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How To Use Brother Printer

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How To Scan From A Brother All In One Printer In Windows 10
  • Color Laser LED FAX/MFC

1. Open the Printer Folder:

Windows 2000/XP:

Start => => Control Panel => Printers

Start => Control Panel => Printers and Other Hardware => View Installed Printers

Windows Vista:

– Click Start => Control Panel => Hardware and Sound => Printers

Windows 7:

– Click Start => Control Panel => Hardware and Sound => Devices and Printers

Windows 8, 8.1 or 10:

– Press the Windows key and R on your keyboard, in the run box type control printers and press enter

2. Right-click on the Brother Printer and select Printing Preferences.

3. In the Paper Source dropdown choose the Tray that you want to print from.

4. Click Apply => OK. The driver is now configured and all subsequent print jobs will use the selected settings.

For a single print job:

NOTE:The steps may differ depending on your application.

1. From within your application, click File => Print.

2. Click Properties.

3. Click on the Basic tab

4. In the Paper Source dropdown choose the Tray that you want to print from.

5. Click Apply => OK.

6. Click OK or PRINT, depending on your application. The document should print from the tray based on the selection you made.

1. Within the application access the print dialog. The steps will vary depending on the application you are using.

2. From the Applications Dropdown choose Paper Feed.

3. You can select ‘All Pages From’ or ‘First Page From’ and ‘Remaining From’. From the dropdown choose the Tray that you want to print from.

4. Click PRINT.

How To Use The Network Printer Driver Wizard Software

The Network Print Driver Wizard software can be used to ease the installation or even automate the installation of a Brother network connected printers into a network environment. It has two modes:

  • Install the printer driver and necessary TCP/IP printing software
  • Install the printer driver and necessary TCP/IP printing software and create a executable file, then when run, will totally automate the installation of the necessary Brother printer driver and TCP/IP printing software.
  • This software has been updated and is now available as the “Driver Deployment Wizard“, .

    How to use the Network Printer Driver Wizard:

    When you run the Wizard for the first time you will see a welcome screem, click‘Next’ . The Wizard will then search for any network connected Brother printers on the network. After the seach is complete you will see a screen similar to the one below:

    Select the printer you wish to install and click ‘Next’.

    The Wizard will find Brother printers that have already been assigned an IP address.

    Setting the IP Address

    If the printer doesn’t have an address, then the Wizard will allow you to change the IP address by selecting the printer from the list and by selecting the ‘Configure IP’ option. A dialogue box will then appear which allows you to specify information such as the IP address, subnet mask and also the gateway address if necessary.

    Windows95/98/Me/NT4 and Windows 2000 systems

    You will then see a screen similar to below:

    Please note the two options:

    How To Connect An Offline Brother Printer

    If you are unable to print to your installed Brother printer because it is appearing as offline, then you can adjust some of the printer’s settings so that you are able to continue printing documents. Windows 7 provides a built-in feature for toggling between offline mode, which can resolve many of the “Printer Offline” notifications that you are receiving from your Brother printer. However, if this option does not solve your problems, you may need to make some physical changes to your printer installation to restore normal printing functionality.



    Right-click your Brother printer icon, and then click “see What’s Printing.”



    Press the power switch on your Brother printer to turn it off.


    Disconnect the printer’s USB cable from the USB port on your computer.


    Turn on the Brother printer.


    Reconnect the USB cable to the USB port on your computer. If the documents in your printing queue begin to print, then you have resolved your problem. Otherwise, continue to the next step.



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    What If That Didn’t Work

    Maybe you have a different model of printer, or maybe Brother changes it from time to time. So, I’ll tell you how I got this sequence of keystrokes. I bought a genuine Brother replacement cartridge for my printer, and it didn’t work. I called the help line and after requesting the serial number of the cartridge so they could verify that it was genuine, they gave me these key-strokes. So, if this doesn’t work for you, get hold of a genuine cartridge, call Brother, and tell them your printer won’t accept the cartridge. Eventually, they’ll give you the right series of keystrokes to reset the toner message. And hopefully you’ll post it on Instructables!

    Good luck!

    How To Make Your Brother Printer Accept A Toner Cartridge

    How to Setup Brother Wireless Printer

    Has your Brother printer ever told you your toner cartridge needed to be replaced and refused to print any more even though you knew you could just shake the cartridge and get another 50 pages out of it? Or maybe you bought a less expensive replacement cartridge and your printer would not accept it because it wasn’t a genuine Brother toner cartridge? Well, this short Instructable tells you the key sequence needed to over-ride the printer’s rejection of a cartridge. This works on my Brother MFC-7860DW, but may work on other models as well.

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    How To Connect Brother Printer To Wifi

    In this article we are going to explain the process to connect Brother printer to your Wifi network. Thereafter, we will explain the steps to create a wireless connection of your Brother printer with your Windows or Mac device.

    In order for your Brother printer to work wirelessly, you need to put your printer and computer on same WiFi network. Hence, we will be explaining the process for this in the following section.

    Before we start the process, to connect brother printer to wifi there are few things we need to check

    • First of all find out your WiFi network name.
    • Also, find your network key for your WiFi .
    • Write down somewhere the SSID and Password of your Wifi router as you will be needing that.

    Pair The Printer With The Ipad

  • On your iPad, open the Settings app. Go to Settings > Bluetooth.

  • Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on.

  • Under Devices, look for Brother QL-820NWBxxxx, like Brother QL-820NWB1234.

  • The series of 4 digits at the end of the device name identifies your specific printer. We recommend writing these digits on the back or bottom of your printer.

  • Close the iPad Settings app and open the Envoy Visitors app.

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    How To Connect Brother Printer To Dell Computer

    The Brother machine can be connected to the Control Panel by using the Network connection. Devices and Printers can be found under Hardware and Sound. Adding a printer is as simple as clicking Add printer. Click Next once you have selected the model name. You can select Brother from the Manufacturer list by clicking the following link. Click Next once you have selected the model name.

    Using Documents Or Data Stored In Word Excel Or Outlook

    How to Set Up your Brother Printer

    It’s simple to create labels using information already stored or created in popular applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, or Outlook. It’s as easy as:

    • highlight the text you want inserted into your label
    • print the text you want inserted into your label
  • Instructions based on Express Mode in P-touch Editor v5 label creation software.
  • Stay Connected

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    How Can I Use My Brother Machine To Scan Directly To An E

    In order to use the Scan to E-mail option, the Brother machine will need to be configured to communicate with a POP3 and SMTP server. If you do not have this information, please contact your Internet Service Provider to obtain the information.

    NOTE:Scan to E-mail requires SMTP/POP3 mail server support. You must accurately configure the settings to connect to your SMTP/POP3 Mail Server. If you are unsure of any of these settings, contact your network admin or Internet Service Provider for further assistance.


    1. Print the Network Configuration Sheet: Press MENU, 6 , 6 , BLACK START.

    2. Launch the Web Interface of your Brother machine: Open a web browser on a computer connected to the same network as your Brother machine. In the address line type and press ENTER.

    3. Click on Network Configuration. Login using the following:

    4. Click on Configure Protocol.

    5. Select Enable next to POP3/SMTP, then click Advanced Setting.

    6. Fill in all the requested information on this page. If you are unsure about any of these settings, contact your Internet Service Provider:

    SMTP Server Address: This field displays the Host Name or IP address of an SMTP mail server on your network.

    SMTP Port: Specify the destination port number of the SMTP server that you will connect to.

    SMTP-AUTH Account Name: Specify a name to be validated with the SMTP server.

    7. Click Submit to save your settings.

    – 2sided edge.

    Pair The Printer With Envoy

  • On your computer, log in to Envoy, and go to Visitors > Devices > Printer.

  • Select the Brother QL-820NWB and Bluetooth as a connection option.

  • Confirm Envoy shows the printer as Connected.

  • Note: To connect additional printers via Bluetooth, you do not need to go through the steps described above. After pairing the iPad with the additional printer via Bluetooth, you will pair the iPad to the dashboard and the printer will automatically be added and visible on the dashboard. For more detailed steps please see Multiple printers.

  • Tip: If this pairing method does not work, try this Alternate Bluetooth connection method.

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    Easy To Find Space For And Set Up

    The MFC-J4335DW weighs 17.6 pounds and measures 8.1 by 18.1 by 13.2 inches . The compact size makes it perfect for your desk, where you can easily reach the front-panel buttons for scanning, copying, and faxing. The 1.8-inch LCD on the control panel is not a touch screen and is small enough to that some longer messages require you to scroll, but it serves its purpose.

    The AIO gives you the choice of connecting to a single computer by USB or Wi-Fi Direct, or connecting through a network using Wi-Fi. For performance and quality tests, I connected by USB. Note, however, that to take advantage of the web-connected features to print from and scan to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, One Drive, and other online services, you have to use a Wi-Fi connection to an internet-connected network. According to Brother, the printer also supports Alexa, but the Brother representative I spoke to was not able to give me any details about Alexa support, including how to set it up.

    Setup was straightforward and took only a few minutes, mostly for downloading files from Brother’s website. A nice extra is the option to install the document management program PaperPort.

    Set Up A Brother Machine On A Wireless Network

    Brother MFC

    When you have located the wireless network settings of your wireless router or access point, set up your Brother machine as described in the setup video below.

    *The video clip is being streamed from YouTube.
    How to use the buttons:
    Start the video
    Stop the video
    Restart the video
    • The product or components, such as the power cord, shown in this video may differ from the ones that you are using.
    • Video contents may change without prior notice.
    • You can change the size of the captions that are shown in the YouTube video by clicking

    To set up your Brother machine on a wireless network:

  • Connect the power cord to your Brother machine and then connect it to an electrical socket. Turn your Brother machine on.
  • Press Menu button on the machine’s control panel.
  • Press the Up or Down arrow key to select Network and press OK.
  • Press the Up or Down arrow key to select WLAN and press OK.
  • Press the Up or Down arrow key to select Setup Wizard and press OK.
  • When WLAN Enable? appears, select Yes to enable the wireless network. This will start the wireless setup wizard.
  • The machine will search for your network and display a list of available Network Names . When a list of SSIDs appears, press the Up or Down arrow keys to select the SSID you wrote down earlier, and then press OK.
  • Do one of the following:
  • If using an authentication and encryption method that requires the Network Key Enter the Network Key, then press OK to apply your settings. Select Yes to apply the settings.
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    How To Connect Your Brother Mfc L2700dw Printer To Wifi

    Justin Chung11/25/19

    The Brother MFC L2700DW is a popular all-in-one machine that has the ability to carry out many useful tasks such as copy, print and scan. Another great feature of this all-in-one machine is that it can be connected wirelessly. So whether the primary location of this machine is at home or in the office, multiple people within a network can have access to the Brother MFC L2700DW printer without the hassle of a wire or cord.

    However, with the progression of technology, it can be difficult to keep yourself informed on how to setup certain features that your machine has to offer. Its not as easy as plugging your printer into an outlet, installing the Brother TN-660 toner cartridgeand Brother DR-630 drum cartridge, and having everything ready to go. You will need to follow certain installation steps to properly set up your Brother MFC L2700dw into a fully functioning unit. This includes setup of the WiFi connection.

    Luckily, we have made an easy step by step guide on how to do just that.

    Using The Label Creation Software

    Use a variety of font types, sizes, images, and effects to create labelsEasily change text by clicking on the text toolbar button. True type fonts stored on your PC can be accessed to create your label. Easily change the font size, style and alignment to customize your label.

    You can easily create labels using the wide variety of built-in frame designs, further customizing your label. You can even drop-in images stored on your PC, acquired via screen capture, or from included clipart symbols.

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    How Do I Use My Brother Machine To Print In Black And White

    • Inkjet FAX/MFC

    Printing in black and white from a computer

    If you are using your Brother machine to print from a computer, you can use grayscale to print in black and white.

    To print in black and white from a computer, do one of the following:

    Ink use when printing in black and white from a computer

    When you set your printer driver to grayscale, your Brother machine may still use a combination of black, yellow, cyan, and magenta ink to produce black print.

    Black and white mode

    Your Brother machine may automatically enter black and white mode when one or more of its color ink cartridges reaches the end of its life. When this happens, the Touchscreen will read “Replace Ink – B& W 1-sided Print Only.”

    You cannot put your machine in black and white mode.Black and white mode is an automatic machine function that temporarily allows you to keep printing in black and white until you replace the color cartridge that has reached the end of its life.

    You can use your Brother machine in black & white mode for approximately four weeks, depending on the number of pages you print. While in black and white mode, your machine will stop all print operations and you will not be able to print until you install a new ink cartridge if:

    – The paper type is set to anything except Plain Paper or Inkjet Paper.

    – You unplug your Brother machine, open the ink door, or take out the ink cartridge indicated on the Touchscreen.

    Set Up The Wireless Connection Manually With The Printer Driver Installed

    How Scan Using OCR on the Brother Multi-Function Center Printer

    To connect your printer to a wireless network, you must use the supplied AC adapter or Li-ion battery. If your Brother printer is powered by alkaline or Ni-MH batteries, you cannot connect it to a wireless network.

  • Make sure that the printer driver, Printer Setting Tool, and P-touch Editor are installed on your computer.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Make sure the printers Wi-Fi LED is flashing.If the Wi-Fi LED is not flashing Press and hold the Wireless Mode button for one second to turn on the wireless mode. When the Wi-Fi LED is lit, release the Wireless Mode button.
  • Connect the printer to the computer with a USB cable.
  • Start the Printer Setting Tool on the computer, and click . For more information about the Printer Setting Tool, see “Using the Printer Setting Tool “.
  • In in the tab, do the following:
  • Make sure that is selected for .
  • Enter the SSID that you used previously, or click and select the SSID from the list.
  • Enter the password as and click .

    Enter the correct and settings for your wireless network.

  • When the printer and the wireless router/access point are connected successfully, the printers Wi-Fi LED stops flashing, and then becomes lit.
  • Make sure that the Editor Lite LED is off. Start the P-touch Editor and select the printer from the list.
  • You can now edit and print labels wirelessly from your computer.
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    Count The Pennies Saved

    As mentioned earlier, the MFC-J4335DW offers a low running cost, but it’s important not to focus on running cost alone when making a buying decision. What you need to compare is the total cost of ownership, meaning the running cost plus the initial price. That said, the MFC-J4335DW costs little enough that you almost don’t have to do the math to know its 0.9 cents per black page and 4.7 cents per color page will save money compared with most printers with a lower price tag.

    The Epson XP-4100, for example, costs $50 less, but the cost per page is 8 cents for a standard monochrome black page and 18 cents using color. Even if you print nothing but black text pages, the 7.1-cent per-page savings for the MFC-J4335DW means you need to print only 705 pages over the life of the printer to make up for the $50 difference. Print color pages, and you’ll hit the break-even point sooner. Every penny saved after that is extra money for your bank account.

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