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What Is An Led Printer

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Ricoh Flatbed Uv Led Printer:

LED Printers: The Common Printing Tech You Haven’t Heard Of

With the Pro T7210 UV LEd printer by Ricoh, you tap into the profitable sign and graphics market. It is fast and efficient on substrates up to 4.3.

  • With the help of twelve printheads, you can achieve the utmost productivity in printing promotional products, packaging, signs, and graphics.
  • It attains a maximum print speed up to 1,106 ft2/hr with low operating costs and superb image quality with a resolution of 635 × 1800 dpi
  • With the advanced technologies and industrial-grade inkjet printheads, you can print vivid colors up to a Print area of 6.9 x 10.5.
  • Finally, the overall dimension of the flatbed printer is 14.5 x 12.7 x 5.2 and weighing Under 4,916 lbs.

How Led Printers Work

An LED printer is not too different from a laser printer. Both the technologies use a similar combination of drums, toners, and static electricity for positive and negative charges.

The main difference is lasers and LEDs. Instead of a laser and mirror, an LED printer has an array of light emitting diodes to burn letters and images into the drum. The rest of the process is the same as a laser printer.

So why use an LED instead of a laser? Simple: because it’s cheaper. A laser and the moving mirror is much costlier to manufacture and maintain than a fixed array of LEDs.

Led Printers: What They Are And How They Work

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The printers are not all the same, there are different printing technologies, both for domestic and commercial use, and each of these has its strengths and weaknesses. The two main types of printers, to which most people are accustomed, are inkjet ones, also called inkjet, and laser ones. Another printing technology, less common than the previous ones, is LED printing, which has many aspects in common with laser printing. But what exactly is an LED printer and how does it work? In this brief computer guide, we will clarify this printing technology and explain the main differences compared to the more traditional laser printing.

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Which Printer Is Superior

It depends on what youre looking for. Each printer has excellent work modes and will perform every printing task as desired. The choice you make should depend on the type of work you intend to do and your budget. Laser printers have greater durability but come with a higher cost, so those that want something long-lasting and can afford it should select a laser model.

However, those on a budget will probably want to choose an LED printer, especially if they are looking for something fast and are buying a printer for the first time. Laser printers are advanced and really designed for professional print houses.

Do Thermal Printers Require Ink

OKI B731dn Monochrome LED Printer 62442101 B& H Photo Video

Thermal printers keep costs low as they do not rely on ink to print. No ribbons, cartridges or other supplies need to be replaced to ensure continued use. Paper alone is the only refillable supply required to keep the printer running. These compact printers are portable and convenient to use on the go.

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Led Arrays And Laser Printer Mechanisms Work Similarly

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  • Laser and LED printers are excellent for printing high-quality documents in black-and-white or in color. Most create sharp-looking text and outstanding color graphics. These printers are often more expensive to buy than inkjet printers . However, the cost per page gets cheaper on inkjet printers and stays the same on laser-class devices. This per-page cost makes laser and LED printers too expensive for most people.

    The Best Led Printers In Australia

    An LED printer is the not too distant, but younger cousin of a laser printer. However, there are some differences. As opposed to the use of a precisely focused laser beam that allows a laser printer to effectively operate by tracking back and forth across a photosensitive drum, a LED printer uses a series of LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes to in effect melt the toner across the aforementioned photosensitive drum.

    LED printers were in fact invented by OKI Electrical back in 1981, and they are still just as prevalent, if not more prevalent and popular than they were then, today.

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    Why Does This All Matter To You

    Ok now you are an expert on UV-LED Printers and understand how the inks work. So, why should you be interested in a UV-LED printer for your business?

    • UV printers allow you to print directly on to substrates up to 11.8 or more in height
    • UV inks adhere to a lot of materials
    • Unlike processes like sublimation, UV printers come with white ink which allows you to print on more than just while or light substrates
    • With UV printers you can directly print second surface meaning that you can back print clear materials like acrylic or glass for beautiful effects while at the same time protecting the print
    • Textured printing opens up lots of doors and allows for greater creativity from your artists

    What Are The Benefits Of An Led Uv Printer

    What is an LED Printer?

    Quick Turnaround Times

    Other printing techniques can take much longer to process and print in comparison to LED UV printing. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, UV curing dries work near-instantly by using light and eliminates the need to apply anti set-off powder sprays. This can drastically reduce the amount of time needed to print.

    An LED UV printer is more efficient and can reduce the turnaround of many high quality, luxury printing jobs by up to 40%. Have a look at the video below if you want to see just how quick they can be…


    LED UV printing is actually kinder to the environment than any other printing method available right now.

    As well as the instantaneous drying feature, LED UV printing technology has a handy instant on/off functionality, which means far less power is used and standby consumption is reduced. It also doesn’t use any solvents so no environmental pollutants are produced in the process.

    Enhanced Colours

    While it might not sound like a big thing, vivid colours help make your products look more attractive and can make a world of difference to your customers.

    Consistently High Quality Work

    When you’re handing brochures, leaflets and catalogues out to your would-be customers, that piece is acting like the face of your brand. You’d want it to represent everything that your company stands for, so you need it to be sharp, accurate, attractive and of high quality. You need to be remembered by your customers in the right way.

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    Case Study #1 The Think Tank

    Based in London, England, The Think Tank marketing agency is one of the United Kingdoms leading marketing and PR agencies. With a wide range of award-winning marketing services that include strategic thinking, tactical marketing campaigns, and more, the agency is certainly at the top of their game. So when OKI stopped by to see how they use their A3 digital LED printers in every facet of their business. Check out the video below :

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    Questions About Led Printers For Sale In Australia

    There are many great benefits to be had from choosing to use an LED printer as opposed to a laser printer. To discover more of these, feel free to have a look at our range of LED printers that are available on our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get into contact with us via our online contact form.

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    Led Printers Are More Efficient

    Finally, when compared to their laser counterparts, the LED printers are far more efficient. Why? Because they are far less likely to break than their laser counterparts. This can be accredited to the lack of moving parts in an LED printer and because the LEDs blink to melt the toner as opposed to moving. In addition to this, the cost of running an LED printer is less. They require far less complex parts than the concentrated laser beam required of this type of printer.

    What Is The Disadvantage Of Laser Printer

    OKI MC362w Color All

    Laser printers are more expensive than inkjet printers and use more expensive toner cartridges, but in the long run, they are still a more economical option because of their lower single page cost and faster printing speed. Laser Printer Inkjet Printer Disadvantages High initial investment cost Slower print speed.

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    How Graphic Artists Can Benefit From Oki Led Printers

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    Ok, well that sounds great but we know what youre thinking.

    How does all that cool tech benefit me and my design agency? See, I told you we knew. Well, kemosabe, not only does an LED printer from OKI let you take control of your printing on demand, it comes with a low cost of setting up and ownership, and its compact design can fit just about anywhere.

    Not good enough? Dont worry weve got more benefits for you. Along with speed that you can rely on to handle everything you need it to, an LED printer from OKI can take your current business opportunities and expand on them incredibly. With unrivaled media flexibility and the option to print with 5 colors, CMYK + White or Clear, and a three-year free warranty, these LED printers can take your design team to the next level.

    So, enough talk, lets take a closer look at the goods the printers that OKI can offer you or your design team.

    What Is The Difference Between Led And Laser Printers

    Color digital laser and light-emitting diode printers are very similar. The difference between the two printer technologies lies in how they illuminate the drum: Laser printers use a laser beam that tracks back and forth across the drum, while LED printers use an array of LEDs that flash the entire line all at once.

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    What Can You Produce With This Technique

    An LED UV printer is highly versatile and flexible due to its ability to print on a variety of materials. As the UV curing method dries ink so quickly, the colours don’t bleed or transfer like with other printing methods such as offset lithography. This makes it much easier for LED UV printers to work on a wide variety of materials, such as silk paper, and produce high quality, luxury products like:

    • Brochures
    • Posters and newsletters

    Pro8432wt Cmy + White

    Why LED Printers

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    Category: Digital LED printer | Print speed: A4 plain paper: 35ppm A3 plain paper: 20ppm | Paper capacity: 400 sheets | Paper size: up to A3, custom up to 431 mm and weights up to 256 gsm | Weight: 81.6 lbs

    Offering incredible media versatility with vibrant CMYW colors on dark and light-colored media to clear film and even being able to transfer media in sizes up to A3 and paperweights up to 256gsm, the Pro8432WT is a white toner printer that offers high-definition LED color printing plus white toner technology.

    Part of OKIs White Toner line, the printer is one of the first digital printers by the company that allows you to print using white toner. Offering the same speeds as their standard color digital LED printers and is as easy to use as well.

    White toner printing affords designers, graphic studios, and others a new flexible way to print, proof, and produce items in-house instead of using a third party, saving time and money in the process.

    The brilliant whites and beautiful colors provide you with the kind of printer that can handle just about anything you throw at it. From short-run display materials, packaging concepts, point of sale signage, window graphics, and even garment decoration and promotional merchandise with ease.

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    Uv Printer And Ink Cost

    The questions of costs of inks and machine with everything needed should be pretty straightforward. Most machines on the market today sell for between $25,000 and $85,000.

    Some UV Printers use bulk inks, some use cartridges or bags, so it will take a little homework to compare. To determine liter costs of uv inks in bags or cartridges simply divide cartridge price by the milliliter count and mulitply by 1000.

    Ink prices vary widely from $250 per liter to over $700 per liter. If one ink is $250 a liter and another is $500 per liter then it is safe to assume that costs per print will be roughly twice us much on the machine with the $500 per liter ink as on the one with the $250 per liter ink.

    Someone using 2 liters of ink per month may spend an extra into $6000.00 per year in added ink costs depending on what flatbed uv printer you choose!

    Uv Led Printer Printing Methods

    Basically, there are two genealogies to track here. One would be flatbed printers and second would be UV, specifically LED-UV printing.

    Flatbed printers have been around since the very early 2000s. Many of the initial flatbed printers were based on existing wide format Epson inkjet printers. Those were converted or repurposed to either transit the head assembly over a flatbed or to move a flatbed under the head assembly.

    So either the print head moves around a bed or small table and jets ink onto whatever is there

    Or the bed moves around UNDER the print head and accomplishes the same result.

    Even today there are still a number of flatbed printers that use repurposed print engines as their core.

    Todays flatbed printers fall into the same two formats lets call them moving head and moving bed. They each have their own benefits and shortcomings.

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    Examine The Company Behind The Printer:

    Will you get the service you need, when you need it?

    Printers are complex pieces of machinery, and just like anything with moving parts, you are bound to need some help at some point. You need to find out if the company you are buying the printer from will be there to assist you if something should go wrong.

    Is onsite support available?

    Will someone come to your home to repair your UV LED printer if a problem should arise? If so, is the service free? How long will it take for a technician to arrive?

    As you can see, there is a lot to consider when choosing which UV LED printer is right for your business. If you have any questions, or would like some assistance figuring out which printer will meet your needs the best,Direct Color Systems is here to help.

    Color Printing In Laser And Led

    OKI B420dn Monochrome LED Printer 91642903 B& H Photo Video

    Both laser and LED printers are primarily used for black-and-white prints. While there are color printers available, they cost a lot more and are bulkier.

    This is largely because how color printing works for these machines. You know how a drum and toner interact to create a black-and-white print. Well, for a color print, you will need a separate drum and separate toner for each of the major printing colors . That means four toners and four drums, and usually five or more mirrors so that the same laser can bounce around everywhere. That’s a lot of hardware inside one machine.

    The result is a large printer, best suited for large offices. And even though it can print colors, remember, we are talking about “solids” like pie charts and graphs. If you want to print photographs, a laser printer won’t do the job well.

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    Which One Is Better Laser Or Led Printer

    Both printers have good working modes and will deliver any printing task perfectly. But if youre going to choose one of them, the choice should depend on your budget and what performance you expect from the printer.

    Laser printers are durable and last longer compared to LED printers, but they are very expensive.

    So, if you think you can afford an expensive laser printer for longevity, you can go for it. But if you want to settle for something in the budget but less durable, LED printers should be your priority.

    Your choice should also depend on what purpose you’re getting the printer for. If you want a faster speed for office or business purposes, LED printers are the best choice.

    Since they are faster in action and inexpensive as well, LED printers can be a great option for novices. But if you’re looking for more professional usage, laser printers can be a great investment for a longer time.

    Bringing it to the end, it is evident that both laser printers and LED printers have characteristic differences. Obtaining proper information on both the printers can help make the ideal decision to purchase one.

    So, with the help of our LED printer vs laser printer comparison, you can select your desired printer easily.

    Which Printer Should I Buy Inkjet Laser Or Led

    Theres such a wide choice of printers on the market today that its difficult to know which is best. Some offer faster print speeds, while others offer better print quality. Before buying a new printer, first of all you need to check its functionalization: how it satisfies your needs, does it make your work easier? Multifunctional printers are the solution for people who prefer comfort over mess. It can be used not only as a copier but also as a scanner and fax machine. It doesnt help that many manufacturers claim to have the best and fastest.

    How can you cut through the confusions and choose the right printer for your needs? To help you make up make the right choice, heres managed print service specialist Lloyd Wells overview of the most common printer technologies.

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