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What Is The Best Direct To Garment Printer

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Who Is Dtg Printing Suitable For

Cheap DTG Printer | The Best Direct to Garment alternative | Laser Heat Transfer Printer Heat Press

Whether you sell online or offline, DTG printing is excellent for everyone!;

Businesses, organizations, non-profits, fundraisers, charities, and teams all use DTG printing products for various purposes, including:

  • advertising
  • demonstrating a cohesive look for everyone on the team or company
  • reselling
  • raise awareness for a cause
  • giveaways at trade shows
  • sporting events for bulk giveaways

In the 1960s, people would design political statements on their shirts, like the widespread use of revolutionary Che Guevara.

Teams and organizations have to mass-produce their shirts and apparel to help represent them when theyre participating in or hosting their events. The needs of an event have to be quick, and DTG printing offers just that. All thats needed is a properly formatted digital file.

Azon Tex Pro Dtg Printer

The Azon Tex Pro DTG Printer is fit to produce crystal clear prints on a wide range of garments.

Features to know about Azon Tex Pro are:

Ease of Use Printing designs using it is very simple as you need to feed your preferred design into the system and choose a color.

Resolution This printer produces an output of resolution of 1440 x 1440 dpi and offers commercial-class quality output.

Print Speeds It can print up to 50 t-shirts in full color in one hour and is suitable for bulk printing in less time.

Thickness of Substrate Ideal for printing on materials of size up to 420 x 600 mm and with a substrate of thickness up to 100 mm.

Where Can I Get Free Designs For Dtg Printing

For starters, we have lots of free designs for you to use. In a bid to make it smooth and easy for you,; Printify has created thousands of copyright-free designs ranging from, Mothers Day to Halloween and including the most popular sale seasons such as Christmas and St. Valentines day. We also have a very detailed blog article to help you find the best sites that offer copyright-free images and/or allow you to create your own.;

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How To Print Your T

After choosing your printer, you might want to start printing your t-shirts. However, we have seen many beginners struggle with this step because of the lack of proper guidelines.

To make things easier on your part, here are four simple steps that you can follow to print t-shirts using a DTG printer like a pro.

Epson Dtg Printer Surecolor F

What is the Best DTG Printer?

Epson knows how to make the best DTG printer for small business. The F-series of DTG printers from Epson is their number 1 shipping printer for a lot of reasons. The SureColor F2100 is designed to reduce maintenance, increase overall production, save money and time.

Before you decide to buy one, itâs recommended that you see the versatility and the quality live at one of Epsonâs dealers.

This printerâs printing quality speaks for itselfâboth the F2100 and the F3070 use Epson PrecisionCore® Printhead Technology for crystal clear prints.

And the results are simply stunning. Thanks to the 1440 dpi print resolutions and the latest printhead technology, garments that are printed using these printers are flawless.

The line art and text are extremely clear and sharp. Instead of traditional platen hoops, these printers use quick-load grip pads.

This reduces the time it takes for a printer machine to load garments and allows for quicker garment loading. Thanks to newer and innovative design, the F2100 garment printer now has faster garment printing as well as reducing overall print times.

Highlighted Features:

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It Is Not Suitable For Printing Multiple Colorsand Elaborate Designs

The biggest drawback for screen printing is that it cannot produce multiple colors and intricate designs. If you need to print different colors and designs, you will need a different screen and stencils which means you will add to the printing expenses and the aggregate costs of printing will increase.

Light And Dark Shirts

Some printers do not have the ability to print white ink on custom t shirts. Without that ability, you will not be able to print on dark garments. The white under base goes down first on dark garments. Then the CMYK will go on top giving you the end result.

Also to print with dark shirts, you currently need to use a Pretreatment on the shirts before printing white ink. Some of the more expensive printers have a pretreatment process built into the printer. You will normally need to manually spray the t-shirt with something like a Wagner paint sprayer or purchase another piece of equipment that sprays an even coating onto the shirt. The Wagner sprayer works good and can be an inexpensive choice.

This process will make or break the print quality of the shirt so it is important to have an evenly sprayed t-shirt with just the right amount. Too much pretreatment may cause your image to be washed off. Too less and you will not get a good quality print. Learn more about;the best dtg pretreatments;and how;to wash dtg printed t-shirts.

  • Spectra – Seems to have gone out of business
  • Belquette
  • All American MFG and supply co
  • DTG Digital

There are a couple of differences between these printers that separate them big time.;

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Direct To Garment Printing On Hoodies And Sweatshirts

The second most popular item for DTG printing is the classic hoodie, with sweatshirts cutting in close. Hoodies and sweatshirts with a heavy cotton blend are preferred for the cooler months of the year. The Printify catalog has over 20 custom hoodies and sweatshirts in mens womens and unisex options, ready to customize. They are crafted for comfort and high-quality DTG printing results. They are made of more than 50% cotton and range from a lightweight feel to medium fabric with a heavier spin. They run true to size and some feature a fleece lining for the perfect relaxing soft feel.;

Unisex Heavy Blend Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

What Is Direct To Garment Pringing

Epson F2100 Direct to Garment Printer

DTG printing is the process of using a modified inkjet printer to apply digital designs directly to fabric.

Direct-to-garment printing, also known as DTG printing or digital printing, has only been around for about 20 years. In that short amount of time, however, this printing technique has revolutionized the fashion world in ways that nobody expected.

The first time that anyone ever heard of DTG printing was when a little-known company named DIS from Bradenton, Florida unveiled a printing machine called “Revolution”. At the time, the only printing options that were popular for mass-production were heat transfer, sublimation, and screen printing, but “Revolution” flipped the industry on its head by introducing a way to transfer images directly to garments without any silk screens or transfer paper.

Within a few short years on the market, it was clear that DTG printers produced higher-resolution images than any existing fabric printing method, and the market quickly learned that this printing method is much cleaner and easier to set up than screen printing. While other garment printing techniques are still around, DTG has become the preferred printing method for thousands of professional apparel printers all over the world.

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What Is Direct To Garment Printing

Direct-to-Garment Printing or DTG is a popularly known, is a printing process that is very similar to printing on paper, just that the medium used here is fabric. In fact, it was the paper printing inkjet machines that inspired DTG printing. The roots of Direct to Garment technology are in injection printers, which were first invented in the 1950s and became a common feature in every office. Direct to Garment printing was invented to serve a quicker remedy to the manually intensive screen printing. Direct to Garment printing process takes just a couple of minutes for a lasting high-quality print.

A4 Uv Flatbed Printer With Touch Screen

This is one of those new generations of high-performance that comes equipped with the new and original Epson print head. Some of the highlights of this print head are true to color and automatic cleaning. These are possible thanks to the variable ink technology and the brand-new system software.

You can use this machine for cylinder printing, canvas bag printing, mobile phone case printing, t-shirt printing, and more. Just like the previous unit, this too features a triple cooling system and advanced processing control system with optimized algorithms and color reproduction programs.

Rapid cooling, water cooling, and even air cooling are present to effectively prolong the service life of this printer. You wonât have to worry about any nozzle blocking because of the automatic flash spray.

It sprays the nozzle automatically after every print. The best part about this printer is its compatibility.

You can use different UV inks on this printer to match with different printing materials. As for its performance, it has all the technology of a DTG printer like automatic height adjustment, higher resolution, short process flow, and more.

Highlighted Features:

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It Offers Speed And Accuracy

When it comes to running a business, speed and accuracy is a rare combination to achieve. But screen printing offers you both these features at the same time. A screen printing setup can provide you with a quick turnover for a large volume of t-shirts. Obviously, that is an advantage as you will be able to print large quantities of t-shirts and quicklyrecover the production cost.

Direct To Garment Printing On Socks

Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)

The last few years have seen an increase in demand for Happy Socks quirky, bold and brightly colored socks to replace their darker drab versions. Seen as the perfect item to inject some personality without overpowering your outfit, creative custom socks have joined the DTG printing world. We offer DTG socks made using a proprietary blend of yarns specially sourced by the brand, Tribe Socks. They are 200 needle knit crew and ankle socks that feature a terry cloth cushioned bottom for extra support and comfort. They are truly one size fits most, and provide a great amount of stretch and durable print quality.

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The Benefits Of Direct To Garment Printing

Color versatility DTG printing allows for varieties of colors to be printed simultaneously, and these colors are delivered with as much accuracy as is possible. It also offers extensive color variations to choose from.

Design precision printed designs or images are highly detailed when compared to the results of a traditional printing.;

Cost-effectiveness unlike screen printing where there is a minimum to the number of apparels that can be printed on to save ink and costs, DTG allows for the printing of a t-shirt at an affordable rate. In essence, they are cost-effective for small batches. As well, DTG printing does not require a whole lot of upfront investment.

Common Problems In Direct To Garment Printing

Even though there can be quite a few possible causes for printing problems in direct to garment printing, it often boils down to three main culprits:

  • Design problems
  • Wash-fastness of the dtg print
  • Lack of know-how and training

We created a short video for our YouTube channel where we talk more about these problems:

Here is another video where we talk more specifically about five reasons for washability problems and what you can do about it.

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Curing Your Print With A Heat Press:

After your shirt is done printing, youll unload the shirt from the printer, and you will want to make sure to hit it with a heat press in order for the ink to properly cure. Place a Teflon Heat Press Sheet on top of the shirt and then apply the heat press for a minute or so. Your shirt is now ready to go!

If you think that a Direct to Garment Printer would be a good option for your shop, we would love to hear from you! Give us a call at 1-800-314-6390 or send an email over to and one of our printing pros will get you started.

Should You Use Dtg Or Screen Printing How Do You Decide

Best Direct to Garment Printer Comparison | Live Webinar Recording

Choosing between DTG printing and screen printing isn’t so difficult if you know the specifications of the order.

There’s a simple way to determine whether you should screen print or use DTG for an order!

No, you don’t need to create a checklist for each order you can simply look at the;artwork and your shop’s;capabilities.

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How Does Print On Demand And Dtg Printing Work Together

The business of print-on-demand has exploded over the past few years. As the name suggests, this print type allows people to start a side hustle to sell their designs on many platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and other popular marketplaces. Print on demand includes many items for sale, such as shirts, canvas prints, wallpaper, pillows, and more. With DTG printings help, businesses can keep up with the volatile product demands without worrying about order minimums.

Dtg M6 Industrial Direct To Garment Printer:

Price ~ $39,995 onwards


  • Industry Type:This DTG printer is suitable for printing multiple garments at a time. A single machine that can print three numbers of XXXXL oversized garments, six numbers of standard garments, or 12 numbers of smaller garments. From small to large-scale printers, the DTG printer is suitable for all custom decorators.
  • Technology Used:DTG M6 incorporates IQ Interweave technology that can even give a perfect print even at lower resolutions. You get enough flexibility to print a wide range of garments, textiles, and fashion panel prints.
  • Print Speed and efficiency:It utilizes a maximum print space of 1150mm x 750mm to its full capacity that prints more than one t-shirt at a time.
  • Ink Configuration:The printhead with 180 nozzles per channel with eight dual CMKY independent ink channels that can give a high print resolution of 2880dpi. The 4-2-1 platen system enables the opportunity to gain maximum profit. You can print any garment that comes to your mind like apparel, towels, blankets, and many more.
  • Panel Size:The panel size of DTG M6 is 1100 x 980mm that you can easily decorate multiple finished garments at just under 100 square feet per hour with the dual CMYK piezo print head with a minimum 3.5 picolitre drop size. It prints more than one image at a time.
  • Product Dimension:Moreover, the DTG M6 printer has a physical dimension of 1810 x 1250 x 1300mm, weighing 170 Kg.


  • Post your comments about this product.

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The Print Won’t Last As Long

Yes, it’s true, DTG prints typically aren’t as durable as screen prints.

Because of the ink that DTG printers use and the way that the ink is applied, the end customer will eventually see the print fade significantly from repeated washing and drying.

Some industry estimates say that DTG prints on garments last anywhere from 25% to 50% as long as screen prints.

This doesn’t mean DTG printing is inferior. After all, screen prints can survive;hundreds of wash cycles if they’re cured and applied correctly. DTG prints can still survive 50+ washes and be acceptable to the customer certainly “good enough” for most customers!

The bottom line about quality: DTG prints are typically made for customers that have different demands than customers that place high-volume screen print orders. DTG prints aren’t ideal for something like uniforms but they’re perfect for a unique souvenir.;

What Is The Best Direct To Garment Printer

M6 DTG Printer

Recommended brands. Luke has spent years on the front lines of DTG printing. He’s tried dozens of different DTG printers and highly recommends the following trusted brands:

  • Brother.;A leader in the industry. Known for durable print heads and long-lasting printers.
  • Epson.;A household name in screen printing, Epson has developed a line of DTG printers that are on the bleeding edge of the industry.
  • PolyPrint. A newer player in the industry, this Greek company is aggressively expanding their offerings and has partnered with Ryonet for distribution in North America.

Current favorite DTG printer:;Luke is a big fan of the;PolyPrint TexJet Echo2 DTG Printer. Available for $15,999 new from Ryonet, this is Luke’s preferred printer at the moment. PolyPrint worked with CADlink to have a custom RIP software developed for this unit which adds functionality to your workflow and quality to your prints.

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It Offers Great Printing Quality

Screen printing has been the primary printing method for thousands of printers.And the fact that it produces incredible design is a good reason that it continues to be the best option for the garment decoration business who create custom-made patches for clothes.So lets say if you have a consignment of hundred t-shirts, the print quality of the100tht-shirt will be the same as that of the firstt-shirt.

How Much Does Dtg Printing Cost Compared To Screen Printing

For small orders DTG printing typically costs less than screen printing.

For large orders screen printing typically costs less than DTG printing.

Why is this the case?

Screen printing has a lot of setup and breakdown involved. To overcome the cost of creating screens and then setting up those screens on press , screen printers need to print a lot of shirts to make the job profitable. This “break-even point” varies, but a common industry minimum is 24 t-shirts. However, screen printing is incredibly efficient at high volumes.

DTG printing is inefficient at high volumes. DTG printing is profitable and easy for 1 to 12 garments. There’s almost no question that a DTG printer will be faster for printing just one shirt. However, once you need more than;24 garments, screen printing becomes exponentially faster and more profitable while DTG printing stays at the same level of production and profitability.

The graph below shows screen printing prices in red, while DTG prices are in blue. As you can see, screen printing prices are very high at least initially. However, as the quantity increases, the time and cost to DTG printing increases…while screen printing gets more affordable.

One way to get around this is to do a “pod printing” setup.

Learn more about pod DTG printing in our guide to DTG printing with Luke Ryerkerk.

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