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How To Reset Printer Spooler

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Clear Print Queue Using Command Prompt

Print Spool Reset

Command Prompt is an integral part of Windows as it aids administrators and regular users manage their Windows environment using the Command Line Interface .

You can use the guide below to clear all print elements in the queue:

  • Open Command Prompt with administrative privileges. If you dont open it with administrative privileges, you will get an access denied error.
  • Now enter the following command in the order presented, one after the other:
  • net stop spooler
  • del %systemroot%\System32\spool\printers\* /Q
  • net start spooler
  • You can now check that the queue has been cleared. You should now be able to send fresh printing requests without facing a blockage issue.

    How To Troubleshoot Printer Spooler

    Windows 11 and Windows 10 come with preinstalled troubleshooter where the operating system automatically determines an error and tries to fix it. If the troubleshooter is unable to fix it, then it will suggest an action to be taken by you to fix it.

    Here is how to run this troubleshooter for printer-related issues:

  • Navigate to the following:Settings app > > System > > Troubleshoot > > Other troubleshooters
  • Here, click Run in front of Printer.
  • The troubleshooting wizaard will now launch. From the first window, select which printer you want to troubleshoot, and click Next.
  • The wizard will now start scanning fopr an issue and resolve it for you. If it asks you to perform an action instead, perform the task and then close the troubleshooter.
  • This should resolve any issues with the selected printer. However, if it persists, try reinstalling the printer driver manually. You can also backup your print queues and drivers before reinstalling them.

    Below Are The Steps On How To Restart Print Spooler On Hp Printer:

    Step 1 : Turn the computer on and navigate to the services management windows by typing the command services.msc on the run dialog box or the search box for windows vista or higher windows operatingsystems.

    Step 2 : In the services tab, check for printer spooler.

    Step 3 : Once you have found HP printer spooler, right-click on it and restart the same.

    Step 4 : In addition to the above, you need to make some changes to the power cycle. The effective result can be obtained as you do off and on to the printer spooler button.It is the most common issue that you are stuck in the waiting list of a printing jobs. At that particular time, it becomes very tough to get the instant response of the printing job.

    As you witness this typical printing incidence, you can restart print spooler on HP printer to get rid of this error. In fact, a user becomes too frustrated while hindering the printing spooler.

    Operative Systems Supportive of HP Printer Spooler-

    • Windows 7.
  • Click run as administrator.
  • Click on next and follow the prompt commands.
  • A print spooler primarily permits distribution multiple jobs to a printer while not touching the appliance or the underlying system performance. A printer spooler eliminates the necessity for associate application be unbroken engaged, till its printing is complete.

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    Way : Use Command Prompt

    Alternatively, you can also reset or restart Print Spooler Windows 10 in Command Prompt.

    Step 1: Press Windows + R to open the Run window. Then, input cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run Command Prompt as an administrator.

    Step 2: When you receive a User Account Control window, click OK to confirm the operation.

    Step 3: In the command console, input net stop spooler and press the Enter key to stop Print Spooler.

    Step 4: To resolve print or print spooler problems, you can navigate to the directory C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers and delete all the contents in the Printers folder to remove the print jobs.

    Step 5: Now, you can go back to Command Prompt, type net start spooler, and press Enter to start print spooler.

    After that, you can start your print tasks again and they should be completed properly.

    Restoring Default Printer State

    How to Reset the Print Spooler Queue
  • 1Clear the Print Queue. This will often fix the problem on its own. It is also a requirement before continuing to the steps below.XResearch source
  • Open the Services window .
  • Select Print Spooler and click the Stop icon, if it is not stopped already.
  • Navigate to C:\Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS and open this file. You may need to show hidden files and/or enter an administrator’s password.
  • Delete all contents inside the folder. Do not delete the PRINTERS folder itself. Note that this will remove all current print jobs, so make sure no one on your network is using the printer.
  • Return to the Services window, select Print Spooler, and click Start.
  • 2Update printer drivers. Your printer driver may be corrupted, causing the spooler problems when it tries to handle faulty data from the printer. Try updating your drivers first. If this doesn’t solve the problem, continue to the next step.
  • 3Delete your printer. Your printer software may be corrupted. This quick process will remove it so you can start again with a fresh installation:XResearch source
  • Unplug your printer or disconnect from a wireless printer.
  • Search for “Devices and Printers” in the search bar, then click to open it.
  • Right-click the icon for the printer that’s failing to print. Click “Delete” on the drop-down menu.
  • 4Delete the printer driver. The driver must be uninstalled separately. Leave your Devices and Printers window open, and make these changes:
  • In the Properties window, click the Drivers tab.
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    Troubleshooting Common Issues With The Printer Spooler

    • Western Sydney University
    • Wichita Technical Institute

    This guide will walk you through a number of proven solutions for how to fix print spooler errors and problems in Windows 11 PCs, laptops, and Microsoft Surface devices. These tips are designed to work around or solve any Windows 11 printing problems preventing tasks from being sent to a printer.

    Fix Print Spooler V13

    Have you ever run into the situation where you try to print something and nothing happens? You wait for it to print, but the job doesnt go through? There are a ton of reasons why a print job may not actually print, but one of the common causes is that the printer queue has a stuck print job. You may need to clear the print queue of stuck print jobs. Print spooler service is a service which gives the print command to printer. It is manage the multiple print commands and gives to the print one by one when last print is done. Printer spooler service works with two system files spoolss.dll / spoolsv.exe and one service. Users wants to take print out however they getting the error message Print spooler service has stopped please restart the service, the local print spooler is not running. please restart the spooler

    What is New

    1. Language support.2. Some code Improvements

    Clear and reset the print spooler manually

    1. Use the keyboard shortcut Windows + R,it will open the Run command box immediately and then Type services.msc and press Enter.

    2. Select the Standards tab, and then double-click Print Spoolers service

    3. Select Stop, and then select OK

    4. Use %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers command in the Run command box and then delete all files in the folder.

    Clear and reset the print spooler with one click

    How to use Fix Print Spooler Application

    It will open All supported Cmd parameters window

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    Set The Print Spooler Service Startup Type To Automatic

    To change startup type for print spooler service:

  • Press Win + R to open Run.
  • Type services.msc and click OK to open the Services snap-in.
  • Here, locate the Print Spooler service.
  • Right-click on Print Spooler and select Properties.
  • In the pop-up dialog that opens, click the drop-down for Startup type and select Automatic.
  • Click Apply and OK to save the changes.
  • If it is already set to Automatic, then select Disabled. Click Apply and OK to save the changes.
  • Now open the Print Spooler service properties and set the Startup type to Automatic.
  • Click OK and Apply to save the changes.
  • Close the Services snap-in and restart your PC. Next, create a print job and check if the error printer spooler service is not running is resolved.
  • How To Repair Printer Spooler Using Print Spooler Repair Tool


    To repair the Printer spooler using a Print spooler repair tool, you have to follow the below steps,

  • Now click on the Repair button which will start the repairing process which might take a few minutes
  • Once completed you will receive a message saying Successfully finished. Click on OK
  • Restart your printer and try printing something
  • The print spooler is now repaired. Restart your computer and the printer and try printing the pages once again.

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    How To Start Stop Or Restart Print Spooler In Windows 10 Using Services

    Step 1: Click on the Windows icons, type Services in the search box, and click on the result.

    Step 2: In the Services window, go to the right side of the pane, scroll down and find Print Spooler from the list. When you single-click on it, on the left-hand-side pane you will find the description.

    The Print Spooler is not showing in Running status currently. You can right-click on Print Spooler and Start the service from the right-click context menu, or you can click on Start the service on the left-hand side pane above the description.

    Step 3: Or, double-click on the Print Spooler option to Start the service. Under the General tab, go to the Service status option, and click on the Start button to start the Print Spooler. Press OK to save the changes.

    Step 4: To restart the service, click on Restart the service on the left side of the pane., or right-click on the Print Spooler option from the list on the right, and click on Restart from the context menu.

    Step 5: If the service was running, you can stop the service by clicking the Stop button on the left side of the pane, or simply right-click on the Print Spooler option and select Stop from the context menu.

    Step 6: You can also double-click on the Print Spooler option and under the General tab, click on the Stop button to stop the service.

    So, this is how you can Start the service. Check the printer, it should be working fine now. And, you can also follow the steps to Stop or Restart the service.

    Clearing A Printer Spooler In Windows 8 And 10

  • 1 The start menu looks like 4 blue boxes. If you can’t find the start menu on your screen, press the button on your keyboard that looks like 4 black boxes and the S key at the same time to open the menu.XResearch source
  • 2Search for Services.msc in the search box. The search box should be located in the menu that popped up when you clicked start. After you type Services.msc into the search box, press the Enter key on your keyboard.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • 3Select Print spooler in the window that pops up. The window should say Services at the top. On the right side of the window, scroll through the list of services until you find the one labeled Print spooler. The services should be in alphabetical order. Click on Print spooler so the column is highlighted in blue.XResearch source
  • 4 Look for this button on the left side of the Services window. You’ll find it below the Stop the service button, and above Description.XResearch source
  • 5Try printing your document again. Go back into the program you were printing from and pull up the document you were working on. Click the Print button in the program. The document should now print.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
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    How Do I Restart The Print Spooler In Windows 10

    A simple reboot of both your PC and printer can solve many printer problems. You will need to dive into Local Services and check the Print Spooler service if the problem persists. Start the Print Spooler if its not running or reset it by stopping and starting it. Log in as an Administrator before you begin troubleshooting.

  • Open the Start Menu.

  • Type Services in the search field and select the Services app in the result.

    Alternatively, select Windows+R to open the Run box. Type services.msc and press Enter.

  • Go down the list of services arranged alphabetically and select Print Spooler.

  • Right-click on the Print Spooler service and select Stop from the menu.

  • Wait for a few seconds for the Print Spooler to terminate. Windows displays a Service Control window for a few seconds to show the stoppage.

  • Right-click on the Print Spooler and select Start from the menu to restart the service again.

  • How Do I Fix The Print Spooler In Windows 11

    Windows 10: How to Cancel Print Jobs, Clear the Print Queue, Reset ...

    Heres all of the best solutions for fixing Windows 11 print spooler errors and bugs organized from easiest and fastest to more complex.

  • Restart Windows 11. This is common advice but its also advice that often works to fix bugs and glitches on Windows PCs, laptops, and Microsoft Surface devices.

  • . Most print spooler errors and problems are often fixed in newer builds of the Windows 11 operating system which are released on a very regular basis.

  • Update your Windows 11 apps. As with Windows updates, app updates can also fix a number of issues affecting the printer spooler. This is especially important if you continue to encounter errors when using a specific app for printing.

  • Run the Printer troubleshooter. Open Settings> Troubleshoot> Other trouble-shooters and select Run next to Printer to run the Printer troubleshooter. This will scan your Windows 11 device for printer-related errors and fix them automatically.

    If you cant find this option in Windows 11s Settings app, open Settings, type Troubleshooter in the search bar, and select Troubleshoot other problems.

  • Stop, start, and reset the Windows 11 Print Spooler. Try stopping and starting the print spooler to see if that fixes the issue. If it doesnt, reset the print spooler and try sending your file to the printer again.

  • Clear the print queue. The print spooler may be overloaded with too many print jobs. Try removing all the jobs and then try to print your project again.

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    Android Spooler: How To Fix

    • Tap the settings icon on your Android device and select the Apps or Applications button
    • Select Show System Apps in this section
    • Scroll down this section and select Print Spooler. Certain devices will require you to first click Storage before you can do so
    • Press both Clear Cache and Clear Data
    • Open the document or image you want to print
    • Select the menu icon and then press print
    • A print preview screen will appear, where you will select your chosen printer

    Hopefully this has fixed that darn printer spooler error and youre back in the realm of printing nirvana! How do you like them apples printer??

    Did this fix your problem? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us

    How To Start Stop Or Restart Print Spooler In Windows 10 / 11

    June 4, 2022 By Madhuparna

    Print Spooler is a service in Windows 10 that keeps the print jobs rolling while managing the interactions with your printer. This can stop functioning at times, even after trying to restart your printer or your system.

    However, there can be problems with the printer itself or any connection issues. But, once you know its not any of these issues, it has to be a problem with the Print Spooler on Windows 10. This leads to issues like your document getting stuck in the queue while the printing job is on. The worst is, if you try to cancel the job, it gets stuck forever.

    Here are two easy ways by which you can start, stop, or restart Print Spooler in Windows 10.

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    How To Fix A Printer Spooler Error

    Printer Spooler Issue

    Before you go any further, its worth restarting your computer and then re-sending the requests to the printer. For some this will do the trick, but it wont for those with a slightly more complex issue. Nevertheless, its important to try this first to rule it out . However, the chances are that you may need to reset your spooler. This will wipe the queue clean and remove the errors in the system. Heres how to do it:

    • Shut down any programs such as Word or any other that you might have used to try and print with
    • Then, on the list that appears, scroll down to Print Spooler. Right click and select Stop.
    • Head to My Computer and double-click Local Disk . Then select the Windows folder.
    • System32 folder> spool> Printers
    • Delete all the print jobs in this folder
    • Head back to Services, find Print Spooler and right click. Now select Start.
    • Now open the program you closed down and try and print the document you wanted as normal

    Clear the Printer Queue:

    You can also clear down the print queue by asking everyone who has sent something to the printer to go to their control panel on their computer and visiting Printers and devices, right clicking the printer icon and selecting See whats printing. Then in the list of things printing, each individual item will need to be cancelled from the queue by the person who sent it to the printer.

    Update the Print Driver / software:

    Reset The Print Spooler Through Command Prompt

    K-302 K-999 queue call system F7 E1 connect keypad to display F6 E1 change voice mode

    Step-1: Type cmd.exe in the Taskbar search and when the result turns up on the display, click on Run as administrator.

    Step-2: When a UAC prompts up, click on Yes to give consent.

    Step-3: On the succeeding Window, write down the below command and hit Enter in order to execute

    net stop spooler

    Step-4: To move forward, Press Win+E at the same time to launch File Explorer.

    Step-5: Now, navigate the following path


    Step-6: Make a combined Press of Ctrl+A hotkey to select all items available there. Press Delete on the keyboard.

    Step-7: Get back to Command Prompt again. This time type the following line after the blinking cursor and press Enter on your keyboard

    net start spooler

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