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What Do I Do With My Old Printer

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Ink Cartridges And Toner Recycling: It Is Essential Too

Make an old Printer Wireless

Ive talked about how to recycle a printer. But, you should also recycle toner and recycle ink cartridges.

Its estimated that more than 500 million cartridges are sold yearly in the US. About 350 million are sent to landfills, which is more than half.

Printer ink cartridges have toxic substances and are made of a combination of plastic, foam, metal, ink, and toner. This means it cant easily be separated.

Because they contain toxic chemicals, they can contaminate groundwater and soil if thrown in a landfill. Ink cartridges also cant be burned because theyll release harmful chemicals that can pollute the atmosphere.

Many states have laws against their disposal. In fact, you could be fined for throwing out ink cartridges.

Luckily, ink cartridges can be recycled.

You can take help from GreenCitizen for toner and ink cartridge recycling too.

Otherwise, you can choose any of the following ways to do printer cartridge recycling.

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Manufacturer Lead Programs

You can recycle directly with the printer and cartridge manufacturers, as many of them have free take-back programs.

Some manufacturers even offer to cover the postage expenses.

Other Toner and Ink Recycling Options

Apart from manufacturer lead programs, you can recycle ink and toner in different ways:

  • Refill the original ink cartridge.
  • Drop-off the cartridge at the local office supply store.
  • Find a local recycling facility.

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Donate And Help Others

We all know the saying one man’s trash is another mans treasure. This goes for printers too.

If your old printer is still working, you can donate it to a local community center, school, recreation center, senior center, charity, or a nonprofit.

You can also donate your old printer to organizations that help those in need.

Here’s the details,

  • Goodwill Goodwill partners with Dell to recycle electronic wares. Just bring your old printer to any Goodwill collection location, and youll get a receipt, so you can deduct this from your taxes.
  • National Cristina Foundation Cristina will connect you with a pre-screened recipient in need. In this way, you can help someone with their education or start a business.
  • PickupPlease Pickupplease is an organization that helps veterans. Its easy to donate to them. Simply call them and schedule a pick-up.
  • Freecycle Freecycle aims to create a worldwide sharing movement to keep the electronics away from landfills. You can register for free and give your printer to someone who needs it.

Even if your printer doesnt work anymore, it doesnt mean you cant donate it. There are many charities and nonprofits out there that sell non-working electronics.

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How To Properly Remove A Printer On Windows 10

Although on Windows 10, the process to install printers has improved over the years, we’re quickly moving into a digital world that has significantly reduced the need to print content on paper.

If you’re also taking the paperless route, you simply no longer use a particular printer, or you’re troubleshooting problems, you can use the Settings app, Control Panel, Print Management, Command Prompt, or even PowerShell to remove the printing device from your computer.

In this Windows 10 guide, we’ll walk you through five different ways to properly remove a printer from your device.

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Should You Throw Away An Old Printer

When your copy machine or finally bites the dust or is replaced with a new model, you may be wondering what to do with your old machine. Many people don’t know that these machines contain materials that can pollute the earth, and incorrect disposal of them is incredibly hazardous to the environment. Read on to learn how to dispose of a copier or printer properly.

At an increase of about 8 per cent per year, electronic waste, or e-waste, is the fastest-growing segment of the Australian waste stream. Contributing to the problem is the fact that less than 10 per cent of electronics such as printers, fax machines, etc. are recycled – the remaining 90 per cent end up in incinerators or landfills where their harmful toxins are released into the atmosphere and can then cause harm to your health. Instead of allowing these chemicals to enter our air or water supply, consider the following alternatives.

How To Donate A Printer

What should I do with my old printer after I get a new one?

Donating your printer is a great way to give back to your community. When you donate your machine, you are keeping it out of a landfill and can feel good that it is going to find use elsewhere. Certain institutions, such as schools or community centers, can still get plenty of use out of older machines.

Do not limit yourself to donating only to schools or organizations. You can also reach out on social media or within your friend group to see if anyone could use your old device. Anywhere is better than the trash for your old technology.

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What To Do With Old Printers

You generally have three main options when considering what to do with old printers:

  • Recycle. The easiest way to get rid of an old printer is to recycle it. There are many businesses and institutions whose sole purpose is to take your old machines.
  • Donate. There are organizations and schools out there where you could donate your printer to someone who still needs it.
  • Sell. You can always try to sell your old printer to help cover the cost of a new printer.
  • Heres a closer look at each option:

    Where Can I Recycle My Tvs And Computers

    The NTCRS provides around 98 per cent of Australia’s population with reasonable access to collection services for televisions and computer parts. Location and opening times for recycling and collection services are determined by the organisations who manage them, with flexibility provided to suit local circumstances. Services may include a permanent collection site at a local waste transfer station or retail outlet, or one-off recycling events. These may be operated through local council or resource management centres. Services are free for households and small businesses, while charges may apply for larger businesses. Not all drop-off points in Australia are part of the scheme, and fees may be payable at some locations. Contact the providers below or your local council for details.

    Planet Ark maintains a database of television and computer drop-off points. Search for recycling near you:

    Printers are common computer accessories, and like most accessories will begin to experience performance loss and other problems over time. Whether you replace a printer because a newer model has additional features or because the old printer no longer works, you shouldn’t simply throw the device into the trash once it’s no longer needed. Proper disposal of computer accessories is environmentally friendly, and you may be able to help out a good cause by doing so as well.

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    Did You Know That The First

    These days printers dont cost quite as much and it is easy to get a new printer. The problem comes when you dont know how to dispose of old printers you have lying around.

    It is not advised to just throw it in the trash as there are special components that need to be disposed of correctly. Printer components contain potentially toxic materials that can leach into the soil in landfills. Below are some ideas of what to do with old printers.

    Need A New Printer Heres Our Pick

    Old printers are worth to teardown!

    Once youve gotten rid of your old printer, you can turn your attention to buying a new one. At Komando.com, we recommend EcoTank from our sponsor, Epson. Its an all-in-one printer that has one major difference: No ink cartridges.

    Instead, it has ink reservoirs you refill from bottles. The benefit is a bottle of ink is much easier to make than a cartridge, so the price is lower. Consumer Reports did the math and figured out with a regular Epson printer, youd need 20 sets of cartridges costing a total of $800 to print the same amount of information an EcoTank printer would.

    In other words, you save $750 in ink costs with an EcoTank.

    Check out the Epson EcoTank printers at a Best Buy, Office Depot or Office Max near you, and online at Epson.com/EcoTankKim.


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    Printer Recycling For San Francisco Bay Area Individuals

    GreenCitizen offers responsible and local recycling services if youre an individual in the SF bay area. This is a really convenient idea who lives within the 35 mile radius of our Burlingame Eco-Center.

    Choose any time for a drive-through drop-off Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm. Apart from you printers, you can also recycle other electronics properly with GreenCitizen.

    As printer is a low value recycling item, we charge $5 per printer for recycling.

    Our address is 1831 Bayshore HWY, Suite 2, Burlingame, CA 94010 USA.

    Heres how drop-off works:

    • Pre-fill out the drop-off form
    • GreenCitizen employees will unload all your items on a cart and weigh the items
    • Use either debit or credit cards to pay on a contactless chip reader

    How To Recycle Your Old Printer

    Learn how to recycle your old or unwanted printer responsibly with this simple guide.

    Whether you have an old printer thats collecting dust or you recently upgraded to a new machine, recycling is a great way to free up some office space and dispose of your printer responsibly. Here, well explore four simple ways to recycle your printer so you can help make a difference in our environment.

    Locate a local recycling facility

    Recycling your printer locally is an obvious win for the environment and the benefits of those recycled materials stay in your community too! If you are not sure where the closest recycling facility is, we recommend visiting Earth911.com. Their site features a convenient recycling facility locator that provides a list of local recycling facilities in just a few clicks! Local e-waste collection events are another solid option. Cities and businesses host e-waste events frequently and they make it easy to dispose of electronics like computer monitors, televisions, shredders and of course, printers.

    Drop your printer off at a local office supply store

    Check the website of your local office supply store to see if they accept recycled electronics most major stores will gladly accept old printers free of charge!

    Turn your printer into cash

    Donate your printer

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    Why Your Printer Should Not Go Into The Garbage

    Do not allow your old badge card printer to enter a landfill. It can affect water, land and air quality that not only induce health issues but also damage biodiversity in that area. The adverse impacts of a landfill can span across the world. It is worth using landfill locations only for reusable or recyclable forms of waste. ID printers are recyclable and reusable, which explains why you should not put them in a landfill.


    Bottom Line: Always Avoid The Trash Heap

    Hi there, I have an old printer that had a lot of problems so I wired ...

    I won’t go into detail here, but remember that, other than the buyback programs noted above, you have plenty of options for selling your used printer if it’s still in decent condition. This is especially true of well-built, higher-end business-oriented printers and AIOs, as well as professional photo printers. Beyond the buyback programs mentioned here, the web is loaded with sites for selling your used tech, with the most common and recognizable being Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay.

    But if your printer has hit the end of its life, or you’re looking to do something altruistic, donating or recycling are easy options. Legislation has been enacted in 25 states establishing electronic-waste recycling programs, and many printer manufacturers and sellers have gone to great lengths to be responsible about disposing of their customers’ second-hand wares. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to find a way to keep these machines and the material from which they’re constructed from doing more damage to the environment than necessary. Whether donating, recycling, or selling it for cash, there is no shortage of ways to keep your printer out of the dumpster. Do the right thing when the inevitable end of its service life comes.

    Once your printer is recycled and you’re ready for a new one, you’ll want to check out our roundup of the best printers you can buy right now, as well as our deep dive into how to save money with low-cost printer ink programs.

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    Remove And Recycle The Cartridges

    Remove and recycle the ink or toner cartridges before selling, recycling, or disposing of your HP printer.

    Some Of The Useful Parts From An Old Inkjet Printer

    The most sough after parts in printers are the stepper motors , regular DC motors, steel rods and shafts, a whole bunch of gears and gearing systems, screws, springs, limit switches, optical encoders and much more.

    After taking everything out of the plastic shell, I further disassemble the components. These are all the useful parts from the inkjet printer. I keep the cartridge head assembly as well as the paper feeder as one piece.

    There are two motors that I can salvage as well as a whole bunch of useful gears. There is a 30 volt switch mode power supply that can be useful in the future.

    There are a few limit switches and some plastic rollers, a whole bunch of screws and springs

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    How To Dispose Of Old Printers

    Whether your printer has died or just been replaced by a newer one, it’s tempting to take it out into the alley and give it the old “Office Space” treatment with a baseball bat. While satisfying in an odd way, it’s not the most ecologically — and in some cases economically — sound idea. So put the bat away and get ready to trade in or recycle your old printer.

    Recycle Your Old Printer With A Retail Store

    What to Do When Your Printer Won’t Print a Document

    Some of the most convenient options for printer disposal are as close as your nearest electronics store. Many big-name retailers feature electronic recycling programs that take the hassle out of the process for consumers and businesses alike.

    Retail recycling programs will harvest out-of-use devices for valuable components for future use.

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    Check If It Still Can Be Used With Upgrades

    Before throwing your printer away, check if you can repair and reuse it. Also, if you think the printer is not too old, checking the warranty is worth a shot.

    Likewise, sometimes you only need a small fix for the printer, and it might get up and running like before. Also, if compatible, you can upgrade it with some parts to add extra features.

    On the other hand, if the printer is completely damaged and the repair cost is expensive, you can move on to the next section in this article.

    Xerox Leased Or Rented

    Contact your sales representative to arrange to have the unwanted equipment picked up and removed and to ensure the appropriate paperwork is complete. For any additional assistance on locating your sales representative, call 1-888-524-5554. Please have the devices model and serial number and/or your account information ready.

    For more information about sustainability initiatives at Xerox and consumables and equipment reuse and recycling options, visit:Xerox Recycling and Waste Prevention

    Questions?Contact Xerox Customer Support

    • Phone: 1-800-ASK-XEROX

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    Delete Driver Packages From The Driver Store To Free Up Disk Space

    Even after removing the driver packages using the methods above, some remnant drivers may exist in the driver store. The driver store is a trusted location of the inbox and third-party driver packages. Before a driver can be installed, it must first be stored in the driver store folder located under C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository

    Each subfolder stores a driver package along with the respective .inf file. The driver store folders have cryptic names and itâs a tedious job to find the driver package you want to delete.

    Thankfully, we have the excellent DriverStore Explorer tool that does the job for you.

    DriverStore Explorer is a third-party program that makes it easier to deal with the Windows driver store. It supports operations including enumeration, adding a driver package , adding & installing, deletion and force deletion from the driver store.

    If you look at this image, you can see that there is till 9 MB of HP printer drivers leftover. This happened even after I removed the driver packages via Print Server Properties. Evidently, those two methods werenât enough.

    All I had to do was select the old HP printer driver from the list, click Remove. Click OK when you see the following warning:


    About to delete prnhpcl1.inf from driver store.

    Are you sure?

    This removed the old HP printerâs .inf file, its driver package thus saving 9 MB of space.

    How To Uninstall A Printer Using Command Prompt

    Vintage Printers Tray

    If you prefer using command lines, you can use Command Prompt to delete a printer from Windows 10 using these steps:

  • Open Start.
  • Search for Command Prompt, right-click the top result, and select the Run as administrator option.
  • Type the following command to queue a list of printers on your device and press Enter:

    wmic printer get name

  • Type the following command to uninstall the printer and press Enter:

    printui.exe /dl /n “YOUR-PRINTER-NAME”

    In the command, replace the YOUR-PRINTER-NAME with the full name of your printer see step No. 3.

  • Once you’ve completed the steps, the printer that you specified in the command will be uninstalled.

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