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Printer Says Out Of Paper When It’s Not

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Why My Hp Printer Keeps Saying Out Of Paper

Out of Paper Errors and Printer Doesn’t Pick Paper in All-in-One Printers | HP Printers | HP

For an HP printer saying out of paper, there can be several causes. A few of these causes have been listed in this section. You can look at them below:

  • The paper feed roller of your HP printer may be choked with paper debris, dust, etc.
  • Your devices driver may be outdated.
  • The usage of low-quality paper can be the reason behind this problem.
  • You may be using printing paper with curled edges.
  • The paper input tray of your printing machine may be overloaded.
  • There may be compatibility issues with your HP printer on Windows.
  • Certain printing jobs may be pending. They may have become stuck in your HP printers printing queue.
  • The print spooler service can often cause your device to run into this problem.

Printer Keeps Saying Out Of Paper And Its Not

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This printer has had so many problems since we got it but the most annoying is it always says its out of paper and its not! I’ve restarted it numerous times and it will work for about 5 min and then does the same thing. It also never prints correctly no matter how many times I set the properties as letter paper, I don’t know, should I just return it? Its had more problems then the old brother printer we had. I’ve only had this printer for 3 months. PLEASE HELP

Just to confirm. out of paper error is displayed on printer’s control panel? If this is correct, try using the manual front tray. if the manual front tray works, then we can isolate problem to the cassette tray. The cassette tray has a paper level indicator on the left side of cassette tray. Make sure that paper level indicator is installed correctly. Google RM2-5392-010CN and look at the pics. When you install cassette tray, make sure paper level indicator moves. When tray is installed, white tabs on each side release the metal part of cassette tray, paper is elevated upwards, and engages the paper sensor.

Fix: Printer Has Run Out Paper Error

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    Are you getting a Paper has run out printer error? If so, it might just be that the printer has indeed run out of paper!

    However, some Windows users have reported the error even for printers loaded with paper. So if youre getting a paper has run out the error with a printer full of paper, these are potential fixes that might get it printing again.

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    Whats Wrong With My Files

    Before anything else, ensure the printer is on and paper in the paper feeder. As a further step, make certain that the computer and printer are correctly linked via the printers cord. Please check to make sure that the printer is not offline before trying to print. Go to Start, then Printers and Fax Machines.

    How Do You Refresh Printer Status

    Hp printer says load paper when there is paper IAMMRFOSTER.COM

    Go to the Start icon on the bottom left of your screen then choose Control Panel and then Devices and Printers. Right click the printer in question and select See whats printing. From the window that opens choose Printer from the menu bar at the top. Select Use Printer Online from the drop down menu.

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    Solution: Examine The Paper Sheets Before Loading Paper Stack

    • Remove every paper from the paper tray.
    • Now take out severely bent, wrinkled, or torn paper taken from the paper stack.
    • Examine the paper tray from the inside to fix if any obstacles are there. Assure that no tool blocking the paper to engage with the rollers.
    • Ensure that the paper stack is even from all sides. Tap on a flat surface for alignment.
    • Place the stack of paper inside the paper tray. It is advised not to use more than 25 sheets.
    • Close or push the paper tray inside.
    • Now try to print any paper. Assure that you are using the correct paper size on the control panel.

    If You Are Experiencing One Of These Things Easy Fix Read On For Some Additional Information Tips And How

    Often times, people will have letterhead or colored paper loaded in the copier, but then they send the machine a print job that is asking for plain paper, 8.5 x 11. Modern copiers can tell what type of paper is loaded in their trays. So, they can sense that the pre-loaded letterhead or colored paper is the wrong type of paper for a standard print job. When this happens, it will send out that same dreaded Out of Paper error message.

    The same is true if you ask the copier to print on a specialty paper, but the copier is loaded with standard paper. Modern copy machines may be smart, but they have a limited vocabulary. By displaying the message Out of Paper or Load Paper the machine is saying that the paper you have selected for the print job is not in the tray.

    Another common scenario plays out when you have specialty papers loaded in the paper trays below a tray loaded with standard paper. If the tray of standard paper runs out in the middle of a standard print job, the copier will attempt to load the specialty paper below to continue the print job. Since the copier knows these are the wrong paper types, it will also display the message Out of Paper.

    So, if you encounter this type of error a lot, or your print jobs often are set to A4, thankfully there is an override available that allows your copier to ignore the A4 margins and go ahead and print on 8.5 in. by 11 in. paper. A service call is all you need to get the override loaded onto your machine!

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    Follow A Proper Regular Cleaning Schedule

    To avoid paper issues, clean your printer’s sensors regularly. The sensors are located near the Printer Ink Cartridge Cover and are held in place by a Black Lever. They are in charge of the printer’s paper feeding and discharge. Cleaning the paper rollers should also be included to avoid any potential print difficulties.

    Here’s how to go about it:

    • Your Epson printer should be turned off. Remove the power cord, as well as all other cords and wires.
    • Remove the device’s two Paper Cassettes. The printer should then be placed on its right side for effective cleaning.
    • Wipe the Cassette Rollers from the side of the printer using a moist towel. To fully clean both rollers, gently rotate them.
    • After cleaning, immediately return the printer to its original upright position. To avoid ink leaks, never leave it on its side for an extended time.
    • In the printer, reload both Paper Cassettes.

    Epson has long been a global leader in the development and manufacture of cutting-edge printers for a variety of users. The brand is arguably unequaled when it comes to developing high-quality printing technology.

    Solution One: Reset The Product

    Printer out of paper Fix
  • With the printer turned on, disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer.
  • Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Wait at least 15 seconds.
  • Plug the power cord back into the wall outlet.
  • Reconnect the power cord to the printer.
  • Turn the printer on.
    • If these steps resolved the issue, you do not need to continue troubleshooting.
    • If the issue persists, continue to the next solution.

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    Clean The Rollers Underneath The Printer

  • Turn off the printer, and then disconnect any cords connected to the printer, such as the power cord and USB cable.
  • Pull open the input tray and remove any paper.
  • Secure the top of the printer with one hand and turn the printer on its side to access the paper rollers under the printer.
  • Lightly dampen a lint-free cloth with distilled water, and then squeeze any excess liquid from the cloth.
  • Press the cloth against the rollers inside the printer, and then rotate the rollers upwards with your fingers. Apply a moderate amount of pressure to remove any dust or dirt buildup.
  • Allow the rollers to dry completely .
  • Close the input tray, and then set the printer upright.
  • Reconnect the power cord and any other cables to the rear of the printer, and then turn on the printer.
  • Epson Printer Won’t Feed Paper Here’s Why

    Lets first look at some of the possible causes as to why your Epson printer keeps saying out of paper.

  • Youre using poor quality paper, causing all sorts of Epson printer paper feed problems.
  • Youre installing low-quality ink cartridges on your Epson printer. Choose only reliable,replacement Epson ink cartridges if you plan on saving costs.
  • Youre improperly loading paper, preventing your Epson printer from completing the given print tasks.
  • A faulty physical connection in your Epson printer because of a wrong configuration.
  • Its crucial to determine what caused the problem so you can immediately apply the necessary fix. If you wont resolve the issue, it will continue to persist and may even become worse than it already is.

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    How Do I Fix Printer Spooler

    Fix for The print spooler service is not running Error in

  • Press Window key + R to open the Run dialog.
  • Type services. msc, then select OK.
  • Double-click the Printer Spooler service, and then change the startup type to Automatic.
  • Restart the computer and try to install the printer again.
  • Feed Your Printer With The Correct Paper

    What to Do When My Printer Says Out of Paper

    Generally speaking, Epson printer paper feed problems wont trouble you if youre using legal-sized media. Other types of paper, though, can be quite challenging to feed on an ordinary Epson printer. Cardstocks, envelopes, or photo papers, for example, are deemed as specialty media.

    There are specific models in the brand that specializes in handling these sorts. If your printer isnt one, then it would be best to avoid using them altogether.

    Using incorrect or incompatible paper will prevent your printer from feeding it properly. The printer will instead recognize it as out of paper, thus resulting in the error. Try loading the correct media into the paper tray and be sure to align them at all times.

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    Hp Printer Says Out Of Paper

    Users might have seen the HP Printer Says Out of Paper Error, but its not. This report indicates the printer is not picking up paper also though there were enough pages inside the input tray.

    This out of paper error message happens because of several purposes such as outdated firmware, mechanical problems with paper tray, etc. Avail of top solutions to fix HP printer says out of paper error or no paper, but there is paper.

    If Your Printer Keeps Saying Out Of Paper Use These Steps To Fix It

  • Make sure the paper in the tray is in good condition before reloading it.
  • Replace it if its broken, swollen, or otherwise damaged. Papers must be of the same size and type, and their edges must be perfectly matched. In terms of sheets, the documents should not be excessively large. The location of a printer panel towards the back may not be ideal. The back panel of the gadget must be checked to see if it is open or closed. Paper jamming may occur if this panel is not properly closed. The discussion at the back should be entirely removed and the paper cleaned if you notice any problems. After that, reinstall the display panel on your Smartphone.
  • Alternatively, you could remove the printers power cable without shutting down the printer. Reconnect the cord to the device and wait 30 seconds before doing it again. Press the button to manually switch on the not turn on automatically.
  • If the printer rollers are clogged with dirt, paper feed issues may also occur. Thus, shut off the printer and remove the power cord. Clean the rollers with a lint-free cloth and some water. Before repositioning the item, thoroughly dry it. Turn on the printer and reconnect the cable.
  • After making the adjustments, you should select apply and then OK.
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    Update Your Printer Driver

    An outdated printer driver can lead to many printer issues, for example, , cant print, , etc. and the issue of printer says out of paper but has paper is not an exception. To fix your issue, you can try to update the printer driver to the latest version.

    Step 1: Go to open Device Manager in Windows 11/10/8/7 by pressing Win + R, typing devmgmt.msc, and clicking OK.

    Step 2: Expand Printers, right-click on your printer and choose Update driver.

    Step 3: Choose the first option in the pop-up window to let the system automatically search for an available driver and install it.

    Clear The Print Caches

    Brother Printer “No Paper” error Permanent fix
  • Clearing the print cache will erase print jobs that have stalled. To do that, open File Explorer and enter
  • Select all the files in that folder, and then press the X Delete button on File Explorers toolbar to erase them.
  • Go to the File Explorers path bar and enter
  • Now erase all the content, including subfolders, in that folder path.
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    Printer Keeps Saying Out Of Paper

    When using a printer on your Windows PC, you may get an error saying your printer is out of paper. You may think there is really no paper and you need to refill the paper tray to continue using your printer. Actually, sometimes you always get the same error whether it is out of paper or not.

    This issue always happens on various printers including Canon, Ricoh, Epson, Brother, or HP. The common reasons for this issue are various, for instance, the paper input tray is overloaded, dust or moisture can affect the paper feed or paper pick rollers, the printer driver is old, etc. Thus, the printer cannot detect the paper that has been inserted into the tray.

    Dont be panic if your printer has paper but says out of paper and you can move to the next part to know some useful troubleshooting tips.

    Solution: Clear Paper Feed Rollers

    Promptly you require to wipe the dirt or debris or jammed paper from the paper pick rollers to fix the printer showing out of paper state.

    • Turn OFF the HP printer next to get a flashlight.
    • Wait until the printer is in its idle or silent state.
    • Detach the power cord from the rear side of the printer.
    • Eliminate the paper stack from the input tray.
    • See inside the input tray with the flashlight to locate the paper pick rollers.
    • Gently dampen a cotton swab with distilled water then squeeze it to remove the excess water from it.
    • Clean the rollers with a cotton swab. To thoroughly clean paper pick rollers, you suggested using your fingers for its rotation.
    • Wait for 2-3 minutes to fully dry the rollers.
    • Lastly, reconnect the power cord and then turn ON the HP printer.

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    Is Your Printer Windows 10 Compatible

    If youre encountering a paper that has run out of error after recently upgrading to Windows 10, check that your printer is compatible with the new platform.

    Although most printer models from the last three years are compatible with Windows 10, there are still plenty of antiquated printers that arent compatible. To check your printers compatibility, open the manufacturers website that should include a page listing of its supported Windows 10 printers.

    For example, this HP page provides further details for what HP printers are, and are not, compatible with Windows 10. If the printer doesnt have a Windows 10 driver, you cant print documents with it. If it is compatible with the platform, the manufacturers page should include a recommended driver to update to.

    So those are a few ways you can fix the somewhat mysterious paper that has run out of errors. Aside from that, you might also be able to service the printer if its still within a warranty period. If so, you can arrange a manufacturer repair for it.

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    Why Isn’t My Epson Printer Feeding Paper Heres Why

    What to do if Printer says paper jam but there is no paper in it

    Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your Epson printer keeps telling you that you’re out of paper.

    • On your Epson printer, you’re using low-quality ink cartridges. If you want to save money, stick with replacement Epson ink cartridges.
    • You’re using low-quality paper, which is causing Epson printer paper feed issues.
    • You’re loading paper incorrectly, which prevents your Epson printer from completing the print jobs.
    • Because of a misconfiguration, your Epson printer has a faulty physical connection.
    • It’s critical to figure out what’s causing the problem so you can address it right away. If you do not address the problem, it will continue to exist and may even worsen.

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    Clean The Rollers From The Printer Control Panel

  • Press the Power button to turn on the printer.
  • Remove the paper from the input tray.
  • Press and hold the Power button, press the Cancel button three times, press the Start Color Copy button seven times, and then release the Power button.
  • The printer will make some noise for around one minute. Wait until the printer stops making noises.
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