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How To Start Canon Printer

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Ij Start Canon Tr4500 Print From Computer

How To Setup Your Canon Inkjet Printer (2019)
  • Install the print driver on your computer. The print driver is available in the manufacturer site.
  • Now, on your system, go to Devices & Printers and select your printer from the list.
  • Choose a Connection Method in the next screen.
  • Select the USB connection option and click the OK button.
  • Use the USB cable delivered along with your printer for connection setup.
  • Connect the USB cable to the rear end of the printer.
  • Now, turn on your printer.
  • Wait for the connection process to complete.
  • Once the connection setup is done, the test print screen displays. Click Start.
  • The printer prints the test page.

Connecting Computer Or Smartphone To Printer Directly Via Wireless Lan

The printer has a function to connect a computer or smartphone to the printer directly via wireless LAN, allowing you to perform printing operation.Follow the procedure below to use this function.

For more on printing operation, refer to device’s or application’s instruction manual.


  • If a device has already been connected to the printer via wireless LAN and you want to add a device to connect, connect it to the printer directly.You can connect up to 5 devices to the printer at the same time.

  • For restrictions when you change the connection method from direct connection to connection via a wireless router:

  • Press and hold Wi-Fi button and release it when POWER lamp flashes 3 times.

  • Make sure POWER lamp changed from flashing to lit.

    If the POWER lamp is not lit, repeat step 2.

  • Note

    • To check the current access point mode setting of the printer, print out the network setting information.

    • You can change the security setting using IJ Network Tool .

    How To Print On Ij Start Canon Tr4500

    • Lower the front lid gently and pull the cassette out until it stops.
    • Slide the paper width guides to both the extreme ends and load paper into it.
    • Adjust it according to the paper size.
    • Push the cassette back into the Canon TR4500 Setup and the Paper Information screen appears on the panel.
    • Press the right & left arrows to select the paper size and type.
    • Once you are done with the settings, press the OK button.
    • On your computer, select StartAll Apps.
    • Select the file type and click Browse.
    • Choose the file that you want to print and change the Print Settings. Click Print and wait for the printer to complete the process.

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    How Do I Setup My Canon Printer Wirelessly

    Have a glance at the instructions that you need to follow carefully for a complete setup of Canon Printer wirelessly!

  • On the Start menu, you should choose Devices and Printers
  • Tap on Add a printer option.
  • Select Add A Network, Wireless Or Bluetooth Printer from the Add Printer wizard.
  • Select your printer and then click Next.
  • Install the printer drivers and complete the on-screen instructions and click Finish option.
  • With these steps, you can easily setup Canon printer wirelessly without any kind of obstacles.

    S To Connect Canon Printer To Wireless Lan Network

    IJ Start Canon PIXMA TR4520 » IJ Start Canon

    Here are the steps to connect the Canon printer to a wireless LAN network by going through steps:

  • Press the power button on your printer and turn it on. Now, keep the Wi-Fi router in the On state during the entire process.
  • Ensure thatthe internet speed is vital. To increase the speed, offload the network by removing other systems from the network.
  • Now, you should observe the green light. If it is flickering, then the printer is on.
  • Afterward, start the connection process by heading over to the Menu button on your printer. Click on it.
  • Head towards networks settings.
  • When the network settings screen arrives on the screen, you will notice various network settings options appearing on your screen.
  • Now, you should click on the Wireless Settings option.
  • Hover over the option Standard Setup and tap on it.
  • All the networks in the proximity of the printer hardware will be enlisted on the display screen.
  • Give a tapon your network.
  • Enter the required information, including the SSID and the network key.
  • After accessing the network, a confirmation prompt will arrive on the screen. Click on the Ok button & move forward.
  • Wait till the notification about the network established gets displayed on the screen.
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    Canon Tr4500 Ij Network Device Setup Utility

    • Turn on your printer after connecting it to the power supply.
    • Go to the manufacturers site and enter the printer model number and OS version of your system.
    • Download the file by clicking the download button.
    • Run the setup file to install the printer driver on your computer.
    • Use the Custom Install option to select the additional applications to be installed on your computer.
    • The Network Device Setup Utility will also be installed along with the MP Driver package.

    Part 1: Connect My Canon Printer To My Wifi

    Connecting your Canon printer to your Wifi should be as easy as pie once you follow these steps:

    1) Press the power button;;to turn on your printer.

    2) Press the Settings button;. Then press the arrrow button;;and once you go to;Device settings,;press;OK .

    3) Press the arrrow button; until you see LAN Settings, press OK.

    4); Press;the arrrow button; until you go to wireless LAN setup, press OK.

    The printer will start searching for Wifi network, in the meanwhile, the light will be blinking.

    5) If the searching process takes too long, you can press Stop, and itll go to;wireless LAN setup, standard setup. Press OK.

    6) Press the arrrow button;;until you find your Wifi network, and then press OK.

    7);Enter your password for the Wifi and press OK.

    Enter passphrase :1*

    8) Press OK again once the screen says Connected.

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    How To Install Canon Printers

    Canon manufactures a wide variety of printers, each with its own particular features and benefits, such as the ability to scan documents or send faxes. Despite the differences between the various printer models, each Canon printer uses the same installation method, which you must perform before you can use the printer.


    Plug one end of the USB cable into the USB port on the Canon printer and plug the other end into a USB port on your computer. Plug the power cable into the printer and outlet, but keep the printer off.


    Insert the installation CD that was included with the printer into your computer’s optical drive.



    Follow the installation prompts that appear once the installation CD has finished loading. If the installation CD doesn’t launch automatically, click “Start” then “Computer.” Double-click on the CD/DVD icon to view the CD’s contents. Double-click on “Setup.exe” to run the program. Wait for the drivers to be installed.


    Turn on the printer when the Printer Connection screen appears. Follow the remaining on-screen prompts.



    How To Perform Canon Printer Wireless Setup On Computer

    How to setup Canon Pixma TS3122 Printer with Wifi and Wireless Printing

    The new, enhanced, and ultimate technology printers can easily be connected to your computer without taking use of any USB cable. To install the printer on the computer wirelessly, the basic and most important condition is to enable the Wifi on your computer. It is to be noted that the Wifi you have accessed on your computer should be the same to which your printer is linked. Once it is done, the next step is to add your Canon printer to the computer. After doing so, your printer will be able to receive commands from your;Canon Printers.;


  • Start the Canon printer wireless setup on Windows by accessing the Control Panel application. You can easily locate it from the Start Menu.;
  • Now, select View Devices and Printers. A new window will pop-up where you will observe an Add a Printer option.
  • ;Just click on it and the printers list which all are connected to the same Wifi network as your computer will come into view.
  • ;Tap on the printer you wish to link and soon you will see that your printer is connected.;
  • Mac

  • Hover your cursor and place it on the Apple Menu for Canon printer wireless setup on Mac. From the menu presented, select System Preferences.;
  • A vast number of options will be provided to you, select Print & Scan.
  • On the left side of the next window, you will notice a list of printers that are already installed on your Mac.;
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    How To Copy Using A Canon Printer

    To copy documents or photos using a Canon printer, download the printer drivers and place the document on the scanner platen.

    • Press the Power button to switch on the printer.
    • Make sure that you have sufficient papers in the input tray.
    • Load the document that you need to scan on the scanner glass.
    • Tap the Copy button and press the Color button for color copying.
    • Press the Black button to copy documents in black and white.
    • Now, the Canon machine will start copying the documents placed on the scanner glass.
    • If necessary, set the Copy Settings on the printers control panel.
    • Collect the copied documents from the printers output tray.

    Canon Pixma Printer Wireless Setup

    If you have a broadband network access at your home, you can perform wireless setup for your Canon Pixma printer. Before you start the Canon Pixma printer setup, take note of your routers SSID and password. Follow the quick instructions given below to perform the Canon Pixma printer wireless setup.

    • Turn on your computer and the Canon Pixma printer.
    • Install the MP Driver on your computer.
    • During the installation, choose the Connection Type as Wireless Connection.
    • Select Wireless LAN Connection and click the Next button.
    • Now, long-press the Wireless button and wait for the Wireless lamp to flash.
    • Double-tap the Color button and ensure that the Wireless light is flashing.
    • Now, try to print a document or image from your computer.

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    Fix Scanning Issue In Canon Tr4500

    • Verify whether the printer is in the active state.
    • If the drivers are not installed properly, use the CD-ROM to install it.
    • Store the scanned files and images in the IJ Scan Utility to open files in your application.
    • If the system is connected to multiple printers, choose your Canon TR4500 Setup name from the list. Check if the printers name selected is correct.


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    Quick Searched

    How To Fax On Ij Start Canon Tr4500

    IJ Start Canon TS3300
    • The first step is to set the phone line configuration and choose how you want to receive faxes.
    • Now, start the setup process.
    • Switch on your printer by pressing the POWER button.
    • Press the SETUP option on the printers control panel.
    • Use the arrows keys to select an option. Press FAX SETTINGS. Make sure to tap the OK button once the selection is made.
    • Tap the EASY SETUP option followed by START SETUP.
    • Now, use the power cord to connect the Canon TR4500 Setup to the wall outlet and the computer.
    • To perform a connection test, press the OK button.
    • Select SHARING FAX/VOICEReceive mode TEL PriorityTelephone Line Type ToneOK.
    • Now the Fax receive setup is complete.

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    Standard Connection Method For Mac Users

    If your access point does not support the WPS feature, use the following instructions to set your printer up on your wireless network.

    2. When the initial screen appears, click on .

    Step 33. When the following screen appears, type your Password to allow the Helper Tool to be installed, then click on .;

    4. When the following screen appears, click on .;

    Step 55. The software will check to see if there are any updates to the driver and software, and will download them as necessary, this may take a few minutes.

    6. Select your region and country, then click on .

    7. If you accept the terms of the license agreement, click .;

    Step 88. If you would like to take part in the Extended Survey Program, click , otherwise click .;

    Step 99. The following screen will appear whilst checking the printer status, this may take a few minutes.

    10. Select then click .

    11. Ensure your printer is powered on, then click .;

    Step 1212. The software will search for any printers already setup on your network.

    Detection may take some time, so please be patient while the software searches for a printer.

    Step 1313. If you have already connected your printer to your network, select it from the list within the Printers on the Network List window and click to start the software installation, then proceed to step 20.If this is the first time you are setting up your printer, it will not be displayed on the list, so please continue to step 14.

    Step 1414. Ensure is selected, then click .

    Part 1 Of 3: Preparing To Scan

  • 1Make sure that your Canon printer can scan. If your printer is an “all-in-one” model, it can scan. Some other printer models can scan as well, though you’ll need to check the printer’s documentation or product page to ensure that this is the case.
  • 2Connect your printer to your computer. Most Canon printers that can scan will also be able to connect wirelessly via a touch-screen panel, but you may need to connect your printer to your computer via USB cable.

    Tip: Most printers include a USB cable that you can use in case the wireless feature doesn’t work.

  • 3Turn on your printer if necessary. Press the printer’s “On” button. If the printer won’t turn on, make sure that it’s connected to a working power source.
  • 4Open the scanner. Lift up the scanner’s lid so that you can see the glass bottom of the scanner.
  • If your Canon printer has an all-in-one paper feeder, insert your document into the tray instead. You can look at the symbol on the tray to see how to insert the paper.
  • Consult your Canon’s instruction manual if you can’t figure out how to use the built-in scanner.
  • 5Place your document face-down in the scanner. You should see markings next to the glass bottom; these usually indicate how the document should be oriented in the scanner.
  • 6Close the scanner lid. Make sure that it is firmly shut before you scan your document.Advertisement
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    Standard Canon Pixma Printer Troubleshooting Methods

    Some common issues will occur on the Canon printers. You can perform the standard canon printer troubleshooting mechanisms to fix Canon printer setup problems. You can also use automated tools to fix the issues automatically. Some of the basic troubleshooting problems are discussed below; you can refer to them to solve Canon printer issues.

    Canon Pixma Printer Usb Setup

    Setting up Your Wireless Canon PIXMA TS3122- WiFi Protected Setup with a Windows Computer

    Canon Pixma printer setup via USB cable is another method for establishing a printer connection. Use the installation disc that accompanied your printer for installing the driver. Do not connect the USB cable until instructed.

    • Turn on the Wi-Fi before you begin. Insert the CD-ROM into your system drive and wait until it recognizes the external device.
    • The welcome wizard opens asking you to specify the type of printer connection. Click on the USB Connection button.
    • On the next screen, select the software associated with Canon printer.
    • Make sure to read the entire License Agreement before you agree to it.
    • The progress of the installation process appears on the screen.
    • On the Check Printer Settings wizard, check the box next to the Canon Pixma printer Setup the network connection via USB option.
    • Connect the Canon Pixma printer using a USB cable to your PC. Make sure that the USB cable is of good quality and compatible with the printer and computer.
    • Confirm the connection to the access point by selecting Yes.
    • Choose the SSID of your network and specify the password of your network. Detach the USB cable.
    • These are the major things you need to fill up. The other screens will display the basic policies and terms to which you have to agree.

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    Canon Pixma Printer Drivers

    • After unboxing, download the drivers and install it on your computer to initiate the Canon Pixma printer setup process.
    • Open a browser and go to the manufacturers site. Key in your printer model number and the OS version of your computer.
    • From the Drivers & Downloads tab, find your driver and click the Download button to download and install the driver.
    • In the next screen, choose the Custom Install option to select the additional software that you want to download with the driver.
    • Read and follow the instructions to set up the Canon Pixma driver.
    • Choose the Connection Method halfway through the installation process.
    • Align the printheads and take a test print to ensure that the canon pixma printer setup is complete.

    How To Update Your Canon Printer Drivers

    Follow the steps given below at to update your Canon printer drivers.

    • Windows makes it super easy to update your current printer drivers.
    • Power ON your computer and press the Windows icon to reveal the Start menu.
    • Now, among the available options, click on the Control panel option and go to the Hardware and Sound tab.
    • Search for the Printers drop-down, which will contain the relevant printers.
    • Right-click the printer you want to update the drivers on and click Update drivers.
    • Note: please ensure you are connected to a high-speed internet connection. The driver update procedure requires an active internet connection.
    • If it fails to find the correct drivers for your printer, open your internet browser and go to
    • Once youre on the website, go to the support/drivers section and download the updated drivers from there.

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