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What Is A Laser Jet Printer

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Hp Laser Jet Printer M209dw

How a Color Laser Printer Works — Inside an HP® 2600 Toner Cartridge

11-04-202111:13 AM

I set up this printer yesterday. It was printing fine. I was also printing this morning but all of a sudden I cannot get it to print.

The light is pulsing purple.

I understand the light on the printer is blinking purple.

With the printer turned on, disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer.

Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.

Wait at least 60 seconds.

Plug the power cord back into the wall outlet.

Reconnect the power cord to the printer.

Turn the printer on. HP recommends plugging the printer directly into a wall outlet.

Also, try updating the printer’s firmware –HP Printers – Updating or Upgrading Printer Firmware

The printer is in Wi-Fi setup mode.

  • If the Information button blinks, press the Information button to connect to the wireless network.

Difference Between Inkjet Deskjet And Laser Printers

Key Differences: Inkjet is a type of printer that prints images by propelling droplets of ink onto the paper. These printers are the most common type of printers that are available in households. Deskjet is a brand of printers by Hewlett-Packard. These printers are a cheaper variant to the companys Officejet printers. Deskjet is created for home usage, which means there are more compact, have less features and are cheaper. Laser printer is a type of printer that produces high quality text and graphics by passing a laser beam on plain paper. This process uses a xerographic printing process, which uses a cylindrical drum coated with selenium to print an image.

Inkjet, Deskjet and Laser printers are all types of printers that are available on the market. Inkjet and Deskjet are basically printers that use inkjet technology, while laser printers use completely different technology to print documents. The terminology used in many of technology is often confusing for many people that do not have hands-on experience with technology. However, once a distinction is made it is quite easy to understand which type of printer would be best for office use or home use.

Comparison between Inkjet, Deskjet and Laser Printers:

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Compared with the other laser printers we tested for this updateand most models weve tested over the past few yearsthe HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw had an unusually long first-print-out time. When printing via Wi-Fi, it took around 24 seconds from our pressing the print button to the first sheet coming out of the feeder. To put that in context, the Brother MFC-L2750DW spit out its first sheet in 12 seconds, the Canon Color ImageClass LBP622Cdw produced its first print in 11 seconds, and the ImageClass MF269dw was even faster at 7 seconds. We dont think 24 seconds will feel like too long for most people, but this model is still slower than the competition.

The M255dw comes with a skimpy set of starter toner cartridges good for 800 black-and-white and 700 color pages. High-capacity replacements are rated for 3,150 monochrome and 2,450 color pages, but a full set will cost you around $400, at least a hundred bucks more than the printer itself. This isnt a problem limited to the M255dwalmost all home laser printers come with corner-cutting starter cartridgesbut its annoying nonetheless. Most buyers should be prepared to shell out for replacement toner within the first year or so, but the replacement point could come a lot sooner for people using their printer in a home office. Third-party toner is available for around half the price of the genuine HP toner, but we cant guarantee itll work for you explore that option at your own risk.3

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An Affordable Printing Solution

Laserjet printing is considered to be one of the most affordable types of printing, from initial costs to long-term operation. In the early days, laserjet printing was more expensive due to the price of the components, like laser diodes. Owning a laserjet printer was uncommon for the average consumer however, as costs of production have decreased, so have costs for printers. Now, laserjet printers are common in both large commercial settings and small home offices.

Laserjet printers are most affordable as monochromatic printersprinters that only print in black and white. Color printing with laserjet can be more expensive and may not be ideal for homes or small offices.

The great thing about how laserjet printers work is that the more you spend on an initial investment in a printer, the lower the operating costs. Larger machines generally print faster and more efficiently, making the printing process much cheaper. Even at the lower end on the price scale, laserjet printing is extremely affordable, often averaging $.06 per page or less.

Are Laser Printers Better Than Inkjet


Not necessarily. If youre printing thousands of pages and high volume, you should seriously consider a laser printer. It will lower your overall cost per page.

While laser printers were once much more costly than inkjet printers, advances in technology have narrowed that price gap. Check the data theres no need to tighten your belt in order to afford a laser printer. They cost about the same as ink-based printers now.

Inkjets are good for glossy photo prints, or a home office that doesnt print at high volume. As expected, an inkjet printer uses ink, and replacement ink is expensive!

Sure, new OEM toner cartridges arent cheap either, but the page yields are much higher than youll get from an ink cartridge. In general, you can print hundreds of pages per inkjet cartridge but thousands of pages per toner cartridge.

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Which Is Better A Laser Printer Or A Monochrome Printer

For smaller print jobs, the faster pages-per-minute rate of a laser printer also wont be much of an advantage. Color laser printers may also be a little slower compared to equal monochrome versions because of how the colored toner process works. To create color, most color laser printers use a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

Print Speed And Text Print Quality

When it comes to printing black and white text pages, laser printing is unbeatable in its speed.

Even in low-end cheaper monochrome laser models you can expect print speeds of up to 20 pages per minute. Inkjets are significantly slower, with budget printers rarely printing more than 6 pages per minute of black text. It is for this reason that business users often find value in laser printers that home users may not. When you’re printing a seven-page document, the speed differential doesn’t matter that much as it would with a seventy page one.

For normal print sizes text printing quality is similar between both laser and inkjet printing platforms. However, if your printing needs include printing small fonts then lasers are normally superior to inkjets, as the fusing technology better lends itself to the minute curves and dots of small text.

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Inkjet Vs Laser Printers: Which Is Best

If youre looking for a printer that can handle a wide range of tasks, go for an inkjet. Best Buy inkjets turn out text-heavy documents, images and photos with ease.

But some inkjet printers expend ink to clean their heads, meaning it isnt actually used for printing. If you go for a printer on our Best Buy list, its low running costs will keep your wallet happy.

If youre all about productivity, a laser printer may be a better choice. Best Buy laser printers shine when printing black-text documents and professional-looking office graphics.

Although laser printers are typically a bit more expensive than inkjets, they print a lot more pages from each toner cartridge, and so the cost per black-and-white or colour page is usually much less. As an office workhorse, a laser printer takes some beating.

To discover which inkjet and laser printers aced our tests, see ourBest Buy printers.

If you’re still unsure which type is right for you, get some more in-depth advice in our interactive gallery comparing standard and all-in-one inkjet printers vs mono and colour laser printers.

You Might Be Wondering: What Is The History Of Laser Printers

The Science of Printing | HP LaserJet | HP

The rise of laser printer technology has its roots in the dot-matrix printers and mimeograph machines of the 1950s and 60s.

Who invented the laser printer?

Well, IBM pioneered the dot-matrix printer in 1957 and Xerox released its first photocopier two years later.

The dot-matrix printing method used an ink ribbon and a series of tiny dots to render low-resolution images and text.

Laser printers are similar to photocopiers, however, the photocopier, by contrast, used a novel and dry printing technology called xerography. Once called electrophotography, xerography used a positive and negative electrical charge to attract toner particles onto paper. The particle would stick to charged areas on the page.

In 1967, an enterprising engineer at Xerox named Gary Keith Starkweather came up with the idea of photocopiers producing images sent directly from a computer. Although his supervisors at Xerox frowned on the idea, Starkweather pursued this unique printer concept.

Starkweather modified a copier, replacing the imaging unit with a laser beam and an eight-sided rotating mirror. The laser left a positively charged image on the surface of a sheet of paper. Negatively charged toner particles attached themselves to paper, and a heating element fused them to the page.

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How A Laser Printer Works

They work by using a heated wire to positively charge a drum, which is then passed over by a laser that reverses the charge in the areas that it hits. The now-negatively charged areas of the drum represents the image or text that is to be printed.

A toner roller is passed over the drum, and toner particles stick to the negatively charged areas. A sheet of paper is then fed underneath the toner-coated drum and the toner is passed onto its surface, creating a printer copy of a digital document or image.

With the first laser printers being made commercially available in 1976, laser printing has proved itself as a reliable and effective printing solution.

Incorporating laser beam technology in order to provide high precision outputs, laser printers are the perfect choice for offices and busy workplaces.

Best For Speed: Brother Mfc

Courtesy of Office Depot

Always in a rush? The Brother MFC-L5850DW can print and copy up to 42 pages per minute . With a maximum resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dots per inch , you can print professional-looking brochures, handouts, and other documents in no time. Better yet, with a 250-sheet input tray, you’ll rarely run out of paper.

This printer can also fax, which may not be essential for every office, but is important to have for businesses such as medical practices . With a 70-page duplex automatic document feeder as well as a flatbed scanner, this all-in-one lets you scan everything from standard papers to smaller receipts and invoices.

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Further Features To Look For

Many higher-end lasers include a touch-screen interface, secure printing, a built-in hard drive, and/or the ability to perform a range of functions over a network. Most have an automatic duplexer for printing on both sides of a sheet of paper, and many AIO models will have both a flatbed for scanning and an automatic document feeder for scanning, copying, or faxing multipage documents. If scanning or copying stacks of documents is on your docket, an ADF is key.

Many higher-end AIOs now offer ADFs that can automatically scan two-sided pages. The feature will be either a reversing ADF , which scans one side of the page, flips the page over, and scans the other side, or a duplex scanner, which is an ADF that scans both sides of the page in one pass, making use of scanning sensors above and below the page. Duplex scanners are thus considerably faster, and they reduce mechanical complexity. They also add to the price, because of the additional scanning element. Note that some higher-end models let you add an RADF as an added-cost option, via an external mechanism that you install or snap on.

The Brother HL-L9310CDW color laser printer has a variety of communication options and even supports tapping ID cards for access.

The Difference Between Inkjet Laser And Digital Printers Explained

HP LaserJet Pro M128fn Multi

Sharing documents through digital clouds and mobile applications might be the latest technology trend, yet many offices still rely on a good, old-fashioned printing to share work and get things done. When looking to purchase a printer, making the right decision for your office can be tricky. With so many different makes and models available on the market, how do you choose between an inkjet, laser, or digital printer?

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How We Test Laser Printers

Every printer we review is extensively tested to measure performance, print capability, ease of use and the expense of operating the printer over time. Every printer in every review is put through a standard set of tests, including timed print tests to measure print speeds, and a set of standardized documents with a mix of text and graphics.

Every print is examined and compared to samples from other models, with errors and print problems noted in the review and overall quality measured against the other printers on the market.

We also test scanning and copying functions, measuring not only how accurately a scan captures the details of the original image, but also to measure the scanning speed and copying output.

To measure the cost of owning and operating a laser printer, we look at the current street price of toner and the estimated number of pages that a given toner cartridge will produce, and calculate the cost of printing a single page. The higher the cost, the more expensive a given printer will be over time.

While these tests are relatively standard across all of the printers we review, we will adapt them as needed to handle different types of printer and unique capabilities of a given device. Wherever possible, we make sure that the tests are done in a way that is comparable from one unit to the next, and repeatable, so that we can confirm our conclusions.

Can I Buy A Color Laser Printer With A Built

Yes. Many all-in-one laser printers, like the Kyocera Ecosys M5526cdw above, can scan, copy, and fax documents. Note that not all all-in-ones also called multifunction printers have fax modems, so be sure to check the specs before you buy. If you need a multifunction printer, be sure to check out our best picks for all-in-one printers.

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The Best Budget Color Laser Printer: Brother Hl

Why you should buy this: Fast, full-color laser prints at an affordable price.

Whos it for: Home and small office customers with moderate print volume needs.

Why we picked the Brother HL-L3270CDW:

Laser color printers arent cheap. Short of buying an older printer, this affordable Brother makes for a great addition to a home office or small business. It has a lot of the same features that come in more expensive models, such as a 2.7-inch touchscreen for controls, a wireless NFC connection, and a 250-capacity tray.

The Brother HL-L3270CDW does that without being overly large or cumbersome, like many any other printers. At 40 pounds, its fairly compact, making it a good option for small offices and desks.

Where To Buy Hp Laser Printers Online

How Does a Laser Printer Engine Work?

Whether for use at home or in the office, a printer is an essential part of the computing system. It is used to reproduce the work done on the computer or other devices into a hard copy. There are the Inkjet and Laserjet printers. If you have a large printing volume, then you would want to go for the Laserjet models. Hewlett Packard is the number one manufacturer of these types of printers. They revolutionized the laser-printing technology in 1984 and has since then produced faster and more .

The laser printer makes use of dry toner/ink, keeping your printouts as neat as you would want it. The technology makes use of a laser beam that draws the prints of a document on a selenium-coated drum using electrical charges. The drum is then rolled in the toner, and the imprint is transferred to the paper with heat and pressure. All these are done within seconds.

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Beautiful Color Output Low Running Costs For Midsize Offices



  • High 80,000-page maximum and 8,000-page recommended volume ratings
  • Excellent print quality
  • High running costs if you buy toner direct from Lexmark
  • Archaic control panel


  • Easy, mess-free toner refill kit
  • Good price point
  • Below-average graphics and image print quality
  • Lacks automatic two-sided printing
  • Lacks automatic document feeder

Laser printing has had a tough time of it in recent years. The pace of innovation with this older technology has slowed to a crawl. Plus, high-speed business inkjet printers with low costs per page, such as those in HP’s PageWide and Epson’s WorkForce lines, have been nibbling through laser printers’ lunchâand are now eyeing their dinner. When you’re debating inkjet vs. laser, it’s even odds which one will come out on top.

Still, laser printers have remained relevant by focusing on their traditional strengths: fast print speeds and reasonable costs per page , as well as the extremely clean look of the finished product and the resistance to fading or smudging of toner. On the downside, lasers often have a significantly higher up-front cost, and they’re nowhere near as capable as inkjets at reproducing fine gradients in complex color output such as photos.

Recent innovations in laser printing include the refillable toner on the HP Neverstop Laser 1001nw.

Color Laser Printers Versus Inkjet Printers

Laser printers are better for text documents, as they produce crisp lines even at very small font sizes. Over time, they are also cheaper to run, as you can get more prints per dollar spent on toner than you can with inkjet ink. Laser printers also offer faster printing speeds and can save some serious time on large print jobs.

However, laser printers and the toner they use carry higher upfront costs. If you dont print very often, you can buy a cheap inkjet printer some are as low as $30 or so and it may take a long time before its higher operational costs catch up to the higher initial cost of a laser printer. For smaller print jobs, the faster pages-per-minute rate of a laser printer also wont be much of an advantage. If youre looking to save money in the long term and need a compelling alternative to laser printers, consider inkjet solutions that rely on tanks for ink rather than cartridges, like Epsons EcoTank series. Not only will tanks be better for the environment through less waste, but they will save you money for larger print jobs.

Color laser printers may also be a little slower compared to equal monochrome versions because of how the colored toner process works. To create color, most color laser printers use a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. They make one pass for each toner color , which naturally takes longer.

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