a choice of monochrome or color film available. 10 monochrome films cost $10 with 60 color films priced at $36.

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What Is Zink Paper

To make ZINK photo paperresearchers start with a white plastic sheet as a base material, then add very thin layers of dye crystals. The dye molecules that make up these crystals are structured in such a way that the crystal is transparent. When heat is applied, the molecules change their physical orientation from a crystal to an amorphous glass, a process that releases color, according to MITs Technology Review. Printers use thermal printheads to activate those crystallized-dyes specific colors are produced by varying the temperature and duration of the heating.

But, if Zink photos are produced by heat, they can also be destroyed by it.

Zink paper can withstand temperatures as high as 70 °C , according to lab tests citedformer Chief Technology officer of Zink Imaging. And if placed in sunlight, the picture will fade at a rate similar to that of other thermal printings.

Nevertheless, inkless photos can look decades old from the moment they are printed. The Verges Paul Miller describes them as grainy, splotchy, uneven, desaturated and hue-shifted. The upshot is this: Its better to buy an instant printer for its fun factor rather than for itspicture quality.

The Best Mini Photo Printer In 2021

HP Photosmart A616 Compact Photo Printer

In the age of smartphones and social media, many have lost the desire for a printed photo. But, they still have their place, and mobile printers are rising in popularity. Looking at photos on our phones is great. But, theres something special about a picture we can hold, show friends and family, and stick to the walls. And if you want a more personal experience than just viewing photos on a screen, its time to start printing again.

Few people would consider bringing along a printer on their next trip. Thankfully, the typical bulky printers of the past have scrunched in size, now to only the size of a palm. And its easier than ever to turn your phone into an instant camera to share your favorite memories, giving your traditional pictures new life.

Sure, portable printers tend to be more expensive than your average accessory for smartphones. But, theyre worth the investment. Yet, several types of printers are available on the market, all offering different capabilities and features. And some are better than others. So its important to have an idea in mind beforehand. With that, weve summarized the top ten best printers today. And weve also created an in-depth guide so youll know how to access the various options as youre shopping around.

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Kodak Mini Shot 2 Retro

This portable product is exceptional, as it is both a printer and a camera simultaneously.

It allows you to shoot and print your shots anytime. Plus, you print photos with a laminating process that ensures they last a long time. You also print the images in a 3.4 x 2.1-inch size, which is the standard business card format.

You can connect your phone to it and use Bluetooth to print photos from your gallery. And the Kodak app allows you to edit your photos before printing. It includes features such as framing, adding stickers, or using filters.

On the other hand, the cartridges tend to get jammed while printing. It is something you should be aware of before ordering the product. If you are looking for a fast and reliable printer, you might need to choose something else.

But apart from this issue, the device provides good value for your money. Both the paper and the printer cost is pretty low, especially considering it also includes a camera.

Hp Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

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The HP Sprocket is a high-quality photo printer that comes in a fun speckled design in different attractive colors. It has a built-in loop for attaching a wrist strap to make carrying it easy.

It is compatible with Bluetooth connectivity for the easy printing process. It also features a built-in app, so you can take your photos to the next level by editing, adding filters, borders, and emojis to the image.

It offers great picture quality on 2×3 photo paper and is really user-friendly. The HP Sprockets new edition allows multiple users and devices to connect at one time easily to the printer, which means everyone can get in on the fun.

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The Best Portable Photo Printers For Phones

A portable phone printer is a useful solution for a problem that, until recently, didn’t really exist.

In years gone by, anyone who wanted instantly printed pictures would have bought a Polaroid . These didn’t quite match the pictures you’d get from the old style analogue film cameras, but they made a decent enough fist of it – certainly enough to justify use at a party or on holiday.

And then along came the smartphone and changed everything in the swipe of a finger. Now we take excellent quality photos all the time on our iPhones but printing them out means waiting until we’re back at home on a computer, or finding the local Snappy Snaps.

Which is where instant printers come in. These pocket-sized devices connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone and allow you to bring pictures directly from your camera reel into the real world, preserving the quality of your pictures, from phone through to printed copy. They’re eminently usable at parties and while travelling.

Admittedly there is something a bit less ‘retro cool’ about this option than using an instant camera: knowing that you can retake a bad photo before printing it massages away some of the fun of the old school approach. Still, for many, that will be a major selling point. Certainly, it makes the process more efficient.

What I found when I set out to find the best portable photo printer for phones, starting with my favourite…

Lifeprint 2×3 Hyperphoto Printer For Iphone & Android

9 Best Mini Photo Printers 2021

Good Value: $82 | Great Deal: $60

| Check Current Price on Walmart

Lifeprints augmented-reality smartphone printer is a fun way to bring still photos to life , according to several online customers. Many reviewers caution that the prints have a greenish color cast others werent able to use Lifeprints Hyperphoto app.

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Best Photo Printers For Iphone 2021

BestPhoto Printers for iPhoneiMore2021

We snap a bunch of photos with our iPhones every day. Sometimes, we actually want to print those memories out on, you know, paper. There are plenty of photo printers out there that let us connect wirelessly with our iPhone to print photos to slap them into a photo album or just on the fridge. We think the new Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Special Edition is one of the best photo printers for iPhone for most people. Read on to find out why.

About Our Trusted Experts:

Katie Dundas is a freelance journalist and tech writer who frequently covers cameras, photography, and printers.

Theano Nikitas is a Maryland-based tech writer whose work has appeared on CNET, DPreview, Tom’s Guide, PopPhoto, and Shutterbug, among others.

Hayley Prokos is a tech writer and former Newsweek reporting fellow. Her articles have appeared at, Kathimerini English Edition, and others.

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Lifeprint Slim Photo And Video Printer

Want something more than a static print? Lifeprints Augmented Reality Hyperphotos uses standard Zink paper but create prints that move when you scan them with its mobile app. The printer has a larger 3 x 4.5-inch option for bigger prints, or a 2×3 sized printer. Thanks to the unique Hyperphoto technology, you can print live photos from Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also easily add filters, text, memes, and stickers through the Lifeprint App. The Lifeprint Slim is the companys newest model that, as the name suggests, is even more portable than the original.

Sprocket Portable Photo Printer


This is one of the best quality small photo printers in the market today. Sprocket photo printer offers impressive results that will make you fall in love with this product again and again. The sprocket portable photo printer is designed to provide an affordable solution for anyone who wants to enjoy their favorite hobby on the move.

Sprockets unique approach to designing printers ensures they offer top performance while remaining extremely budget-friendly. This particular model, apart from others, can print high-resolution images at 12x18cm in size. That means youll get crisp, clear photographs every time you want them. And because it has been specially engineered to work perfectly with smartphones, tablets, and other digital cameras, theres no need to invest in additional accessories.

All you need is your camera and some spare batteries. So whether youre taking pictures during a family vacation or simply enjoying yourself outdoors, the sprocket portrait photography printer allows you to capture those special memories whenever you feel like doing so.

Key Features

  • It Has a USB Port making it possible to connect any computer system to download your photos
  • Has a Built-in Memory Card Slot
  • Prints 12 x 18 cm photos, thus giving you more space to display your prints
  • Comes with a built-in battery which provides enough power to last through several hours of continuous use
  • Compatible with most mobile phones, including iPhone 5/5c/5s, Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC One M9, LG G4, etc.
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    Kiipix Smartphone Picture Printer

    The KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer is a cool mobile printer thats easy to use and allows you to instantly scan retro-style photos from your smartphones screen. All you have to do is put your smartphone on top of the printer and turn the crank to print your photo.

    Its the ultimate portable printer because it requires no cords or batteries. You can literally take it anywhere, even places where there is no power. When not printing photos, it folds flat into a compact size thats easy for travel.

    The KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer prints credit-card size photos on Fujifilm Instax mini film, which is sold separately.

    What Is Inkless Ink And Augmented Reality

    Some of the best portable printers use magic and sorcery to create colorful images. Or maybe its high-tech thermal transfer paper and augmented reality apps. Inkless printers use heat to burn the image onto the chemical paper. The upside: No need to change ink or dye cartridges. The downside: The images may fade faster if not stored properly.

    Youll also encounter augmented reality features. These printers add a bit of visual wonder to photos, making the images come to life when viewed through the printers phone app. This feature can be fun, but the novelty wears off quickly. If the printer has it, you may use it once or twice and the kids may get a kick out of it. If the printer lacks augmented reality, it shouldnt be a deal-breaker.

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    Size Portability And Device

    Size is the most important feature to look at when you want a photo printer to carry and operate outside your home. Portable printers are usually compact, lightweight and easy to carry out of home. They are small enough to fit into your pocket or backpack. The print size is usually 2×3 or 4×6. The mini printers have inbuilt mechanism, usually digital and prints from your Android or iOS mobile devices.

    Print Speeds And Quantities: Do They Matter

    Top 5 Best Photo Printer 2021 (Instant & Portable)

    Don’t worry too much about print speed in these classes of hardware. For photos, quality matters more, and even the slowest printers today offer tolerable print speeds, at about 2 minutes for a 4-by-6 on our tests. Keep in mind, too, that measured speeds are typically slower than claimed speeds, and the speed for any given printer may vary depending on the source from which you’re printing.

    The usual rule for printers is to find out the printer’s monthly duty cycle , as well as its recommended duty cycle, and make sure the latter number covers more pages than you plan to print. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible with most dedicated and near-dedicated photo printers.

    That’s because most manufacturers don’t rate the duty cycle for these classes of printer. That’s as inexcusable as a car manufacturer not telling you how often to change your oil, but, for now at least, it’s the state of the business. Our rule of thumb for these printers? If you’ll be printing enough photos that you’re concerned about the duty cycle, and the manufacturer doesn’t rate the duty cycle, don’t buy the printer. You may need to look instead for printers aimed strictly at professional photographers and retail stores.

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    Instax Mini Link Se: Key Features

    The Instax Mini Link SE offers a seamless way to print images directly from your camera phone, or from your Nintendo Switch using the new Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch app.

    In addition to being a compact and portable printer, the app offers a host of interesting features, including Collage Print , Match Test , Party Print and a facility to photograph and superimpose sketches, signatures, logos or other elements onto your images.

    The printer also features a unique motion-control function called Instax Camera Mode, which enables you to control your smartphone camera by tilting the printer and pressing the power button . You can also turn the Mini Link upside-down to reprint the photo you’ve just printed.

    Instax Mini Link Se: Build And Handling

    For all intents and purposes, the Instax Mini Link SE is the same as the standard Instax Mini Link the only outward difference is that it comes in the new Ash White colorway, to match the red and blue Joy-Cons of the Nintendo Switch.

    The printer is small but perfectly formed, only a fraction taller than an Instax Mini camera but much slimmer and narrower it’s just about pocket-sized, and will slip easily into a handbag, camera bag or backpack for easy transport. The construction is plastic but doesn’t feel at all cheap, light or ‘rattly’ if anything, it feels as sturdy as a handheld Nintendo games console, fittingly enough.

    Exterior controls are minimal, with just a power button that illuminates to indicate status and battery levels.

    Other than that there’s a flap that reveals a micro USB slot, which is solely used for charging , which we wish was a USB-C connection. Finally there’s the film pack door, which hinges open like an Instax camera in order to insert packs of Instax Mini film.

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    Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

    Unsurprisingly, the company that brought us the very first instant printer makes our list of the best portable photo printers.

    The Polaroid Zip is almost exactly the same as the HP Sprocket. Both use ZINK technology, both print 2×3 inch sticky-back prints, and both look almost identical.

    There are a few differences though. Firstly, the battery life of the Polaroid Zip is slightly lower than the HP Sprocket at 25 prints per charge, and while the app is relatively easy to use it doesnt include many of the features of the HP Sprocket.

    Whats more, the print quality actually seemed inferior to the Sprocket. It might have simply been a sample issue, but the prints looked flatter and lacking in vibrancy compared to the Sprocket and the Canon Selphy CP1300.

    Key Features

    • ZINK technology means no ink cartridge concerns.
    • 2×3 inch sticky back prints.
    • Up to 25 prints per battery charge.
    • Prints via Bluetooth and NFC from smartphone or tablet.

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