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What Does Printer Offline Mean

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Determining Whether the Printer is Paused or Offline in Windows 8 | HP

There are pros and cons to wireless printing. The great thing is that you can easily connect and print from your gadgets like mobile devices directly. On the other hand, you may experience printer connectivity issues when printing from your tablet or smartphone. It can be pretty challenging to do printer troubleshooting due to the wireless connection. There are several things you can do when troubleshooting a wireless printer.

Step 1: Use a cable to test if the issue is the connection. If it works with the cable, it is high time to move your printer to a better location.

Step 2: Move your printer to an area where it is nearer the router. Avoid hiding your printer or blocking it with other objects since it may affect the connection.

Step 3: Reboot your printer. Turning it off and then on again may allow the printer to catch a better connection in its new location.

Step 4: Check the printer queue. Cancel printing tasks that are in error.

Step 5: Reset your router. Once done, check if your mobile device and your printer are connected to the same WiFi.

In Need Of A Power Cycle

Just like many other types of electronic devices, your printer might just be in need of a power cycle. Turning your printer off and on again often fixes the problem at hand. Turn off the printer, unplug it, wait at least 30 seconds, and plug it back in. If it still indicates printer offline, continue troubleshooting.

Run The Printer Troubleshooter

If you still havent found a fix to get your printer online, let the Printer Troubleshooter help you out. Its a built-in tool that finds and fixes printing-related problems on Windows devices.

  • Go to Settings> Update & Security> Troubleshoot and select Additional troubleshooters.
  • Select Printer and click the Run the troubleshooter button.
  • The tool will check the Spooler service and print queue for errors, examine your network printers configuration, and run other troubleshooting checks. If it diagnoses any problem with the affected printer, itll recommend the appropriate solutions.

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    Reset The Print System

    Resetting the print system can clear any error states by removing all HP and non-HP printers, pending print jobs, and printer preferences.

    Resetting the print system removes all printers. After you reset the print system, re-add your printers to the queue.

  • Right-click or control+click anywhere in the Printers list, and then click Reset printing system.

  • Type the administrator name and password, and then click OK to complete the reset.

  • Once the reset is complete, re-add your printer. Click the Plus sign, select your printer in the list, and then click Add.

  • Check And See If Your Printer Is Ready

    What Does Printer Offline Mean?
  • Your printer is offline if its not turned on or able to communicate. Try to check if its ready for printing and working with another device.
  • Check if the printer is turned off or is in sleep mode. Press the Power button to turn it back on or wake it up.
  • See to it that there is paper inside the input tray and that the correct ink or toner cartridges are used. ACanon Pixma MG3620, for instance, can go offline if youre not usingPG-240 and CL-241 ink cartridges.
  • The printers control panel mustnt be displaying error messages or flashing lights.
  • Restart your printer and conduct a test print to see if the problem is resolved.
  • Canon Pixma MG3620
    PG-240 and CL-241 ink cartridges

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    What Does It Mean When A Printer Appears Offline

    Simply put, when a printer appears offline, your computer is saying it cannot be connected to, which means it cannot be printed from. In order to create prints, a printer and computer need to have a connection, and when this cannot be found, printing cannot go ahead. There are several reasons this may be the case, which we will address below.

    Remove And Reinstall Your Printer

    Another way you can fix an offline printer is to remove the printer from your PC or laptop and reinstall it. To remove your printer, simply open the devices and printers in your computers control panel. Right click the model youd like to remove and select remove.

    You now need to reinstall your printer to your computer. This usually involves simply connecting your printer to your computer with a USB and turn it on. However, if youre reinstalling a wireless printer, you should first make sure your printer is turned on. Open up your computer settings, click change PC settings, open PC and devices then select devices.

    Following these steps should allow you to fix any offline printer. If you have any other issues with offline printing, either get in touch with the manufacturer of your printer or speak to one of our in-house experts.

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    Look For Connectivity Problems

    If there are no paper jams or cartridge problems, chances are there might be some connectivity issues.

    So, check whether the power cord has gone loose or not. And if your printer is connected via USB cables, make sure the connections are secure at both ends.

    For a wireless printer, make sure there are no issues with your network and your printer is showing that its connected.

    Oftentimes, the device may go into an idle mode for being online for a long time. Although it shouldnt cause your printer to go offline, its plausible. In that case, turn off the printer for 1 minute before attempting to turn it back on.

    Why Is My Printer Offline

    Fix Printer Offline Problem

    Even with todays advancements in technology, computer start and printer issues are still a frequent occurrence for some people. When youre running a business, there is nothing worse than receiving a message telling you that your printer is offline and not knowing how to fix it.

    In this blog post, weve explained the possible reasons why youve got an offline printer, and how you can fix it.

    If your printer is showing an offline message, it means its having a hard time communicating with your computer. There can be a number of reasons for this, from connectivity issues to a fault with your printer. Whatever the reason, there are several checks you can do to determine which issue youre facing.

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    Cancel Current Print Jobs

    If you have print jobs queued, it can sometimes overwhelm the printer and computer as they are trying to connect. Canceling print jobs allows the printer and computer to focus solely on communicating.

    To cancel print jobs on Windows:

    • In the window that appears, select Devices and Printers .
    • Right-click on your printers icon and select See Whats Printing.
    • Right-click each print job and select Cancel.

    To cancel print jobs on MacOS:

    • In the Apple menu, click System Preferences and select Print & Scan.

    Take A Look At The Cable

    First up, you should check to make sure your printers cable is still connected. An accidental bump may have dislodged it either partially or fully, and meaning the computer and printer can now no longer communicate with each other. Check both the point on the computers end, and on the printers end, to be sure it all looks good and is connected correctly. If this all looks to be positioned as it should be, try swapping the cable out for a spare to see if the cable itself could be the issue.

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    Manually Forcing Printer Offline To Printer Online

    If all fails you can force your printer to go online. Go to start menu lists, and select Control Panel. Click on the Devices and Printers and right click on your printer from the list that is shown and choose See Whats Printing. Select Printer and click on Use Printer Online from the drop down.Bingo! Your printer has moved from offline to online again.

    Dont forget to take a Test print.

    How To Change Printer From Offline To Online

    What does it mean when an HP printer is offline
    • To check the level of ink cartridges and paper jam issues.
    • Need to ensure that the paper tray is loaded with the right type of paper for printing.
    • The level of the ink cartridge has to be checked for clear and crisp printing of text.
    • To check the cables and connections connected with the printer.
    • To check that cable and connections connected are not outdated and faulty.
    • To ensure this, the following steps are required to be followed-
    • To check the wireless network connection in the printer and computer is established properly.
    • To use the hp print and scan doctor tools to fix the constant offline issue of the printer. For it, the tools have to be downloaded and used.
    • To set the printer to online mode manually by below givens steps-
    • Firstly, press the start button on the printer.
    • Then to click on the control panel.
    • Then under it select the option of devices and printers.
    • Select what is printing option.
    • Then choose the printer name.
    • At last, choose to use the printer online option from the menu section.

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    Remove And Reinstall Printer From Scratch

    Sometimes, the best option is to remove and reinstall the printer from scratch. Unplug or disconnect the printer from your PC and follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings> Devices> Printers & scanners, select the problematic printer, and select the Remove device button.
  • Select Yes on the confirmation prompt to proceed.
  • Restart your computer, plug in the printer cable or connect it to your router/Wi-Fi network, and proceed to the next step.

  • Select Add a printer or scanner and follow the instructions on the next page.
  • If youre having trouble installing your Ethernet or wireless printer, refer to this comprehensive guide on connecting a network printer in Windows.

    Create A Tcp/ip Port In Windows

    Add a printer port to Windows that matches your printer’s IP address.

  • Print a Network Configuration or Wireless Network Test Results page.

  • Printers with a control panel menu: Print the page from the Wireless, Network Settings, or Setup menu.

  • Printers without a control panel menu: Print the page using button combinations on the printer control panel.

    For most printers, press the Wireless and Information buttons at the same time, or press the Wireless and Start Copy Black buttons at the same time.

    For HP DeskJet 6000 and 6400, ENVY 6000 and 6400, and Tango printers, touch and hold the Information button until all control panel buttons light up, and then touch the Information and Resume buttons at the same time.

  • On the Network Configuration page, find the printer’s IP address.

  • In Windows, search for and open Printers & scanners

  • On the Ports tab, click Add Port.

  • Select Standard TCP/IP Port, and then click New Port.

  • Type the printer’s IP address, and then click Next.

  • Select the new Standard TCP/IP Port from the list, and then click OK.


    You might see two printers in the list of devices. Do not remove or uninstall either printer.

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    Online And Offline For Computers And Devices

    As you can see from the explanation above, online and offline refers to both technical devices like computers and smartphones, and to people, who use these devices. So a device or a person can be referred to as being online or offline, but it means something a little different if we are talking about a device or person.

    Why Is My Printer Offline And How Can I Resolve The Problem

    Why Does My Printer Say Offline?

    If you are asking yourself, “why is my printer offline?” then this post is for you! There are many reasons why your printer may be offline. The most common reason is that the power cord has been unplugged or broken. However, there are many other reasons it could go down as well. Learn more about what to do if your printer goes offline in the article below!

    If your printer is offline, the first thing you should do is check to see if the power cord is plugged in. If it is not, plug it in and try turning on the printer again. If that does not work, there are a few other things you can try. One common reason for printers going offline is when there is an error with the drivers. You can try reinstalling the drivers or updating them to see if that fixes the issue. Another possibility is that there is something wrong with the printer itself and it will need to be serviced. If none of these fixes work, then you may want to consider purchasing a new printer! Thanks for reading and good luck troubleshooting your printer!

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    How To Fix It When Your Printer Is Offline In Windows

    If you use a printer with a Windows computer, and the printer status is offline, try these troubleshooting steps in the order we present them, from simple to more complicated.

  • Plug in the printer and turn it on. It’s important to check that the printer is operational.

  • Reboot the computer. Restarting a computer solves many errors and problems. Give this a try and see if it solves the offline printer problem.

  • Power cycle the printer. As with many electronic devices, turning a printer off and on again often fixes problems, including a printer that appears offline. Turn the printer off, unplug it, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in. Turn it on and try again. If it still shows offline, continue troubleshooting.

  • Check the network connection status. If the printer is wireless, it needs a network connection to your PC to work. If your network is offline, you’ve likely found the problem.

    When other devices in your home or office are online, your network is up.

  • Make sure the printer is connected to the network or computer. If the printer isn’t properly connected to the network or computer, it won’t respond. If the printer physically connects to the computer, make sure the cables are securely plugged in. If it’s a wireless printer, check its network connection status.

    Some printers have an option to test wireless connectivity. Check the printer manufacturer’s website to find out if your model has this ability. If so, run a connectivity test to ensure it’s properly connected.

  • Online And Offline For People

    For a person to be online, the device they are using must be connected to a network and able to communicate over the network. Computers and smartphones use both wired and wireless communications to connect to networks, and you may be familiar with connecting to a network using an Ethernet cable or a WiFi connection. When a device is connected to a network, the device becomes online, and when there is no network connection the device is offline. So how does this apply to people, instead of devices?

    A computer or device can be online and connected to a network, but the person using the computer can be inactive, away from their desk, or have blocked communications for some quiet time. In this case, the person is said to be offline, because the person isn’t able to communicate with any other person who may want to communicate with them. Let’s look at an example when using Facebook, which allows you to see if any of your friends are online or offline so you can see who is available for chat.

    If you’re using your computer and have the Facebook webpage open on your desktop, the chat function shows a list of friends and some of them will have a green colored dot next to their name. The dot indicates that they are active on Facebook and will receive a message from you if you start a Chat session. Some names will display the words Mobile, Web, or time. So what do these mean?

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    Turn On The Printer And Connect To Wifi

    Once your printer is on, use the printer control panel to identify the WiFi. From the control panel, select the network settings function and press Confirm Network Settings. This will show you the current status of your printers internet connection. Make sure that your computer and printer are both connected to the same WiFi.

    Check The Printers Cable Or Network Connection

    Solved: My printer is offline, how do I get it back on line?

    Before you jump to tweaking your PCs settings, make sure the printer is correctly plugged into the power outlet and powered on. For wireless printers, ensure your PC and printer are on the same network.

    Some printers go into Sleep mode after minutes of inactivity. In Sleep mode, the printer will appear offline on your computer. Press the printers power button to wake it up. Wait for some seconds and check if that changes the printer status to Online on your computer.

    You also want to ensure that the cable connecting the printer to your computer or router fits correctly in the appropriate port. Likewise, connect the printer directly to your PCs port, not through a USB hub. If the printer continues to appear offline, switch the printer to a different port on your computer or router.

    For wireless printer connections, reboot the router, and reconnect the printer to the network.

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    Physically Check Printer And Cables

    Examine the printer for physical malfunctions that would prevent you from printing. Make sure the printers ink cartridges are properly installed and that the paper is fully inserted in the correct trays. Youll also want to make sure that there are no paper jams or other obstructions.

    Make sure that all cables are properly connected at both ends. Check that your power cord is properly connected and, if applicable, that the Ethernet cord is attached to an active Ethernet port. Try connecting cables to different sockets, or using different cables to ensure that they are not the source of the issue.

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