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Screen Print Printer For Shirts

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The Best Screen Printing Kit

Screen Print your own t-shirts // How-To | I Like To Make Stuff

Do you live creating art? Do you also love designing t-shirts? If you answered yes to any of these two questions, then you need to consider getting a screen printing kit. Screen printing can be a great hobby or a good business venture whichever you choose.

With the best screen printing kit, you can produce as many designs as you need. You can use the screen for several designs or you can use it for the same design repeatedly. You only need to have the best quality ink so that your prints last long. The advantage of buying a complete kit is that you can start immediately and save on buying costs.

Below, we created a list of the top screen printing kits to make it easier for you to pick the right kit. Read on.

What Is Screen Printing And Why Use It

Screen printing involves pressing ink through a mesh screen to transfer a printed design. The process also goes by the name silk screen printing or serigraphy. It is a common process in most industries, so even if you have not heard about it, you have used an item with a screen printing on it.

You can use the method to create bold canvases, artwork, and posters. It is common on fabric and on paper, but there are special inks that you can use on wood, metal, plastic, and glass. You will need to create a stencil on a fine mesh and then push ink through it to create the imprint of the design.

There are other stenciling techniques used when transferring prints. For instance, you can use vinyl or masking tape to cover the desired part of the screen. You can also paint on the mesh with mesh blockers such as lacquer or glue. The most common method is to use a light-sensitive emulsion in stenciling. The thick emulsion is then developed as you would a photograph.

You can make screen printing designs in one shade of ink, or you can make them in several colors. If you want to create multicolored items, the process involves applying individual layers of colors using a separate stencil for each ink.

How To Screen Print A T Shirt

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Screen printing is a great way to transfer a printed design onto a T-shirt. The technique involves a chemical process called photo emulsion. While that concept may sound complicated, the process is actually quite simple. To get started, print out a black-and-white design. Then, create a large stencil using a silkscreen frame and emulsion. Once the emulsion has dried, use screen printing ink to stencil the design onto your T-shirt. Continue having fun by reusing the stencil to make shirts for your friends and family.XResearch source

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Best Printers For Screen Printing

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If youre looking to break into the world of screen printing, one of the first investment youll have to make is a quality printer, capable of printing transparent film. Printing your chosen pattern or unique design is the first step in the screen printing business. In short, before you can start screen printing, your desired design must be printed onto transparent paper where it can then be transferred onto your fabric.

Printers For T Shirts

T Shirt Printing London

Looking for printers for t shirts for your own business is like looking for a new phone, new computer or a new car. There are a lot of options, a lot of similarities, AND a few compelling reasons to choose one over the other.

  • Digital Garment Printers
  • White Toner Transfer Printing
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts
  • and the new High Volume Direct to Film Printing

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Single Screen Printing Press For Home Review

The Commercial Bargains Inc. machine only prints one color. It works best on t-shirts, thanks to the advanced t-shirt pallet that offers the best placement for accurate prints on t-shirts. You can further use it on items that need overprinting such as pillowcases, bags, and others. To print these other items, you need to change the pallet. Commercial Bargains Inc. created the pallet to easily detach and for you to attach another one with great ease.


The design of the spring device on this machine allows you to adjust the screen up and down to accommodate different sizes and weights of screens. When you adjust, you get the right spring intensity to ensure that the squeegee doesnt expel or splash ink in high intensity. It also ensures that that the screen does not dismantle from the high intensity. You can also move the screen clamp up and down for screen frames within 2cm.

Other Features

This is one of the most durable machines, thanks to the full metal construction. Its parts are of stainless steel, which makes the unit look attractive and also makes it easier to clean. It will not rust even after many years of use. It also comes in excellent packaging, making it easier to transport. Its table design makes it compact and space-saving. You can transport it with ease if you use it both at home and in your business. The unit measures 17.7 by 21.2 inches.



  • The user guide is not very helpful.

Does Thrive Screen Printing Accept Wholesale Returns

Returns are only possible after you receive a Return Authorization number from one of our team members, as they are handled on a case-by-case basis. If there is an issue with your products, please call 480-222-2190 with an explanation of the problem, your order number, the item number if applicable, and the customers name. Returns are only accepted within 30 days of the invoice and with an RA number no more than 10 days old. Clients can refer to our terms and conditions for further requirements for returns.

Even with the rise of water-based inks, the wholesale screen printing business isnt going anywhere. Custom-made apparel and gifts are personalized tools for businesses to promote their services and groups to celebrate a momentous event. Screen printings flexibility allows an artist to explore a wide range of textures, colors, fabrics and tactile designs to obtain identical looks across a large batch of products.

Reach to get started on your own screen printing project? Get a quote for your wholesale order today by completing Thrive Screen Printing online form or calling our team at 480-222-2190. As one of the top screen printing companies in the country, were here to help you through every step of the process.

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Why Would A Print Shop Do Dtg Printing

DTG printing lets screen print shops take smaller, more complex orders that they would normally turn away.

Print shops use DTG printers for specific applications but the most common is simply printing 1 to 12 shirts for customers that only need a handful of shirts. However, there are still multiple contexts where DTG printing makes a lot of sense.

Is Dtg Printing Better Than Screen Printing

How to screen print t-shirts at home (DIY method) | CharliMarieTV

DTG printing and screen printing are both great ways to print t-shirts and other custom garments. So which is better?

Yes, you’ll hear screen printers trash DTG as “direct to garbage” and hear DTG lovers call screen printers old-fashioned. There is definitely some animosity here!

So let’s start with something most people can agree on: screen printing is still the most durable, time-tested, and familiar printing method for custom t-shirts and garments.

DTG printing is another tool for a print shop to meet the needs of their customers. Very few shops are throwing out their screen printing squeegees for inkjet printers!

You could evaluate DTG vs. screen printing according to print quality, speed of production, price, and so on. Different shops have different competencies.

Ultimately, each shop is different.

There are large contract DTG businesses that never do screen prints and multimillion-dollar screen print shops that would never think of using DTG. Different businesses have different models some do online store sales, while others make their money on 30,000 piece runs that DTG printers could never keep up with.

For small orders, DTG printing is a great fit. For large orders, screen printing blows DTG printing away. Both methods are a tool for serving customers!

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Heat Transfer Vinyl For T

Heat Transfer Vinyl covers 2 very different kinds of equipment: Simple cutters like a Graphtec CE600 and print and cut devices like the Roland BN-20a.

Heat transfer vinyl can be solid colors that are simply cut and heat pressed for single-color designs .

With an eco-solvent print and cut machine like the Roland BN-20a you can print out full-color designs and then cut them out for application. The cost of output for full-color type designs is typically in the $1.50-2.00 per square foot range and single color vinyl cut and apply heat transfer vinyl can be $2.50 or more per square foot.

The process involves weeding the vinyl after it is cut removing the areas that are not part of the design. This can become tedious and time-consuming especially for detailed designs.

Having a vinyl cutter or print and cut machine opens up opportunities for other output such as for signage making it a very versatile solution. The versatility puts it more in the category of sublimation and white toner printing than DTG and DTF.

Good quality HTV single color designs done with a cutter can feel great, though a little heavier than sublimation. But the Print Cut version does have a bit of a feel when heat applied, more like the hand of white toner printer transfers and generally heavier than DTF.

Startup costs for a print and cut can range from around $4,995 to more than $15,000 and vinyl cutters start under $1000.

How To Choose The Right Screen Printing Machine For Your Shop

Finding the perfect screen printing press can be overwhelming. With all of the information out there, you can easily get turned around and confused just by the sheer number of options. Luckily, many printers have gone through this exact process before. Here are the top three factors to keep in mind when choosing a screen printing machine of your own.

Photo by Symmetree Clothing

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Heat Transfer Printing Technique Sublimation Printing

This technique involves printing on transfer paper and then transferring the printed design on fabric using heat and pressure. The technique is restricted to printing on polyester fabric or polyester rich fabrics. It does not work on cotton or viscose like fabrics. The graphic or text that needs to be printed on the t-shirt is digitally printed on the special heat transfer paper that uses sublimation ink.

The design is transferred to the t-shirt from the paper using the sublimation ink when pressed with a heat press machine. In Dye Sublimation Printing, the mode of functioning is by printing graphics digitally on paper and then transferring the dye onto the t-shirts by heating them. Dye-sublimation printing uses dye-based ink, which turns into gas after it gets heated. Pressure, heat, and time make the dye-based inks move from a solid-state to a gaseous state and then back to the solid-state. Sublimation printing is primarily used to print on polyester. The gas joins the fabric i.e., polyester, hence it becomes part of the material and not just the layer on the top. The all-over print effects are much better in the dye-sublimation printing technique as compared to other t-shirt printing techniques.

Pros And Cons Of White Toner Printing For T Shirts

St. Louis Screen Printing Company

Pros of White Toner Printers

  • Low maintenance machines ability to leave for extended periods of time without usage
  • Low entry price for equipment
  • Small footprint
  • Good solution for one off or very short runs
  • Compatible with a wide variety of fabrics/materials

Cons of White Toner Printers

  • More expensive output costs than most other options
  • Two step process that can take time to master
  • Hand not as soft as most other processes
  • Long term washability not as good as other methods

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How Much Is A Screen Printing Kit

There are some screen printing kits that cost less than $10 and others that cost about $100. However, you need to check whether the kit has everything that you need, or you have to buy some items separately. Most advanced and professional screen printing kits such as the Speedball Advanced are relatively expensive, and you buy them for about $100.

Epson Workforce Pro Wf

This hi-tech, ultra-compact printer easily fits on any desktop. Never worry about running out of ink on the job again, this printer has a built-in Dash Replenishment System that keeps track of your ink levels and orders more when youre running low.

  • Wireless technology allows you to print from your desktop, tablet or phone
  • Easy-to-use 2.7 LCD screen

This compact, professional quality printer is perfect for any craft enthusiast or small business. A built-in Optimum Image Generating System ensures what you envision is precisely what you get.

  • Creates exceptional prints using 8, dye-based inks for amazing color and gradients.
  • Optimum Image Generating System selects ink combinations and placements so you dont have to.
  • AirPrint enables you to print directly from your Apple device without installing a drive.

Designed with creative individuals in mind, this printer comes complete with dedicated ink channels for Matte and Photo Black inks, perfect for screen printing designs.

  • USB, wireless and wired Ethernet networking standards
  • Vibrant colors for superior color accuracy
  • Operates superbly with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Just as its name suggests, this printer from Canon was made for crafters. Great for working with transparent paper, use this machine to print, copy and scan your favourite designs.

  • Can be connected to Amazons Alexa, for voice-activated printing.
  • Built in touch, LED control screen for easy use
  • Built-in SD Memory Card slot

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Why Is Screen Printing Used

One of the reasons that the screen printing technique is so widely used is because it produces vivid colours, even on darker fabrics. The ink or paint also lies in layers on the surface of the fabric or paper, which gives the print a pleasingly tactile quality.

The technique is also favoured because it allows the printer to easily reproduce a design multiple times. Because the same stencil can be used to replicate a design again and again, it’s very useful for creating multiple copies of the same garment or accessory. This makes screen printing a very efficient technique for creating large batches of custom clothing for sports teams or work uniforms.

When carried out using professional equipment by an experienced printer, it’s also possible to create intricate multicoloured designs. While the complexity of the process does mean there’s a limit to the number of colours the printer can use, it does allow for more intense colouring than is possible to achieve with digital printing alone.

Dtg Vs Screen Printing: Popularity

Screen Print Your Own T-Shirt: Step by Step Tutorial

When it comes to popularity, everybody loves the champ. Screen printing is the crowd favorite and has been for decades. The factors that this classic print method excels at are the main things that people look for in a custom tee: ink vibrancy, durability, and affordability.

You may ask: why is popularity a factor?

If youre ordering shirts for your staff, as promotional items, or especially for resale, its always smart to go with whats popular if you want to make sure your employees or fans are happy. And when people think T-shirts, they think screen printed.

Once DTG technology becomes more advanced and more ubiquitous, to the point where people cant tell the difference, popularity might no longer be a factor. Until then, screen printing remains the fan-favorite.

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Wholesale Screen Printing Cost

When most people think wholesale, they think affordability. But what are the wholesale screen printing prices?

Each of our projects at Thrive Screen Printing differs in cost depending on the project size and opportunity to group your order with similar projects. In order to get the lowest cost for each order, we group together small and large orders that require similar materials to cut the cost of materials. This allows us to offer a lower price to everyone in that order cutting the cost for the small or large order alike. For example, lets say you need 75 t-shirts while a large corporation has a similar order of 500 in the same color. By purchasing 575 shirts at once, we receive a lower wholesale price on shirts and pass the savings on to you.

Scrappy Apparel Is The Best Screen Printing Company Because We:

1. Produce high-quality, soft-to-the-touch prints that will last wash after wash.

2. Source luxury-level materials to screen print on. Read about our Peruvian Pima Cotton.

3. Offer an extensive pre-production layout review process so you can be sure you love your shirts before you even see them!

4. Offer free shipping, folding, and poly bagging for all orders

5. Have a team of rockstar Scrappy sales reps who will answer your questions and guide you through each step of the ordering process

6. Provide exceptional customer service to everyone we work with

7. Offer private labeling options for brands that are ready to scale to infinity and beyond

8. Can manufacture 10,000+ shirts without breaking a sweat

9. Deliver all orders with superhuman speed and accuracy.

10. Have over 16 years of experience in the custom apparel industry, so you know youre in good hands.

When it comes to creating custom company shirts, Scrappy Apparel is the right choice for you. Well make sure youre 100% satisfied with your order before it even ships.

Ready to order your dream t-shirts? Lets get this party started:

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