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What Is A Dot Matrix Printer

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How Does The Dot Matrix Printer Work

Why choose a Dot Matrix Printer?

A dot matrix printer has an electronic print head which holds the pins and whizzes back and forth hammering the pins against the ribbon and striking small dots of ink on to the paper. Combinations of these small dots make up the letters or simple graphics.

The more pins the dot matrix printer has the higher the resolution and faster the speed of the dot matrix printer will be. Common numbers of pins are between 9 and 24.

The term dot matrix means A grid of dots which are filled selectively to produce an image on a screen or paper.

Dot Matrix Printer Dl 3850+

The reliable FUJITSU Dot Matrix Printer DL3850+ comes in a compact design. It features automatic paper parking and loading, auto tear off, the capability for bar code printing, and is well suited for professional and multi-part printing. With a high printing speed and the ability to print documents in sizes up to A3, the DL3850+ is suitable for every office environment.

Exactly How Does A Dot Matrix Printer Work

Dot matrix printers are a lot like inkjet printers. They work by implementing a moving head that prints in a line by line motion.

However, in contrast to inkjets, dot matrix printers employ an impact head and ribbon method of printing. This method is very similar to that of a traditional typewriter, punching tiny holes through the ribbon and into the page, leaving a mark.

What do the numbers on dot matrix printers stand for? How do I know which to pick?

Dot matrix printers each bestow a matrix of pins, which are used to produce the characters on the page. When it comes to variation in this regard, you can choose from either 9 pins or 24 pins 9 pin is usually the fastest option, meanwhile 24 pin boasts the highest resolution.

What are the benefits and uses of a dot matrix printer?

Although dot matrix machines are often perceived as archaic, these durable devices are perfect for invoicing and warehouse packing/picking slips where multiple copies are required.

Dot matrix printers can print multiple sheets at once, printing directly onto the white front sheet, then following on to the coloured carbon copies behind. ;In general, dot matrix printers are more reliable than laser or inkjet machines, especially when used in dirty environments such as warehouses or car garages.

Can I buy a dot matrix printer from Printerbase?

Of course you can! View our full range of dot matrix printers now.

Happy printing!

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Where Might You See A Dot Matrix Printer Today

As the dot matrix printer will work continuously under most conditions including hot and cold temperatures and dirty and dusty environments. This makes dot matrix printers an ideal solution where print quality is not as important as reliability. For this reason garages, supermarkets, factories and workshops will often still use them. They are also good where printing has to be on continuous paper or banner type printing is required.

Uses Of Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printer

The dot matrix printer is a very good choice for certain uses. This type of printer is the only one capable of printing multiple layers at once, which is excellent for producing carbon copies of documents. They are very good for internal use of companies such as payroll departments, printing labels or printing invoices in chain stores. Best option for heaving duty printing where keeping the cost low is a concern.

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Should You Buy A Dot Matrix Printer

Unless you happen to need to use your printer for simple tasks in a dirty and hot environment or cannot live without the loud but nostalgic sound of a print head pin striking a ribbon. We would suggest an inkjet printer or a;laser printer would make a better choice. If you would like to know more about

Dot Matrix Printing: History How It Works And Types Of Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printing use impact to move the print head horizontally or vertically to print on pages. This impact is either applied to an ink-soaked ribbon against the paper or directly onto carbon paper forms. More versatile than a typewriter, letters formed from a dot matrix allow for a wider variety of fonts and graphics.

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What Does Dot Matrix Printer Mean

A dot matrix printer is atype of printer which uses pins impacting an ink ribbon to print. These printers are generally considered outdated, as theycannot create high-quality prints and are costly as well. However, they have a certainspecialty that other printers like inkjet and laser printers do not have: asthey use impact for printing, they can be used to print multiple copies of text at the same time with the help of carbon copying. Therefore, theyare mostly used in places where multipart forms are required.

A dot matrix printer is also known as an impact matrix printer.

What Is Dot Matrix Printer:

Dot Matrix Printers. As seen in Tezza’s classic computer collection

A dot matrix printer is also known as an Impact Matrix Printer. It prints the image using fixed numbers of pins and wire. This printer uses pins that impact an ink ribbon to print.

Dot-matrix printer is considered an outdated printer, because it does not generate high-quality images and are also very costly. Its unique feature is that it can print multiple copies at one time with the help of carbon copying. It is mostly used at places where the multipart form is required. These printers used paper that is connected to each other from end to end. The speed of character typing is measured in CPS . The average speed of a dot matrix printer is 375 to 1000 cps.

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What Types Of Dot Matrix Printers Are There

In general, matrix printers will always be used, although their popularity has diminished over time. Even today, various models of this equipment are still being manufactured. Matrix printers are typically classified by the number of pins they use.


These are often smaller calculators or printers; their use is common in simple equipment that does not exceed 8 bits of processing.


Compared to others, these are the most common. There are many models on the market, and they are distinguished by their wide or narrow formats and are often used for printing forms.


These are high-end printers and have higher print quality. Compared to other types, they are ideal for large stores or medical consulting office. Even the most recognized brands make this type of printer.

18- and 27-pin

The former is very uncommonly used; few manufacturers work with them. The latter is a printer model from technology giant Apple called ImageWriter, which, according to tests, customer opinion, and reviews, is the best and highest resolution printer available on the market.

Buying Guide For Best Dot Matrix Printers

The first dot matrix printers were built into teletype machines over a hundred years ago, so it would be reasonable to wonder what place that kind of old-fashioned technology could have in todays office. In fact, there are still several things a good dot matrix printer does better than its laser and inkjet rivals, and they can put up with harsher working environments, too.

A dot matrix printer works much like a manual typewriter. A print head strikes an ink-filled ribbon, marking a sheet of paper. Because theres a physical impact, several copies can be created at the same time perfect for sending invoices, for example. These printers are invaluable in warehouse operations where lists are distributed to multiple departments. Small ones are used in hot working environments, typically restaurants, where other types of print can smudge or fade.

Dot matrix printers still have lots of value, but if youre not used to the technology, choosing one can be difficult. BestReviews is here to help. In the matrix above, youll find examples covering the best in price and performance. The following buying guide looks at their specifications in more detail.

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Dot Matrix Printer Dl7600 Pro

The FUJITSU Dot Matrix Printer DL7600 Pro is the first choice heavy duty printer for multi-part invoices, sales orders, stationery and other similar documents. This flat-bed printer uses multiple paper paths and is ideal for any application that requires carbon and carbonless copies. Besides excellent paper handling features, this 24-pin dot-matrix printer offers impressive high speed printing and up to 8 carbonless copies.

What Is Dot Matrix Printer

Epson C11CF39201 LQ

A dot matrix printer is also known as an Impact Matrix Printer. It prints the image using fixed numbers of pins and wire. This printer uses pins that impact an ink ribbon to print.

Dot-matrix printer is considered an outdated printer, because it does not generate high-quality images and are also very costly. Its unique feature is that it can print multiple copies at one time with the help of carbon copying. It is mostly used at places where the multipart form is required. These printers used paper that is connected to each other from end to end. The speed of character typing is measured in CPS . The average speed of a dot matrix printer is 375 to 1000 cps.

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Inkjet Printer Vs Dot Matrix Printer

Summary:;Difference Between Inkjet Printer and Dot Matrix Printer is that Ink-jet printer is a type of non-impact printer which sprays tiny drops of liquid ink onto a piece of paper to form graphics and characters. While Dot-matrix printer produce printed images, they produce image when tine wire pins on a print head mechanism strike an inked ribbon.

Dot Size And Pin Density

The print quality produced by a dot matrix printer is significantly affected by the number and size of pins in the print head — even the best dot matrix printers generally can’t match the quality of inkjet or laser printers. The simplest dot matrix devices use just nine pins to produce each individual character, creating a pixelized, blocky appearance. More complex printers use a larger number of smaller pins, producing greater detail and eliminating the characteristic look of dot matrix text. Common arrangements for these printers include dual 9-pin and 24-pin print heads.

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Dot Matrix Printer Options

Serial dot matrix printers come with 9, 18 or 24-pin printer heads. A;24-pin dot-matrix printer;provides the highest print quality and can produce near letter quality pages. A 9-pin model offers quicker print speeds and lower acquisition costs than 24-pin options. USB printers connect easily to a PC or network, and they offer plug-and-play capabilities for quick setup. Also, if you print in draft mode, there is no discernible difference in print quality and it can lower your cost per page. Measured in characters per second, speeds vary from 200 to 1,000 or more. You may also see print speed measured in inches per second. If you require higher quality prints, opt for a 24-pin dot matrix printer, but for the lowest cost per character and maximum speed, choose a 9-pin model. Additionally, 9-pin printers provide increased durability over those with more pins due to the larger size of individual components on the print heads.

What Is Dot Matrix Printer Definition

Dot-Matrix Printers and Repair

Dot matrix printingprinting

. Hereof, what is the function of a dot matrix printer?

Basic Printing FunctionAll dot matrix printers create characters onpaper by striking an inked ribbon with a hard surface. Unliketypewriters, which use a similar mechanism, dot matrixprinters do not have fixed character shapes orfonts.

what is the working principle of dot matrix printer? Definition: Dot matrix printers are known asimpact printers. They create an image on paper by strikingpins against an inked ribbon. The ink is transferred to the paperas closely shaped dots that form eachcharacter.

Hereof, what is dot matrix printer and laser printer?

A laser printer is much faster and still cheaperto operate than an inkjet, but cannot create carbon copies and thetoner cartridges are expensive even if they last a long time.Functional difference: A dot matrix printer works like atype writer in that it has a ribbon which is struck against thepaper by a hammer.

What are the two types of printers?

Two Types of Printers. The two types ofprinter are impact and non-impact printers. ImpactPrinters can produce a page, a line, or a character at atime while Non-impact printers can produce both text andgraphics.

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Remember Dot Matrix Printers In The 80s You Might Be Surprised To Know You Can Still Buy Them Here’s What You Use Them For

If you were an office worker during the eighties, the skrrrt-skrrt-skrrt of a dot matrix printer will probably be as much a part of your memories of working life as telephones that rang rather than trilled and people that smoked at their desks.

It’s with interest then, that we received a press release this week from Epson announcing two new dot-matrix printers, the LX-350 and the LQ-350.

Priced at $449 and $549 respectively, these two printers are a bit more expensive than comparable inkjets, but power consumption is comparable and ribbons cost less per page than ink tanks.

So why would you buy a dot matrix printer?

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Various dot matrix printers for sale on the Harris Technology web site

While inkjet, laser and similar technologies took over decades ago, there is still a market for dot-matrix printers. New models are still being released.

Use 1: Multipart waybillsUse 2: Secure payslips

How Is A Dot Matrix Printer Maintained

As you can imagine, in comparison to other printers, matrix printers use a ribbon that receives the ink and strikes the paper with needles. This tape is the main consumable of this type of printer, it is a piece that must be replaced from time to time or when it is finished. The best maintenance of this equipment is usually slightly more complex than other printers.Not only do you have to keep it clean and in a cool place; it is also advisable to test and perform periodic maintenance of the rollerthe piece that moves the needleswhich accumulates residual ink and dust. It is necessary to clean it with a cloth dampened with cleaning alcohol and then to dry the area very well.The traction car should be cleaned with pressurized air as it accumulates waste by the continuous paper passing through the tray. The metal guide through which the print head slides must be hydrated to prevent dryness. To do this, apply oil with graphite base.

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When Should I Consider A Dot Matrix Printer

Dot matrix printers rely on a printhead in which a grid of 9 or 24 pins forms combinations to produce text, box-drawing characters and symbols made up of closely spaced dots. These devices superseded daisy wheel printers and type-ball typewriters as the computerized era entered the modern office, then largely faded from the scene as laser and inkjet printers offered superior output flexibility and thermal devices provided inexpensive point-of-sale support. Dot matrix printers still offer value in some business applications, particularly those that require enduring performance with minimal operator supervision.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Dot Matrix Printer


A printer is a hardware device that is connected to computer to obtain output. Nowadays it can also be connected to a digital camera to take print outs of pictures directly. The output here is called the hard copy output.

Apart from printers, there are other output devices also like monitor, plotter, speakers, headphones, projectors, and so on. Printers are generally classified into two categories impact and non-impact. Impact printers print by establishing a direct physical contact with the paper, but non-impact printers work otherwise.

A Dot Matrix Printer is the oldest type of printer and one of the good examples of computer printer that prints by direct impact of an ink-soaked cloth ribbon against the paper. Much like the print mechanism of a typewriter, the printer head moves in an up and down motion or runs back and forth on the paper. These are called impact printers because printing involves the use of mechanical pressure where the pins against the ink ribbon strike on the paper.

The prints can be produced in varied fonts and arbitrary graphics in the form of dots. These dots are produced by tiny metal pins or wires driven back and forth or up and down by the power of a tiny electromagnet or solenoid. The printer head continuously moves and prints only one vertical text line at a time.

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How Does A Dot Matrix Printer Work

Dot matrix printers dont just sound extremely techy and confusing, they look extremely techy and confusing, too.

For this reason, lots of people find themselves apprehensive about using them.

But theres no need to worry once you understand how these machines work, youll be fine. In this blog post, Im going to teach you everything you need to know about dot matrix printers, from how they work, to what theyre used for. So, without further ado

What Is A Dot Matrix Printer And How Does It Work

Those who have experience in the field of printers are usually linked to professions that involve many roles. In everyday tasks, a printer needs to offer an effective job. Of course, it is necessary to know the terms, but there is nothing like practice.

In definition, a dot matrix printer is a computer peripheral that has the function of transcribing or marking a document from the computer to the paper. To do this, the print head moves from side to side using pins that mark the paper with ink to form the graphic that is printed.

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