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How To Scan On Hp Printer And Send To Email

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Scan To Email Hp Printer

Scan to Email from Your Printer | HP Printers | @HPSupport

Dear All,

I am trying to use scan to e-mail with my hp printer.

My login credentials are not working.

I followed the instructions here:

When I try to add app password, the option does not exist.

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Two: Configure The Scan To Email Feature

Follow these steps to configure the Scan to Email feature in the Embedded Web Server .

  • On the EWS Home page, click the System tab.

  • In the left navigation pane, click Administration.

  • In the Enabled Features area, set the Scan to Email option to On.

  • 465,” and the SSL should be enabled.

    Please refer to online sources to confirm that these server settings are current and valid at the time of configuration.

  • If you are using Gmail for email service, select the Always use secure connection check box.

  • If the SMTP server requires authentication to send an email, complete the following steps to populate the fields in the SMTP Authentication area:

  • Select the SMTP server requires authentication for outgoing Email messages check box.

  • In the SMTP User ID field, enter the user ID for the SMTP server.

  • In the SMTP Password field, enter the password for the SMTP server.

  • To require a PIN to be entered on the printer control panel before an email is sent using the email address, complete the following steps to populate the fields in the Optional PIN area:


    HP recommends creating a PIN to secure the email profile.

    When a PIN is created, it must be entered on the printer control panel each time the profile is used to send a Scan to Email.

  • In the PIN field, enter a 4-digit PIN.

  • In the Confirm PIN field, re-enter the 4-digit PIN.

  • To configure optional email preferences, complete the following fields in the Email Message Preferences area with the desired settings:

  • How To Scan With Your Phone

  • Scan
  • Place the image on a flat and well-lit surface.
  • Use the Google Drive or Notes app to scan the documents.
  • Save the scanned document in a familiar folder.
  • Sign
  • Select the file to be signed and emailed.
  • Tap to add annotations .
  • Send
  • Choose the email or drive that you would want to share the file.
  • Enter the email addresses of the recipients.
  • Hit the send button.
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    Send Email From A Printer Scanner Or App

    This article is for administrators. If you’re trying to send email from a device or app using your Gmail account, ask your administrator for help.

    As an administrator, you can set up devices and apps to send email through Google Workspace. For example, set up your Gmail account to send mail from common printers and scanners, such as Canon, Epson, HP, Ricoh, or Xerox.

    Note: Your support plan might not include support for third-party products. In this case, contact support for the third-party mail device or app.

    How Do I Scan A Document And Email It As A Pdf

    How to setup scan to email on HP Printers
  • Place the document into the scanner face.
  • Select the PDF option when it comes to choosing the scanning format.
  • Now, you will have to give a name to your file before you start scanning.
  • Here, you need to enter the correct email address.
  • Now, you will have to send the scanned PDF file.
  • Once done successfully, you will have to press the Start button.
  • It will scan and then email the file in an easy manner.
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    How To Do Hp Scan To Email Setup In Windows 10

    Published by Paul Anderson , Last Updated On : Jan 27, 2021

    You will get a feature called Send to Email on your HP printer. With the help of this, you can scan a document and allow it to send it to your email. Given below are the steps to do HP scan to Email setup in Windows 10. Go through these steps carefully if HP scan to email is not working. The steps are very effective and are suggested by skilled technicians. In case these steps wont work for you, go to HP Printer Service. Experts will help you with your problem and suggest you the best way to get out of the problem.

    How To Set Up Scan To Email On Hp Printers

    Once configured, you can Sign in to the printer, select Scan and then the Scan to Email function. Your own email address is typically pre-filled in the To: and From: field. That way, it is very easy to have the scanned documents send to your mailbox as attachments.

    Use the below steps to setup scan to email so users can scan and send emails to your companys Microsoft 365 or Office 365 mailboxes. The steps are in accordance with option 2, as described in Microsoft documentation: How to set up a multifunction device or application to send email using Microsoft 365 or Office 365.

  • Open a new browser window and sign in to Microsoft 365 admin center .
  • On the navigation menu select Show all.
  • Select Settings and then Domains.
  • On the DNS records tab select your domain. Example: acme.com
  • Write down the MX record POINTS TO ADDRESS value. You need the MX record in step 9.Example: acme-com.mail.protection.outlook.com
  • Open the printers web page and Sign in as Administrator.
  • On the Scan/Digital Send tab select Email setup in the menu.
  • In the section Outgoing Email Servers select Add
  • Select I know my SMTP server address or host name and type the value you obtained in step 5.Example: acme-com.mail.protection.outlook.com
  • In Set the basic information necessary to connect to the server configure the following:
  • In Port Number leave the value at 25.
  • In Split emails if larger than leave the value at 0.
  • Select Next.
  • Select Server does not require authentication
  • Select Next.
  • Select Next.
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    How To Email A Scanned Document

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to send a document you’ve scanned to another person via email.

    How To Scan On Windows

    How to setup scan to email on HP Printers
  • In the search bar, type in Windows Scan and open the application.
  • Check if your scanner is on and properly plugged in.
  • Place the document you wish to scan on the scanners flatbed or into the document feeder.
  • Choose your scanner, the source location you prefer to scan from, file type, and where you would like to save the image.
  • Hit View to see the scanned file before saving it. At this point in time, you can even make edits to the scanned document.
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    Three: Add Contacts To The Email Address Book

    Follow these steps to add contacts to the email address book in the Embedded Web Server . The address book is accessible from the printer control panel.

  • On the EWS Home page, click the Scan tab.

  • In the left navigation pane, click Email Address Book.

  • To add contacts to the address book, choose from the options below, and follow the steps provided:

  • To enter an individual email address, use the following steps:

  • In the Contact Name field, enter the name of the new email contact.

  • In the Contact Email Address field, enter the email address of the new email contact.

  • To create an email group, use the following steps:

  • In the Enter the group name field, enter a name for the new group.

  • In the All Individuals area, click a name, and then click the arrow button to move the name to the Individuals in Group area.


    Select multiple names at one time by pressing the Ctrl button on the keyboard and then clicking a name.

  • Email Your Document And Request A Signature

    Heres the best way to getting your digitized document signed online:

    Use Electronic Signature Software

    Once you have digitized your document, youll have a few options to get it signed. A free and simple way is by requesting a signature through an online signature app such as Signaturely.

    Signaturely is a simple and effective digital signature software that allows you to create online signatures and online documents with legal validity. With Signaturely, your signees wont need to be at the same place to sign a document. Instead, they can sign it online with their phone, tablet, or laptop.

    Signaturely allows you to create e-signatures for free, without any registration. This allows you to sign your document online, and share it with multiple people.

    Heres how:

  • Create an account on Signaturely for free
  • Open your account and select the names of those who need to sign the document.
  • Prepare your document by adding a title and a customized message to the people who will be signing it:
  • Scroll down and select how youll add your files. You can select files from an online platform, like your Google Drive account, or upload them from your computer.
  • Open your document and add signature fields to it with the online editor.
  • Enter the signers names and email addresses. You can also select an order for them to sign it in, and Signaturely will send the documents to users in the preselected order:
  • Review your information and click Send Document.
  • Pros:
    • No mobile app available

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    Hp Officejet Pro 8600

    Set up Scan to EmailYou can use the printer to scan documents and send them to one or more emailaddresses as attachmentswithout additional scanning software. You do not need toscan files from your computer and attach them to email messages.

    NOTE: Scan to Email is only supported by HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus and HPOfficejet Pro 8600 Premium.

    To use the Scan to Email feature, complete the following preliminary steps:Set the Outgoing Email Profiles

    Set up HP Digital Solutions

    Configure the email address which will appear in the FROM portion of the emailmessage sent by the printer. You can add up to 10 Outgoing Email Profiles. You canuse the HP software installed on your computer to create these profiles.Add email addresses to the Email Address BookManage the list of people to whom you can send email messages from the printer. Youcan add up to 15 email addresses with their corresponding contact names. You canalso create email groups. To add email addresses, you must use the printersembedded web server .You can configure default SUBJECT and body text that is included in all emailmessages sent from the printer. To configure these options, you must use the printersEWS.

    Step 1: Set up the outgoing email profilesTo set up the outgoing email profile used by the printer, complete the following stepsfor your operating system.

    Open the HP printer software. For more information, see Toolbox .

    Double-click Scanner Actions, and then double-click Scan to Email Wizard..

    How Do I Send A Confidential Document Via Email

    Fixing scan

    You can use Gmails confidential mode if you want an extra level of security to keep your confidential information safe from unauthorized access. With it, you can set an expiration date for messages, and even revoke access to them.

    Your recipients will not be able to copy, forward, print, or download the message.

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    Setup The Printer Or Scanner

    • Hit the printer touch screen
    • Tap on the Scan option. After that, click on Email.
  • Choose the option profile configured.
  • Add a new destination email account
  • Write in the email address
  • Save with name
  • Optional

    If the above steps wont work for you to do HP Scan to Email Setup in Windows 10, contact HP Printer Helpline Number. Experts will communicate with you and suggest you the best remedy for your problem. The experts are skilled and knowledgeable technicians having all-around knowledge of the device. They will sort out your problem as soon as possible.

    Use The Gmail Smtp Server

    If you connect using SSL or TLS, you can send mail to anyone inside or outside of your organization using smtp.gmail.com as your server.

    This option requires you to authenticate with your Gmail or Google Workspace account and passwords.

    If 2-Step Verification doesnt work with your printer or scanner

    Older scanners or printers might not support OAuth, which lets apps and devices share your Google account data without requiring your username or password. In this case, take these steps before you set up the device:

    Set up the app or device with the restricted Gmail SMTP server

  • On your device or app, connect to the restricted SMTP server:
  • Enter aspmx.l.google.com as the server address.
  • Enter 25 in the Port field.
  • Identify the IP address of the device or app.
  • In the Admin console, add the IP address of the device or app to the allowlist. Detailed steps are in Add IP addresses to allow lists in Gmail.
  • Set up an SPF TXT record for your domain. Make sure the TXT record includes the IP address of the device or app so that receiving servers dont reject messages. For detailed steps to set up a TXT record for SPF, go to Help prevent email spoofing with SPF records.
  • Google, Google Workspace, and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC. All other company and product names are trademarks of the companies with which they are associated.

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    Capturing A Scan From A Printer On A Mac

    Scanning from a Mac is just as easy as on Windows 10 .

  • Open the Apple menu, and select System Preferences.

  • Click Printers & Scanners.

  • Select your printer, then click Scan.

  • Click Open Scanner.

  • In the Scanner program, you can select the folder to which your scans will be saved by making a select in the Scan to drop-down menu .

  • To the right, the Size drop-down menu will also let you choose the size of the item.

  • If your scanner has a document feeder and you want to use it, select Use Document Feeder.

  • Clicking on Show Details will display a number of additional options, as follows: Scan Mode , Kind , Resolution , Rotation Angle , Auto Selection , Name, Format, and Image Correction .

  • Click Scan to start your scanning job.

  • Scan To A Usb Flash Drive

    Sending Scanned Documents to Email Address(es) on HP Enterprise MFPs | HP Printers | @HPSupport
  • Insert a USB flash drive into the USB port for the walk-up.
  • Touch the Scan button on the product control panel from the Home screen.
  • Touch scanning to screen for a USB drive.
  • To scan and save the file, tap on the Scan button. A folder is created on the product
  • USB drive and saves the file using an automatically generated file name. PDF or. JPG format.
  • NOTE: Touch it when the summary screen opens to adjust settings. You can change the name of the folder, too.

    Scan by using the HP Scan software

  • To initiate software scanning on your computer, use the HP Scan software. Save the scanned one
  • Image as a script, or submit it to other apps.
  • Load the document according to the indicators in the document feeder or on the scanner glass

    NOTE: Click Advanced Settings to get more options accessible.

    To create a custom set of settings, click Create New Shortcut and add it to the shortcut list.

    Scan by using the HP Scan software

    To initiate software scanning on your computer, use the HP Scan software.

  • Load the document according to the indicators in the document feeder or on the scanner glass.
  • Open HP Scan which is inside the Applications folder in the Hewlett-Packard folder.
  • To scan the document follow the on-screen instructions.
  • When all the pages have been scanned, press File and then Save to save them to a server
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    Hpcom/officejet5255 Printer Scan To Email Steps

  • Initially load your document in the document feeder of your hp Officejet 5255 Printer scanner model. The original document is placed over the scanner glass, Now scan a document.
  • Choose the device that you want to scan to email. If your scan is connected with different devices
  • The scanned document is displayed on the device, it should be saved as which type of file you want example: save as PDF or save as JPEG file.
  • If you choose to save it as a PDF for your document, it will be saved in a PDF file or if you choose to save it as JPEG, it will be saved in JPEG format. Especially JPEG file format is probably used for photographs.
  • Then selecting OK.
  • You are saved PDF document or JPEG will be saved on your computer hard drive. It can be easily accessed by you as a document or photo file, whenever you need it.
  • Now you can scan to email and a file, now you log in to your email account.
  • After login into your email account, you need to tap on creating a new message.
  • Tap on the attachment icon, in the compose email window. It presents the downside of the window.
  • If you tap on the attachment icon, it enables you to link or insert a file from the hard drive on your computer.
  • Search to the location on saved your scan file.
  • Tap on that searched file to select it.
  • Attached to your email.
  • Insert the email address of the receiver.
  • Tap send.
  • How To Scan A Document And Then Email It Using Windows Mail


    Scanning business documents, such as contracts and proposals, and emailing them to clients can reduce your paper costs and long distance fax charges. Whether you own a stand-alone scanner or All-in-One printer, the process of converting a document into electronic format is similar for many scanning devices. While a scan-to-email printer and most All-in-One printers allow you to scan a document directly from the device using no extra software, specialized scanning software provides you with more options, including the ability to select a document format and choose a resolution. After you create the scan, you can attach it directly to a message in Windows Live Mail.

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    Hp Scan To Windows 10 Email Setup

    How do I scan HP to set up email?

    • There are usually two significant steps to scan the email from an HP printer:
    • Run the Email Wizard scan
    • Configure the printer or scanner

    Run the email wizard search

    • Run the HP Officejet Pro Software first of all.
    • You can download this software from HP if it is not already on the local computer.

    Run the Email Wizard scan

    Switch to a new email profile

    • Type an email address, name, and PIN
    • Write O365 user identification and password
    • Optional sender checkbox included

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