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How To Use Thermal Printer

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Difference Between Inkjet And Thermal Printers

How does a thermal transfer printer work? (EN)

Here’s a few points to consider when comparing inkjet vs. thermal printers:

Inkjet Printers
  • Print Method: Spray ink out of a nozzle onto paper/substrate in tiny droplets
  • Costs: Lower upfront cost vs. thermal printers and wide availability of print supplies/parts
  • Print Quality: Most inkjets are capable of producing lifelike images. Prints can be degraded under exposure to moisture and sunlight
  • Durability: More moving parts = more likely to break down, spray nozzles can get clogged
  • Portability: Not very portable generally, limited to home and office environment
  • Power: Typically require AC power, not as energy-efficient as thermal printers
  • Use Cases: Best for basic home/office printing, photos, flyers, manuals and temporary signage
Thermal Printers
  • Print Method: No ink or toner used in print process, either press waxy pigment onto paper or use heated printhead to print
  • Costs: More costly than the average inkjet upfront, replacement parts are harder to find and more costly
  • Print Quality: Limited in what colors you can print, but you get consistent and precise print quality. Prints tend to hold up better over time, as long as not exposed to excessive heat and light
  • Durability: Few moving parts = less likely to break down. The printhead will last around 10 years
  • Portability: Plenty of mobile form factors to choose from, like handheld or wearable devices
  • Power: AC and battery powered units
  • Use Cases: Best for signs, labels, barcodes and receipt printing

Can You Use Regular Paper In A Thermal Printer

You shouldnt use regular paper for thermal printing. To start with, direct thermal printers will not print on regular papers because the papers do not contain heat-sensitive dye pigments. Secondly, remember that the elements of thermal printheads are not designed for regular papers. Abrasion from regular papers can damage the printhead of your thermal printer.

The best practice is to use the appropriate paper type for each printing technology. This will ensure high-quality printing and secure the longevity of your printer. Dont use regular papers in thermal printers and dont use thermal papers in regular printers.

How To Use Thermal Printers

The thermal printer has a software and an App that you can install. This is the program controlling the receipt printer. The program is rigid forcing you to do your accounting in it. This is good for those who don’t have an cashier software already. For the remaining people, their software does not worth it and especially that you have only 1 month free trial. On an another hand, to do your own invoices, you have to have your own technique to copy paste data to it so you can print. You have to select any text on your smart phone, click “share”, choose the printer, it goes to the printer clipboard and you click print. Here your receipt goes!

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Install The Printers Driver

If your printer requires a driver, make sure you install the driver on your computer. The driver could come as a disc with your printer or you may download it online. After inserting the disc or downloading the driver, run the setup and follow all the promptings until the driver is installed. Make sure not to switch off your computer until the installation process is complete.

During installation, you will have to customize certain settings. Be sure to put in the appropriate settings that fit your printing needs. Many of these settings have to do with the speed and quality of printing outputs. Just remember that higher-quality and faster printing will put more strain on the printer and cause faster wear and tear.

After customizing your settings, make sure to click Save before closing the window. If you are not sure of how to customize your settings, you can get technical support. After saving the settings, print a test page to see a sample of your outputs. From then, you can start sending printing orders from your computer to your printer.

Video Thermal Printers: Installation and Setup with USB

This is a visual guide on how to install and set up your thermal printer. You will see where to put each cable and the step by step process of installation. With this guide, you can install and set up your thermal printer like a pro.

Wider Larger More Possibilities

Thermal Printer 58 MM Receipt Printers For XP 58IIH ...

3 inch thermal receipt printer with auto cutter and the fastest printing speed–300mm/sec, suitable for supermarket, retail shop, clothing store, restaurant, parking, gas station etc.

Product Using Support: Mini Printer, Desktop Printer, Label Printer, Barcode Scanner, Handheld Terminal, Document Scanner, Data Collector

You can add your LOGO on every receipt from Setting Tool along with Printer Driver.

You can turn on/down/off the sound volume by DIP Switch below machine.

If you wanna connect the receipt printer via LAN cable, you can set IP address with the guide of User Manual. We also have training video to show you.

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What Is A Thermal Printer And How Does It Work

Read this guide to learn the pros and cons of thermal printers and everything you need to know when purchasing a thermal printer.

Thermal printers offer convenience in printing labels, receipts and bar codes quickly and cost effectively in a set location or on the go. In this post, well walk you through everything you need to know about how a thermal printer works and the key features to look for so you can find the right model for your business.

How Do I Add A Thermal Printer To Windows 10

Add a local printer Connect the printer to your computer using the USB cable and turn it on. Open the Settings app from the Start menu. Click Devices. Click Add a printer or scanner. If Windows detects your printer, click on the name of the printer and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

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Connecting With The Printer Via Bluetooth

Image 1& 2: Connecting to the thermal Bluetooth printer and entering the Pin

In order to connect your thermal Bluetooth printer successfully please follow the indicated steps:

  • Open the Bluetooth settings of the phone
  • Search for the Bluetooth printer
  • Enter the requested Pin
  • Now the printer is connected to your phone
  • Go to the next chapter to learn how to print out your reports.

    What Are The Advantages Of Thermal Printers

    Beeprt By-426 Thermal Label Printer Setup Install Tutorial | Calibrate Mac Windows PC

    Thermal printers have an unbeatable print speed and they work quietly too. Their running costs are also low because they use neither ink nor toner cartridges. Thermal printers also have a shorter downtime and often last longer than standard printers.

    Thermal printers can produce images within milliseconds and you can pick up the label immediately. It takes some time for inks to dry when you use standard printers. Thermal printers are indeed money-savers and time-savers.

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    How Do You Print On A Thermal Printer

    Step 1: Open the app and click on Settings on the bottom left corner. Step 2: Click on Device Connect. Step 3: Click on Bluetooth Connection. Step 4: Allow your device connect with Bluetooth. Step 6: Click on PDF Print. Step 7: Key in 100 for label width and 150 for label height then click on Choice.

    Thermal Printers In Life

    In fact, the thermal printer is not far from our life, and even everyone has seen it, but you didn’t notice it.

    The man who collect water bills, a small machine in hand, would type the receipts on the spot after entering the value the receipt is printed directly when swiping your card with POS terminal supermarkets and KFC cash registers will also print a list for you after receiving money. When you buy clothes, a white note is attached to the clothes tag, on which the price of the fabric is printed by the barcode printer. These notes and receipts are thermal sensitive paper! And the machines that they use are thermal receipt printers.

    See, it’s not far away. Your life has been “infiltrated” by thermal printers! Why not come and get one!

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    How Do I Connect My Laptop To A Thermal Printer

    How to setup a USB thermal printer? Download the latest version of Waiterio: Install, open and login into the Waiterio application. Navigate to the PRINTING tab and click on the button ADD PRINTER. Set the protocol field to ESC POS. Set the connection field to usb. Input a name for your printer. Click on the SAVE button.

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    Zebras Thermal Transfer And Direct Thermal Solutions

    At Zebra, quality and customer input and satisfaction are critical. These are our focus. Weve been engineering and innovating thermal printers, and associated technologies and solutions, for 50 years. Our customers and partners are our focus groups, benchmarks and driving inspiration.

    Zebra has an globally recognized reputation for quality and performance. When you select a Zebra productsuch as a mobile, desktop or industrial printer or a print engineyou are selecting a proven solution engineered for your purpose. We offer an extensive portfolio to match your environment, print volume and application needs.

    Can You Buy A Thermal Printer For Personal Use

    Thermal printers arent just for business use. While its true that thermal printers are mainly used by businesses, there are plenty of great consumer options. A lot of these printers are for label making, but they can do other cool things, too.

    A brand named Phomemo has a line of mini thermal printers that can connect to phones and tablets over Bluetooth. They cost anywhere from $50 to $90, depending on the quality you want.

    Amazon even has an Alexa-enabled Sticky Note Printer that uses yellow adhesive-backed thermal paper. They advertise it as a tool for printing shopping lists, to-do lists, and puzzles.

    The aforementioned Zink printers are priced similarly to the Phomemo printers, but the paper is quite a bit more expensive. These are great if you want to print full-color photos straight from your phone.

    Are these thermal printers going to replace your inkjet or laser printer? Probably not, but they can serve a useful purpose. The fact that you never have to worry about ink or toner is a huge benefit. As long as you have paper, you can print. Who said printers couldnt be cool?

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    What Are The Things You Need For Thermal Printing

    To use a thermal printer you must purchase a suitable printer for your printing application. You also need thermal paper rolls, and if you are using a thermal transfer printer, you would need thermal ribbons too. Other requirements include a computer and appropriate cables to connect the printer with the computer. Youll also need software to send your printing commands from the computer to the printer.

    Lets take a closer look at each of these requirements:

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    Thermal Printers: Installation and Setup with USB in Windows 7

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    How To Get Img Data In Ansistring To Then Print In Thermal Printer

    Currently im using star printer and im trying to print 32×32 img with raster graphics datawhere the condition is the following:

    ESC GS S m xL xH yL yH n   ASCII ESC GS S m xL xH yL yH n d11 d12  d1k       HEX 1B 1D 53 m xL xH yL yH n d11 d12  d1k       DEC 27 29 83 m xL xH yL yH n d11 d12  d1k  // the one i want to use m= 1 n=00xL255, 0xH1, 0yL255, 0yH25511281655350d255k=  x 

    and the function is:

    Specify only the 2 tones Monochrome printing regardless of input m parameter.Disabled in Page Mode. specifies the number of horizontal data bytes /8,+1 if not divisible). specifies the number of dots in the vertical direction.k indicates the number of the data. specifies the image data to define.When parameter is disabled:parameter m: Command processing end .parameter n: n=0parameter xL, xH, yL, yH: Command processing end (ESC GS S m xL xH yL yH

    I have figured out the ESC command line but now the issue is i dont know how to get the correct data to print then.

    Here is my function to get the data and print command:

    The command is 100% correct but in the data i get way to many #0 – #255Where as i should get only 16 since its 32×32 img

    Using The Ups Thermal Printer Applet

    • Install the UPS Thermal Printer Driver using the steps previously provided on this page
    • Log in to
    • Mouse over the Shipping tab at the top of the page and select Set Preferences in the drop-down menuNote: If you are a CampusShip user, click the My Settings button and select Edit Shipping Preferences
    • Select View/Edit in the Printing Preferences section
      • Use my thermal printer to print labels
      • Use my UPS thermal printer to print receipts
    • Click Print a Sample LabelThe ‘Do you want to run this application?’ window will appear
    • Click the ‘Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and language above‘. check box
    • Click ‘Run
    • The ‘Allow access to the following application form’ window will appear. Click the ‘Do not show this again for this app and website‘ check box. Click ‘OK‘.
    • The ‘Applet has requested access to the printer’ window will appear. Click the ‘Always allow this applet to access the printer‘ check box. Click ‘OK‘.
    • Allow a few moments for the printer selection to appear in the Print Label window. Select your printer name. The label will print.

    The first time you print a label, you may see one or more of the following windows. Take the action listed in the table below:


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    Principle Of Thermal Printer

    For thermal printer, it’s defined as: “A thermal printer has a semiconductor heating element installed on the print head which heats and touches the thermal paper. After heating, a chemical reaction starts in the film coated with a thermal color layer to produce patterns. The thermal printer reacts chemically at a certain temperature. High temperatures accelerate this chemical reaction. When the temperature is below 60, it takes a long time, even several years to get dark. However, at 200 ° c, it happens in several microseconds.

    To put it simply, the principle is that there is a layer of preheated discoloration film on the thermal printing paper. After heating the printing head of the thermal receipt printer, it becomes a pen with ink. On the thermal paper, the written place will turn black, which equals to drawing the pattern with the pen.

    Installing Pos Print Server

    TSC TX200

    For printing via receipt printer, you will need to install a pos print server on your local computer from which UltimatePOS is used.

  • Download the server from this link. by clicking on Download Repository
  • Unzip the zip file.
  • Rename the unzipped folder to pos_print_server.
  • Move the pos_print_server to document root .
  • Open Command Prompt or also called terminal. And go to the pos_print_server directory. You can go to this directory using CD command in the command prompt.
  • From the Command Prompt which is now inside pos_print_server directory run the below command:php server.php After running the command it will start the print server and show a message Server started
  • Now we are ready to go. Try creating a test sell from the pos screen and it should print in your thermal printer. If you havent added a printer then follow the steps mentioned in Step1: Adding a Printer and it should work.
  • Great, now were ready to print on a thermal printer.

    Give it a test drive.

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    What Is A Thermal Printer

    A thermal printer is a type of printer that uses a heated thermal printhead pressed against a medium to produce black text or images. The heated printhead either activates special chemically treated paper or transfers solid ink from a ribbon and bonds it to the medium, depending on the type of thermal printer. They are commonly used in producing labels, receipts, barcodes, ID badges and many more applications across a vast number of industries.

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