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Nextengine 3d Scanner Ultra Hd

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Nextengine 3d Ultra Hd Scanner

NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner HD

The NextEngine 3D Ultra HD Scanner is a type of desktop 3D laserscanner. The scanner features an array of lasers as well as acamera and lights. It controls a separate turntable on which theobject is placed. The scanner sweeps laser dots up and downblurring them into vertical lines. These lines are slowly sweptsideways across the object. The projection of the vertical lineonto any shape is seen by the camera and based on the way the laserfalls, the computer is able to determine what the shape must havebeen. This scanner is best suited for scanning small objects, suchas archaelogical artifacts, tools and spare components. We have 3Dscanned ancient artifacts as well as human remains from a ForensicAnthropology Laboratory on campus and used the data to 3D printreplicas for very low cost. These scanners were also used to scanpapier mache ceiling elements at the Philpse Manor Hall in Yonkers,NY. At best, this scanner can resolve details down to a tenth of amillimeter, 0.1 mm , which matches the high resolutionsettings on our Makerbot 3D printers.

Einscan Pro 2x Plus By Shining 3d

The company Shining 3D is known for providing a few of the most affordable products from the world of 3D printing. EinScan Pro 2X Plus is one such example. While many of the professional 3D scanners cost tens of thousands of dollars, this little and portable device comes for $6899.

The company has released this product as the variant of its most popular EinScan series. This variant has an advanced solid edge software. The software lets you create open models used for reverse engineering as well as closed models ideal for 3D printing.

The product is also capable of scanning colors and textures and is very well used for full-color 3D printing. The settings are also provided to scan small, medium and large objects.

You get four different scanning modes: Handheld rapid scan, Handheld HD scan, Automatic scan, and Free scan.

What Are The Best 3d Scanners

3D scanners come in many variants. Few are pricey and others are affordable. Some offer the best results while a lot of 3D scanners fail to meet the expectation of the users. Among all, it becomes frustrating to decide which one to go with.

So, hers is a list of professional 3D scanners that come with the best features and have been tested for various applications. Narrowing down the option gives one the highest probability of finding the one alternative that is best and fits the budget.

5 Criteria for Selecting a 3D Laser Scanner

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Handheld 3d Scanner Price

The handheld 3D scanner price range is very wide. A handheld 3D scanner can cost less than $200 , and can reach up to over $100,000 for very high-end and advanced 3D scanners. There are plenty of great entry-level options for a couple of thousand dollars. Mid-range handheld 3D scanners tend to cost between $10,000 and $40,000.

Nextengine Scanstudio Hd Torrent Verification

NextEngine 3D Scanner Ultra HD: Buy or Lease at Top3DShop

If you’re creating a fillet, it uses the scan data to automatically determine the proper radius and fillet type.BS acrylonitrile butadiene styrene x’y’C3H3N)z) is a common, strong, durable production-grade thermoplastic used across many industries.BS is an ideal material for conceptual prototyping through design verification through direct digital manufacturing.

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What Is The Best 3d Scanner

3D scanners are less popular than 3D printers, but they are an important part of the 3D printing ecosystem. Many different types of 3D scanners exist, from desktop 3D scanners to handheld 3D scanners and advanced metrology systems.

3D scanners can be used for an extremely wide range of applications, from reverse engineering to 3D body scanning or even online retail. They are becoming much easier to use and are available at much lower prices than ever before.

However, given the low number of reliable 3D scanner reviews, it can be challenging to find the best 3D scanner.

With this selection of the best 3D scanners, our goal is to cut through the clutter and offer a short overview of whats available on the market this year.

We also run through different 3D scanning applications and provide concise explanations of the various 3D scanning technologies that exist.

Nextengine 3d Scanner Hd Overview

The Next Engine 3D Scanner HD is a professional desktop 3D scanner made by Next Engine, a manufacturer based in the USA.

The Next Engine 3D Scanner HD uses a laser triangulation technology. A laser beam is projected on the object at the center of the rotating plate. Degree after degree the plate turns so the object can be 3D scanned from all sides.

The Next Engine 3D Scanner HD is not capable of 3D scanning dark, transparent or reflective surfaces and objects. It also requires a controlled lighting to give good results.

The overall performance of the Next Engine 3D Scanner HD is a lot better than cheap entry level 3D scanners at $1,000.

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Type Of 3d Scanned Object

Dimensions and distance of the object

The recommended 3D scanner will change depending on the dimensions and the distance of the object to be 3D scanned. A desktop 3D scanner cant 3D scan a 2-meter-tall statue, and a handheld 3D scanner might not be the best option to 3D scan a very small and precise piece.

The surface of the object

Not every 3D scanner is able to capture the attributes of an objects surface, such as color and texture. It can also be challenging to capture objects with black, shiny, or reflective surfaces.

Nextengine Scanstudio Hd Torrent Software

NextEngine 3D Scanner Tutorial

For example, when extruding a sketch, the software will automatically extend the extrusion to the right point. While you’re creating sketches and solids, this knowledge is used to provide intelligent snapping. The software can recognize many features, including: revolutions, extrusions, planes, freeform areas, and many primitives. Surfaces are a powerful way to represent complex curved and organic shapes.

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Nextengine Ultra Hd 3d Scanner In

NextEngine ULTRA HD is an accurate, quick 3d scanner that delivers higher throughput. Its a compact choice for professional users looking for efficiently performing scanners without any barrier of scan volume.


  • Scan accuracy level up to 0.005 mm
  • Great price: performance ratio
  • Based on reliable laser triangulation technology
  • The scanner is a little on the higher end than general desktop 3D scanners

3D Scanner Ultra HD is a professional 3D scanner manufactured by NextEngine a company based in the USA. The machine features a rotating plate on which the object that is to be scanned, is placed.

Typically, an array of laser beams is projected on the object present on that plate. And as it rotates degree after degree, the object gets scanned from all perspectives.

The scanner manufacturer claims how it takes only two minutes to scan a single facet of any object and around 10 minutes for the complete scan. The full-color scan is easily possible with the scanner which can then be used for creating real-life surfaces and objects.

So, how does the NextEngine Ultra HD 3D scanner manage to do all of that? What are the core features that set it apart from the scanners available in the same price range? And what makes it a professional desktop 3D scanner? Well, lets find out by looking at the scanner in-depth.

How Does It Work

A 3D scanner collects data on the object being scanned as well as the environment in which it is located. 3D scanners effectively turn a physical object into a digital replica.

This digital copy or 3D file can then be updated and 3D printed according to the needs of the user. A 3D file can also be used in further 3D modeling procedures.

In general, engineers in the twenty-first century use this technology for reverse engineering operations. CAD software and 3D printing slicer software are generally compatible with 3D scanner files.

Anything that exists in the actual world can be scanned in three dimensions. Although the technology has several restrictions, apart from the size of the object, practically every other element is insignificant. The majority of items can be 3D scanned.


A 3D scanner can scan anything from a glass to a lamp in 3D. All you have to do is hold the thing stable while scanning the measurements and curves with a 3D scanner to create the objects digital file.

Living Beings

3D scanners may also be used to scan humans and animals. This technology may be used to map the proportions of the body and can then be printed using a 3D printer.


As previously stated, the 3D scanner can scan practically anything. It is entirely true for the environment in which you reside. For instance, consider your living room or office. You can scan them and turn them into a digital file to print with a 3D printer.

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D Scanner V2 By Matter And Form

The company started producing 3D scanners in 2014. Since then, it has provided users with the most affordable choices of a professional 3D scanner. As you can guess from the name of the scanner, this is the second variant of their flagship scanner, 3D Scanner V1.

Being at the lower price side, the 3D Scanner V2 by Matter and Form is very popular among hobbyists and beginners. However, it does offer some of the best features compared to the ones available with costly alternatives.

Boasting outstanding price to performance ratio, this option helps users scan fast and with precision. The company also offers Bevel dongle for those who wish to use it with a 3D scanning app available for android smartphones.

Nextengine Ultra Hd Main Features

NextEngine 3D Scanner Ultra HD: Buy or Lease at Top3DShop

The NextEngine 3D Scanner ULTRA HD uses laser triangulation technology. This 3D scanner can be used with a rotating table or without it. An array of laser beams is projected on the object at the center of the rotating plate.

Degree after degree, the plate turns so that the object can be 3D scanned from all sides. Two minutes are required to 3D scan a single facet, and it can take up to 10 minutes for a complete 3D scan.

The Next Engine 3D scanner ULTRA HD is able to:

  • 3D scan large objects: since this 3D scanner can be used without a rotating table, it is possible to 3D scan large objects. Multiple views can be patched together to get objects bigger than the field size. Twin ranges cover Macro and Wide fields.
  • capture colors: useful for online retail, full-color 3D printing, and more.

Like most 3D scanners, NextEngine ULTRA HD is not capable of 3D scanning dark, transparent or reflective surfaces and objects without preparation.

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Compatible And Flexible Software

3D Scanner Ultra HD can be operated from a USB-tethered computer thats compatible with the proprietary ScanStudio software. This application can be used for multiple purposes such as scanning, aligning, polishing as well as fusing 3D models.

The software permits easy assembling of multiple views via its integrated Smart Alignment and trim tools. Also, the program works fine in a standalone condition for creating standard as well as rare file formats such as STL, OBJ, VRML, U3D, XYZ, and PLY files. Moreover, ScanStudio can also feature a SolidWorks integration.

Operators can control everything on the scanner right from the settings panel provided in the application.

The system automatically sequences various kinds of scans using the built-in tools for aligning as well as merging multiple views into a single model. All it needs is a 2.5 GHz dual-core processor and 3GB RAM for installation.

High Fidelity Low Price

NextEngine delivers an unprecedented combination of power and affordability. At 0.005 inch accuracy, it rivals systems costing 10 times the price. It’s not a cheaper 3D Scanner. It’s a better scanner that costs less. Way less.

Clean Data. Compared with many $25,000+ scanners, NextEngine’s data fidelity is far cleaner. No more annoying pops and spikes that take hours to edit out. The surface data is so clean, you can just use it straight from the scanner.

New Technology. The secret behind this big change is new technology invented by NextEngine. An all-new electro-optical architecture and sophisticated new algorithms use an array of Lasers to scan in parallel. Result: higher point throughput and much better data fidelity.

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What Is 3d Scanning

This non-contact, non-destructive technology uses a line of laser light to digitally capture the geometry of physical items. 3D scanners extract data from an objects surface in the form of point clouds.

In other words, 3D scanning is a method of capturing a real objects exact size and shape into a digital 3-dimensional representation in the computer world.

To swiftly generate highly precise point clouds, 3D scanners analyze small details and record free-form objects.

3D scanning is perfect for measuring and inspecting curved surfaces and complex geometries that require large volumes of data for correct description and where using standard measurement methods like a touch probe would be problematic.

Nextengine Hd 3d Scanner Review

Face Scanning with the NextEngine 3D Scanner HD

The NextEngine 3D Scanner was released a few years ago and still remains one of the most popular on 3D scanners on the market. At a price point under the $3,000 mark, this is considered to be one of the best 3D scanners available.

The scanner does not have to be calibrated before first use. You simply connect it to your computer and youre ready to begin. Ease of use is one of the strongest features that the NextEngine scanner offers. It fits easily into any environment, and although small in size, it can deliver high quality results.

The software contains algorithms that help you to filter out background images and quickly adjust your lighting for optimal scanning abilities. The software also makes it easy and convenient to export in a variety of formats including U3D, OBJ, STL, and VRML, and it will enable you full customization of file sizes with intelligent polygon reduction. In addition, the ScanStudio software gives you everything you need to control the scanner right from the settings panel. Your system will automatically sequence many different scans using built-in tools to align and then merge multiple views into one single model, and it requires only a 2.5 GHz dual core processor and 3GB RAM to install.

The scanner captures specific details that many high end scanners just cant capture. You get rich, full color photo data at each surface point, and data is optically synchronous, so each point holds data for geometry and for color.

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Nextengine Scanstudio Hd Torrent Full

RapidWorks is a hybrid modeler it has full support for both solid modeling and surface modeling. While you work, built in accuracy checking makes sure your design is faithful to the original. At all steps in the process, the 3D scan datum acts as a guide, and the software snaps to the 3D scan datum and automatically recognizes features of interest.

Nextengine 3d Scanner Ultra Hd


NextEngine 3D Scanner Ultra HDNextEngine delivers an unprecedented combination of power and affordability. At 0.005 inch accuracy, it rivals systems costing 10 times the price. Its not a cheaper 3D Scanner. Its a better scanner that costs less. Way less.

Clean Data. Compared with many $25,000+ scanners, NextEngines data fidelity is far cleaner. No more annoying pops and spikes that take hours to edit out. The surface data is so clean, you can just use it straight from the scanner.

New Technology. The secret behind this big change is new technology invented by NextEngine. An all-new electro-optical architecture and sophisticated new algorithms use an array of Lasers to scan in parallel. Result: higher point throughput and much better data fidelity.

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Nextengine Ultra Hd 3d Scanner Now Click

Replicate precious heirlooms. Recreate two-million-year-old hominids from fossils. Model George Washingtons face from his death mask, in breathtaking detail. NextEngines 3D Laser Scanner inspires and enables new possibilities. Were excited to announce a new partnership that transforms richly detailed objects into accurate 3D prints, seamlessly.

Starting today, NextEngine scans not only create a 3D model file, they also link directly to Shapeways. NextEngines ScanStudio app now has Shapeways built in once you finish your scan, just click the Shapeways button to upload directly to your Shapeways account.

NextEngine is thrilled to partner with Shapeways leading 3D print platform to bring ultra high precision 3D laser scanning to the designer community, at remarkably low cost, said Brad Bryker, NextEngines VP of Business Development. Now designers worldwide can share exquisitely accurate and detailed scans of their original creations, and just click to print them in high-quality materials on Shapeways. See the video below for how a spaniel dog figurine was recreated, right down to the lines in the fur.

All this means that you can produce high-quality, precisely detailed 3D models, all in less than an hour, automatically. These model files are much more accurate than other low-cost devices, and turn complex organic shapes into beautifully detailed 3D prints.

What do you want to scan? Share your vision in the comments.

Best 3d Scanner Special Mention: Kinect Sensor

I Migliori 14 Scanner 3D professionali e Scanner 3D economici del 2015 ...

Both professionals and hobbyists have already been using Kinect sensors to 3D scan objects. Microsoft is now releasing a new and improved version of their Kinect sensor, called the Azure Kinect DK . It is equipped with various AI sensors, and various SDKs will be made available , including an open-source SDK.

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