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How To Setup Canon Wireless Printer

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Canon Get Started — Wireless printing set up on your PIXMA printer

The vast majority of modern printers use a USB connection, which can also be found on nearly all computers. Many printers have a USB Type B socket, which is square rather than the rectangular Type A socket found on most computers, but compatible cables known as USB A-B are widely and cheaply available.

Install Canon Inkjet Printer Using Ijstart Canon

Follow the most frequently used and straightforward steps to set up your Canon IJ printer. Check the following steps

  • First, you need to start your system as a laptop or PC.
  • Second Connect your Canon Inkjet Printer to the system via either wireless or wired
  • Third, open a web browser and type within the bar.
  • Enter the code, then be patient for Canon website to load. It will guide you through various ways to proceed.
  • Enter the Canon models number. press Enter then install the configuration.

How To Connect Canon Wireless Printer To Hp Laptop

My wireless HP printer needs to be connected to my laptop. Locate your settings at the top of the page. You will need to connect your WiFi network in step two. The third step is to complete connectivity. The fourth step is to locate your printer settings. The printer must be connected to the computer in step 5.

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How To Setup Canon Printer To Wi

  • The first is to download and install the printer driver.
  • Then, to run the driver and click on the scan now option.
  • Driver easy will enable you to scan the computer and check if there is any problem in the printer drivers.
  • Then, update the printer drivers if required. An accurate version of the printer driver is required to be downloaded, installed, and updated.
  • After the update of drivers, the computer is required to be restarted to enable the changes to take place.

So, these are some of the steps to follow and apply for canon printer setup.

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Standard Connection Method For Windows

Canon Wireless Printer Setup  Medium
  • Insert the CD that came with your printer and run the setup.If the Setup CD-ROM does not autorun, insert the CD-ROM into the computer again and click on or , select the CD-ROM and double-click .If you do not have the CD that came with your product, please download the manuals and software.
  • When the initial screen appears, click on .
  • Select as a connection method, then click .
  • Select as the wireless LAN connection method then click .
  • Ensure that your printer is turned on, make sure the white power lamp is on and then click .
  • The software will now briefly search your network for any printers already connected.If this is the first time you are setting up your printer it will not be found. So please ensure that is selected, then click .
  • The Setup Guide Installation will now start.
  • Click on .
  • Click on .
  • When the following screen appears, hold down the button on the printer until the white power lamp flashes 2 times and release after the second flash, then click .
  • Make sure that the blue Wi-Fi lamp flashes quickly and the white power lamp is lit, then click .
  • The following message will be displayed
  • Once the connection to the access point is completed click .
  • When the following screen appears, select your region and click .
  • When the following screen appears, select your language and then click .
  • When the following screen appears, click on to agree to the end user license agreement.
  • When the following screen appears, click on .
  • When the following screen is displayed click .
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    Canon Pixma Mg2922 Ink Cartridges

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    Canon PG-245 XL Black Ink Cartridge
    Canon CL-246 XL Color Ink Cartridge

    How To Connect Canon Wireless Printer On Mac

    • Firstly, turn on your Mac device and Canon Printer
    • Then, connect Canon printer to wireless network by following the steps discussed in the first section of this write up.
    • Then, go to the to download the driver. Now complete the driver installation process.
    • Then, click on the Apple menu > Click System and Preference.
    • From the next prompt screen choose Printers and Scanners option.
    • Thereafter, you have to click on the + Sign to add the printer.
    • Now from the pop up window, select your Canon printer and click on add.
    • Once your printer is added, you can see the printers name on the left side of your screen.
    • Finally, your Canon wireless printer is successfully connected to Mac

    So if you are looking for Why canon printer not connecting to wifi follow above mention steps to complete setup on windows and mac

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    Canon Pixma Printer Setup

    • Through auto, wirelessly connect which enables a printer to connect to wireless network automatically.
    • No cables and wireless network settings are required for it.
    • To do this, the software is required to be installed in which printer model is required to be entered.
    • Printer drivers are required to be downloaded and then connection type is required to be selected.
    • Through wireless setup wizard. In the printer, the control panel is there.
    • The wireless icon is there and wireless settings need to be done in a printer.
    • Through the WPS button on a printer and a printer is connected to a wireless network within few minutes.
    • On the printer also, the WPS button is present and by pressing it also, the printer can get connected to Wi-Fi.
    • The Wi-Fi direct option can also be used.
    • This option allows you to print directly through your connected device like mobile phone, laptop, computer.

    So, these are some of the steps to follow and apply. Through Wi-Fi, wireless printing can be done directly by just connecting a device to a computer on the same network.

    How To Perform Canon Printer Wireless Setup On Computer

    How To Set Up Wireless Printing on PIXMA MG6220, MG8220, and MG5320 Printers

    The new, enhanced, and ultimate technology printers can easily be connected to your computer without taking use of any USB cable. To install the printer on the computer wirelessly, the basic and most important condition is to enable the Wifi on your computer. It is to be noted that the Wifi you have accessed on your computer should be the same to which your printer is linked. Once it is done, the next step is to add your Canon printer to the computer. After doing so, your printer will be able to receive commands from your Canon Printers.


  • Start the Canon printer wireless setup on Windows by accessing the Control Panel application. You can easily locate it from the Start Menu.
  • Now, select View Devices and Printers. A new window will pop-up where you will observe an Add a Printer option.
  • Just click on it and the printers list which all are connected to the same Wifi network as your computer will come into view.
  • Tap on the printer you wish to link and soon you will see that your printer is connected.
  • Mac

  • Hover your cursor and place it on the Apple Menu for Canon printer wireless setup on Mac. From the menu presented, select System Preferences.
  • A vast number of options will be provided to you, select Print & Scan.
  • On the left side of the next window, you will notice a list of printers that are already installed on your Mac.
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    How To Perform The Wireless Lan Setup Using Wps Connection

    Wireless Setup
    • The configuration, router functions, setup procedures and security settings of the network device vary depending on your system environment. For details, refer to your device’s instruction manual or contact its manufacturer.
    • In an office setup, consult your network administrator.
    • If you connect to a network that is not protected with security measures, there is a risk of disclosing data such as your personal information to a third party.
    • The machine cannot be used over a wireless and wired connection at the same time.
    • If an error message appears or if you have trouble with the network connection, refer to the printed manual: Network Setup Troubleshooting.
    Wireless Setup Using WPS
    • To use the PIN code method for setup, select PIN code method in 6, then press the OK button. Follow the on-screen instructions to operate the machine and access point. When the screen in 9 appears, press the OK button. When the screen in 2 returns, press the COPY button to return to the copy standby screen. A timeout error occurs if setup is not completed within 10 minutes. If the timeout error screen appears, press the OK button, then perform the setup again and set the new PIN code displayed on the screen to the access point. If another error appears, refer to the printed manual: Network Setup Troubleshooting.
    • If the timeout error screen appears, press the OK button, then start over from 8.
    • If another error appears, refer to the printed manual: Network Setup Troubleshooting.

    Wps Push Button Method

    Some wireless routers will have a WPS Push Button, which is essentially a wireless printer sync. While not all wireless routers will have this technical feature, those that do are much easier to connect to a wireless printer.

    To connect a wireless printer to a wireless network using the WPS Push Button, perform the following operation:

  • Hold down the Wi-Fi button on the router until it flashes.
  • Press the Start Button and then the Wi-Fi button again.
  • Wait for the Wi-Fi router to begin flashing. Once the Wi-Fi router is flashing, and the ON button is lit up, press down the WPS button.
  • The wireless router will indicate a sync with the wireless printer by lighting up the ON button and the Wi-Fi indicator at the same time.
  • If the wireless sync fails, press the STOP button, and try the sync again.

    This isnt an option available for all wireless routers, but its worth taking a look at your router to see if it is available when you get ready to set up your wireless printer. It can end up saving you a lot of hassle in the long run.

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    Download Canon Wireless Printer Software

    In this method, you need a computer or laptop connected to a wireless network, a browser and you need to follow the steps below to download your Canon printer software.

    Step 1: Open this website

    Step 2: On the top right corner type in your printer model number and press enter or click on the search icon. In our case its MF264dw.

    Step 3: Scroll a bit down and click on Drivers & Downloads.

    Step 4: Again scroll down, click on the Select option and then click on .

    Step 5: Open the downloaded file on your computer to install the Canon printer software.

    Step 6: Click Next to start the installation process.

    Step 7: Accept the License & Agreement.

    Step 8: Select Network Connection option and click Next.

    Step 9: Let the software search your device. Once the scan is finished, select your Printer from the list and click on Next.

    Step 10: Place a check of each device you wish to install and then click Next.

    Step 11: Select the driver UFRII LT Printer Driver and click Next.

    Step 12: Confirm the name of your Canon printer and then click Next.

    Step 13: Confirm the name of your Canon fax and click on the Next option.

    Step 14: Click on Start to begin the Canon driver installation process.

    Step 15: Choose your default printer and click Next.

    Step 16: If you want to confirm the Canon printer has been connected to your wireless network then select your Printer and click Exit.

    How To Connect Canon Printer To Wifi: 3 Methods

    How To Setup Canon Wireless Printer Mg2922

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    Wirelessly printing is super convenient. Here are 3 simple, step-by-step methods to connect Canon printer to WiFi, so you are sure to find one that is easy for you!

    Canon printers can be connected to a wireless connection by using a smart device to send the router information to the printer, connecting the printer to the router using a Canon Print Inkjet app, pressing the WPS button, or entering a WPS pin code.

    Of course, the printer must be plugged in and powered up to connect to a wireless network successfully.

    Connecting a wireless printer might seem confusing if youve never done it before, but the guide below will help teach you how to get set up. Read on to learn more about connecting your Canon printer to your WiFi to print your photographs.

  • Your Turn
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    Delete/remove The Printer From Computer Or Laptop

    Use this method only if your Canon Printer was already connected to a wireless network. If you have got a new Canon Wireless Printer model and trying to setup then move on to method #2.

    Step 1: Open Printers & Scanners option on Windows 10 Computer.

    Step 2: Select your Canon Printer model.

    Step 3: Click on Remove device.

    Step 4: Click Yes to completely delete/remove the Canon Printer from your system.

    Now that youve removed the Canon Printer which was already installed in your Computer or Laptop, lets move on to the next method.

    How Do I Connect My Canon Wireless Printer To My Laptop Without The Cd

    Install Canon Printer Without CD:

  • Plug the printer USB cable into your computer. The USB cable need to the connect to the computer from printers.
  • If your printer doesnt have a USB cable, you may have to buy one for your printer before continuing. Look up the printer model number followed by USB cable.
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    Connecting Computer Or Smartphone To Printer Directly Via Wireless Lan

    The printer has a function to connect a computer or smartphone to the printer directly via wireless LAN, allowing you to perform printing operation.Follow the procedure below to use this function.

    For more on printing operation, refer to device’s or application’s instruction manual.


    • If a device has already been connected to the printer via wireless LAN and you want to add a device to connect, connect it to the printer directly.You can connect up to 5 devices to the printer at the same time.

    • For restrictions when you change the connection method from direct connection to connection via a wireless router:

  • Press and hold Wi-Fi button and release it when POWER lamp flashes 3 times.

  • Make sure POWER lamp changed from flashing to lit.

    If the POWER lamp is not lit, repeat step 2.

  • Note

    • To check the current access point mode setting of the printer, print out the network setting information.

    • You can change the security setting using IJ Network Tool .

    What Is The Wps Button

    Canon PIXMA MG3520 – Cableless Setup with an iOS device

    When you get to know WPS button, you should be aware of that the WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It is without a doubt an advanced wireless network security which enables you to connect the router and wireless devices. It will make the entire connection process very simple and easy to implement. What you need to do is to press the WPS button and it will start searching for your wireless router. It doesnt allow you to connect the network which doesnt support wireless devices as it supports only the wireless networks.

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    How To Setup Canon Printer On Mac

  • Mac user go for system preferences and select Printers and Scanners.
  • Simply + icon to add the printer model.
  • In the list of printer, select your printer model.
  • Now connect the printer with same network as mac network is using.
  • Now test the printer status and try to print.
  • Hence, canon printer can be install including Wi-Fi on mac easily. Technical steps are assured by certified experts and share with your user experience.

    By Step Setup Your Canon Printer On Wireless Network

    Troubleshooting Canon Printer when dont know how to canon printer install steps for iPad®, iPod Touch® device? Then it all can be solved by downloading Canon print app. After installing app search canon model via button wireless, and follow the screen, setup Wi-Fi® name and password, all process is faster and easier to make communicate with your mobile device and canon printer model.

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    Where Is The Wps Button On My Hp Printer

    Go to the control panel of your HP Printer and then after pressing the Wireless button, go to the Settings. After touching on the WiFi Protected Setup, you should follow the prompts appearing on the screen. Now you will be prompted to PIN, tap on this PIN. When you do so, WPS PIN will be displayed on the screen.

    Select A Connection Method Below

    Canon Pixma Printer Setup / Canon PIXMA MG3620 Wireless ...

    Easy Wireless Connect may take some time.Internet connection may become temporarily unavailable during setup.

    Easy Wireless Connect is not available on Chrome OS or Windows 10 in S mode.Select Other setup.

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