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What Is An Air Printer

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How To Enable Airprint For Ios Printing

HP and AirPrint – This is How it Works

Want to know how you can easily print wirelessly by activating HP AirPrint for iOS? This article shows step-by-step ways to enable AirPrint for any Apple devices.

Printer technology has increased by leaps and bounds over the last couple of decades. Various printer companies go on to innovate competitively by releasing more eco-friendly and user-friendly printers, such as offering more affordable ink cartridges and better printer security. The printer features are so versatile these days that we can do a lot more complicated jobs now.

In 2010, AirPrint was developed by the Hewlett-Packard Company and Apple Inc. This wireless printing feature brings our printing experience to another whole new level.

How to Fix No AirPrint Printer Found Error?

The Most Common Types Of Printer

Most printers are designed to print text, graphics, or photos. Generally, business models use laser technology and are geared toward text , while home printers favor photos. Within these considerations, printers still vary widely in output quality for these categories. Some business printers can handle all three output types well enough that they can be used for in-house printing of brochures and other marketing materials.

A Photo Printer For Your Pocket


  • Good print quality for a pocket printer.
  • Special paper eliminates need for ink or dye cartridges.
  • Easy to use.
  • Larger prints than some similar models.
  • Quirky image-tweaking and AR features accessible through app.


  • On the slow side for a pocket photo printer.
  • High running costs.
  • Can’t print from a PC.
  • Connects solely via Bluetooth.

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Can I Airprint Without An Airprint Printer

Yes, you can! Although you need to install some additional software and pay additional fees, there are ways for you to allow your non-AirPrint printer to receive print jobs from your iPhone! The software that you can consider include:


7-Day Trial $19.99 for one-time purchase

Donation with a min amount of $5 can upgrade to a PRO version with $20


30-Day Trial $19.80 for one-time purchase

Is An Airprint The Same As A Wireless Printer

Best AirPrint printers

The difference between AirPrint and Wireless Printer is that the AirPrint is a feature in Apple based MacOS and iOS operating systems for printing via a wireless LAN and an AirPrint compatible printer while a wireless printer is an electronic device that allows taking printouts without using series of cable

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Should You Buy Cheap Paper What About Recycled Paper

For everyday printing, store-brand 20-pound weight paper will usually server nicely. However, you’ll get better results if you step up to a higher-quality paper. For lasers, as well as for inkjet text and graphic printing, that means a heavier weight, and possibly a brighter white level. For photos on inkjets, it means getting photo paper. Getting the brand of photo paper that matches your printer’s brand will usually be the best choice printer manufacturers design ink and paper to work together and often offer a variety of photo papers.

Recycled paper has likewise improved in quality, and you can find 100% post-consumer-content recycled paper for many uses, including cover stock and bright white paper suitable for business use. There are other kinds of eco-friendly paper on the market as well, such as all-purpose paper made from sugar cane and photo paper made from cotton. Do your small part to save a tree and research eco-friendly media options. Any modern printer will handle them well.

How Can I Print From My Ios Device With An Airprint Printer

The first and most crucial step to using your printers AirPrint technology is to have a device with an iOS operating system. Otherwise, you can still print wirelessly, but you will need to use another type of technology. Even if you do not currently own an iOS device, it is still a good idea to consider purchasing a printer with AirPrint technology, on the chance that you buy an Apple device in the future.Next you need to check that your iOS device and the printer you have purchased are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then simply open the application on your iOS device from which you want to print, and select the printing option. If you have trouble making a connection, consult the help section of the applications manual.Our test confirms that once you have established the connection, and everything is up and running, you can start having fun printing your photographs and other documents. Just select the available AirPrint printer and choose the number of copies and the pages you want to print. To start printing, click on the icon in the upper right corner.

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How To Use Airprint On My Macbook

  • Make sure your Apple device and your printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Open the document that you want to print
  • Select File and Print or command and P
  • Click the Printer pop-up menu and select your AirPrint Enabled Printer under Nearby Printers
  • Modify your print jobs to the way you desire and click Print
  • If you cannot find your printer under the Nearby Printers, you need to manually add the printer to your mac

    Shopping Criteria For Airprint Printers

    What is Apple AirPrint?

    Now that you are aware that AirPrint printers are not a type of hardware but are a type of printing technology, it is time to make your purchase. As not all models available on the market are the same, you need to find the one that best suits your needs. In our opinion, these are the five most important criteria to keep in mind when buying an AirPrint printer.

    • Additional technologies
    • Assured compatibility

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    How Fast Do You Need To Print

    If you print only one or two pages at a time, you probably don’t need a speed demon. In fact, most home printers are not built for speed. If you output a lot of longer documents, however, speed is more important, and that means you probably want a laser printer.

    As a rule, laser printers will be close to their claimed speeds for text documents, which don’t need much processing time. Inkjets often claim faster speeds than more expensive lasers, but usually don’t live up to these claims. Inkjet printers have been getting faster, however, and a few recent high-end models can hold their own speed-wise against comparably priced lasers.

    Best Ink Tank Printer

    Epson Expression ET-2720

    Consumers with high volume printing needs will love the Epson Expression ET-2720 Ecotank, a refillable ink tank printer that prints thousands of pages for pennies on the dollar. Instead of replacing printer cartridges, you replace ink bottles, which include enough ink to print 4,500 pages of text and 7,500 color pages.

    To refill, just position the bottle over the appropriate color slot and the ink automatically stops at the fill line.

    Multifunction scan and copy features are ideal for any basic print job, including text, color documents or your favorite iPhone photos. Print those digital memories with AirPrint, perfect for sending borderless photos from your iCloud account directly to your printer. With a print speed of 10.5 ISO ppm for black text and no automatic document feeder, printing can be a bit slow for larger print jobs. However, the cost per page value might be worth that extra wait time.

    Epson sells the 522 black ink bottle for just $13.99, offering a cost per page of .31 cents. Cyan, magenta and yellow ink bottles also go for $13.99 and offer a cost per page of .84 cents. You can save even more with LD brand compatible ink bottles. Our compatible 522 black ink bottle is just $6.99 at a CPP of .15 cents and our color bottles are $6.99, offering at a CPP of .42 cents, respectively.

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    Use Printopia To Airprint Without Logging In To Your Mac

    Like handyPrint, Printopia lets you AirPrint to printers plugged using your Mac. Unlike handyPrint, you can use Printopia to AirPrint from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without logging in to your Mac. Though it still needs to be powered on.

    Printopia lets you add up to five printers, offering advanced print settings for each of them. You can sync Printopia with your Dropbox account and even use it to send screenshots to your Mac.

    More features are available with Printopia Pro, which also lets you connect more printers to your network.

    Try out Printopia using the 7-day free trial. Just to start the trial and unlock AirPrint features. If it works, you can buy the full app for $19.99.

    Printopia for macOS

    Best Airprint Printers 2021

    Best AirPrint Printers in 2018

    BestAirPrint printersiMore2021

    Although printers may seem like old technology in today’s world, they are still a reliable way of obtaining a physical copy of documents, and the best AirPrint printers will let you print from your iPhone or iPad. There are many different types of AirPrint printers, including some of the best laser printers, and whether you need an AirPrint printer just for your home, or small office, these are the best AirPrint printers you can get.

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    The Best Airprint Printer 2021

    Winner of our best overall home printer recommendation, the Canon Pixma TS6050 also has AirPrint support so, naturally, it is also our top recommended AirPrint printer for the home. With a great selection of functionality, brilliant print quality and ease of use, it performs strongly in every area and is just a great all round printer.

    It works out slightly more expensive to run than other home inkjet printers but the performance and quality make it worthwhile and we believe it’s worth the few extra pennies.Read more in the full Canon Pixma TS6050 printer review.

    The Canon range has been so impressive that even if you’re looking for an AirPrint printer for photos you’re looking in the same area, with the Canon Pixma TS8050 or TS9050. Great printers, all AirPrint compatible and brilliant printers.

    About Our Trusted Experts

    Erika Rawes has been writing professionally for more than a decade, and shes spent the last five years writing about consumer technology, such as printers.

    Eric Watson is a tech writer who specializes in consumer technology. He tested the HP OfficeJet on our list, and particularly liked that it’s an all-in-one printer.

    Jeffrey Daniel Chadwick is tech writer focused on consumer and mobile technology. He tested several of the printers on our list.

    • What devices work with AirPrint?

      AirPrint enables you to print from Mac, iPhone, iPad, or even iPod Touch devices. You can also print to non-compatible shared printers using a PC running Microsoft Windows or Linux as an intermediary.

    • What printers are AirPrint compatible with?

      Apple provides a regularly updated, comprehensive list of printers that are AirPrint compatible. However, many modern printers with wireless capabilities also support AirPrint.

    • How can you add AirPrint compatibility to a printer?

      If you have an older printer that doesn’t natively support AirPrint, it may be possible to add AirPrint capabilities using an application like handyPrint. However, given printers have become so affordable now, and you may be able to get affordable ink by using a refill service, you may find it more convenient and cost-effective to go with a more modern printer.

    Lifewire / Eric Watson

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    How To Airprint Without Wi

    You dont need to get the printer access without an actual network. You can easily print your document without having your device or printer connected to a network.

    For iPhones, iPads, or iPods:

  • Open the Settings app from your home screen
  • Select the Wi-Fi
  • Select your printer name
  • Start to AirPrint like you usually do
  • * You will see that your mac is having difficulty displaying the solid black connected Wi-Fi icon. Although you lose internet access, you can have access to your printer and start to AirPrint.

    Does Airprint Work Over Usb

    HP and AirPrint – This is How it Works

    Every printer in the Printerland AirPrint collection also benefits from USB connection. Offering greater freedom for users looking to connect to their printer in their preferred manner simultaneous AirPrint and USB connectivity can help users who want to print from a selection of different devices.

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    S To Troubleshoot Airprint Problems:

  • Make sure that your printer is AirPrint compatible.
  • Make sure that your Apple device and your printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Restart your Wi-Fi router, Apple device, and printer.
  • Make sure your Apple device is updated to the latest version of iOS.
  • Make sure your printer is using the latest firmware version.
  • Move your printer closer to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Make sure that your printer is discoverable on your network and does not require password or PIN to connect)
  • If you are using a Macbook and still not able to print after doing all the steps above, you can reset the printing system.

    Or else, you can contact your printer manufacturer for further support.

    How Do I Know If My Printer Is Airprint Compatible

    Apple keeps the list up-to-date, so if the machine you are looking for is on that list, it supports AirPrint. If it is not on that list, it does not regardless of what the copier or printer manufacturer says.

    In the same way Can I convert my printer to AirPrint?

    Installing a small utility program to your computer can turn any printer connected to it into an AirPrint printer. The process takes only a few minutes to set up. Ensure that the printer is shared from the computer and that your computer is on the same wireless network as your Apple portable device.

    Subsequently, Do all printers have AirPrint? Almost all new printer models support AirPrint and you can use AirPrint on any Apple device, including your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer.

    How do you make an old printer an AirPrint?

    Convert Your Old USB Printer Into A WiFi AirPrint Printer!

  • Connecting your CHIP to the WIFI.
  • Step 2: List available Wi-Fi networks and connect to the proper network.
  • Installing CUPS and AirPrint on your CHIP.
  • Step 1: Install CUPS.
  • Modify your print jobs to the way you desire.
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    What Is The Difference Between Airprint And Wireless Printers

    The difference between AirPrint and Wireless Printer is that the AirPrint is a feature in Apple based MacOS and iOS operating systems for printing via a wireless LAN and an AirPrint compatible printer while a wireless printer is an electronic device that allows taking printouts without using series of cable

    Dont Lose The Print Option

    Best AirPrint Printers

    When everythings up and running, make sure you still know where to find the print option in iPadOS or iOS 13. Apple moved it further down in the Share Sheet and its not as obvious as it once was.

    Let us know if you can AirPrint from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch now. Which app did you choose and why?

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    How To Install And Use Airprint For Windows 10/8/7

    Apples AirPrinting technology is an Apple brand name for wireless printing, through their Bonjour connectivity setup. Using AirPrint technology an Apple user can effectively print any text or document file, photo and other printable contents without using any wires. The file only needs to be transferred to the printer wirelessly, preferably through a wireless access point and the AirPrint enabled printer does the rest of the job. Follow our instructions below to download and install AirPrint for Windows 10, 8 or 7 PC.

    AirPrint enabled printers are now common in the printer market, they might be costlier than the average product pricing though. However, if you dont want to invest on an AirPrint enabled printer yet, but own a Windows based PC and a great printer all you need is to do some installation on your Windows 10, 8 or 7 computer so that it can redirect AirPrint requests to the printer.

    Top 8 Best Printer For Macbook Air 2021 Cheap And Good

    After researching 1,914 reviews about hundreds of products, each one comes with its own set of pros and cons, we found out TOP Best printer for macbook air in 2021 that you can easily buy one. All these products belong to famous brands such as: Hp, Canon, Epson, Brother.

    Best for Budget
    • Seven segment plus LCD display HP Scroll Scan for easy handling of most scan jobs, from plain paper to stiff media, Any room, any spot-this ultra compact all-in-one is designed to fit where you need it
    • The power of your printer in the palm of your hand: The HP Smart app allows you to easily set up your printer, scan from your smartphone, order toner, and print from the cloudsuch as iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive
    • Wireless connectivity you can count on Built-in wireless capabilities let you easily access, print, and share resources on a network for those with no Wi-Fi connection, connect directly to the wireless laser printer using Wi-Fi Direct
    • World’s smallest laser printer in its class HPs smallest LaserJet Pro is 35% smaller than its predecessor yet still delivers the same professional-quality black and white prints youve come to expect.
    Best Compact All-in-One Printer
    • You can also download the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor appor Canon Creative Park App for creative printing options.
    • Easily print your photos right from your SD memory card.
    Best Home Printer

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    What Is The Email Print Feature Offered By Airprint Printers

    Email Print technology is also included in Epsons best models of AirPrint-compatible printers. Epson focuses on the development of various technologies aimed at making the printing process easier, whether in a business or domestic environment. Their Email Print and Scan-to-Cloud technologies are two great features but are not the only exciting developments this company has incorporated into their best printers.Email Print allows you to print from any device that is capable of sending emails. Whether that is a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. To use this feature, you just have to activate an email address that is linked to the Epson printer that incorporates this technology. Whenever you want to print a copy of an email, you just need to send the file to the printer.

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